Rapid Therapy with Nazia

Rapid Therapy with Nazia

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Grow through what you go through. # change


The first step is always the hardest.


Everything in life is to help us , to make us and . Learn from your as well as the mistakes of others.


takes time. on your . It helps to remember the for why you started in the first place when the motivation begins to fizzle out.




Imagine what would happen if you on your instead! your outlook with



True comes from the in our lives. in disguise. through what you go through



Your silence speaks louder than any words


The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch silently ~Albert Einstein


It’s really very easy when you know the right person. The question then should be are you ready to be free of your anxiety now? .


If only people understood how they already are

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. Not me, super talented middle child 🤩

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Anxiety and and depression are linked to negative thoughts. What would happen if you allowed yourself to dream, to fantasise even of the best possible scenario and the happiest ending?

Weight Loss 10/05/2020

Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Many clients approach me for weight loss. If you gain weight by eating more than you burn off then weight loss is achieved through burning more than you are eating, yes? We live in a society that has super charged the commercialisation of food. Everything we do, our whole lives revolve around food.....

Let’s talk about Phobias 03/05/2020

Let’s talk about Phobias


Let’s talk about Phobias Wikipedia says that “A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder defined by a persistent, irrational, excessive, inappropriate, unreasonable and extreme fear of an object or situation”. There are hundreds of different types of phobia. The point here, is not to dwell on the number or type, but to look...

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Change-work. A deeper look into the barriers. 01/04/2020

Change-work. A deeper look into the barriers.


Change-work. A deeper look into the barriers. I’ll get people who are not obese but clearly unhappy with their weight. They might be just a "stones" throw away from their desired goal. I’ll get people who want to stop smoking. They are not heavy smokers either, perhaps only 15/20 ci******es a day and they’ll walk in holding a pack of ciga...

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The beauty of supposed negatives is that we truly appreciate positives.

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Relax it may never happen.

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Depression. Understand it to Overcome it! 07/03/2020

Depression. Understand it to Overcome it!


Depression. Understand it to Overcome it! Depressed people are stressed people and we know that because there is scientific evidence that shows us depressed patients have higher levels of cortisol in their blood stream. Depression itself is classed as a mood disorder that can effect a persons daily life where feelings around "negative thoug...

What is Hypnosis 29/02/2020

What is Hypnosis


What is Hypnosis Some people will tell you hypnosis is like meditation. Some will altogether dismiss it as an unevidenced alternative therapy and some, who have used it, will be

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Calm and focussed breathing helps you relax. Change your physicality to change your feelings

Panic Attacks & Anxiety 24/02/2020

Panic Attacks & Anxiety

Check out my latest blog on anxiety and panic attacks.


Panic Attacks & Anxiety I have seen a number of clients with anxiety and some suffering from panic attacks. It’s important to realise that anxiety is a natural human emotion and is nec

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Everything in life is a lesson. Learn and Grow.

Photos from Life Coaching with Farkhanda Mehmood's post 13/02/2020

Was super honoured to help this beautiful young lady find some peace. Amazing strength of character ❤️

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How you perceive things is how you receive things. Your judgements, perceptions and mindset, how you are on the inside is reflected back at you. So if you don’t like what’s happening on the outside change what is happening on the inside. Book a session now to see how you can bring about the change you want to see.


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Have you got my best angle 😁

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Timeline photos 13/12/2019

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