Amazonia Krav Maga - A.K.M

Amazonia Krav Maga - A.K.M


Had a fantastic krav maga class last night🥊🔪🥢 great instructors, great atmosphere in the room💥 great people to train with. No better way of learning to defend yourself, build confidence and have fun at the same time. Can't wait for next week💯💥🥢🔪🥊
What about Mossley hollins high school sports centre?

Jess and Clare have been training in Krav Maga for five years, and have recently qualified as instructors under the Global Kapap Federation.

Our ethos: "it's better to have the skills and never need them than to need them and never have them"

Operating as usual

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Kaizen Martial Arts Expo 2022…💥🔥👌🏻
It was an honour for Amazonia to not only be invited to attend for the first time, but we also opened the show on Zone 4!
We had amazing day and received so much love, so much support, and we had so much fun….what a great learning experience but what a laugh we had as well….
Spent the day with some of our fellow comrades who had our back the whole day…🥰
Massive love and appreciation goes to Lucci Del Guardio for believing we were worthy of attending and giving us this opportunity to showcase Amazonia Krav Maga to a huge amount of people, to Tommy Joe Moore for his help and hilarity not only on the day but always, to Terry Lee from Warrior, for being the awesome dude he is and giving us his unwavering support and guidance, to Carl Fisher and Craig Lawson from PSP Self Protection for chucking us about (in an educational way!) on the mats and giving some stellar advice on law and legal aspects, to Matt Stait from Modern Samurai for attending our zone, working with us and discussing valuable techniques for us to train in, to Luke Choppen for not only supporting us at our first Kaizen, but for his lovely company all day on all the various mats we trained on, to Julien Mason for his help. And finally to all the students and visitors that came to see and train with Amazonia at Kaizen….already looking forward to next year…apparently we didn’t cause too much mischief, so we’ve been invited back! 🥴🥰🐍🐍x

Photos from Amazonia Krav Maga - A.K.M's post 12/06/2022

Today’s the day…Amazonia is appearing for the first time at this epic Martial Arts Expo….and we can’t wait!
We’re on Zone 4 @ 10am. Come and say hi 👋🏻

See you soon…🐍🐍😉


Amazonia have returned from an incredible experience, training in Israel, the birthplace of Krav Maga 🇮🇱
Thank you to Ron Engelman and Ron Rotem for some stellar coaching and to the rest of the KMI team…you guys are awesome 😎🙏🏻

It was an honour and a privilege to train with Raffi Elgrissi…one of the first students to be ever given a black belt by Imi Lichtenfield, the founder and creator of Krav Maga👌🏻😊

We’re back in class and can’t wait to share what we’ve learnt with our students….
A massive thank you to Lee Barrett for looking after our Krav school and teaching some pretty awesome stuff….🐍🐍



After many many months of planning, training and waiting, Amazonia are finally on their way to Israel 🇮🇱 for a Krav Maga Training Camp.

Mission - to get as much knowledge and stuff as our heads can carry and then bring that back to give all that knowledge and stuff to our amazing students! 🤓📝📚

Amazonia Krav Maga will still continue in our absence, as our guest AKM instructor Lee Barrett will be teaching.
So get yar ass to class guys and we’ll see you when we get back!
Jess & Clare 👊🏻👌🏻🐍🐍

Photos from Kaizen Martial Arts Events.'s post 14/05/2022

Photos from Kaizen Martial Arts Events.'s post




Our new rule board for our AKM JUNIORS!!
It’s been a sticking and gluing kinda day…🖍📝✂️

Loving teaching our little people how to stay safe and get home safe!

…’Better to have the skills and not need them than need the skills and not have them’….

🐍🐍👊🏻👊🏻 KIDA 👊🏻👊🏻🐍🐍


Self protection classes for Juniors🌟
Aged 8 - 16 years old 🌟
Every Tuesday-Mossley Health & Fitness🌟
Every Thursday-Gibson Academy Denton🌟
6pm - 7pm 🌟
£5 per child🌟


Amazonias impromptu testimonial after we spent the day rolling around with some knarly dudes for several hours at a Brazilian Jujitsu seminar with Carl Fisher from Northern Monkey BJJ club in London and kindly hosted by the Silver Samurai Mark Watson 👊🏻🙏🏻
We were left looking slightly bedraggled but as always, we had a blast…!! 🐍🐍😉

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Just when we thought we’d tried most things….Amazonia go SUMO (there is literally NO emoji for Sumo!)🤣
What an amazing weekend spent with some rather awesome people, two of which were
Tommy Joe Moore & Joe Saunders 🧡🧡
These Ginger Giants spent Saturday teaching us street boxing and sumo wrestling, while Sunday took on a more academic vibe with learning about soft skills - the aspect of self protection that gets overlooked and kicked to the kerb in favour of the more sexy stuff of throat punches and eye gauges…but the world of verbal de-esculation, conflict resolution, avoidance, and awareness is well worth delving into.
Amazonia teaches along these lines anyway, but the stuff we learnt from Joe & Tommy was next level 🤓👌🏻📚
So grateful for new knowledge and new ‘stuff’

….’Sometimes a teacher, Always a student’…


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AMAZONIA have been asked to attend this years KAIZEN 2022 Martial Arts Expo in June to have a mat in the Self Protection category.

Thank you to Lucci Del-Gaudio for inviting us…
it will be an honour and a privilege🙏🏻😊

Photos from Amazonia Krav Maga - A.K.M's post 31/03/2022

Amazonia attended a seminar last weekend at a great venue and met some great people…one of which was this chap…BAFTA-winning writer, author, film-maker, and well known martial artist, Geoff Thompson…famous for his trail blazing approach and methods in the self protection world….however, he didn’t see us two menaces engage stealth mode and flank him on either side…🥴
Had a lovely chat with him and a few days later, we received this in the post, as a gift from Geoff…what a thoroughly decent guy 🥰


Amazonia Self Protection for Juniors - open to 8-16 year olds. First class TUESDAY 29th MARCH!
Message us for more details and to book your child’s place.
£5 per session.
Every Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm
Mossley Health and Fitness gym
Gibson’s Dance Academy, Denton.

….’Better to have the skills and not need them, than to need the skills and not have them’….🐍🐍

Have A Word 15/03/2022

Have A Word

It doesn’t just start with the physical aspect.
That’s the end of the story. Sometimes it’s the words that are at the beginning of the story.

If you see this happening, step in and step up.

Have A Word Male violence against women and girls starts with words. If you see it happening, have a word with yourself—then your mates. For more information on how we’r...

Mums launch child self-defence classes in style used by Israeli army 15/03/2022

Mums launch child self-defence classes in style used by Israeli army

Mums launch child self-defence classes in style used by Israeli army Two women from Oldham and Tameside are launching unique self-defence classes for children.


Amazonia spent the day helping Sensei Terry Lee teach children classes at his dojo in Nottingham…
So what better way to celebrate International Womens Day than with this awesome lot of lovely little ladies from Warrior Martial Arts Gym…the next generation of kick ass incredible women!



Due to popular demand, at the end of March, Amazonia Krav Maga is launching a self protection class for juniors - age 8 - 16 year olds.
This is an essential life skill that will help to keep your child safe. We will be teaching a number of vital aspects of self protection, in a safe and fun way, which is easy to remember.

* Awareness - situational/environmental
* Verbal skills and use of voice
* Physical skills
* Anti - bullying
* Anti - abduction
* Boosts confidence
* Encourages self esteem

💥 Starting Tuesday 29th March 💥

Every Tuesday 6-7pm
Mossley Health & Fitness
Squire Mill
Micklehurst Road

Every Thursday 6-7pm
Gibson’s Dance Academy
Bowden street
M34 2AB

£5 per child
Limited spaces….booking recommended!
Message us directly for any enquiries 🤓


No lazy Sundays for Amazonia !! 👊💥
Training in Halifax this morning for a 3 hour Combatives workshop @ Applied Martial Arts 👊💪🐍🐍
Big thanks to spikey Mike and Stanimal 👌👊


Amazonia attended a Global Kapap instructor update this weekend…
Worked with the some great guys, we learnt lots, laughed loads, with banter and bruises aplenty…even wrestled a Hungarian Bear, aka Kristian!
And after a conversation with Adrain Valman, the President of Global Kapap, we learnt that Amazonia is the ONLY Krav Maga school in the UK that is owned and ran entirely by women instructors…mind blown! 🤯🤯

Sometimes a teacher, Always a student…


You know you’re doing something right when one of your teenage students buys his 73 yr old Grandma a gift voucher for a Krav Maga class at Amazonia! Can’t wait to meet her 🥰👊🏻👌🏻


Over the last few weeks Amazonia have been looking at what’s called ‘soft skills’….de-escalation, using words to calm or control a potentially volatile situation, which may otherwise have ended in violence…in other words…VERBAL JIUJITSU!!

Our students were all given an envelope to pick and inside was a combative, antagonistic scenario, which required them to react, without prompt and as organically as possible. Working in pairs, the whole team responded to this exercise brilliantly and gave us some great examples to work with

Soft skills are something that are all too often disregarded as an effective form of self protection, but if you can talk your way out of a dangerous situation and go home safely without injury or harm done, that right there, is pretty bad ass! 👊🏻🤙🏻🤘🏻


Brilliant day today with Tommy Joe Moore and his WW2 Combatives seminar in Keighly💥
We all had such a laugh…learnt loads! 🤓

Over 40 people came to train but we’re very proud of the 15 students from Amazonia that attended…However one of their two Krav Mama’s was greatly missed by all…Clare, get better and get back to us…Pronto! 🥰


This is for all those that need it today and every day ❤️🐍🐍


Busy few months of learning ahead for Amazonia…🤓📚

January…Tommy Joe Moore & Mike Wray in Keighly and Halifax💥
February…Mo Teague & Adrian Valman in Dorset and Northampton💥
March…Carl Fisher, Geoff Thompson & Russell Jarmesty in Cheshire and Coventry💥
April…Joe Saunders & Tommy Joe Moore in Birmingham💥
May…Amit Himelstien & Ron Engelman in Israel…💥

An absolute smorgasbord of knowledge, skill & training lies ahead….Bring it on! 👊🏻👌🏻💪🏻

…Sometimes a teacher, Always a student….

Photos from Amazonia Krav Maga - A.K.M's post 13/01/2022


What do you do if you’re sat on a train, aeroplane or in a car, and things go bad?
How do you strike effectively and defend yourself from a side by side seated position?
This weeks lesson Amazonia have focussed on using elbows, back fists and hammer fists, in reverse, whilst both the attacker and the defendant are sat down….taking away the use of half the body….a total game changer!
Our students, as usual, did an amazing job of adapting and learning…and having a good laugh in the process 🤓😂👌🏻


Last night Amazonia were invited to Swinton Womens Institute as guest speakers to talk with the members about self protection. We discussed the things to look for in predators, what’s needed for personal safety, awareness and various easy to learn and remember techniques that could be done by women of all age, ability, and strength👌🏻
Was a great night and met some lovely ladies…some of which have already contacted us about lessons…😊
If what we do helps just one woman become safe and confident, that’s our work here done!

….’Better to have the skills and not need them than need the skills and not have them’…🐍🐍


Brilliant first Amazonia class of 2022!
17 students, bags of energy, great vibe!



*said in SHOUTY CAPTIALS so you get the message! 😉

If you want to learn how to protect yourself, regardless of height, weight, age, strength or ability, just get your ass to class…..Details below. EVERYONE WELCOME! 👌🏻🐍🐍


Photos from Amazonia Krav Maga - A.K.M's post 25/12/2021

A Big Fat Fuzzy Happy Christmas…. to all our awesone students…and to those who wish they were our awesome students! 🥴

With lots of love from Amazonia! ❤️🐍🐍

Photos from Amazonia Krav Maga - A.K.M's post 20/12/2021

Amazonias last training seminar of the year!

Jess Moreland from Global Kapap, Harj Sohal from UCW and Lee Morrison from Urban Combatives all coming together….no politics, no nonsense…just learning new ways of how to get the job done!

Now, time to take this intel back to HQ, to the other half of Amazonia, Clare Bennett, so we can teach our students some new stuff next year….🤓✏️📚

Also met Jenny, who has only been training for a couple of months but is doing brilliantly…Well done lady…keep that Krav vibe going, Girl, you’ve got this! 💪🏻👌🏻👊🏻😘

…’Sometimes a teacher, Always a student’…

Photos from Amazonia Krav Maga - A.K.M's post 18/12/2021

What a way to end 2021 for Amazonia!

Our last class of the year was a superb master class in Escrima sticks by our fellow comrade in the Global Kapap International Federation, Nathan Thirkill 👌🏻

Learning new stuff alongside our students is always something Amazonia has done and will continue to do…because if you think you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong damn room!

We could not be prouder of our students, seeing how they’ve developed and evolved in the few months since Amazonia was created.
Looking forward to what 2022 is going to bring….busy times ahead!

MASSIVE thank you to Sensei Thirkill for his knowledge, time and energy 🙏🏻🥢🥰

….’Sometimes a teacher, Always a student’…. 🐍🐍

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