Hair by Gina

Hair by Gina


I'm absolutely in love with my hair
Love getting the keratin treatment.
Thanks Gina.
Last min appointments tomorrow
Last appointments this year 😁
2 day Offer
Thank you for my cut yesterday.. Totally love it at this length/style ###
I have NEVER let anyone colour my hair. I have always coloured it myself. I promised Gina if I ever went dark she could do it. Well today was the day.
From White white hair to dark brown with red tones I love it. I just let Gina do what she does best. I let her take control and do what would look good on me. I now have beautiful, shiny, smooth and healthily looking dark hair! :) ❤❤❤
Walked home today and tested the keratin treatment. (In this weather) My hair looks just like when I left the salon Gina Parkinson. Thank you so much I love my new hair ###
Just wanted to say Wow to the keratin treatment Gina. I was dubious when I first tried it because my hair is so thick and frizzy and I wasn't sure anything would tame it. However after washing my hair after the 72 hours I was amazed. I blasted my hair with the hairdryer (I have a bad shoulder so cant raise my arm enough to blowdry properly) and it took half the time it normally does to dry. I then ran straighteners through my hair and again it took half the time it would normally. I no longer need to straighten my hair everyday like I used to and my hair feels so soft.

Definitely worth the money and I will be back to have it done again :)
Would like to thank Gina Parkinson for her voucher toward the raffle for discovery colts football presentation night ### we raised nearly £600 pounds on the night x a massive thank you from the boys aswell xx
My hair looks fab everytime she does it from lilac to grey shes amazing 😍

Fully Qualified, Experienced and Insured hairdresser.Based at At Your Fingertips in Cleethorpes I offer all hairdressing services for ladies,men and children.I have 23 years salon experience so feel free to get in touch for general enquiries or too book.

Operating as usual


Good evening

I have a few messages I need to reply to but my messages aren't working for some reason at the moment.If I havnt replied please message me on my personal account which is in comments xx

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 17/05/2022

Pre hol prep for this fabulous lady .

New hair & a lash lift ...😍❤

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 17/05/2022

A lovely appointment this morning and a fabulous new style all ready for the summer season ❤❤

Doesn't she look fab 😁😍

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 11/05/2022

Another before and After from yesterday.

I'm loving all this copper ❤❤

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 11/05/2022

One of yesterday's hair transformations..❤❤


Appointment Availablity

Thurs 12th May 4pm
Tues 17th May 2pm
Thurs 26th May 1pm,2pm,3pm,5pm

Tues 14th June 1pm 2pm,4.30pm
Tues 21st June 2pm 3pm 4pm
Sat 25th 12pm,2pm,3pm,4pm
Tues 28th1pm,2pm
Thurs 1pmm,2pm,3pm,4pm

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 04/05/2022

👁Lashbomb lift & tint 👁

Enhance your natural lashes with a lashbomb lash lift & tint.It gives the illusion they are longer and have more volume by giving them an amazing lift and tint with little or no maintenance required.
Longer ,fuller looking lashed lasting up to 4-6 weeks

💥Appointments available 💥

Tues 10th May
2pm &3pm
Saturday 14th May
Tues 17th May
2pm, 3pm
Tuesday 24th May
9am &10am

Patch test required at least 48 hours before

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 02/05/2022

Dermaplaning results.
Bright ,soft ,smooth peach fuzz free skin 😍❤

Look at the dirt,dead skin cells and vellus hair that's come away ..

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 28/04/2022

Love this colour from tonight..

What a difference❤
weve gone for a more lived in blonde with a root stretch instead of the traditional highlights..
Finished off with a lovely wave 🌊

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 26/04/2022

A little bit of shorter hair inspiration..

Lots of us start going for the chop now the warmer months are coming..

Get yours booked in..

Message for availability 😍

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 25/04/2022

Updated may and June Appointments
May 💥
Thurs 5th 3pm
Tues 10th 2pm
Thurs 12th 10am,11am
Tues 17th 12pm,1pm,2pm
Tues 24th 10am ,2pm,3pm
Thurs 26th 12pm,1pm,2pm

June 💥
Tues 14th 1pm,2pm
Thurs 16th 10am,4.30pm
Tues 21st 10am,11am,2pm,3pm,4pm
Thurs 23rd 10am,11am,1pm,3pm,5pm
Sat 25th 12pm,1pm,2pm,3pm
Tues 28th 1pm,2pm,3pm

Lash Appointments only Tues and saturdays only
Hair appointment any day

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 24/04/2022

2 amazing keratin treatment results ❤❤

Look at the difference from the before to the After..

Frizz free, smooth hair and half the drying time for 12 weeks !!

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 21/04/2022


I Have opened a date up in the salon for dermaplaning facials including a deluxe nourishing mask on Sat May 22nd at a special offer price of £25 ❤❤

Dermaplaning removes 21 days worth of dead skin cells and vellus hair and is recommended every 4-6 weeks as part of your skin care routine or as a one off for a special occasion.

Benefits from a dermaplaning facial include

◻️ Instant glow
◻️ Renewed skin cells
◻️ Clearer and cleaner looking skin
◻️ Pore reduction
◻️ No more peach fuzz
◻️ Flawless makeup application

🤍 The results from this treatment is immediate, with zero down time.

Book yours in now

Not recommended with the following inflammatory skin conditions such as



May Appointment Availablity for hair & Lash lifts

Tues 3rd 1pm,2 pm &3pm
Thurs 5th 12pm
Tues 10th 2pm,3pm,4pm
Thurs 12th 10am,11am,4pm
Sat 14th 9am,4pm
Thurs 19th 4pm,5pm
Tues 24th 10am,11am ,2pm,3pm

Lash Appointments Available on the Tues & Saturdays only

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 19/04/2022

Took this fabulous lady lighter blonde today.😍😍

Summer ready 🤩.

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 18/04/2022

Last minute Saturday appointment 2.30pm & 3.30pm..

Lash lifts & tint or Cut & blow dry appointments

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 14/04/2022

Pink makes the boys wink 😉

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 07/04/2022

Always a pleasure doing this lovely ladies hair..



Hello frizz free smoth hair for at least 12 weeks..

What a difference a keratin treatment can make 😁

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 05/04/2022

Another beautiful blonde from today 😍


Fabulous result from one of yesterday's lashbomb lift & tints

What a difference 😍


April's appointments are very limited.

If your looking to book in,here's what I have

Thurs 7th 3pm
Tues 12th 2pm
Thurs 14th 9am,10am
Tues 19th 3pm
Thurs 21st 2pm
Sat 23rd 2pm ,3pm
Tues 26th 11am
Thurs 28th 5pm

Send me a message


When you get your hands on your friends hair again after she deserted you and moved to Scotland 😍😍

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 30/03/2022

As you may well have noticed I'm adding a few new services..

Aswell as all my usual hair services ,I will now be offering lash lift& tint and dermaplaning treatments ..

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 30/03/2022

What a difference a root retouch,colour refresh and a keratin treatment makes..

Look at that shine 😍😍

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 29/03/2022

The smoothness of a keratin treatment ❤❤

Frizz free hair for up to 12 weeks

Message for more information

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 29/03/2022

A lived in blonde look from this morning.❤

Perfect way to lighten and freshen up your hair without the upkeep.


Last Minute Appointments Available

Thurs 31st

10am &11am .

Message to book in

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 26/03/2022

I wish I had taken an before picture of this client.

First time with me and we had a lot of work too do after previously been somewhere that had put lots of red tones in her hair.
Highlights,root colour and toners later we were back to blonde tones again 😍

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 25/03/2022

I still have availability on my keratin offer...

❤❤Only £48 in April instead of £60+....❤❤

Are you ready for frizz free easy to style hair??then get yours booked in ..😘


Appointments Available Next week

Thurs 31st March 10am -1pm

Drop me a message

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 24/03/2022

Another fabulous blonde from today ❤

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 24/03/2022

Spring is in the hair!!

Blonde Textured bob 😍😍


What a difference a lashbomb lift & tint makes ...

What is a lash bomb lift & tint?
Your natural lashes are enhanced giving them the illusion they are longer and have more volume by giving them an amazing lift and a tint with little or no maintenance required..

Treatment last 4-6 weeks

Get yours booked now

*patch test required


3.30pm appointment tomorrow (Tues 22nd) now available


Fab customer review for her lash bomb lift & tint ..
They look fabulous 😍


I do love a good bob .😍😍

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 16/03/2022

Appointment Availablity update

March ❤
Tues 22nd March 3.30pm❌
Thurs 24th March 3pm
Thurs 31st 1pm,2pm,3pm

Tues 5th April 5pm
Tues 12th April 12.30pm ,2pm,3pm❌
Thurs 14th 10am,11am,1pm
Tues 19th 4 30pm
Sat 23rd 11pm,12pm❌

Lash lift & tint appointments available on Tues and Saturdays only


I have 2.30pm available Thursday 17th March this week..

Message to book

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 13/03/2022

It's coming to that time of year again when people start going lighter for summer 😁..

Colour Appointments available end of March and April


Appointment availability
Thurs 17th March 2pm,3pm
Tues 22nd March 1pm,2pm,3pm
Thurs 24th 3pm 4pm,5pm
Tues 29th March 2pm,3pm
Thurs 31st March 2pm,3pm

Tues 5th April 4pm
Tues 12th April 10am ,11am,12pm
Thurs 14th 10am,11am
Tues 19th 3pm
Tues 26th 2pm,3pm
Thurs 28th 12pm,1pm,2pm



Only £48 in March & April instead of £60 upwards..

A few spaces left....

Get yours booked in


Wow lots of bookings for lashbomb lift and tints this last week..
Can't wait to offer this fab service in April..

Taking appointments on aTuesday and a Saturday for lash lifts starting from April although appointment book is open and filling quick.

Patch test required at least 48 hours before


I have a few appointments available Tuesday 8th March daytime for cut & blow drys..

Message to book in

Photos from Hair by Gina's post 03/03/2022

The holiday season will soon be upon us and with that comes the stress of frizzy, big hair!!!

Keratin Gold Treatment can help solve this problem.
Keratin gold removes Frizz and stops hair fizzing in humid weather, wind,rain etc

There are so many other benefits too
Rectifies dry damaged hair
Locks in colour preventing fading
Reduces drying time
Prevents split ends
Straightens hair without changing the hair structure
Hair feels velvet smooth

Keratin Gold will last 3-4 months and is formaldehyde, sulphate and parabe free.

Plus I have an offer on in March & April for only £48..

Normally £60+.
Check out these results

Videos (show all)

We have a winner of the keratin express smoothing treatment.Thankyou to everyone that entered and for all your shares, l...
Only 4 spaces available for 20%off keratin smoothing treatments on Tuesdays in september. Get yours booked in
No 14 is your winner... Which means Gemma driver contact me for either half price colour or free blow dry .
Today's process for the gorgeous copper peach colour and gorgeous new cut
Copper peach applied after bleach bath and new heavy Bob cut..




DN35 8HU

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9:30am - 3pm
Thursday 10am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

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