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US based report, so many UK available powders missing. But interesting results!

This website ranks protein powders in terms of their protein quality. Interestingly, Myprotein ranks at the top and then again in third for the highest quality whey protein DESPITE it being cheaper (price wise) than the majority of the bigger brands.

Which is why I always recommend Myprotein to my clients and those who ask me for recommendations. Their pricing is affordable, the flavouring is excellent, and the quality is there.

Take a peruse, you'll be surprised at the rankings of some of the ostensible "top" brands – which just goes to show the power of marketing.





This is an important topic that's seldom touched on, so I'm touching on it – figuratively.

When it's That Time of the Month (TTOM, going forward) do not be afraid to bump up your calories, reduce protein a tad and increase fats and carbs.

The mistake women make is trying to fight their bodies and resultantly losing. Let me give you an example from a new client.

Before working with me, when it was TTOM, and her cravings would skyrocket (which is totally natural, FYI) she'd keep fighting her body, restricting calories, and eventually breakdown, then binge on 2-3k calories for a good 2-3 days.

This obviously turns into a negative feedback loop.

Cravings => try to fight the body, and restrict calories => can't keep it up, and binge => feel bad, try to crash diet, can't sustain it => binge. Repeat.

SO. When she started working with me, and it was TTOM, this is what I did.

Her fat loss calories and macros look like this:

1500 calories
130g protein
130g carbs
50g fat

When TTOM arrived: I bumped up her macros and calories, to this:

1800-1900 calories
90-100g protein
170-230g carbs
60-80g fat

She was freaking out because of the increase. But, as I explained to her: "remember, bigger picture".

I'd rather she be in a 300-500 calorie surplus, but it remaining controlled; rather than her trying to restrict and then breaking down and eating 2-3k calories.

Let me illustrate what I mean.

Her normal weekly average intake is 1500 calories.

Mon: 1500
Tues: 1500
Wed: 1500
Thurs: 1500
Sat: 1500
Sun: 1500

=> Weekly average: 1500 calories

During TTOM, her weekly average is, 1900 calories:

Mon: 1900
Tues: 1900
Wed: 1900
Thurs: 1900
Fri: 1900
Sat: 1900
Sun: 1900

==> Weekly average: 1900 calories

That's only a 400 cal *surplus*, from her normal intake.

Once we account for calorie losses through digestion, NEAT, exercise, etc, she'll probably be in a ~200 calorie surplus (average), if that.

Let's compare that to what would happen if she were to keep doing what she was doing before – fighting her body then bingeing:

Let's say 3 days out of 7 she managed to fight her cravings and kept her calorie intake to 1500. But then, for the rest of the 4 days, she broke down and consumed 2-3k calories:

Mon: 1500
Tues: 1500
Wed: 1500
Thurs: 3000
Fri: 3000
Sat: 3000
Sun: 3000

==> Weekly average: 2357 calories. Now she's in almost an 800 calorie surplus.

In the first scenario, no big deal, really. In the second scenario, things are looking a lot worse.

Sometimes you have to take a step back in the short-term, for gains in the long-term. And yes, that pun was fully intended.

So, to sum up:

– When it's TTOM, don't be afraid to increase calories by 300-500 calories.

– Also don't be afraid to reduce protein so you can bump up carbs and fats (you're going to be craving high carb, high fat, palatable foods, this will allow you to fit those foods in).

– Don't fight your body, work with it. You can't beat nature.

– One week in a tiny surplus won't make a difference, and will only help your progress in the long run.

Hey, MASSIVE favour, If you think your girlfriend, BFF, lady friend, that girl that friend zoned you and you think showing her this will help you escape – share it with them :).

I'll give you a cookie.

Your boy,


P.S – There is no cookie. But share anyway and I'll give you my undying love.


* "What about protein, won't I lose muscle?"

Not at all. It's only a week, keeping protein around 80-100 grams, is sufficient enough to preserve muscle mass especially as you won't be in a deficit.

[10/21/16]   Great short article by a guy who looks at the real research. Check out 30/09/2016

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You’re Not losing Fat Because You’re Eating Too Damn Much. Even When You Don’t Think You Are. Let Me Show You.

FOOD! Study after study shows that:

- we underestimate how much we eat (even with food diaries and when monitored, even nutritionists do it)

- if food is nearby, we eat more (think desk snacks)

- 'healthy', 'organic', 'low fat', 'high protein' labels FALSELY lead us to thinking a food is low calorie (so we eat more of it).

If calories in > calories burned, then you gain weight. The first law of thermodynamics can't be ignored or broken [energy cannot be created or destroyed, just transferred - meaning if you consume more calories (a calorie is a unit of energy) than you burn (through existing (remember, the less you weigh, the fewer calories you need to just exist) + movement/exercise etc) then the excess calories transform into stored fat]. Simple!

6,000 word post - worth a read with links to good science.

Using a calorie tracking app (I use or keeping a food diary will make all the difference. The environmental and cognitive factors at play that have people eating more without realising.


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