West Street Alehouse

West Street Alehouse


Customer: dont you think you should practice what you preach and you should be shopping locally?

Here was my response:

I DO practice what i preach.
Firstly i have 4 members of staff that need to be paid as they have families and a roof to keep over their heads.

Do I shop locally? HELL YES!! And I recommend other businesses because they are brilliant!

Lets start with RobinsNest. A great place to have a mooch and a cuppa with your dog, loads of variety to pique your interest

You always comment on how fabulous my hair looks - Lisa Edwards Hair And Skincare💈✂️

@RawsonstheFlorist - Lovely bunch of ladies! (excuse the pun). I often buy and receieve stunning bouquets from Rawsons, which last at least 2 weeks. My regulars always comment on how beautiful the flowers are in the shop 💐

Abbey Electrical - are a great source of knowledge on all things electrical and if you are looking for that “spare part”, they are the place for you. Did i tell you about my dyson thats stopped working? £50 a full service and replaced missing parts, and had my hoover back within 48 hours, and not to mention the suprise of the scented filter they had put in to help my carpets smell clean! You can get you GHD’s fixed there too ladies! 💡

Cost Cutter - i always buy my milk and biccies for staff from there, along with a few other bits such as cards and the occassional scratch card.. ssshh dont tell on me! 🥛🍪

Crumble Jacks - the best HOT hot chocolate around. 🍫☕️

@VintageTeaRoom - quite often get a slab of cake and a toastie for lunch and will always have an Afternoon tea on speacial occasions.. the cakes though 🍰🧁🤤

The Organic Treatment Company - have had many Mani/Pedi’s there and cant wait to try a massage 💅

The Garden Shed - for a proper lunch! They do fab cheesy chips 😉

Soo now we have established my shopping habits / vices.. lets talk about those i dont shop with but still recommend on a daily basis because i hear such wonderful things about them (sorry to those i cant tag)

Sealicious - have you tried their sushi? 🍱🍣🐠

The Boutique Haberdashery - a gem of a shop full of wonderful materials 🧶

West Street Alehouse - dog friendly micropub that does a variety of ales and food 🍻

We are all in it together, and if you dont use it, you lose it!! I believe this with all my heart. For years i have recommended buinesses from all over hampshire (and further a field) - Behaviourists, Trainers, Groomers, Dog Walkers, Doggy day cares, Dog Food companies, Rescue Centres, people that make bespoke dog clothing, Vetenariry Practices, etc etc…

So, i ask this of you, PLEASE dont buy your dog food or accessories at the multi-million pound corporations or online, when it was ME who listens to you and your dogs needs, ME that has given you MY time, FREE samples, FREE advice on everything from nutrition, health, grooming, behavioural and training issues as well as offering FREE harness, coat and jumper fittings. Its ME who gives your dogs FREE puppachinos and endless treats. Its ME who has been open 7 days a week for the past 4 years to try and give YOU and YOUR dog the best service and advice I possibly can. I only ever want whats best for your beautiful woofers.

For all of you that have continued to support me, as always, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, and i love you all dearly.

First visit yesterday and will not be my last. Lovely little place to have a glass of beer.
It's International Women's Day tomorrow, So Sheryl has gone up to Unity Brewing Co with Kat from West Street Alehouse and Shannon from The Four-Ale Taproom and several other women in the trade to brew a special beer for the occasion! Can't wait to see what this tastes like! Go Girls! 💪
playing with my fish eye lens this afternoon, thanks to the guy inside for the wave
Just sayin'
So good to see WSAH back and buzzing on a Thursday night.
Meeting and talking people I've never met before.
That's what makes this place so special.
Perry has his stock ready for the football. 🥰🐾💙 Thanks WSAH. xx
Really enjoyed yesterday’s 2 years opened birthday celebrations! Miss being able to make the Sunday cheeseboard sessions. Brilliant beers, food and people. Thanks Katherine and Steve. x
Received a delivery of my first selection of beers from you today. Thought I'd start gently with and 'Add 2 Cart' which is going down very nicely. Can't wait to try the others....
Love seeing these notifications again!
The world is healing
The Rude Barmaid (according to the only West Street Alehouse one ⭐️ review) is ready to serve you delicious beer, cider, spirits, wines and more, including our hugely popular 'Session Bitter'.

In reality, the staff at this wonderful hostelry in Fareham offer "a thoroughly warm welcome into a friendly atmosphere".


📸 - #WestStreetAleHouse
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West Street Alehouse in Fareham, Hampshire. Serving Real Ales, Local Beers, Wonderful Wines and Artisan Spirits.

Operating as usual


Soooo… Kat messed up and forgot that all the shops are closed today! 😳 So sadly there’s no Cheeseboard Sunday, however as a special Easter treat we’ve ordered a load of pizzas for you instead, so join us for Easter Pizza Board Sunday!



We have @varvarbrew beers in all the way from Ukraine. Every penny of profit from the sale of these cans & bottles will go back to Ukraine, so why not do good while drinking good beer 🇺🇦

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Reminder of our hours over the bank holiday weekend, come join us for some delicious beers 🍻


Last night’s Comedy night was fantastic & absolutely hilarious, we’re lucky to have such a brilliant organiser in Emma Ashley-King Comedy & Cabaret who manages to snag awesome acts for our little bar!

Thanks to Paul, Nathan, Martin, Billy, Shannon & of course Emma for a brilliant night!

Keep an eye out for when we do it again! 🎭

When you start comedy or indeed speak with a comedian you will be told that doing stand-up ‘is not like standing in a bar making your mates laugh’.

Well last night I half proved this wrong to myself. These weren’t my mates when I started but they were by the end. I did 30 mins to this mental bunch of do***ng obsessed loonies and probably only did 12 mins of material.

Wonderful stuff ❤️
I’m the one stood up in the middle, looking like I’ve accidentally walked into a cult meeting. I only wish I had filmed it.

Btw I thoroughly recommend checking out West Street Ale House🍺
And Emma’s comedy night 👌🏼

#standupcomedy #ukcomedy #ukcomedycircuit #fareham

West Street Alehouse updated their business hours. 11/04/2022

West Street Alehouse updated their business hours.

West Street Alehouse updated their business hours.


We have been a little quiet the past week while Steve and Kat moved house but we’re back for a new week!

We are also going to be opening from 12pm on Fridays again from this week (Good Friday, 15th April)! 🎉

Steve will be with you this afternoon from 3pm as well, lots of delicious beers and ciders on so come say hey! 👋


We love Marks Art at the Alehouse, and Mark drinks with us too, so come and support your local artists & Alehouse! 🎨

Bit of a Spring feel to my paintings in the West Street Alehouse at the moment, shame about the weather.


It’s day one of Awakening and we’re ready with an amazing Tap Takeover from Neon Raptor Brewing Co. 🦕

Six taps dedicated to the Nottingham brewery, accompanied by the new DIPA from Fallen Acorn Brewing Co. all our ciders for the weekend are from the guys over at Ascension Cider & to finish off a delicious beer selection - on cask we’ve got Vibrant Forest Brewery 🌳

It’s going to be a fantastic weekend for beer 🍻


Just an FYI we have no cask ale today, at least when we open for a good few hours!

We received our brand new cellar racking today, but it came later than we hoped so the casks have only just gone on to rest - and as any good cellar manager will tell you - you don’t rush cask!

We have our full keg range and delicious bottle and can selection to kee you occupied and thank you for understanding 🍻

#caskale #craftnotcrap #friday #weekend #alehouse #realale #realcider #keykeg #smallbusiness #fareham #hampshire #micropub #microbar


Just an FYI we have no cask ale today, at least when we open for a good few hours!

We received our brand new cellar racking today, but it came later than we hoped so the casks have only just gone on to rest - and as any good cellar manager will tell you - you don’t rush cask!

We have our full keg range and delicious bottle and can selection to kee you occupied and thank you for understanding 🍻


The Rudest Barmaid™️ is back for a rare solo-Thursday so if you’ve been missing my particular brand of disappointment, you’re in luck! 💕

Come join me for some pints, we got to empty those casks today guys - we’ve got a new cellar system arriving tomorrow and I can’t drink them myself unfortunately! 🤰


2 years ago Kat was out on the first of our delivery runs, a temporary measure for those who were isolating. They ended up being our only form of trade for the next 18 months

Thank you as much then as now for continuing to support us and this business we love 💕

We are offering take aways and deliveries for your beer!

If you would like to order for collection, please send us an email ([email protected]) or text us (07907 664916). All collection orders will be ready for collection between 2 and 3pm if ordered before 2 today.

We will be running 2 deliveries one between 3-4 and another between 7-8. So if you would like your order delivered please get them in and we will deliver (standing 2M away of course!)

Menu is still the same as yesterday but I will of course re-post!

Kat is our delivery driver, so it’s like you’re being served in the bar anyway! Just look how happy she is to be driving round to see you all!

Photos from West Street Alehouse's post 18/03/2022

Todays the day! The award-winning Oregon Trail West Coast we brewed with Elusive Brewing is back on tap, and joining that original masterpiece is Double Oregon Trail! 🏜

We’re also a launch venue for Brave Noise New England Pale Ale from Merakai Brewing CO, this beauty is also on tap and pouring all day 📢

On top of these awesome launch beers, we also have bangers from Polly’s, Unity Wild Weather, Urban Island & more, come have a glorious Friday in the sunshine with us! 🍻


It might be raining out there, but whether you have that unused annual leave or you just can't wait till tomorrow for St Patrick's day...

Why not pop down your local alehouse for a pint of the dark stuff or an Irish Whiskey (or whatever else you fancy)

Pictured is a fantastic easy drinking cask milk stout. By @3dbeercom.
Fantastic dark Crimson colour. With lovely flavours reminiscent of Irish Coffee. Whatever your excuse why wait till tomorrow to get your beak round this one!


Photos from West Street Alehouse's post 08/03/2022

On International Womens Day we of course recognise the Rudest Barmaid, the Beer Witch, Stout Lover and Cheese Connisseur that is Kat 💅🏼

Did you know that women used to dominate the beer industry? Until they started being accused of witchcraft that is!

Up until the 1500s brewing was womens work. If you were to travel to a market in the Middle Ages, you would find Alewives wearing tall, pointed hats, often in front of a cauldron.

The hats were so they could be seen in a crowded marketplace, the cauldrons were for transporting the beer. Even the witches cat was just to keep mice away from the grain!

Then the reformation began, and stricter gender norms were imposed. Women who brewed were accused of brewing potions, not beer, and ousted from the brewing community

So raise a glass to our Beer Witch (she made this artwork last night too!) 🍻

Photos from West Street Alehouse's post 03/03/2022

So many beers in the bottle shop so consider this your (partial) ✨virtual tour✨

(Got tons or Siren in as always and a huge selection of European Beers as usual)

🎭 Alter Ego Brewing Co.:
🦸‍♂️ Force Field - Hazy IPA - 4.5%
🧘‍♀️ Enhance Your Calm - Chamomile & Orange Wheat Beer - 4.8%
🥧 Intergalactic Pie Hole - Panettone Stout - 9%

💧 Pressure Drop Brewery:
🥭 Lifestyle Guide - Mango, Guava & Lychee Sour - 6.5%
🕯 Breakfast Candles - TIPA - 10%

🏞 Yonder Brewery:
🥥 Avalanche - Coconut & Cherry Sour - 9%
👋 Hella - Sour IPA - 4.5%
🫐 Blueberry Cheesecake - Pastry Sour - 6.5%
🧋 Ritual Union - Caramel Frappé Stout - 5.8%

🏙 London Beer Factory:
🍊 Extreme Citrus - DIPA - 8.8%
🍮 Zia - Tiramisu Stout - 9.2%
🏝 Tropical Breeze - Fruited Sour - 6.8%

🦍 New Bristol Brewery:
🍋 Lime & Raspberry Crumble - Sour - 6%
🍒 Blossom - Cherry Cola Sour - 5.7%
🍍 Pineapple & Coconut - Sour - 6%

👍 Staggeringly Good:
🦖 LABA - NEIPA - 5%
🍺 Bru - Double Dry Hopped NEIPA - 6.8%
🍅 Bloody Mary - Sour - 4.2%
🐊 Evolution - NEIPA - 5.9%
🦕 Dippa - DIPA - 8.5%

👾 Elusive:
🏜 Oregon Trail - West (Street) Coast IPA - 5.8%

Photos from West Street Alehouse's post 26/02/2022

It’s a lovely day today and we have lots of lovely beers on.


The tiny Hampshire micropub with space for just 25 beer, ale and cider lovers 25/02/2022

The tiny Hampshire micropub with space for just 25 beer, ale and cider lovers

We’re Daily Echo’s pub of the week, if you’ve not come and visited us yet - have a read about why you should! 🍻

The tiny Hampshire micropub with space for just 25 beer, ale and cider lovers THEY'VE spent more time in lockdown than they have open since spending their wedding savings on opening a micropub, but the glass is still half full…


Today is World Bartender Day! So stop by to celebrate our brilliant Sam, and have beer poured by the best Bartender in Fareham! 🍻

(Remember - any tips you leave become his Christmas bonus 😉)


It’s 22022022, and we’ve appropriately tapped 2,200 beers, ales & ciders!

Keep drinking Fareham! Thank you 🍻


We’re here from 3 with plenty of seats for you to hunker down in. Come get your beer blanket on with us! 🍻

Photos from West Street Alehouse's post 14/02/2022

Wish I had spent more time photographing my dessert boards, but I was too excited to get them out!

Our Valentine’s Brew York and Dessert pairing boards have been a hit! 💕

Happy Love Day 💝
From Kat


Sam and Steve are with our good friends at Elusive Brewing making another smasher of a brew!


Update: Our brilliant Sam is going to be there and will open at our usual time (12pm - give it take a few mins!) thanks for understanding! We’ll see you later

Morning All, I’m currently driving Kat to an appointment which means we may not be able to open at 12 as usual!

We’re desperately trying to find cover and we’re hoping the latest we’ll open today is 3pm. Obviously this may change and if we can open earlier, we will

Thank you for your understanding and check back here for updates, as soon as we’re able to open we’ll let you know!


I swear our cheeseboards get better each week 🧀
Free Sunday Cheese from 12, come and join us!

Sign the Petition 05/02/2022

Sign the Petition

I’m going official! Local beer lovers, have you ever tried Fallen Acorn Brewing Co.‘s delicious Mumbys Hard Ginger Ale? If you have you’ll know what a delight it is, and if you haven’t - surely you’ll be wanting to try it? 🍺

If so, Kat made a petition last night to try and show there’s a demand for this delightful beverage. Please add your signature and MAYBE we can convince them to re-brew it! 🍻


Sign the Petition Fallen Acorn Mumbys Return

Photos from West Street Alehouse's post 01/02/2022

Happy Lunar New Year! 🐅

Come join us for a pint, and maybe a delicious take away - we’re lucky to be surrounded by some fantastic Chinese Resturants and you’re always welcome to eat your dinner with us!


Photos from West Street Alehouse's post 29/01/2022

Some lovely new beers have arrived at the West St bottleshop…

IPA’s including the delicious Talus 4 Eva & Eva from Unity and a trio from Nottingham’s Black Iris.

West St is proud to have some die hard fans of sours and with flavours like Pear & Blackberry crumble, Amaretto & Iron Bru… they’re not going to hang around for long!!

Finally for those of you persevering with dry January or those who just fancy some a beer without the booze, our low & no alcohol selection has grown too.



Sharing Kat Bull’s favourite way to eat the Manchego cheese on our Sunday Cheeseboard. Wrap it in chorizo and devour 😋

I would recommend with a glass of our fantastic Vintage Port, but I’m currently doing Dry-First-Half-Of-2022 🤰


📢 PSA: You can do dry January and still drink a delicious beer 🍻

We have alcohol free IPA’s, lagers, stouts and sours - there’s no excuse to not join me for a drink and Taylor Swift Thursdays (sorry not sorry)


If you’re doing Dry January - firstly, you’re wrong. Secondly, we have all these alcohol free beer in bottles and on draught 🍻

Please continue to support your local through January - we’re all still recovering from the lockdowns & restrictions 💕

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164A West Street
PO16 0EH

Opening Hours

Monday 3pm - 9:30pm
Tuesday 3pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday 3pm - 9:30pm
Thursday 3pm - 9:30pm
Friday 12pm - 9:30pm
Saturday 12pm - 9:30pm
Sunday 12pm - 3:30pm

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