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#BA11 Stories: Rich Gould

Rich has been a shining light for the kids football in Frome and it’s a truly wonderful story. After starting to coach at Under 6s’s, he now helps run the U16’s team his youngest son features in.

But it’s away from being a supportive parent where Rich’s #BA11 story comes alive compared to the many wonderful volunteers in youth football. In 2015, he was able to build a friendship with the owner of Critchill Manor. Rich was able to work with the White family to give our Frome Town Robins a better place to train. Rich wasn’t stopping at just providing new pitches and keeping them maintained. Alongside the Robins Committee and Ben Starr, they set out the plans to change the Critchill Manor site to add more pitches, better facilities and create the home of Youth Football across the local area. This has also seen Rich take on the role of Chairman of the Frome Town Robins this year, and anyone that takes the time to speak to Rich will know that he’s not done yet! His aim is to bring all the children from all the different Frome teams together to create one centre of football for the whole of Frome. This would be a fantastic achievement and legacy to be very proud of.

We thank Rich for all his dedication and support in helping the club. 👏

Over the following weeks, we'll share more of our #BA11 Stories. If you have a #BA11 story, post your picture, tag us and tell us your #BA11 story.
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Manager Danny Greaves caught up with Robins' media man James Burgoyne as he reflected on training post-lockdown, praised Frome Town Robins new facility and looked forward to seeing crowds back at Badgers Hill (when safe to do so!)


We are delighted to announce that the club has purchased the Veo camera system with our youth section, Frome Town Robins!

Providing fans and coaching staff the chance to see consistent footage of The Robins!


Frome Town Robins have been accepted into the FA Youth Cup for the 2020/21 season!

The young Robins will enter in the Preliminary Round, which takes place on the week commencing Monday 7th September!

We're delighted to be able to launch our new £1 Under 16s Season Ticket. Sign up today to register your child. Please read the following update to children's tickets for the upcoming season. #BA11 Frome Town Robins #Frome

The Robins is the official youth section of Frome Town. We offer football coaching in a fun/safe environment for children of all ages and abilities.

We are a Charter Standard Community Club. Frome Town Robins is the youth section of Frome Town FC. We run teams for school children from reception year to Under 18s. We offer football for boys and girls of all ages and abilities, giving them the chance to maximise their potential, in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment. All coaches are FA Qualified, with a full DBS disclosure and up to date firs

Operating as usual


FRIENDLY (Tuesday 03/08/21)

DiltonMarsh FC {ADULT} 6 - 2 HT(5-0) {Holoway, Swift} FromeTownU18

[System: 4213]
Markey Swift MaxBrewster(Coach) T.Peyton
S.Fordham© F.Hopkins
G.Perry Holoway S.Oliver

Subs: Payne Budrevicius FosuGharban (Manager) L.Martin
Dugout: OliverFrost(Coach)

Frome Town U18 played their fifth preseason game against strong adult Trowbridge & District side Dilton Marsh. Frome have formed something of a link up with Dilton with several current and ex Frome players now signed on with Dilton. Indeed this was the third time the sides had faced each other in the last couple of months.

Frome as is usual for the school holiday period were missing a significant number of players. 15+ players in total were missing in strikers Walton, Knight, Bond & L.Johnson, midfielders Penny, Prandy, Borek & Osborn and fullbacks/defenders Curtis, H.Williams, Widlinski, Peyton, F.Payne, Beau, Hugo, Rafe & Magor, Keay and keeper Zac. Frome padded their squad out with part of the coaching team by using Max Brewster who is an ex Frome U18 players who is now slightly overage and now helps out with coaching the side. Manager Fosu also helped out by coming on as sub second half.

Frome used this friendly match to practice using a deeper line of engagement/pressing line when defending compared to their earlier friendlies. This approach was trialled to try and start work towards improving Frome’s defensive habits out of possession and start working towards reducing the number of goals they concede.

Frome’s use of the deeper pressing line worked well for the first half an hour or so with the game remaining goalless against a Dilton side who normally open the scoring against the Frome U18s relatively early on most of the occasions they play. Initially Frome’s defense were slightly too high given the depth of the pressing line allowing Dilton to play a couple of dangerous balls in behind but this issue was resolved quickly and Dilton started to look frustrated.

Unfortunately for Frome another relatively weak aspect of their defending, that of defending wide deliveries was exposed by Dilton instead, despite the success of the deeper pressing line in open play being used by Frome. Frome conceded three quick fire goals coming into the last 15 minutes of the half. Two from long throws and headers and a third from a wide free kick that was headed in. The shock of suddenly conceding the three goals after being relatively stable defensively for half an hour left Frome a bit panicked and allowed a more composed and experienced Dilton to make the score 5-0 by half time.

The second half took a slightly different path to the first with Frome’s subs along with Dilton’s large lead contributing to Frome seeing a lot of possession. During this period Frome played out of the back very well with keeper O.Monger’s distribution both long and short superb and Harley dictating play in midfield during build-up. Somewhat unluckily Frome found themselves 6-0 down after a brilliant angled volley by a Dilton striker.

However Frome continued to play well in this half with Gabriel prominent on the right side while fullbacks Markey, Budrevicius and Peyton all covered a lot of ground and looked good on the ball. Frome’s middle three of Harley, manager Fosu & L.Martin were disciplined in the middle of the park. Centre backs F.Payne and Brewster were superb at the back with F.Payne only coming on at HT. Payne and Brewster were both good defensively and also were brave in splitting wide of the keeper and building from the back. Frome went on to win the second half 2-1.

First a turnover in midfield led to Holoway feeding Swift who scored his 6th goal in 3 preseason games. Then an absolutely stunning curled long range finish by Holoway left the score at 6-2.

In conclusion it must be said that Frome’s experiment with deeper pressing lines worked with the side looking more solid defensively. Frome were still a threat on the break. However the fact was that in the second half with Swift a particularly fit player now upfront rather than in defence Frome now pressed slightly higher naturally given Swift’s extra tenacity and it must be noted this is when Frome got their goals.
So the exact placement of Frome’s pressing line will be crucial going forward. It must be deep enough to give the defensive compactness that was seen for most of the first half but then high enough to allow the ball to be won close enough to the opponents goal so as to help the team make better quality chances after a successful press by virtue of being closer to the opponents goal when they win the ball.

The exact placement of the pressing line will be experimented with in the next 2 final preseason friendlies

MOM: F.Payne


FRIENDLY (Saturday 24/07/21)

DiltonMarsh FC {ADULT} 6 - 3 HT(3-1) {Swift pen *3} FromeTownU18

[System: 4213]
OliverDavies(Coach) Simenton NickRose(Coach) J.Keay
F.Hopkins Prandy
Swift Holoway JoeCagilaba(Coach)

Subs: Hugo Penny O.Bond S.Oliver

Dugout: FosuGharban (Manager) RobSimenton(coach) HarryWright(Coach) OliverFrost(Coach)

Frome Town U18 played their third preseason game against strong adult Trowbridge & District side Dilton Marsh who have become regular opponents for the U18s over the last couple of seasons.

Frome as is usual for the school holiday period were missing a significant number of players. 15+ players in total were missing in strikers Walton, Gabriel, Knight & L.Johnson, midfielders Budrevicius, Borek, L.Martin, skipper Fordham & Osborn and fullbacks/defenders Curtis, Markey, H.Williams, Widlinski, Peyton, F.Payne, Beau, Rafe & Magor, and keeper Zac. Frome padded their squad out with part of the coaching team by using OliverDavies, NickRose & JoeCagilaba. All three are ex Frome U18 players who are now slightly overage and now help out with coaching the side.

Frome started the game the game well. Hopkins and Prandy did a good job of screening in front of the defence while Harley showed good technical skill on the ball in the more attacking midfield role. Fullbacks Davies and Keay overlapped well and again were covered well by the sitting midfield pair of Prandy and Hopkins.

Frome’s attacking trio of Swift Holoway & Cagilaba were a handful with Holoway going close with a couple of long range shots. Swift pressed the ball well and worked hard while Cagilaba linked the play brilliantly with good movements coming short to offer feet and overloads when Frome were building up on the left.
However, Dilton are wily and experienced opponents and went ahead with a stroke of fortune when a bobble took a Frome back pass into the net past the Frome keeper for 1-0. Frome continued to play well but experience began to tell. Frome U18 old boy Jake Wheeler who has now signed with Dilton to play adult football scored a second after stepping out of defence. Dilton then got a third after a fiercely struck shot forced a rebound that was converted. However Frome pulled a goal back via a Swift penalty after a good press by Frome’s forwards forced the Dilton keeper into a foul on Swift. Leaving the half time score at 3-1.

The second half continued in similar vein but with S.Oliver now on the pitch in attack for Frome showing excellent fitness and a willingness to run and press alongside Swift who was now central and Perry. Indeed S.Oliver hit the post. However two more se piece goals from Dilton saw them go 5-1 up. First a howitzer of a free kick made it 4-1 before poor zonal organisation with not enough player back in the penalty area to defend by the U18s saw Dilton score a simple header from a corner for 5-1. However, Swift’s excellent running in behind and Frome’s constant attempts to play from the back tempted Dilton up the pitch. This led to Swift being fouled twice when clean through on goal. Swift coolly converted both penalties to leave the score at 5-3.
At this point yet another ex-Frome U18 Joe Porter who also has joined Dilton to play adult football finished the game off with a brilliant volleyed strike from distance to make the final score 6-3.

In conclusion Frome again can be pleased with how they acquitted themselves in this tough match against strong opposition. Frome’s ability to draw opponents onto them to play in behind is developing well but Frome need to look at ways to try and improve their defensive record albeit that it must be remembered they have consistently played adult opposition in preseason.

MOM: S.Oliver


FRIENDLY (Wednesday 210721)

Warminster Athletic FC {ADULT} 6 - 0 HT(3-0) {} FromeTownU18

[System: 4213]
F.Payne Simenton F.Hopkins J.Keay
F.Borek JakeWheeler(Coach)
Jakub Walton L.Martin

Subs: B.Rumming O.Bond
Dugout: HarryWright(Coach) RobSimenton(coach) OliverFrost(Coach) FosuGharban(Manager)

Frome Town U18 played their second preseason game against adult Sunday league side Warminster Athletic who fielded a couple of Frome Town U18 old boys in Ethan Green and Ben Bullus.

Frome as is usual for the school holiday period were missing a significant number of players. 15+ players in total were missing in strikers Knight, Swift, SOliver, Holoway & L.Johnson, midfielders Harley, skipper Fordham & Osborn and fullbacks Curtis, Markey, H.Williams, Widlinski, Peyton & Magor. However the opportunity to face good opposition could not be passed up. To this end Frome padded their squad out with the coaching squad using Wheeler. Wheeler is an ex Frome U18 players who is now slightly overage and now help out with coaching the side.

Frome started the game tentatively. Frome seemed to be too high up the park while not really executing a very effective press. To this end Warminster immediately had success by just knocking long balls in behind Frome’s high defence. With this pattern of play fairly consistent Frome went 2-0 down with ball in behind the defence the main issue. This occurred early on within the first 10/15 minutes of the game.
After this Frome swapped Hopkins and Wheeler around allowing both players to play in their primary as opposed to secondary positions. This deepened the defensive line slightly and Frome stabilized slightly. Walton showed some good feet and movement while Hopkins screened the defence well showing good positioning just in-front of the defence. Keay was excellent at left back. Frome then conceded a penalty which was brilliantly saved by keeper Monger. Warminster then got a third just before HT to leave the HT score at 3-0.
The second half continued in a similar vein with Frome struggling with the physicality of the opponents and not quite being able to get good possession going despite the best efforts of skipper Perry who covered a lot of ground and showed good skill.
One thing that did improve for Frome second half was the timing and quality of the players individual pressing with players now timing their press to close as the ball travels rather than trying to close after the opponents had good control of the ball.

Unfortunately key attacker Walton picked up a nasty knee injury which took him out of the game. With Frome now really struggling to hold up the ball without key man Walton the more experienced Warminster side saw the game out 6-0

The Frome players worked hard in this fixture but it was tough for the side generally with so many players missing. The players acquitted themselves well and will benefit from the experience of playing older opponents.

MOM: G.Perry


FRIENDLY (Saturday)

Heytesbury FC {ADULT} 15 - 1 HT(7-0) {Penny} FromeTownU18

[System: 4213]
F.Payne Simenton JakeWheeler(Coach) OliverFrost(Coach)
JoeCagilaba(Coach) JonHorwood(Coach)
Monger Walton G.Perry©

Subs: FosuGharban (Manager) HarryWright(Coach) O.Bond
Dugout: RobSimenton(coach)

Frome Town U18 played their first preseason game against strong adult Trowbridge & District side Heytesbury who fielded a couple of Western League strikers amongst other strong individual players.

Frome were missing an entire year group due to the school year group covid isolation policy. 20 players in total were missing in strikers Knight, Walton, Swift, SOliver, Holoway & L.Johnson, midfielders Borek, LMartin, Harley, skipper Fordham & Osborn and fullbacks Keay, Curtis, Markey, Rumming, H.Williams, Widlinski, Peyton & Magor, along with centre backs Hopkins. However the opportunity to face such strong opposition could not be passed up. To this end Frome padded their squad out with the coaching squad with Wheeler, Cagilaba, JonHorwood and Frost helping out in defence and midfield while Wright and manager Gharban helped from the bench. Wheeler, Cagilaba, Wright & Frost are all ex Frome U18 players who are now slightly overage and now help out with coaching the side. In addition usual keeper Monger helped as an outfield player for this game rather than playing a half in goal as he usually would in a friendly.

Frome started the game reasonably well for the first 15/20 minutes or so, the typical period of time players can play before their initial first wave of lactate buildup. Having had only one training session after a 4 week break it would always be the case that this mix and match Frome U18 XI would struggle for genuine match fitness after this initial 20 minute period.
During this initial period Frome executed some good patterns of play with Walton showing some good movement using inside to outside runs to give extra options during build up through the thirds.
Frome however struggled in a couple of areas. First naturally the physicality of the game was an eye opener for the younger players and indeed some of the coaches some of whom had not played 11aside football for a number of seasons. Tactically Frome due to lack of familiarity and fitness did not setup to protect themselves from counter attacks by ensuring 4 players were back even when they attacked which was understandable given the makeshift nature of the side.
In addition in the wide areas the sheer quality of the Heytesbury wingers who generally found themselves 1v1 in those areas against Frome’s fullbacks were regularly able to beat their man and get crosses in with the midfield often finding it hard to screen across the pitch to cover the aggressively positioned Frome fullbacks.
However the biggest problem Frome had was the lack of deep overloads in wide areas when IN POSSESSION due to attackers not dropping deep enough or quickly enough to support buildup through the thirds. This had a triple effect of not creating space in wide areas by dragging fullbacks/central defenders out of position, not offering an overload/extra short passing option in a deep wide areas or deep central areas and also not offering a numerical overload close to the ball in case it is lost during buildup and requires a counter press to win it back.

This in essence was the story of the game. Frome gave 100% and started to get to grips with the required patterns of play as the game progressed but the experience fitness power and 1v1 ability in wide areas for Heytesbury was not something Frome could realistically cope with this early into preseason fitness wise and with the large number of players missing.

To this end Heytesbury were able to score at a continuous rate once Frome’s fitness level dropped due to lactate levels after about the 20th minute predominantly by getting crosses in from wide areas after strong 1v1 play leading to the 15 goals against Frome.

Frome however can take a good number of positives from the game. First was the excellent attitude of the players who never deviated from the various patterns set for movements from throw ins, goal kicks and zonal corner setups both for and against. Indeed Frome did not concede from any of the numerous corners they faced nor were they ever successfully counter attacked from their own corners. Frome players also exhibited some good individual skills with skipper for the day Perry and striker Walton showing particularly good dribbling skills and Monger showing some good determination in wide areas. Cagilaba, Wheeler, Simenton and JonHorwood particularly in the second half played some very good football to build out from goal kicks. While goalkeeper ZOwen made numerous outstanding saves to boot. Frome got a deserved goal after another good build up and break in behind by Walton was finished by Penny to make the score 15-1 before the final whistle.

The Frome players were a credit and should be commended for their excellent attitude in the face of a very difficult match for them. You always learn more in defeat and so the players & coaches will benefit hugely from this very taxing exercise.

MOM: G.Perry

Welcome to the official website of Frome Town United | Frome, Somerset 25/06/2021

Welcome to the official website of Frome Town United | Frome, Somerset

Now that Frome Town United FC is affiliated and we move onto the new club, this page will be archived in the coming weeks.
For all Youth football enquiries in Frome please visit Frome Town United FC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our website is

Welcome to the official website of Frome Town United | Frome, Somerset Frome Town United are the official youth section of Frome Town FC, Frome Town Women FC, Frome Collegians FC and Mells and Vobster FC.

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