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Hi really pleased with the work you done on my car yesterday ,great service .
Thank you.
Admin please delete if not allowed, we are a group of qualified vehicle technicians carrying out work in the Nottingham, Ollerton and Mansfield areas, we are making an exception for people that are self isolating and are offering a mobile service, so if you need you're vehicle servicing during lockdown and don't want to leave you're home were you're guys, please feel free to give our page a like and share, we'd really appreciate it JJM Automotive Solutions
Hi guys I got a caddy on 2011 the oil pump went blew the turbo and killed the engine so raplaced the engine ran perfect for 4 miles then oil light started flashing and putting glow plug and engine light on could you shine some light please what could be

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We are fully accredited V.A.G Technicians that specialises in working on and diagnosing Volkswagen group vehicles, Our skills are not limited to these brands, With almost 45 years worth of combined experience, there really isn’t much that we cant do!

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Well done PW Process and all that were involved, we had every faith that you’d make it, it was nice to be involved with such great charities!


We’re very happy to be a part of Servicesure Autocentres, thank you for letting us become part of the team 💪🏻

And as a result we are now offering Free brake pads for life to all of our customers, please contact us for more information 😁

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We’ve had the pleasure of working on a returning customers vehicle today, one of her main issues was the heater fans were only working on setting number 4, now any good mechanic knows immediately that this is the heater fan resistor at fault, but sadly very few ask the question as to why that component has failed in the first place, so we thought we’d diagnose the fault a little bit further, we quickly found that the pollen filter was very dirty 😳

The heater fan resistor sits inside the heater fan housing and relies on the air flow to cool it, due to the air flow being greatly restricted by the blocked pollen filter the resistor has overheated and failed, by spending that extra 5 minutes checking the pollen filter we’ve avoided the vehicle burning out the new heater resistor, saving our customer valuable time and money.

The customer also mentioned that she may need to have her brakes replaced as another garage had mentioned it previously but gave her no idea of how worn they actually were, there’s no guess work here at JJM, we only work with the facts, we measured the thickness of the brake discs and checked the manufacturers recommended minimum thickness using Haynes Pro, and it’s clear to see that the brake discs measured at 19.65mm and the manufacturer’s minimum thickness is 22mm.

We advised the customer that they were below the manufacturers minimum recommended thickness, provided her with a quote and left it at that, no pressure, no sales tactics, and the customer called us back and told us to go ahead. We find this is the best way to build a rapport with our customers, after all there’s nothing worse than a pushy salesman.

We feel that It shouldn’t have to be a daunting thing to go and have your car repaired or inspected, and we’ll always give our customers the best possible advice, even if it means we don’t get a sale out of it. It means more to us that the customer will return to us in the future and have the confidence to do so knowing that there won’t be any unnecessary bills.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend 👌🏻


❄With the bad weather approaching fast, book in with JJM today for your free 20 point winter health check. Also Includes free car care pack, limited time offer❄


So what's all this about E10 petrol?

You may have seen it already at petrol stations and are wondering if your vehicle is compatible 🤷🏼‍♂️

In short....⛽️
E10 petrol grade is already being sold in many other European countries, so we're the ones that are actually behind.

It's purpose is to cut carbon dioxide emissions and will help to reduce the quantity of fossil fuels needed to power UK cars 🚗

It's part of the government's plans to reach its climate-change targets.

Our current petrol is known as E5 grade - the 5 being 5% ethanol and the remaining 95% being regular unleaded petrol. E10 means the ethanol will increase to 10%.

Ethanol is seen as a carbon-neutral fuel.

What your probably all wondering is ‘will my car run on this?’ 🤔

All cars made from 2011 onwards should accept E10 but it won't be compatible with some older vehicles and could leave the engine/seals damaged over prolonged use.

If you're not sure about your cars compatibility - use the government website to check: https://bit.ly/3iqtu9d

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Interesting one today. A customers Citroen relay van had been experiencing the power steering malfunction lamp on the dash after being in storage a short while. After a few hours of fault finding we discovered rodent damage to several wiring looms in the van! No problem though, All repaired to a high standard and working fine again.

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their phone number. 13/08/2021

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their phone number.

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their phone number.

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their address. 13/08/2021

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their address.

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their address.

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Limited time offer, Interim Service with an oil change and a health check 🌞£59.95🌞 (Based on 4.5L oil capacity)


Lovely weather today 🌞 Refresh your A/C system with us for only £30, limited time only. We also carry out leak testing and diagnostics if your A/C is not working. This service is for R134A systems only (All cars pre 2014 and some cars after then) please contact us for more info/assistance.


We now accept all cards for payment at JJM Automotive Solutions.

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Photos from JJM Automotive Solutions's post

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Beautiful Bentley Continental W12 in this week, for a few minor repairs. Also the customer has opted for an underside waxoyl, to preserve it for many years to come. 👌

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This Ford Focus RS has been into us this week for removal of the turbocharger and manifold to replace the gaskets that were blowing. We have to say this car is such a lovley example! A true one off running 600BHP!! having had tens of thousands of pounds put into it to make it what it is today. We dont often have the pleasure of having cars like this in but when we do we sure do enjoy caring for them!

Equally as nice is the owner of the car Gavin who we've had the plesure of meeting this week. Really nice guy. Big thank you to you Sir for choosing JJM Automotive Solutions.

The car is currently for sale if anyone would like to see the advertisment and spec list the link is in the comments below!


One of today’s jobs....

F31 BMW 320d in for a Stage 1 ECU calibration. Stock power 163BHP taken to 210bhp. Super smooth throttle pickup post tuning which is the best and most noticeable difference during day to day driving.

The customer also opted for a gearbox calibration. This car has the amazing 8 speed (ZF8) automatic gearbox and post tuning it drives utterly fabulous! Already fast gear changes made lightning quick among many other features.

Any remapping queries please feel free to send us a message, phone or come see us at our address on the page.

Have a great weekend from team JJM.


JJM Automotive Solutions are proud to announce we have now moved into our premises on Old Mill Lane Industrial Estate. Once Covid restrictions relax we can cater for you in our heated waiting room! Keep a look out for upcoming offers!

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their business hours. 12/04/2021

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their business hours.

JJM Automotive Solutions updated their business hours.

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Has your dreaded engine management light came on? Do you have a loss of power ? You’ve probably all heard the phrase “your EGR is blocked” but has anyone actually shown you what comes out of them, a bit of honesty goes a long way. JJM automotive like to show our customers exactly what’s wrong with their vehicle, as you can see we have removed a lot of ‘carbon deposits’ from this EGR, and the carbon is actually extremely sticky and is very difficult to remove, we’ve never really had many success stories with the engine carbon cleaning process that you often see popping up on Facebook (feel free to prove us wrong) we like to stick to the old fashioned method, and with a bit of elbow grease the results are clear, on this occasion the customer wanted us to clean and refit the EGR valve and that’s exactly what we did, however there is another solution, and that is to blank the EGR off and remap the vehicle to tell it that the EGR is no longer fitted, this stops all of the recycled exhaust gasses flowing around the system and causing any further clogging of components, and also unleashes some extra potential from your vehicle in terms of torque and BHP, prices for that start from £150, if you’d like to future proof your vehicle, and improve its reliability please get in touch, we like to think prevention is better than cure 👌🏻

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We are very pleased to announce, that we no longer just carry out mechanical repairs, but we are now able to offer performance/economy remaps via a genuine registered version of auto tuner, all of our remaps are written by Intune performance, and are all fully developed and tested prior to their release, all of the remaps are custom made and not from an archive. We save you’re original file on our database just incase you want to go back to standard in the future and we flash this on to you’re ecu free of charge.

**Prices start from £189**

We have many happy customers so far, and many have reported that they are using less fuel, and that their vehicles feel much smoother.

Services we offer:
•Stage 1 + Stage 2 remaps
•TCU gearbox remapping
•VMax removal
•EGR delete
•02 Delete
•Hot start fix
•Launch control
•BMW/Mini/VAG Performance Gauges
•Start / Stop System Delete
•Torque Monitoring Delete
•Swirl Flap Delete
•DTC Delete
•OPF Delete
•Pops and Bangs
•DPF solutions

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know the gains for you’re vehicle 👌🏻

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We had the pleasure of working on this lovely MK5 golf GTI the other day, we fitted a stainless steel performance exhaust system, what a sound it makes now !
💥 💥 💥


Thank you all that have supported us through a tough year! We’re excited to see what 2021 brings for team JJM and our friends! Merry Christmas everyone! X

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At least this chap will be ‘driving home for Christmas’

See what we did there ? 🎵

Merry Christmas to you all 🎄 stay safe.

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Please remember to get you're brakes checked this winter !

We offer a free vehicle health check to all of our customers.

This customer was experiencing a squeaking noise under heavy braking, further investigation reveals many faults with the braking system, one of the brake discs had actually broken in half! and the brake pads were worn down to metal due to a seized brake caliper.

Stay safe this winter, Book in for you're free health check now.

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Happy Monday everyone, this is a radio install we have done this morning for a returning customer of ours, the customer came to us wanting a quality replacement radio with DAB, mobile phone connectivity and a reversing camera. His wish was our command, all completed within 4 hours and for less than £300 supplied and fitted, and I have to say it’s transformed the dash completely. There are many options of head unit available but this particular one was a pioneer. If you would like a no obligation quote please get in touch.

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Here at JJM we are working tirelessly to keep our key workers on the road, no job is too big or small, we are offering a 10% discount until the end of November for all of our customers working for the NHS during this difficult time, we are offering late evening and weekend appointments so that it doesn’t affect our key workers doing their jobs, if we can be of assistance please don’t hesitate to ask.

Stay safe,
Team JJM

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Another happy customer here at JJM Automotive, This is a key workers vehicle and it is essential that he has it on the road Monday to Friday, not a problem here at JJM as we always go the extra mile! A three piece clutch kit was fitted on a Saturday afternoon to keep this key worker on the road, all of our work is carried out by friendly and caring technicians with attention to detail, we noticed a coolant leak coming from the thermostat housing of this van and we went ahead and repaired this free of charge as a gesture of goodwill, All of our work is carried out to the highest of standard and customers provided with an itemized invoice after the job has been completed which is very important for warranty validation purposes.

Stay safe!
Team JJM

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This is a full service that we carried out the other day on this lovely VRS, along with replacement of the front brake discs and pads, we would like to give you a side by side comparison to show you the differences between the new and old parts, as a vehicle owner you rarely get to see what's going on behind the scenes so we thought we'd share these photos with you, we have also shown an example of our service sheet which we complete for most of our service packages. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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One of Saturdays jobs, a clutch and dual mass flywheel on this lovely Volkswagen transporter, Fully sanitized before and after we carried out the work, we promise our mechanical skills are much better than our photography 😂 We have availability next week, please contact us if you need our assistance.

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One of our jobs yesterday from a loyal returning customer, an interim service, we were able to reset both the service and inspection lights using our dealer level software, and the battery was tested using our VAG approved VAS6161 battery tester, the wheels were removed to assess the remaining brake pad thickness and last but not least a service sheet was completed highlighting any issues with the vehicle.




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