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Today I’m celebrating the young men in my life.

I love this picture because it’s Brandon and Junior together having fun.

I remember when I first held Brandon in my arms, he was 3 months old and I was 17.

I was a teenager and a father. It was the happiest moment of my life.

Today he’s 24 and holding his 5 month old brother. He’s turned out an amazing young man and has a bright future ahead of him.

I love his passion for travelling, food and sport. Young men get pressured into following societal footsteps or live to their parents expectations. I’ve learned a lot since Brandon was born and although I’m far free perfect I try my best to help and support him to be the best man he can be. I’ve always encouraged him to do the things he loves because how important that is in life.

I rather he lives his best life than be stuck in an office job he hates.

I’m so proud of my boys and I hope this inspires young men who are having trouble finding their own path to follow their passion and not everyone’s expectations.

Do you and do it with pride. Follow your dreams.
This is so true. We’ve been blessed with an experience on a planet that provides everything for free but we have allowed people to dictate what we can and cannot have, what we should or shouldn’t do.

When you realise this truth, you regain your power and you allow yourself to be free and create the experience you desire.

Unfortunately you’ll never be free living in fear.

You’ll only be free when you live in love and light.

You don’t need money to survive, it’s all been provided already. Our gifts were given to us so our evolution as mind, body and spirit complexes are enjoyed freely and not as slaves to a system created for greed.

Everything we do, use, experience and consume can be free, but that will only happen when stop paying into the system that benefits 1% and not the 99%.

Remember who you are. Connect with your true self and see what’s rightfully yours. ☺️🙏🏻❤️🌟
Feeling stressed and anxious and need an instant solution to help you calm down and refocus?

Try box this breathing exercise. Inhale for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds at the top, exhale for 3 seconds and hold for 3 seconds at the bottom.

Repeat this for a few minutes or for as long as you need it.

Keep the breath slow, gentle and controlled. You can use this anywhere and anytime.

Take control of your breath and you’ll take control of your life. ☺️🙏🏻❤️🌟

Love and light.

This is not my daughter having a meltdown but my daughter highjacking my phone. 😂

I keep finding pictures of her and today I want to celebrate her today. ☺️❤️

She’s 17 and an old soul. God knows we’ve shared some experiences together. 🌟

To me she’s Madi but to her little brother and sister she’s sisi and they love her so much. 🥰

Words can’t express how grateful and proud I am of her and how much I love her. 🙏🏻

Madison Dutton Da Silva has been amazing recently in helping us with the little ones and with our work. She’s like a lioness when it comes to Ruby and Junior, it’s funny and beautiful to see. 🦁❤️

She’s a future female leader, an entrepreneur who’s going to do big things.

She’s funny, she’s feisty, she’s strong but also she’s caring, loving, kind and honest. ☺️💪🏻

I admire her passion and drive and truly respect her dedication to self love, self care, self healing and respect.

This little pumpkin sausage has grown into a beautiful young women and I hope she inspires women around the world and she inspires me.

We are not a perfect family but we are loving family. We try our best to talk openly and honestly, allowing each of us speak and have a voice. ☺️❤️🥰

Thank you baby for choosing me to be your dad and for allowing me to guide you through this journey.

I love you always. ☺️🙏🏻❤️🌟
5 Tips to help with trauma.

Trauma is a very sensitive subject and one which must be approached carefully, slowly and with care.

These tips can be hugely expanded but I wanted to give you 5 key ones that can really help you immediately.

Don’t isolate yourself - lean on your friends and family. They are your support system.

Seek professional help - knowledge is power but ignoring the problem is a death sentence.

Join a support group - Support groups are a great place to connect with others who share the same experience.

Face it - As tempting as it may be to try to ignore or forget a traumatic event, a key ingredient in recovery is learning to be OK with your memories of it and the things that trigger them without trying to avoid them.

Listen to your body - Your body (and mind) will tell you what to do to heal. Eat healthy meals. Rest when you get a chance. Do things that make you happy. Take a bath.
Stop taking life so seriously.

Do the things you love and not what is expected of you.

Connect with yourself, learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Treat yourself with kindness.

Stop judging yourself. You are here to learn, grow and develop. There’s no wrong, only experiences.

Travel, seek and explore. Where does your heart take you.

Sit in silence.

Look at the stars, they tell a story.

Read or listen to things that you like. Self education is different from systematic education. The system was set up to benefit itself and not you.

Have courage, the truth only hurts temporarily and it will set you free.

The media lies, governments are corrupt and the entire system is crashing down. It’s time to unite and create a world of abundance, not scarcity.

You hold the key to our evolution but your key only works when you connect with others.

It all starts with you. It always has and it always will.

Love and light. ☺️🙏🏻❤️🌟
5 tips to improve anxiety.

If you suffer from anxiety, you know how much they suck and how scary they can be at times.

After suffering from years of anxiety I’ve learned a thing or two that really helped me whenever I was feeling anxious.

Try these whenever you need them, put them into practice and see the improvements.

Have an amazing day.

Love and light. ☺️🙏🏻❤️🌟
Not my choice of newspaper but it’s the story we are sharing that is important.

We’ve spent years doing all we can to help others with mental health issues, personal struggles and addiction only to have faced it ourselves a number of times.

It’s been hard, it’s been hitting, embarrassing, shameful but also rewarding.

It’s during the hard times that we learn, grow and develop into the people we are meant to become. I’ve always been positive and incredibly optimistic but I have struggled.

In my struggles I continued having faith, trusting the process, going back to my daily practices and not giving up.

Not giving on my dreams, my family or myself and it paid of each time.

We’ve faced hard times together and we face beautiful times together.

If you facing hard times and struggles, keep going, keep trusting and keep going.

I made a promise to never stop helping others and no matter what happens I’ll continue to share hope, love and light.

I’ll continue speaking up even when no one wants to hear it.

Love and light to all, you are never alone. ❤️🌟

Depression is a serious mental illness and when left untreated it can lead to other mental health issues, addiction and even death.

So here are 5 tips to help you improve depression.

Added bonus: daily meditation bolted into your gratitude practice will have huge benefits.

Stress is a very common experience one which can leap from beneficial to harmful very quickly.

Here are 5 tips you can use daily to improve stress.

Importance of appreciating the little things.

Hello everyone and welcome to your daily dose of happiness.

Life becomes a much better experience when you appreciate the little things in life.

I hope today’s video was useful and you got something from it. If you enjoy the videos please show your support by liking and sharing.

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Have an amazing day.

Be great, be fantastic and be absolutely phenomenal today.

What is your purpose in life?

Why are you here? Let’s talk about it in today’s video.

Hello everyone and welcome to your daily dose of happiness.

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Have an amazing day.

Be great, be fantastic and be absolutely phenomenal today.

Happy As Larry Group is a wellbeing company helping to solve issues caused by mental illness and add We Help Parents Overcome Mental Illness & Achieve Happiness & Fulfillment.

As Mental Health and Wellbeing Experts We Help Hundreds Each Year Through Our Various Channels. See If You Qualify in 60 Seconds. bit.ly/stagestofulfillment

At Happy As Larry Group we are passionate about one thing and that is helping people become the best version of themselves. Having gone through and experienced adversity ourselves, we understand the struggle, the pain, the trauma and sufferin


Grand rising everyone. The message from meditation today is TRANQUIL.

Tranquil is being free from agitation of the mind and spirit.

What does living a tranquil life mean to you?

If you could map out your daily life in that way what would you do?

Tranquilly, like calmness, peace and happiness is not a gift reserved for a special few, it’s a gift available to all.

Chaos, fear, worry, stress has become the norm and we’ve become so comfortable with it that we’ve forgotten living in tranquility is how we should actually be enjoying life each day.

The choices we make and the actions we take lead us to the life we experience each day. Some things we can’t control but how we react is within our control.

Make the decisions, the plans and take the actions necessary to ensure you have more tranquility in your life.


Grand rising beautiful souls. The message from meditation today is RELEASE.

Release emotions. Release anger, fear, resentments, frustration, sadness, anxiety, depression or stress. Let go of them, express them, release them.

Release emotional blockages. Breathwork practice is an incredible way to help release and heal from emotional blockages.

Release the past. Holding onto the past only keeps you stuck in an illusion and stops you fully moving into the present. The experience has been and gone, work through it and release it.

Release negative energy. Negative energy is so toxic for the mind, body and spirit. Make sure you put practices in place that help you raise your energy and vibration.

Release the following ASAP:

Limiting or untrue beliefs
Guilt and regret
Stressed and overwhelmed lifestyle
Judgment, gossip and condemnation
Bad habits that make you feel terrible
The masks to reveal your authentic self
Negative thoughts and your stinkin’ thinkin’
Control of other people’s lives
Negative people that add no value to your life

By learning to release things that don’t serve, you open up to receiving abundance and everything positive.


Grand rising everyone. The message from meditation today is PROTECTION.

Protect yourself first and foremost. You have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you are able to help anyone else.

Protect your mind. Your mind is the most powerful machine in the world, protect it with everything you’ve got. It has incredible learning powers. Teach it wisely. Learn, grow, develop by reading, meditating, breathing deeply, listening to music that lifts you and watching valuable programs.

Protect your body. Eat well, exercise, sleep well. This vessel carries your spirit everyday for an average of 70 years. This machine, like your mind has to be cared for with the upmost love and respect.

Protect your spirit and energy. In this experience and in spiritual realms there’s always someone or something trying to suck the goodness out of you. Learn and practice boundaries they are a huge benefit. During meditation or breathwork set intentions and set protection for your energy. Practice love and light.

Photos from Happy As Larry Group's post 21/07/2022

Grand rising everyone. The message from meditation today is SMILE.

Smile big and smile from the heart.

Smile when you look in the mirror.

Smile at the beautiful gift that you are.

Smile because you are alive today.

Smile at the ones you love and even those you don’t know.

Smile and open your heart. Let life flourish inside you and fill you with unconditional love.

When you smile, your brain releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides to help fight off stress.

Then other chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins come into play too.

The endorphins act as a mild pain reliever, whereas the serotonin is an antidepressant.

You can’t be sad and happy at the same time, so choose happiness and smile.


Grand rising everyone. The message from meditation today is FEAR.

Fear is the lowest form of vibration.

Fear is the key to control, suffering, manipulation.

Fear is the energy most people are frightened of without knowing what it really is.

Fear is simply an energy that allows us to experience low vibrational frequencies such as:

Hate, judgement, anger, suffering, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, separation, control, manipulation, enslavement of the mind, body and spirit.

Common fears are: fear of the unknown, fear of abandonment, fear of love, fear of separation, fear of each other, fear of death, fear of virus, fear of the sun.

Fear is an illusional construct used to freely control and manipulate society.

Fear is the easiest way to make anyone do as they are told. Tell a big enough and convincing enough lie and everyone will believe it to be true. Fear will make you give up your freedom, your life, your everything in order for it to survive.

Fear only survives in fear, it cannot survive in love and light.

In order to move away from fear you must first understand the truth about fear. Secondly work through letting go of all false evidences appearing real, facing everything and rising to connect with love.

In love you are free. In love you thrive. In love you connect. In love you are everything.

Fear cannot survive or exist when you see it for what it really is, an ILLUSION.


Grand rising everyone. The message from meditation today is PERSISTENCE.

Persistence is the ability to keep moving forward without giving up.

I tried giving up so many times in my journey. Life at times just got too much and in my mind I thought I couldn’t handle life and it’s challenges so I gave up.

I learned that every time I gave up I felt worse. I felt giving up was actually worse than going through the pain, suffering and experience I was having.

My mind, body and spirit was telling me subconsciously to keep moving forward. It was hard, it was painful and at times I did check out of life.

I staid persistence, I continued moving forward, I kept digging deep and eventually I started seeing the benefits.

In life we’ll all experience challenges but those challenges are what makes stronger, healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

Persistency teaches us that life is worth living and worth experiencing. Today I welcome the challenges as I know the reward will be so much greater and I can pay it forward and help others.

If you going through challenges, don’t give up, don’t quit, dig deep and stay persistent. You will come out the other side a much stronger person for it.

You are powerful, you are gifted and you are a miracle.

Stay persistent in life and life will reward you with incredible gifts.

Love and light always.


Fastest way to improve your mental health is by saying I LOVE YOU.

When you wake up in the morning you tell yourself I LOVE YOU.

When you see a family member, friend or anyone you love just tell them I LOVE YOU.

When you’ve had a tough time remind yourself I LOVE YOU.

When you achieve even the smallest goals congratulate yourself with I LOVE YOU.

When you lay in bed before you go to sleep, practice gratitude and give thanks and remember to tell yourself I LOVE YOU.

Love is the most powerful energy in our infinite existence, the more you share it and say it the more you’ll experience it in mind, body and spirit.

Try it everyday for a week and you’ll notice a big difference in your life.

Love and light. ☺️🙏🏻❤️🌟


Grand rising everyone. The message from meditation this morning is ENERGY.

Energy is around us and within us.

Energy is in everything, including the words we speak.

Energy brings us together and keeps us apart.

Use your energy as you see fit, reserve the energy you put out into the world.

Freely share love and light but reserve anger, fear and all negative energies by making them extremely expensive.

Experience your emotional energy but let go of them.

Speak the energy you want to experience daily and apply the energy of action each day to experience it.

Faith without work is dead and this applies to our energy too. If you want to change, then action is required.

I send you love and light today, wishing you a successful day.


Grand rising everyone. The message from meditation today is HIGHER SELF.

What is your higher self? The higher self at its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real self.

In simple terms it’s the consciousness you are eternally connected too. It’s the source of i and all that you are.

On a higher level it’s source and everything that we are.

Truth is no one really knows. We may have had experiences in connecting with it but there’s no proof of it.

Fact is we don’t need proof, we just know. It’s the knowing that has no language and needs no explanation. It’s the knowing that gives you goose bumps and fills every part of you with love and light.

In silence, contemplation, meditation and in breathwork we connect with our higher self. We get a moment in time where we go back to i and it’s magical.


Grand rising everyone. The message today from meditation is EGO.

Ego is the part of us that separates me from you.

Ego is better than you because of it’s self importance.

Ego is faster, stronger, more powerful, smarter and more perfect than you in every way.

Ego is not weak, it’s powerful.

Ego is not vulnerable, it’s resilient.

Ego gets everything it wants.

Ego is brilliant, ego is genius or so it believes.

Ego is judgement.

Truth is the ego is frightened, scared and afraid to be seen.

Truth is the ego controls because it’s insecure and has no self esteem.

Truth is the ego judges others because it hates itself.

Truth is the ego portrays self importance because it doesn’t want to you to see it vulnerable, fragile and weak.

Truth is the ego exists because we’ve lost connection with everything we are and have disconnected from others too.

Our Story

At Happy As Larry Group we are passionate about one thing and that is helping people become the best version of themselves. Having gone through and experienced adversity ourselves, we understand the struggle, the pain, the trauma and suffering negative experiences can have on you. We also know how hard it is go get out of that dark place, how hard it is to see the light at the end of the tunnel when nothing seems to go your way.

This is where we come in, both collectively and individually, we help you work through adversities using therapeutic, coaching and mindfulness techniques to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. By strengthening your mind you will become more positive, confident and focused in your daily life. By strengthening your body you feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. By strengthening your spirit, you will lean about self love, self care and self respect. Nothing changes, if nothing changes. We will teach you a way of life that will uncover areas of improvement and help you discover the person you were always meant to be.

We have already helped people work through past experiences, painful emotions and to discover the missing pieces of their lives. The results have been amazing and our work continues.

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