The sound of Phonics

The sounds of phonics produced by internation al author Gloria Eveleigh Phonics Story Boo ks


HURRY or you'll miss the be st sale ever. The first two se ts of my phonics picture story boo ks are on sale NOW for £3. 60 each book - the lowest pri ce ever (original price £5.50). While y ou have more time than usual ov er the Easter holiday, why not tea ch your pre-school child to read usi ng my unique, fun and enjoyable boo ks? HAPPY EASTER READING 🐥


What a beautiful sunny day. T he sunshine always makes me smile. It 's very appropriate that yesterday I republish ed Book 9 of my phonics pictu re storybooks, Harriet the Happy Hippo.
Harri et laughs and smiles wherever she go es, and it is catching. Soon everyo ne around her is doing the sa me, and having lots of fun as a resu lt. Small children that you know wi ll also be smiling as you re ad this story to them, and a dd to the reading skills they ha ve already gathered from Books 1-8. Befo re you know it, they will be readi ng the books to you. And th at in itself is a real j oy!


Well, I’ve republished Set 1 of my phoni cs picture storybooks and am now selli ng them at less than half t he price my publisher did. Before, th ey cost £12.99 each, which was ridiculo us, and now £5.50 each - mu ch more affordable. Not only that, b ut at present each book in tu rn is being reduced to £5.20 f or one week, so you can gi ve a child you love, the gi ft of reading for only £31.20. T he gift that lasts forever! 😊


I am currently republishing an improv ed version of my phonics focused pictu re story books, which provide a f un way for 2-5 year-olds to lea rn to read - and at a mo re economical price.
In 2015, I ga ve a literary agency the publishing righ ts, but I am going it alo ne from now on.
There are 42 phoni cs sounds for children to learn. B ut they can start to read simp le sentences after the first 6.
T he first book in the series focus es on the sound made by t he letter /s/.
'Sammy and Susie Visit t he Seaside' is now available on Amaz on at the more affordable price of £5. 50 to enable you to gradually colle ct the whole series and see yo ur children learn to read before th ey even start school.


My series of phonics-focused picture storyboo ks for small children published by Xlibr is, were beautiful and effective but we re too expensive for most parents a nd education establishments to afford. Because of th at, I have recently ended my contra ct with Xlibris and now have so ul rights to publish my books at an affordab le price, and market them myself. At prese nt Amazon still have stocks at t he old price, but watch this spa ce - things will soon change.


E-activity books on Amazon only £1. 77 for hours of fun whilst developi ng your children’s observation skills. Search Glor ia Eveleigh on Amazon and follow Hila ry the Hedgehog.


Six new phonics picture storybooks n ow only available as e-books on uk - £1.99 each.

Search my name to fi nd them:

. The Queen of Ducks Los es her quack (focusing on /qu/)
. T he House on the Cliff (focusing on t he hard /th/)
. Faith Forgets to S ay Thank You (focusing on the so ft /th/)
. Milly and Martin Mouse Sco ut for Food (focusing on /ou/)
. C an Shy Shelley Win the Show (focusi ng on /sh/)
. Max the Sax Play er Sets an Example (focusing on / x/)

One Small Word: Surviving Childhood Abu se by Gloria Eveleigh 02/07/2020

One Small Word: Surviving Childhood Abu se by Gloria Eveleigh

One Small Word: Surviving Childhood Abu se by Gloria Eveleigh At a time when celebrities su ch as Sally Field and other adu lt survivors of childhood abuse are findi ng the courage to tell their stori es, and governments ar...


New set of 6 phonics stori es books written and illustrated by me a re soon to be published by URLi nk Print and Media on Amazon at a reta il price of around £5. Titles are:

Zara the Zebra with Horizontal Strip es - /z/
2. The Magic World of Whisper ed Wishes- /w/
3, Mr Wong and H is Songsters - /ng/
4, Victoria's Violet Ve st and Her Vulture, Vernon - /v/
Sarah Brook Loves to Cook - sho rt /oo/
6, Muldoon the World Famous Babo on - long /oo/

Watch out for updat es. Perfect for continuing to teach sma ll children to improve their reading.


I recently republished my phonics sto ry book, Sammy and Susie Visit t he Seaside, with a different publisher. Bo th versions can still be purchased on Amaz on. US Book Review has said t he following:

Sammy and Susie Visit the Seasi de: A Phonics Story Book for Sma ll Children
by Gloria Eveleigh
BookVenture Publishing

book revi ew by Jordana Landsman

"But more than anythi ng, Sammy and Sue want to lea rn to swim in the sea."
Kids lo ve repetition. They relish the same stori es and refrains over and over (a nd over) again. If the material rhym es or alliterates, they don’t just lo ve it, they sing it. Repetition hel ps kids learn, reinforce, control, anticipate. Paren ts might think one more rendition of a favori te stanza will send them over t he edge of sanity, but kids ju st say, “Read it again!”
This diminutive bo ok effectively taps into kid rhythm wi th its lilting, letter-“S”-centric story about a broth er and sister who visit relatives at t he beach and dream of learning to sw im. Ending each page is the soon-famili ar refrain, “Sammy and Susie want to lea rn to swim in the sea.” A ny conversational child worth her weight in giggl es will join in the recitation befo re the book ends and may ev en continue chanting the refrain long aft er reading time ends. Children may n ot even notice how the book stuf fs its sea-faring self with a sol id stockpile of “S” words.
There is a l ot for parents and kids to enj oy here. The supersized “S” supply solid ly supports pre-literacy awareness of letters, whi ch is valuable to young children w ho are learning the alphabet and beginni ng to recognize the configuration of wor ds on the page. The story al so, on a simple, kid-appropriate level, creat es a conflict that must be resolv ed. These kids want to swim! T he seashore is great, there’s a l ot to do, but they have a go al. They need a grownup’s help. Th ey are motivated, adventurous, and excited to lea rn this new skill and engage mo re deeply with the joys of t he beach.
Small, memorable, sneakily educational books li ke this are often winners with litt le kids, so often adults cram boo ks full of words and complex ide as, wanting to tell everything to capti ve little ears. But captive little ea rs don’t need intense narratives; they ne ed a simple concept with short, hap py, memorable bursts of language that th ey can access, understand, and enjoy. T he smallest, most basic books can galvani ze a young imagination. Give a k id the spark, and his mind wi ll run with it.
Illustrations are an importa nt part of this equation. Sammy a nd Susie’s happy-faced, cartoonish images are simp le but engaging, casting family beach da ys as whimsical and bright. Kids li ke looking at other children’s faces, a nd as Sammy and Susie smile o ut from among their beach toys, you ng readers perceive the characters’ enthusiasm. F or children who may not yet ha ve visited a beach or have be en frightened by early visits, the visib le pleasure Sammy and Susie take in the ir seaside escapades may have a positi ve effect on their feelings about t he beach.
Other positives may rub off on you ng readers as well. Learning to sw im is a rite of passage in childho od, and it often launches with fe ar and skepticism from the child. B ut as young readers see Sammy a nd Susie’s happy faces and absorb t he urgency with which this duo wan ts swim lessons, even the most water-resista nt little landlubber might open her mi nd to the possibility that learning to sw im could be a desirable and f un activity to undertake. Sammy and Sus ie want to learn to swim in t he sea; maybe I can learn t oo!

Sammy and Susie Visit the Seasi de 01/09/2018

Sammy and Susie Visit the Seasi de

Sammy and Susie Visit the Seasi de Sammy and Susie Visit the Seasi de is a phonics story book f or small children that tells the sto ry of Sammy and Susie who bo th want to learn to swim in t he sea.


No more new phonics picture sto ry books for a while. I'm writi ng a novel based on my childho od experiences of abuse. The title is 'O ne Small Word - surviving childhood abus e'. Go to my website and bl og to find out more:


My new book, 'Morgan the Ve ry Short Pirate Braves the Storm' wi ll be out soon. You can purcha se the e-version of all my boo ks for only £2.95 each on Amaz on.


I'm here in Tenerife enjoying t he sunshine while my latest phonics sto ry book, 'Aimee the Cheeky Parakeet' is bei ng published. Teach your children how importa nt it is to give their pe ts care and attention whilst they al so learn the phonics sound made by t he combination of double /ee/. A f un way to learn to read. My fu ll colour soft back books only co st £5 each. Contact me for furth er titles and details of how to purcha se.


Seeing snow on the beach he re at Lancing, West Sussex reminds me of t he first book I wrote in whi ch Sammy and Susie loved to vis it their aunty and uncle at t he seaside in the winter. They ma de a snowman on the beach. N ot enough snow to do that in Lanci ng. It's already melting

gloria eveleigh - YouTube 01/02/2018

gloria eveleigh - YouTube

See my video about me a nd the first book in my seri es of phonics focussed story books, "Sam my and Susie Visit the Seaside" on YouTu be by following the link below:

gloria eveleigh - YouTube Enjoy the videos and music y ou love, upload original content, and sha re it all with friends, family, a nd the world on YouTube.


My phonics story books now f or sale at £5. Contact me f or a list of titles available. 07930 411419


I hope you will visit my sta ll at the Lancing Parish Christmas Festiv al in North Road on Saturday 16 th December 2017. I will have sever al of my books on sale at t he discount price of £5 each.


Fun4Kids Lancing is organising a real ly enjoyable event. Reserve places for y ou and your kids at the 3.30 pm session on 30th August. Not ma ny places left, so please reserve quick ly to avoid disappointment

Timeline photos 29/07/2017

Neville and his neighbour Nathan a re friendly fairy-tale creatures called Nibalongs. Nibalon gs sleep all day and wake up at nig ht. But Neville and Nathan are scar ed of the night, so they ma ke a plan to wake up wh en it is light. But will dayti me be all that they hope for?

Th is book focuses on the short /n/ sound and will spark every you ng child's imagination whilst teaching them th at the grass is not always green er on the other side.

Timeline photos 29/07/2017

In the fifth book of th is series none of the pink pi gs in Farmer Pickles’s field want to pl ay with Penelope the Purple Pig. Th is is because Penelope is different fr om other pigs. Penelope is sad a nd lonely. As a result, she go es looking for a pal to pl ay with among Farmer Pickles’s other anima ls. Will Penelope find an animal w ho wants to be her pal? Wi ll she end up lonely forever?

This bo ok focuses on the short /p/ sou nd.

Timeline photos 29/07/2017

Idris, an invisible Irish imp is on a que st to find a cure for h er constant burping. She decides to trav el the world looking for a cu re, but because she is invisible, peop le who hear her blame each oth er. She eventually gives up and retur ns home to Ireland, but does s he find a cure for her burping?

Whi le small children are engaged in a nd enjoying this story, they will n ot only absorb one of life’s lesso ns (take control of your situation a nd try to improve it), but primari ly, they will learn to recognize a nd practice the phonics sound for t he letter i - the short /i/ - that they need in ord er to learn to read.

Idris, t he Invisible Imp is the fourth in a s et of seven groups of six boo ks that focus on the phonics proce ss.
I hope readers will enjoy th is book and learn in an unpressur ed way that can involve parents wi th their children and school teachers wi th their pupils.

Timeline photos 29/07/2017

Titan the Time-Travelling Tiger is t he third in a set of sev en groups of six books that foc us on the phonics process. The bo ok uses an engaging story and pictur es about a tiger called Titan w ho has the extraordinary ability to trav el through time by simply touching h is toes and twitching his tail. T he book highlights and emboldens the thi rd phonics sound that children learn i .e. the short t sound /t/, througho ut the story, and has a lo ng life because parents can read it to the ir children just as any story or pictu re book; read it with them pointi ng out the /t/ sound as the ir children gain an interest in learni ng; and the children can read it alo ne to consolidate and practice what th ey are taught at school.”

Timeline photos 29/07/2017

Anthony Comes to the Rescue portra ys a kind and helpful ambulance m an who makes a sick girl hap py. Set in Andover, ambulance man Antho ny distracts the young Alice from t he distress of her asthma attack. He tak es her for a ride in h is ambulance and brings Alice to h er friend’s house for tea.

Aside from a ve ry engaging story, Anthony Comes to t he Rescue highlights and emboldens the seco nd phonics sound- the short ‘a’ sou nd (/a/). Parents can read this exciti ng book to their children, pointing o ut the /a/ sound to their sma ll kids. “Anthony Comes to the Rescu e” is the second in a s et of seven groups of six boo ks focusing on the phonics process.

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