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Bad habits/healthy habits. When you go through a tough time post break up, and someone says, ‘Hey look after yourself eat wholefoods, don’t drink, exercise, drink water, be well,‘ and all you want to do is eat doughnuts, drink wine, and have coffee intravenously. Here’s what’s happening, yes you need to really look after yourself during this time, but emotionally you’re on the floor, you’re living in your head, and you want to numb the pain through food, smoke, sex, shopping, drugs, alcohol, etc whatever it is for you. Your addictions will probably show up and this is because a break up brings up a whole truck of stuff from your past too. Your past pain, stressors are running overdrive, and rumination takes hold. You are going through a tough time. Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself like you would a newborn, you are that fragile, you need a lot of self compassion, love and safety. Turning towards your addictions to cope might make you feel better short term, but turning towards them for numbing out long term is not what you need. Feeling those feelings are important, they need to come up and be processed, or they will show up in another way, physically. Choose quality over quantity. Go for the best wine, chocolate, whatever your comfort food/drink is and savour it. If shopping is your relief, then buy one expensive thing that really brings you joy instead of a whole load of crap you don’t need. In other words don’t beat yourself up for turning towards the things that ease the pain short term, just make sure they add pleasure and not add to the pain. Numbing out may feel like a good option at the time, but it will bite you in the arse if you don’t process that pain. #numbness#pain#breakup#divorce#habits#selfcare#compassion#binge#comfort#grief#selflove#journey#selfdiscovery#sadness#addiction#loveyourself


Relationships that are in constant conflict, arguments, drama, confusion, sadness, disrespect, resentment, etc has a direct negative affect upon your gut microbiome. Your gut microbiome and your brain communicates through your Vagus nerve. A microbiome that is constantly affected by a high stress situation will directly have an affect on your immune system, your production of Serotonin, GABA, and Dopamine (your happy hormones) your oestrogen, your skin, your sleep, your energy. You will have inflammation in your gut and this will cause inflammation in the rest of your body. Choose carefully who you share your life with. Who you surround yourself with. Healthy relationship, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy life. #guthealth#highconflict#abuseiverelationships#abuse#narcissist#health#vagusnerve#nervoussystem#serotonin#dopamine#gaba#mindbodyspirit#wellness#love#support#inflammation#anger#resentment#innerchild


Don’t you sometimes wish you had the fairy godmother? You know, that serene, I’ve got all my sh*t sorted and I can solve your issues out too with my magical fairy wand. 123 poof gone! Life has always other plans, it can throw us sideways when we thought we had a plan. Mine has been turned upside down, shaken about and crumbled a few times in the last 2 crazy years. As a relationship coach, it has made me realise that the answer to your personal mayhem, whatever that may be for you, is inside of you. That’s why I love,love,love being a coach. I don’t sit there and tell you to do a b and c. I listen to you sharing whatever you need to share in total confidentiality. There is zero judgment. The space is yours, and I ask you questions that will open you up to your own self awareness. You’ve got this, you don’t need fixing. You’re just a little lost and I can light the path for you to see it bit clearer. No magic wand, just presence, safety and space to be and speak your true self. 💫 #relationships#listening#safety#nojudgment#positivepsychology#beingheard#lightthepath#life#presence


Sometimes we lose ourselves. We can go years putting ourselves last and others first. Thinking that this is a sign of being a good person. Also feeds a deep desire to be loved, validated and needed. Over time as we give so much of ourselves to others, we become depleted. Resentment can build as we self abandon. We lose ourselves in the noise, the expectations. Deep inside we may hear a quiet voice that tells us to stop. Spend time alone, connect back to yourself, give some love to you and re fill your cup. This can feel selfish, especially to women, where we have been conditioned to nurture others before ourselves and where we often become care takers of others. Give yourself permission to take time out for yourself, delve into self love, date yourself, learn to love yourself deeply, give yourself what you really need right now. Do it without the need to explain yourself, justify or feel guilt. You too are worthy. ❤️#silence#quiet#alonetime#nurtureself#timeout#healing#selfcare#worthy#love


This is an exciting year for me, as I am building my coaching practice, and working towards my ICF accreditation in Life Coaching, my Reflexology is back up and running after a very very difficult 2 years navigating closures from the pandemic. I am now offering Nutrition consultations 1:1 and I am also, if you don't know already, a proud Independent Consultant and a District manager of Arbonne International. Phew! That's a lot for one person you might think, but here's the thing. They all come under the umbrella of wellness, and I am passionate about helping other find their road to wellness. One thing that the last 2 years have taught me is that you can never depend on one income stream. My Reflexology business was shut down over night, like many other businesses during the pandemic. Never did I imagine such a thing happening, and who knows what the future holds? What other surprises can come, health or circumstantial and turn our world upside down? That's where the beauty of Network Marketing comes in. It's a business that took me while to get my head around, but once I got it I saw the huge potential that comes with it, and the freedom it can bring not to mention the earnings.
With Arbonne, I make a difference to peoples lives by intorducing them to the business or sharing the amazing products that make a difference to their health, let alone the amazing free Be Well club that they offer to anyone and everyone because they care about mental health and people's wellbeing.
Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not a pyramid scheme, and if you are thinking of joining for 6 months to see what it's like, don't bother. It takes an average of 4 to 5 years to make it to the top, and that can bring in an average income of £10-15,000 per month at the top level. It takes an hour a day, plus commitment, consistency, and being open to growing into a better version of yourself. This business will transform you, and the community is amazing, loving and the most supportive I have ever seen. Arbonne is my community. What other job sends you £100 voucher to spend at The Ivy, a weekend away all expenses paid and a holiday to Maui each year to work towards?
My random crazy success story in my Arbonne business is that I made £700 in 24 hours one Christmas. Blew my mind to the potential of what the future holds with hard work, sharing the love, and helping others change their lives too. Go to to see what's typical. I know what's typical, but I have seen what's possible.
If you have ever been passionate about making a difference to other peoples lives and wellbeing, but don't know where to start? I would be happy to pop on a call with you to share this business opportunity. One life people, make it count. xx❤


Thought this handsome chap would make you stop. I went to this amazing Aquarium with my youngest the other day and saw all these amazing fish. Each and every one of them amazing and unique in their own way.
Got me thinking about comparison, and how we as humans do this to ourselves. These fish were just incredibley unique in their own way, and I'm sure none of them wanted to be like the other, (even if they could think, they wouldn't think that right?) How many of us do it? Compare ourselves to others, and wishing we had it more like them, and thinking that we aren't enough. We have all done this, me included. But when you think of it, it's totally crazy and makes us powerless. Take your power back and realise that there is no one out there in this whole freaking world like you.
You are one of a kind, and whilst you are still on this earth, might as well realise your brilliance and embrace your magnificence. No one is stopping you from reaching your goals but you and your thoughts.
As well as being a Nutritionist, and a Reflexologist, I am also on my journey as a life coach, and I specialise in relationships.
Relationship to self, and others. So, if you are struggling with taking the next step forward because you keep comparing yourself to others making you feel not good enough, reach out. You are worth a hell of a lot more than allowing that mindset stopping you from living your true potential. #youareenough#mindset#comparison#nextstep#reachout#moveforwards#youcan#hellyes#fear#selfsabotage


Having some tasty chicken bone broth. Bone broth is good at healing your gut wall. Years of antibiotics, eating processed foods, refined wheat flour, high sugar foods, and low nutrient foods can cause a sluggish inflamed bowel. Over time this kind of diet can damage the gut wall, causing permeability that leads to auto immune disease. Bone broth can help heal the permeability, combined with a diet full of Vegetables, complex carbs, fruit, lentils, pulses, nuts and seeds. Remove the processed foods , refined sugar, refined wheat flour and watch your body heal. 🌱🥒🌽🥕🥦🍠🥬🧄#autoimmune#bonebroth#vegan#vegetarian#pontcanna#healyourbody#nutritionist#naturopathic


@lovelivelighthealinghub A gorgeous new business has opened here in Pontcanna, Cardiff. Stocked up on my Cacao, and prebiotic kefir. They have tons of health giving offerings and a beautiful cafe too. Really friendly staff plus stunning refined sugar free cakes 🥰😍😋 & many other delights for the mind body and soul. 🧘🏼‍♀️Check it out. 💛


I have a protein shake most mornings. It’s a great way of filling your belly with loads of nutrients and pre & probiotics for your gut microbiome. 🦠 A protein shake keeps you full for longer, stabalises your blood sugar levels, gives you a high content of vitamins and minerals, and prevents those 11 o’clock energy slumps. Oh, and it beats high sugar cereal any day. 🥣🚫 #weightmanagement#sugarbalance#cravings#minerals#highnutrient#guthealth#vitamins#loveyourself#selfcare#cardiff


Since it’s Santes Dwynwen, Welsh lovers day 🥰🥰 Thought I’d share a recommended read to improve your relationships. It takes work people. Once that ring 💍is on does not mean it’s time to sit back and let it be. That’s where the work begins. Invest in learning about your love language. It could be the total opposite to your partner. That means conflict, and an empty love tank. Once you speak the same ❤️language, it can … well try it and see for yourself. 💕🌺🍾🥰💋#learn#lovework#theycantreadyourmind#responsibility#affection-#time#love

Adweitheg Glinigol/Clinical Reflexology and Foot Reader

Adweitheg glinigol - Ymlaciwch yn llwyr gydag awr o driniaeth adweitheg unigryw i chi, gan ddefnyddio technegau arbennig er mwyn hwyluso’r corff i iachau ar lefel gorfforol, feddyliol ac emosiynol.

Reflexology - De-stress with foot reflexology uniquely tailored for you, using specially trained methods to specifically bring balance and harmony to your body, mind and emotions.

Darllen y traed-Dehongliad hollow unigryw, sydd yn ddarganfyddiad o beth mae eich traed yn eu dweud amdanoch. Gellir bod o gymorth i alluogi meddwl clir wrth gymryd y cam nesaf yn eich bywyd. Profiad gwefreiddiol.

Foot Reading- A unique personalised reading of your feet. Find out what your feet say about you. Foot Reading may help you make clearer life choices and choose the correct step forward. A truly fascinating experience.

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