Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP

Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP


I found yasemin through a friend of mine. What can I say but I would highly highly recommend. My whole body was aching. Through pilates and yoga classes with Yasemin I am well on my way to building strength and muscle. I have noticed a huge improvement in pain mobility toning and balance. Yasemin pushes you and ensures your technique is correct. I couldn’t be without her classes.

Myself and my family have also had massages. Again would highly recommend. The whole experience was so calm and relaxing from start to finish. Thankyou so much Yasemin.

Yasemin offers complementary/massage therapies, NLP coaching, guided meditation and visualisation classes.Her aim is to promote wellbeing & Motivation!

Visit Yasemin K Therapies for a full range of complementary therapies and massages that help you to feel your best. With a minimalist and calming ambience, you'll start to feel more relaxed as soon as you step in the door. Working as an independent complementary therapist since 2008, Yasemin is fully qualified, certified and experienced in bringing passion and attention to detail to every treatmen

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I received my canvas for my treatment room yesterday. Got me all excited. It’s slowly coming together. I do love my business. It’s my fifth baby and I really enjoy the process as I find it very rewarding.

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Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP updated their phone number. 09/03/2021

Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP updated their phone number.

Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP updated their phone number.

Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP updated their business hours. 09/03/2021

Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP updated their business hours.

Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP updated their business hours.


It’s Leo ♌️ season baby 💚
Currently I’m working on my energy. If I could describe it I would say it’s a bit of a messy childlike scribble. Not sure how I feel about it but by the looks of it I’m gonna be a full blown adult or middle age person. I had a conversation recently about how growing into wisdom may feel kinda painful but I suppose that the growing pains serve a purpose.
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I don’t like drama, not at all but for some reason it likes to follow me around. The process of cutting cords with certain people certainly helped with decreasing it in my life however for some reason it loves to follow me. As with most of us Covid19 has a lot to do with a lot of the stress. As a single mother who managed to take care of her family on her self employment I felt I did alright but no this stupid virus 🦠 had to hit us all, not only threatening life but also livelihood. I gotta be real with you, I went through my lot of struggles, constantly swimming against the stream and I always found motivation but this time around though still perky around people it has been bloody tough to pull me up by the bootstraps. Yet believe me the darkness under the rock is not making things any easier to cope with so I’d rather revert back to my childish and naive optimism and continue to programme my mind that this shall also pass. So if we believe it will be fine so it shall be fine. I refuse to give into pessimism. It’s too cruel of a state to be in.
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I chopped off my hair. I felt tired of the years it had on me. It almost felt as though I was holding on to the past and as if I can pick up the energy from the past. It needed to go and now I feel free lol 😂 but I will need someone to level it out and maybe style it. I have someone in mind already but I tell you it felt therapeutic and symbolic. I’m letting go 🥰
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Sometimes we can find ourselves in situations or with people where we are made to feel as though the pain, suffering or disappointment caused is not valid or that we throw things out of proportion and we exaggerate. Sometimes we are made to question our intuition, facts and information or even worse sometimes they blame us for something they did wrong. Sometimes we stay in these situations, toxic situations that do us more harm than good not considering the impact it has on our mental and physical health or our ability to function and lead a normal life. Sometimes the source of our pain are the places or people we love the most which makes it even harder to walk away but sometimes love is just not enough especially when we realise that staying put decreases the love and respect that we have for ourselves until we get to a point when there is nothing left and our self worth has diminished. Nothing is worth that! Turn your back on the source of your pain and love yourself enough!

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nearyou.best 27/06/2020

Mindfulness Meditation Mixed Ability class in Waltham Forest, East London on Monday at 8:00am with Yasemin K Therapies.

This is a 30 minute online/zoom guided grounding meditation/visualization. Grounding visualizations are a perfect tool to help manage stress and anxiety especially during times of pressure or uncertainty. We will be combining breath work and imagery to help root our self to feel stronger and anchored in preparation to tackle the day and whatever it throws at us. Many of us feel unsettled and it can seem like the floor has been moved from under us and this is why this exercise is great to find connection.

nearyou.best Mindfulness Meditation Mixed Ability class in Waltham Forest, East London on Monday at 8:00am near me. Work out with Yasemin K Therapies for only £5.00. Friendly class find out more and Book Online.


The sea keeps calling me, the lakes, ponds and rivers keep whispering my name, the waterfalls tell me they have secrets about myself. The Healing is magnificent at bodies of water. My soul is at ease and I feel and smell the freedom. The craving is becoming more intense and the longer I am living in the city the more deprived I feel. Nature is such a wonderful thing. Take me into your arms please and guide me home.

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Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP's cover photo

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Yasemin K Therapies - Pilates Teacher

yasemin-k-therapies.pilatesnearyou.co.uk Pilates classes near you in Waltham Forest, East London for Mixed Ability. Learn from one of the best Pilates Instructors Near You. Book Online.


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The days are not always bright neither does the storm last and sometimes it’s a peculiar in between but as long as you breathe you will have access to an unlimited amount of hope and faith. On the days we feel lost in the chaos or stuck in limbo just close your eyes, connect with your breath ask the universe for guidance and let your inner eye take you to your safe space of peaceful intentions.
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I went to visit my therapist again in Wales. It is said that waterfalls are good for the mind and soul, a source for purification. My trips to Wales have been very short so I had to squeeze the beauty into limited time. I’m in love with this place. I found so many little peaceful treasures that light up my heart 💓
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The sound of the sea just gave me a little bit of peace and calm 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💚
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How To Simplify Your Life

What many of us long for more than anything else is a simpler life; we feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities, schedules, commitments and obligations. This...


Back2Balance: Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio

Hello All,

We are happy to announce that starting this Friday at 7pm we will be introducing an online Yoga class. This will be taught by Yasemin who is also our Pilates instructor.

During the current situation many of us may be finding ourselves stressed and with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Yoga focuses on self care, deep breathing, meditation and exercise, and has proven benefits for the mind and body.

Other benefits include:-

- Increased flexibility.
-Cardio and circulatory health.
-Protection from injury.

The classes are mixed ability so even if you're new to Yoga online classes offer the opportunity for you to develop your practice in the comfort of your own home.

Classes cost £10 per session.

There's no better time to start, so why not join us!

To book please follow the link below



Don't forget to pamper yourself sometimes.
If you are after a lush hot stone massage please get in touch.
Find us at http://bit.ly/2VX7Hf7


Don't forget to pamper yourself sometimes.
If you are after a lush hot stone massage please get in touch.
Find us at http://bit.ly/2VX7Hf7

[03/11/20]   "The purpose of our lives is to be happy." - Dalai Lama

[03/10/20]   "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louis Stephenson


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Yasemin K-Holistic Therapist & Master Practitioner of NLP

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yaseminktherapies.mytreatwell.co.uk You can book here, online 24/7 in just a few clicks. Powered by Treatwell: the brighter way to book beauty.

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Yasemin K Therapies in London, England

yaseminktherapies.com Yasemin K Therapies in London, England offers complementary and holistic therapies. We also provide Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and life coaching.

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Yasemin K Therapies | Massage & Therapy Centre in Walthamstow, London - Treatwell

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Benefits of pincha!
Upper Back Strength. Pincha is renowned for its capabilities of strengthening the shoulders and upper back muscles. ...
Improved Balance. ...
Calming The Mind. ...
Igniting The Side Body. ...
Stretch Out. ...
Enticing Focus. ...
Develop Arm Strength. ...


I just want to show you what a difference proper posture makes. My lumbar area of my back is hyper mobile or lordotic and I have a bigger belly which adds extra strain on the lower back. Here is a definition of this: “Lumbar hyperlordosis is excessive extension of the lumbar region, and is commonly called hollow back, sway back, or saddle back (after a similar condition that affects some horses).These conditions are usually a result of poor posture and can often be reversed by learning correct posture and using appropriate exercises.”
But see what happens when I engage my core, zip up my pelvic floor muscles, shift my pelvis into neutral, elongate my spine, draw shoulders away from ears and back, lift and open the chest and engage my pectorals. I almost instantaneously look like I lost some weight without holding my breath or making me feel uncomfortable and you can easily go about your day like this.

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Benefits of pincha!Upper Back Strength. Pincha is renowned for its capabilities of strengthening the shoulders and upper...
Excited 😊



Thai Buddha Eco Travel Cup



63 Old Church Road
E4 6ST

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 5pm
Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm
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