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EYE SEE - Automatic Driving Lesson Tel. 07941 888 155


Best instructor ever! Had 10 lessons with Thomas and passed first time yesterday in Hendon test center. Thomas always so kind and patient. Also very professional. Thanks a lot for his help.
跟左Thomas 師傅大約10堂左右,好幸運可以遇一位好有耐性同好有heart 的師傅。令到我呢個雪藏牌,好快可以熟悉UK道路上的技巧同知識。Thanks❤️
Congratulations Chin
*Passed first time. No faults, thanks to Thomas *

Thomas is a great instructor and an even more brilliant and experienced teacher. The lessons are in English but it was helpful for me sometimes to clarify details in Cantonese. Thomas was very calm even though I was nervous, and his strict approach helped me to pass my test first time with zero faults!! Hooray. He is very organised and writes and draws helpful information in a book every lesson so you remember everything you learn and need to know. I recommend Thomas unreservedly to anyone who wants to pass first time. Thank you Thomas. I am so very happy and grateful for your support and encouragement.
Top notch instructor, very professional, passed from first time with him... Highly recommend
Tom is such a good driving instructor, he teaches you driving skills for life, even extra things that I wouldn’t need to know to pass the test but are useful driving skills to have, like the 3 point turn, he wrote down the steps for me and showed me how to do it in his own time by adding on extra free time to the lesson. I could tell he truly cared about me passing and he always put in 110% as a teacher in every single lesson I’ve had with him, even if I was his last lesson of the day when he must have been exhausted but he never seemed it! He knows all the possible routes they might take depending on time of day, has the routes saved on Sat Nav, nothing on my actual test was a surprise as we had covered those roads before. Even little things of where examiners will ask you to pull over, he knows. I didn’t realise how bad my other instructors really were until I had Tom. I ditched my last instructor from Stanmore as he kept cutting off time from my lessons (long toilet breaks, starting the lesson late e.g. popping into a shop before we started a lesson but not giving me that time back, or spending 5mins disinfecting the car but taking it out of my 2hr slot, then dropping me off 10mins early every single time, meaning I was losing 20mins in total from my 2hr lesson). Despite only having 7 lessons with Tom before my test due to lack of time before test, I honestly feel like I’ve learnt way more with him than I have with other instructors combined. These other independent driving schools also had good reviews so I would say to any new students wanting to start lessons, TRY an instructor for 1 or 2 lessons to see how it goes and make clear from the start that that’s your intention. The quality of Toms lessons is just so good, you’re constantly learning and never feel like you’re wasting time like I’ve felt with other instructors in the past. I’ve recommended Tom to my friends and other family members. I’ve wasted so much money down the drain with other instructors, don’t make the same mistake, a few quid cheaper per hour isn’t worth it as it will cost you more in the long run. Now that I’ve had Tom, if he increased his prices to £40 an hour and I wanted more lessons in the future, I’d happily pay that. These are skills for life that you’ll take with you and you want to do it right. Thank you so much again Tom!!

EyeSee-LearnToDriveWithThomasTham (Automatic Car). Cover Hendon & Mill Hill test areas. Offer PassPlu Offer Refresher Lessons and Motorway driving

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Wow 😮
Very challenging MillHill test route
Snowing 🌨️ weather conditions
Had to follow Traffic signs 🪧
Apax Corner big roundabout
Had to change lanes up to maximum speed
Congratulations 👏🏻 to Shawn 🤩
You passed your UK driving test first time
Yippee 🙌

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Congratulations to Andrew 🇵🇭

Follow Sat Nav
Duel Carriageway Apax Corner roundabout
Drive passed Width restriction
Very busy roads ….

You passed 1st time 😀 at Hendon Testcentre
You made it look 👀 easy 😄


Congratulations to Jass


Are you test ready?


Click on the link


Congratulations to Keith 🇭🇰
Yippee 👏🏻
You did not passed your driving test in Hong Kong but you passed in UK first time at Hendon Testcentre

Timeline photos 27/01/2023


If you have a query about driving tests or MOTs, contact the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). DVLA is not responsible for driving tests or MOTs.


Don’t move over onto the bus lane when in operation

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Congratulations 🎉 to Ms Wong 🇭🇰
You passed your UK driving test first time considering you have not driven before, that’s Amazing 😻
You made it look so easy
🐰best Chinese New Year present 🧧

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing seatbelt 20/01/2023

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing seatbelt

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing seatbelt in back of car in social media video

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing seatbelt RISHI Sunak has tonight been fined by cops for not wearing his seatbelt. Lancashire Police confirmed the PM had been given a conditional fixed penalty notice over yesterday’s offence. Downing…

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Congratulations 👏🏻 🥳 to Carolina 🇧🇷
Passed driving test first time at
Hendon test centre
Your were asked to open the bonnet for a Tell me question!
Your were told to follow a few Traffic signs and had a Parallel parking manoeuvre
Top student 👩‍🎓 passed! 😁


Congratulations 👏🏻 🥳 🎉 to WangYing 🇨🇳
You passed 1st time at Hendon TestCentre from no driving experience at all!
Best Christmas present 🎁!😃


Congratulations to Kristine 🇵🇭
you passed your driving test

Photos from EYE SEE - Automatic Driving Lesson Tel. 07941 888 155's post 15/12/2022

Learn to drive on icy roads


Learning to drive on icy roads

Driving on icy roads requires Extra care and slow speed

Photos from EYE SEE - Automatic Driving Lesson Tel. 07941 888 155's post 14/12/2022

Driving around the scenic MillHill test routes



Sunday 11dec 22:25 and still ❄️ snowing
Unlike for driving lesson 🥲


Wow 🤩 wow ! wow !
from never never driven before to passing first time on her practical driving test with just one minor fault. Her test time was 11:01am and had to go to a big roundabout at Apax Corner onto the Duel carriageway and had to charge lanes to the maximum speed then coming back to the TestCentre and was asked to reverse into a bay.
She is amazing 😻 Give me a Like 👍 if you agree!


DRIVERS have been warned that they could be slapped with £50 fines for using fog lights at the wrong time.

As Brits brace for the chilly season, thick fog is likely, meaning it's all the more important to know how to deal with it safely and legally.

Motorists have previously been pulled over for making any number of simple but little-known mistakes.

Experts at the RAC have revealed the key things to remember about driving in fog.

First things first, it is important to understand what fog lights are and when they should be used.

All cars must have at least one rear fog light by law, while front fogs are optional.

They are particularly bright lights, which can cut through the mist to alert other drivers to your presence.

Rear fog lights are usually found in the central cluster of lights on the back of the car, while front fogs are usually underneath the main headlights.

These special lights should only be used when weather conditions have reduced visibility to under 328ft (100m), roughly the length of a football pitch, according to the Highway Code.

They should never be used in clear weather and doing so is illegal.

Incorrectly used fog lights, just like high beams, can dazzle other drivers and be dangerous.

Speaking of high beams, the RAC experts warn that they can actually reduce visibility in fog, as the light reflects back at the driver.

Rule 236 of the Highway Code states: "You must not use front or rear fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced as they dazzle other road users and can obscure your brake lights."

Reports from drivers who have fallen foul of the rules suggest that, while no points are handed out, fines of between £30 and £50 are used to punish drivers for not having fog lights on when they should or turning them on at the wrong time.

As well as correct fog light use, drivers are urged to remember to maintain a greater distance from the car in front and to demist their windscreen and locate the fog light on switch before setting off.

They can usually be turned on from a button on the dash or an indicator stalk.

The symbol for fog lights is an oval-shaped lamp with three diagonal lines, crossed by a wavy vertical line to the left (for front fog lights) or right (for rear fog lights).

This symbol should light up on your dashboard to let you know the lights are on.


BRITS are failing their driving test before they even put on their seat belt and nearly half have flopped by the end of the exam.

In a study of just over 1.4 million people, more than 400 learners were not even allowed in the car by their instructor and now the top 10 reasons for driving test ‘instant fails’ have been revealed.

Researchers analysed DVSA data and found that 43 percent of people failed their practical test with the most common reason being they did not look properly at junctions.

A spokesman for insurance provider Dayinsure said: “The most common reason for instantly failing a driving test is for failing to observe the situation correctly at a junction.

“Over a quarter of failed tests came unstuck due to junction observations, such as failing to spot an oncoming car, or failing to spot the junction in the first place.

“We also found that 429 learners who had hopes of a pass saw them end before they even entered the car, for having poor eyesight."

Instructors carry out a quick eyesight test before the exam begins by asking the learner to read a number plate 60ft away.

This test caught out 429 people in the past year, who were failed on the spot for bad eyesight.

Failing to check your mirrors, steering erratically, ignoring traffic lights, speeding or even going too slow are all called 'majors' which result in an immediate failure.

Nicholas Shaw, of Dayinsure, said this week: “Speed limits are in place for a reason. As the data shows, driving too fast or too slowly can both leave you at risk of an instant failure."

However, drivers are allowed to make 15 driving faults - called minors - during the test.

Examiners only tell drivers the reasons for failure at the end of the test, meaning some learners notched up more than one ’major’ during the their test.

Andy Unsworth, 34, of St Albans, Herts, said he flopped his test earlier in the year after going at 30mph in a 20mph zone.

He said: “I was too cocky - I thought the speed limit was 30mph and hadn’t been paying attention to the signs.

“I was going along at 30mph on the dot and thinking I was doing great, but then I saw a 20mph sign and I knew it was all over.”

Nicholas Shaw, of Dayinsure, said this week: "With learners now waiting an average of 13 weeks from booking a driving test to the actual date, you’ll want to get it right first time.

“As nerve-wracking as a driving test can be, any learner driver that stays alert, drives defensively, and takes on-board the advice of their driving instructor is likely to be rewarded for their efforts.”

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Driving test examiner on strike
December 2022 to January 2023


Better do it yourself 😇


Congratulations to Christine from 🇲🇾 passed first attempt at Hendon TestCentre and no fault recorded!
so amazing 😻 if you agree give me a 👍 Like!


Puncture 🥲


Got it!


For someone whose English is not her first language where she used to struggle with her Left and Right and her test route was at a very busy school run traffic. She managed to pass first attempt.
Congratulations to Ms Chen


My student Zara just passed her driving test in MillHill TestCentre at 1:35pm on Friday 4nov22
Her test route was very challenging. Mini roundabouts, Big roundabout, Narrow roads, Duel carriageway, Traffic light and had to perform an Emergency Stop and reverse into a bay. All that with just two minor faults!
Here’s her review


EYES ON THE ROAD Seven driving laws you could be breaking without even knowing it – you could be hit with £2,500 fine

DRIVERS have been warned about obscure rules of the road that they might be breaking without realising it.

Falling foul of these little-known laws could see unsuspecting motorists fined £5,000 as cops crack down on anti-social driving behaviour.

Car insurance experts at Cuvva produced a list with some examples of the sort of rules drivers might not know they're breaking.

For example, you could be caught out for playing your radio too loud as you drive.

While blasting out the tunes while cruising down the street might feel cool, it's actually an offence under the 1986 Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations.

These say that if your noise is considered a distraction to other drivers or could prevent them hearing emergency sirens, then it is against the law.

Similarly, while dogs poking their head out the window to enjoy their ears flapping in the wind is a common site in films, it's actually illegal in the real world.

Having your pooch loose in the car could see you given a £5,000 fine or even nine points on your license if the pet is distracting you.

That's three quarters of the number of points you can get in a three year period before being slapped with a ban.

Another offence, which could earn you the three points needed to tip that scale, is splashing pedestrians by driving through a puddle.

Not only is it rude but also illegal under the 1998 Road Traffic Act, which classes it as careless and inconsiderate driving, with a penalty of a £5,000 fine and three points.

Cuvva's experts also point out that having your number plate obscured by anything, or having a hard to read plate with 3D lettering or background colours, could land you a £1,000 fine.

They also tried to make drivers aware that, while everyone knows you can't break the speed limit, driving too slowly is also technically an offence.

Lawmakers reason that driving too slowly makes you a risk to other drivers.


Watch your speed 🚗

Driving tips 15/10/2022

Driving tips

Driving tips

Driving tips Get the latest tips about driving from how to avoid parking fines to rules you should know when you hit the road.

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Congratulations to Kirtan
Passed first time!
had to drive on a duel carriageway and change lanes at maximum speed. Had to follow signs for the independent drive. Parked on the right on a busy road
you made it look so easy!🤩


Updated to include recent changes
The new printed version of The Highway Code is available in shops and online.

You can also buy the new printed version from our official supplier - www.safedrivingforlife.info/shop

The new print version includes the recent changes to the Highway Code including:

self-driving vehicles
hand-held mobile rules change
changes to sentencing for driving related offences
Since January, The Highway Code has included improved guidance on taking responsibility for one’s own safety and that of people around you, based on their relative vulnerability.

You can review a list of all the recent changes on GOV.UK


Congratulations to Tamsin on passing her driving test first time
at MillHill test centre
🤩 wow!
Throughout the test NO fault recorded on very busy roads and during school run 🕰️ time
How amazing 😻!

Photos from EYE SEE - Automatic Driving Lesson Tel. 07941 888 155's post 27/09/2022

Driving forward into the rainbow 🌈

2 in 3 Brits clueless about new road rules with big fines - do YOU know them? 05/09/2022

2 in 3 Brits clueless about new road rules with big fines - do YOU know them?

Two thirds of Brits are clueless about new Highway Code rules that could land them £1000 fine – so how many do you know?

2 in 3 Brits clueless about new road rules with big fines - do YOU know them? NEARLY two thirds of British drivers are clueless about new Highway Code rules introduced this year, a new survey has found. A poll carried out by The AA found 61% of those surveyed had not read up…


Congratulations to Evelyn 😁
You passed your driving test at MillHill Testcentre
Went To Apex Corner and drove on Duel carriageway at maximum speed …..wow!

Videos (show all)

Congratulations to Evelyn 😁 You passed your driving test at MillHill Testcentre Went To Apex Corner and drove on Duel ca...
Mill Hill Test Centre NW7 2DQ
Borehamwood TestCentre
Reverse into a bay manoeuvre at Hendon test centre
MillHill driving test
CarloYou did the Driving forward into a Bay during your test outside HendenTestCentre looks👀 so simple Congratulations o...
Reverse into a Bay
Tell me questions on Engine oil, Coolant and Brake fluid
Reversing into a bay manoeuvre
Drive forward into a bay in 44 seconds
Reversing into a Bay




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