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Animal assisted therapy using horses and cows. Workshops, Spiritual healing, counseling, psychotherapy, respite days for people 24/09/2016

Horses can communicate with us - scientists - BBC News Horses have joined a select club of animals that can communicate by pointing to symbols, say scientists.


Fascinating article from a fabulous page. I matter what your connection to horses or your place in life, pop along to one of our one on one or group sessions. Check out for details. Have a fab day!
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Ten year old Georgia Tolley has a gift that no-one can explain. All animals are drawn to her. But it’s what happens when she’s around horses that’s proving to be the most inspiring…

Georgia’s mother actually discovered her unique affinity with animals by accident. She was sitting in her special wheelchair on their family property in central Victoria when she noticed that horses wouldn’t leave her alone. But the love is far from one way. In fact, Georgia, who suffers from a rare genetic condition that affects her brain function, is transformed when she’s around them. As her mum Stacey puts it, she ‘lights up like a Christmas tree. They get responses from her we can’t, even when she’s really unwell.’

Georgia is not alone in experiencing incredible physical and emotional benefits from animal therapy yet science is still unable to explain exactly why it works. Some evidence suggests that animals trigger a beneficial change in brain wave activity. Either way, this gift of Georgia’s is proving to be priceless for both her and her equine friends; who clearly remain besotted…

(Pic: Tim Carraafa)


BuzzFeed Video

After school club for kids at PAAT reconnects them with nature in a fun relaxed way. No experience in animals needed just come along and enjoy.


"Oh my God, what the hell is that?"
Are kids losing a connection to nature?



Wonderful video looking at science and mind

Scientists have found a way to make paraplegics move again.


Channel 4 News

Here at PAAT we embrace children and adults of all shapes and sizes!! To be unique is to be beautiful. Our animals welcome you

This little girl was overjoyed to get a doll with prosthetic legs and arms.

Two year old Harmonie-Rose lost her limbs to meningitis.


How a canine companion is making life calmer for an autistic boy

Very lucky to have Vikky Turner in my life. She's written a book about her son Toby and his relationship with his assistance dog (and best friend) Sox. This is on pre order via Amazon so be sure to grab a copy. Sox, Toby and Vikky appeared on This Morning a clip can be seen in this link. Check it out and share your thoughts

When their severely autistic son Toby was excluded from school aged seven, Vikky and Neil Turner didn’t know how to help him. Then the family was thrown a lifeline in the form of Sox.


Wow!! I helped turn Benjamin out today and even for me this was a bit of an emotional moment. He was really in a bad way with his injury and to see what can be done with the right nutrition, body work and energetic support is totally mind blowing. Channeling healing for this horse and communicating his needs to his owner and his owners needs to him aided his healing process. We need more carers of animals to approach their animals in this holistic way to get a a former footing in showing the vets what we can do. It's about all aspects working together, mind, body, spirit, science and medicine. Together we are stronger. 07/08/2016


Check out the new website by clicking the link below......


Tiny and Sid enjoying their new rugs after a nice hair cut! They're looking forward to all the attention they're going to get over the summer holidays! To book your space call 07949599645 23/06/2016

This Special Bond Between A Young Boy And His Dog Will Have You Believe In The Power Of Pet Therapy

We're taking bookings for the summer holidays, "Pony Play" and "Walk and Talk" grooming sessions. So whet your upping out old come to chill out and have fun with the ponies. PM me or text or call 07949599645 in love Amy It's not easy being different. In a world where we like to fit in, where


Good day everyone... a cheeky hare was peering in my window. I am very lucky to have so much wild life coming to visit my garden and exceptionally lucky to be able to capture him so close up. I hope you enjoy him as much as I did.
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Good morning everyone, I've got a lot of exiting things going on behind the scenes of P.A.A.T Phoenix Animal Assisted Therapy, from logo design and getting jackets and cotton sheets printed to designing the P.A.A.T head quarters... hoping to be presenting some designs and workshop schedules to you in the coming weeks.

The photo is of Panda and her new calf Miss Panda... hoping she'll join P.A.A.T in the future with her mum.
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Great Big Story

Horses in America heeling to keep kids off the streets by giving them focus and companionship. The living conditions might not be what we would want for our animals here or the rising style but it goes to show the adaptability of these creatures and how they unlock sensetivity in man. To book you equine assisted therapy or feel good in nature session call 07959599645 or pm. Process start at £30 for individuals or £15 per group member.

The connection between a horse and a rider is one of trust and responsibility -- on the west side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Malik Divers maintains a stable to help teach these traits to young "concrete cowboys."

Wanna see this Great Big Story on your bigger screen? Check us out on Apple TV and Roku!


Welcome to Animal Assisted Healing, here a few photos of the animals in the team! Tiny, Sid and Immy. Panda the Belgian Blue. There is also our pets, Amarni owned by Louise and Tibbles the farm cat and Maisie Amy's terrier.

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This mornings antics, a moment before the video Tiny and Immy were playing happily! #animalassistedtheapy #healing #animalcommunication #horses #equine #equestrian #love #livingthedream #carefarm


Here are Tiny and Sid having a morning groom... Horses often spend lots of time grooming each other which helps develop a strong bound between them... During your therapy session with the horse you might want to have a go at grooming them... you'll see how the horse returns the care you put towards them and over time a loving bond is created... grooming and bonding with the horse can bring an enormous sense of peace and joy. The horses radiate a loving appreciative energy that brings such joy. To book an appointment call 07949599645 or PM. If your like to text put HORSE at the front of your message. Lots of love from us all ###


Phoenix Animal Assisted Therapy PAAT's cover photo


Phoenix Animal Assisted Therapy PAAT

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Welcome to Animal Assisted Healing, here a few photos of the animals in the team! Tiny, Sid and Immy. Panda the Belgian ...
This mornings antics, a moment before the video Tiny and Immy were playing happily! #animalassistedtheapy #healing #anim...
Here are Tiny and Sid having a morning groom... Horses often spend lots of time grooming each other which helps develop ...



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