Sound Therapy Adrienne Woods

Sound Therapy Adrienne Woods

I specialise in teaching adults and children ways to relax using therapeutic sound, meditation and mindfulness activities. About me and the services I can offer to you.

• I am a trained sound therapist/holistic therapist and qualified nurse.
• My unique approach incorporates relaxation techniques, mindfulness activities, sound therapy and therapeutic touch, to promote well-being and health.
• My skills are currently being utilised by several local hospital trusts, schools caring for children with special needs, community organisations and the general public.
• I work with children and adults of all ages, but specialise in working with people with profound disabilities and complex needs.
• My aim is to share my approach to holistic health and well-being across a broad sector of the community – from hospitals and schools to community groups.

This is what I do

• Sound therapy – the therapeutic use of sound and music to promote wellbeing and health. Instruments used include the monochord harp chair, therapy monochord, gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drum, tuning forks and other musical instruments, in addition to the voice. A multi-sensory experience of sound, vibration, and touch. Sound sessions are facilitated in a variety of ways to meet individual need. There are sessions suitable for adults and for children. Group therapy or individual treatment sessions are available. Passive or fully participative sessions can be facilitated. Sessions included individual sound treatments with the monochord sound chair, sound baths, sound meditation and soundscapes.

• Meditation and relaxation sessions for adults

• ‘Soundsations Relaxation’:- a session specially designed for children and adults with learning disabilities and complex needs. A truly multi-sensory experience which incorporates therapeutic sound, massage, pleasant smells, and subdued lighting. A great session to share in a multi-sensory room if available.

• ‘Connected Kids’:-relaxation and mindfulness activities for children:- teaching children how to feel better about themselves through simple relaxation and mindfulness activities that are fun and engaging. An approach that can be adapted to meet the needs of all children what ever their age or learning ability.

• Therapeutic Touch Therapies:-holistic reflexology and Indian head massage:

Operating as usual

[08/12/20]   More Peace in the Priory on Thursday August 13th, only 2 places remaining if you would like to meditate to the sound of the crystal singing bowls in the beautiful outdoor space of Guisborough Priory.


The weather is good, wanting to be outside ? Join me today for 'Peace in The Priory - Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation'

Sunday 9th August 2020 12pm-1pm (only 2 places remaining)
We meet behind the East Window of the Priory over looking the hills.

Guisborough Priory Grounds, Church Street, Guisborough, TS146HG Booking essential as places restricted to 6 people.

Experience the healing tones and harmonious sensations of quartz crystal singing bowls with Adrienne Woods
This guided meditation using quartz crystal singing bowls and other instruments aims to calm your mind, open your heart and promote a feeling of wellbeing. In the tranquil grounds of Guisborough Priory, the rich textural sounds created by the bowls will infuse with the sounds of nature, to create a nurturing and deeply relaxing experience.
This sound session will help you pause, reconnect to nature and yourself, thereby transforming your state of being into balance and harmony with a sense of feeling grounded and centred.
Please bring a yoga mat/chair, pillow and blanket for extra comfort as the entire event is outdoors.
Cost: £11.00 (booking and payment in advance is essential as places are limited to 6 people)
Strict Covid 19 guidelines adhered to, more information given on booking.
Full refund if event cancelled due to bad weather.
Contact Adrienne Woods on 07545291490 to book your place.

[email protected]


Yoga with Sammy of My Core Wellbeing followed by a crystal singing bowl meditation in Guisborough Priory. Its good to be outdoors, good for your wellbeing and health. Places still available for both sessions

‼️ Last minute availability for tomorrow Classes‼️

10am Flow Yoga with Sammy - 3 spaces
10am Tai Chi with Nicky - 2 spaces

4pm Flow Yoga with Sammy - 1 space
5pm Physio Pilates with Sammy - 1 space
5pm Ashtanga Yoga with Maria - 1 Space

Adrienne Woods is also running a singing bowl meditation at 5pm 🙌🏼

Message to booked and discover for yourself the benefits of doing classes outdoors 😄☀️🌳

[email protected] 07/07/2020

Story Massage for Children with Autism - Ten Key Benefits - Story Massage Here is a round-up of the top ten benefits of Story Massage for children with autism. Benefits include improved transition, sleep and social interaction. 21/06/2020

People with autism may smell songs or hear colors | Spectrum | Autism Research News

A very interesting article. One in five autistic people may have synesthesia, a crossing of the senses. Studying synesthesia in autism may deepen our understanding of both conditions.


Hope Centre M/C Solstice Guided Meditation June 20 2020

A meditation for the summer solstice


English Heritage

🔴 Watch the summer solstice sunset live from Stonehenge!


Village Primary School

A lovely way to explain social distancing to children.

A lovely video to explain social distancing to children ❤️🌈

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch.

From the creators of the internationally adored The Hug, Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar - While We Can't Hug.


Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Many of us spend a lot of time brooding about the past, worrying about the future and being hard on ourselves. Our online mindfulness sessions could help you to be kinder to yourself and respond more wisely to difficulties and stress. 15/05/2020

Today - 15/05/2020 - BBC Sounds News and current affairs, including Sports Desk, Weather and Thought for the Day.


Light of Hope

Lovely meditations to connect with from the Light of Hope centre. Our free 'Meditate Together' sessions also on a Thursday follow the same principles as I trained with this wonderful organisation many years ago, and I still use their techniques in my therapy work and in my every day life. Meditation can be so helpful to support us all in times of uncertainty and anxiety. If you are finding things hard at the moment why not take a look at these free resources which are there to support your wellbeing and health.

News Update:
We will officially remain closed until at least early July in line with the proposed phase 3 of the Government guidelines, although obviously we will keep you posted if anything changes and in preparation for re-opening.

We will continue to do our regular Thursday evening meditations on The Hope Centre YouTube channel at 7.30pm.

There are also 31 meditations available at any time on the channel along with the dedicated meditation 'April 2020' which is specifically for the situation we find ourselves in. Please feel free to continue to let people know about the channel via your usual contact methods.


The British Academy of Sound Therapy - BAST

If you're feeling stressed and anxious, listen to sounds and do sound exercises which are in a low pitch. Low pitches help us to relax. Try a voice exercise in a low pitch such as singing “ahh” in a low pitch for a few minutes.


Hi everyone,
I would like to invite you to a free meditation session on May 7th at 7pm via zoom. We are meeting weekly for our ‘Meditate Together session’ while its not possible for us to share our usual sound bath sessions. I for one am missing connecting with everyone and this seems to be a positive way to connect. Meditation has been a part of my life for many years, and it has always helped me to stay positive when life has been difficult. If you feel that a short get together in which we meditate for about 30 minutes would be beneficial to you, please join me on a Thursday evening. I plan to share a short visualisation of my own each week. Contact me, and I will send you the zoom login details

To make the most of your meditation experience over zoom I would suggest the following preparation before the session begins:-

• Find a quiet room to relax in, where you will not be disturbed during the session.
• I would recommend that you lay on the floor or on your bed or sofa. If you prefer to meditate sitting on a chair or in a specific meditation posture that is also fine.
• If laying down make sure you have a pillow and blanket to keep you comfy. An eye pillow is also nice if you have one.
• If you have a scented candle, Aromastone or incense sticks, go for it. 
• On zoom the audio is better for voice than music, so I would suggest that you play your own relaxation music on a separate device, as this meditation will be my speaking voice no sound therapy instruments sadly 

Hope you can join us this week or at some other time.
Adrienne ###


Feeling inspired by The Tree cookbook, it's amazing what you can do with two overripe bananas. Going on retreat at Rosedale is about much more than meditation and relaxation. @thetreerelaxationretreat


The Dome in the Cave

Walk the sandy trail within a tropical paradise to a secluded magical cave where a shaft of golden light illuminates your throne of peace - sit here for prof...



To all the kids and carers at KHS, if you are missing your soundsations sessions I know I am, this might be a fun thing to do at school or at home.

Hello it’s Soundabout LIVE! with Steve Harper. Please so hello to let us know you are here.


The Waterfall

To all of you who enjoy the relaxation of my sound baths and are perhaps missing them at this time, try this meditation by The Light of Hope Centre. You will recognise the colour breathing that we use in our sessions, a technique I was taught during my training in meditation and reflexology with them. Hope it helps you to stay grounded and calm, I feel very peaceful having listened to it. Stay well and stay safe. I hope to start posting my own free meditations to you all shortly, once I am confident with the technology :)

Sitting by a tree deep within a remote peaceful forest, feelings of love wisdom and power begin to beckon you as you gaze into the shimmering depths of a mag...


Patient Earth

The clear sky of a desert night will help you focus to harmony and patience as your awareness drifts and floats in the indigo blue vastness of the celestial ...


Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

April is #StressAwarenessMonth. During this challenging time you may feel stressed or anxious. #EveryMindMatters has useful resources to help improve your mental wellbeing. Find out more


Patient Earth

The clear sky of a desert night will help you focus to harmony and patience as your awareness drifts and floats in the indigo blue vastness of the celestial ...


Violet Cleansing

Use the breath-taking incandescent beauty of violet light to cleanse and strengthen your entire being, ready then to unite with the ecstasy of pure golden li...


The Snow Angel

I have trained with the Light of Hope and much of my meditation, therapy and sound sessions incorporates their teachings. You may like to try one of the daily meditations they are posting on utube to help you stay balanced and calm during this difficult time. If anyone out there would like to join me on zoom and create a free support group where we meditate together. I am happy to facilitate the sessions. Get in touch if you would like to get involved. It would be good to keep connected.😴

Walk within the invigorating freshness of a mountain landscape where your snow angel awaits to offer protection and solace.


My Core Wellbeing

✨Welcome to My Core Wellbeing, How can we help you?✨

Your Health & Wellbeing Centre in Guisborough. Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Pilates & Yoga.

Here to help you recover from an injury, health concern or aches and pain. And keeping you health, active and mobile for the years ahead...

Why not get in touch and see how we could help?

Wellbeing Assistants Emma & Sarah >>> [email protected], 01287 349643


Community Stepping Stones CIC

Parent and Carer Forum Coffee afternoon. All welcome from 1pm till 2.30pm at Community Stepping Stones Cafe, Farndale Square Dormanstown. Lots of free parking. Children welcome. Save the Date. Next Friday 28th February.


A handful of places remaining on Thursday sound bath in Studio 2 at My Core Wellbeing, Guisborough.

✨Sound Bath Experience for Mindfulness and Relaxation ✨
We have a handful of places still available for this Thursday Sound Bath Experience 6.30 -7.30pm in our New Studio 2!
A calming way for relax both body and mind, aiding the reduction of stress, anxiety, and tension we hold in our body.
Want to know more? or to save your space email Sammy on [email protected] or call 01287 349643. 😊
#mycorewellbeing #health #mindfulness #stress #anxiety #wellbeing #guisborough #teesside #northyorkshire


The British Academy of Sound Therapy - BAST

The 5RS - Reflection

Reflection is the simple process of being able to step back from ourselves and listen carefully to what we have to say. Some people find it hard to reflect so a great tip is to view your reactions, thoughts and feelings as if they are on a screen in front of you rather than being caught in them. This will give you the space to be able to hear what you are telling yourself. If it helps, write your thoughts down and look back at the end of the reflection session and read them back. This is a really good way to really listen to what you have to say.


The British Academy of Sound Therapy - BAST

The 5RS - Release

Release is an indication that resistance is being worked through. Release can manifest physically (e.g. the release of muscle tension), emotionally (often through tears or laughter), mentally (e.g. new insight or awareness), or spiritually (e.g. surrender, upliftment and a renewed sense of connection).

Referring to the “5Rs” model, release signifies liberation – freedom from resistance. Any time we experience release it is an indication that there was a resistance on some level. Sometimes it is worth looking at what the resistance was – so for example I may have a meditation session and feel so much better afterwards. My inner voice may be telling me that I need to do more of this. I then have the choice whether to listen and make sure I make time for a meditation session every day, or I may ignore my inner voice.

Release is the antithesis of resistance. It is the ‘out breath’ to the ‘holding breath’ of resistance. As the definitions above indicate – it is a ‘letting go’ or a form of surrender which then frees up the energy formerly used to ‘hold on’.


Your Journey Yoga

When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another - and most importantly with ourselves.

Retreat Day Sunday 22nd September 2019
10am - 5pm, Hardwick Hall Hotel and Park.

Come along and take part in a day filled with yoga, relaxation, massage, reiki and finish it all with a wonderful sound bath.

Tickets for the event are £65 and this includes all food and refreshments as well as a day dedicated to bringing you back to you 💆🏼‍♀️💆🏽‍♂️

Please message me for more information or to book your tickets.



Mindful Meets

I am passionate about the benefits of experiencing more calm in our everyday lives. Having set up Mindful Meets after recovering from a series of traumatic life changes, I now use my personal experiences, skills as a trainer and commitment to mindful approaches to share with others what has worked for me. I look forward to meeting you at a future event, where you will discover for yourself the informal, enjoyable and accessible ways that we can all use to bring more calm and connection into our lives.


Marnie Yoga

Fancy practicing some self care? Join me on this wonderful retreat day, Meditate, practice Yoga, Pilates, enjoy lunch & feel good! PM me to book your place 🧘🏼‍♀️🙏🏻😊x


This sounds amazing.

S E N - Y O G A 🌈

As a little opener further down my feed I mentioned my experience with SEN kids. In my career as an Early Years Teacher I’ve had roles as SENCo and have worked to accommodate many children with differing needs and disabilities.

Also my very own Super Yogi, the eldest Leo has a form of Autism - Pathological Demand Avoidance.

I’ve got a burning passion for working with kids who have different brains. For those of you with any kind of SEN experience will know that ultimately the goal is to provide that child with their own ways to manage their challenges.

For example Autism Spectrum Conditions and ADHD this is managing anxiety and doing activities that are self regulating.

This is where Yoga really does it’s magic. I do relaxation techniques everyday with Leo and they really work to help him feel calm and regulated.

Also Yoga is sensory! Working proprioceptive (joints, limbs and heavy work) and vestibular (inner ear and balance) all those things occupational therapists tell us to help support at home and in the classroom.

I’m going to be offering bespoke small classes and 1 to 1 sessions to children with additional needs. No diagnosis necessary just working with the child and their parents to come up with relaxation and poses that work to support and above all are fun!

The activities will he completely tailored to each child’s particular needs at anyone time. Having experience working with SEN kids and having a son with additional needs myself - I understand the importance of this 💜

Please get in touch if you think your child could benefit from calming Yoga.


The College of Sound Healing

Another wonderfully informative article written by our principal and College of Sound Healing founder, Simon Heather, this time for Holistic Therapist Magazine!#holistictherapistmagazine #soundhealing #collegeofsoundhealing


Thank you everyone for a lovely morning of yoga and sound with the BWY in Darlington. A special thank you to my special yoga and sound buddy Kerrie for inviting me along :)

The biggest yoga & soundbath workshop to date at Darlington Yoga this morning. We stopped counting at 45 🙏

I felt like I was slightly pushing Adrienne Woods & myself out of our comfort zone today , but as we sat reflecting after the event, the saying that you can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new certainly resonated with us both.

Thank you to everyone who attended , the energy in the room felt amazing and the buzz as you all left was music to our ears xx 🙏

Now to plan our next event 😍


Music for Dementia 2020

Making music available for everyone living with dementia by 2020.