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My wish is to help empower you through giving you ‘tools’, teachings and healings that can enrich your life.

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You know love is the strongest healer.
Love in the mind, heart, gut brain is the only way to lasting health. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
This coherence of the presence of love is the strongest immune system we have against all ills. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ What is between you and feeling of love and joy in this moment. You have the ability to transform any fear, belief or habitual pattern. Remember ✨
Everything is energy... and source energy is truly unlimited, it is beyond duality.......
Know that you are made of this magic.
Create from this place and be filled with radical self empowerment........ The time is ripe for change and transformation, and the time is now. 🌈
Simply declare a delete on all fearful thoughts
Cancel Clear delete... you have this power.. ....
Know that everything is going to be whatever it takes to feel trust in every cell, even just for a moment .......then let go.......take a breathe, get clear on your intentions. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Be well, be free from the prison of the dualistic mind, be the wisdom of the body and life without the fear based inflictions of fear itself.
Relax, move, have fun.
Release, let go, come home in every moment you can remember to your true self and to a unwavering love that lives there 🙏✨😇#heartmindcoherence #letgooffear #befree🍃 #bepresent #greatestimmunesystemever ❤️


What makes you flow and shimmer with the beauty of love?🌹#inlove #magicofwater #naturalbeauty


Life is a relationship ..a relationship to your inner most soul self and the ego ... it’s not all about striving to become a perfect version of yourself, that doesn’t ever actually exist,but embracing the magic and alchemy of life itself 🍃 and integrating our very raw and imperfect human selves into our inner arms of unconditional love and acceptance of what is .. 🌹
everything we see as dark or energy we dislike ... is actually on some Level a part of us too ... a part we have rejected and not accepted as part of a wounded human condition that we haven’t healed, or made peace with yet .. 😆 🙏😇
we are all Human and we are all in this together.. really
We have a lot to relearn from the children that enjoy times of pleasure but don’t become attached really to
Anything allow everything to come and go..just let go.. nothing can ever or will ever be exactly the same again.. once a moment has passed ... it is new ... become the new.. be free and find freedom of heart in the knowing that the intelligence that creates life has the intelligence to support you in any given moment.. surrender to a love greater than all love ... a love that doesn’t judge .. it loves without condition and everything it touches, blossoms and turns to gold ❤️#alchemy #embraceyourhumanness #compassion #soulself #deeplove


Blessed 🌹#chalicewellgardens #sunshinesundays #healingmagic #channelsoflight 🌷#deeptruthsrevealed 🍃


Thank you @mbswellbeing for today... was super blessed to download a healing energy transmission session for the divinely numbered 55😍 people that made it in from the big surprising queue.. my ego was like ahhhhhhh s**t! My higher self was like 😚 we got this 🥰 thank you to the beautiful people who I sat with with today🙏 ....#energytalks #servingsouls #healing #chakras #chi #reikihealing #movement #magic


Monday’s office 🌱💚🌍
Soaking up the green energy
#greenenergy #greenman #natureprescription 💖


My Autumn beauty spot 🍃🍂🌱
I love you too.... 😍🙏✨🧡 #seasonalalignment #release #makeroomforthenew #sweetspot


Taking plunges in sacred waterfalls 🌈☀️ must of been super good in my last life 😆✨ full on gratitude 😍 for the otherworldly experiences in my life ✨🙏☀️🌈 time now to get back to work 🙌💖🌞#maui #retreat #sacred #purification #timetocreate


Time to bathe in fresh Epsom salts, rose quartz and unconditional LOVE 💖🙏#purify #rosequartz #yintime #balancingthefire #waterlove


Post MAUI inspired-salt water crystal cleansing... after the most epically beautiful feminine awakening retreat with @bridgetnielsen 🌷💚 so inspired to spend time with such a Cosmically connected yet grounded 😊😆 vibrationally astounding organic delight 😍🌈☀️🍃#bridgetnielsen #crystalcleansing #energyclearing #highvibrations #groundinginthehighvibes 😇


It’s all for love ♥️#funintheforest #earthart #lightdance


Today something special happened... a bee landed on my shoulder and chilled out for about 30 secs 😆🐝♥️ it gave me a message the message was love..
I love messages of love they are the best 😍🥰♦️♥️❤️#messagesoflove #bees #sweetlife #connection #innocence


Have you ever tried giving some hands on, direct love to the earth.
It’s one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever felt...
sit somewhere comfortable, be comfortable, be with raw mud, grass, sand whatever form is there, place both hands on the earth...
make your intention to just be there with your inborn inherent healing light .. which we all have btw 😊 within all our beloved ego & shadowy play outs of belief systems and stories, even those of you who aren’t specifically attuned or trained or now how too... just be there like with someone you love 😇unconditionally.... and just be there for a short while, and oh my god.. feel what happens 😍🥰💖yessssss

If you are interested in becoming attuned it reiki levels 1 and 11 I am opening spaces for this in October & March.
Nuture your gift of beyond words experiences and give yourself a gift you can share and grow with for life
💖 💖💖💖💖
#reikiattunements #healing #naturaltherapies #kundaliniyoga #soulconnections


Depression or Anxiety is generally caused by feelings that have been blocked by suppression, or a fear of ones underlying emotions, most of us hold on to some form of emotions such as past grievances or hurts in one form or another, the state of the world and the darkness in it, is just a reflection of our collective darkness suppressed. All negative emotions are painful so it’s easier to take some kind of thing to numb our awareness, all the crap gets suppressed in the unconscious, then gets so full that it seeps out in the world in the form of evil doings, people and places! Truth is, it may well be .... time to let go of our illusions and do the work! ❤️ a small meditation or any kind of yoga can all help towards..
Beneath the darkness of our uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, we can allow space for them to transform, this is where we find the victory of the union with the unconditional deepest love, this vibration spreads out into the world. We can actually heal ourselves and the world together like this.

We don’t need the emotions of our own selfish desires and attachments as validations to who we are any more, we are entering a new time of being. 🌠🌠🌠🦋
Yes we all have a dark side, your never gonna defeat that essential destructive element in yourself, as its part of nature too , so instead we just learn to love ourselves anyway! some people believe their darkness is real and make up stories about themselves to cover it up!
When we remember the purpose of the darkness is to serve us, we are then grateful for its bittersweet gifts, it’s where the light finds its place to shine.
When we become aligned to truly respect its power, it can’t help but to ultimately respect us back in return ✨
We don’t probe, we don’t fight, we work to let go, we work together, we integrate, we witness, we feel its pain of separation and we return to love every time with the beauty of our grace! We dwell in the protection of our love ❤️ within our hearts we find the unconditional deepest love of our true selves. 💝this energy is what heals. This energy is what will create a more harmonious earth for you and your children’s children 🌞 From the darkness, we as a human collective consciousness will rise to a new way of being, and live in an age they will call golden. 🌞
We will only know it so, because we know in our DNA what it’s like to live in a world highly based in fear and distraction like that is now. The Beautiful magnetic earth will survive the mess we are all making in it, and those souls who choose love again and again that wish to return from heaven will return to evolve in sweet harmony with the beloved universe in a place we will call heaven on Earth Amen!! 🖖🧘‍♀️🌈🌅🍃


There I found you beneath my fears
There I found you beneath my pain
There I found you within it all, through it all,
The most sacred love 🙏💗
The inner chamber of my heart.


Such a beautiful afternoon of teaching this afternoon for a Reiki 2 attunement...
My favourite kind of working days....pure bliss 😍💫🌞 💓 blessed 🦋🕉💝

[11/30/17]   Such a beautiful class this morning. I love seeing and feeling the difference in the students energy from when they arrive to when they leave. It's beautiful. . I just absolutely LOVE teaching and being connected to that higher state of consciousness 😇🙌💜🙏😍🦋✡️


Breathing correctly can make such a difference to the quality of the life you are living. Ensure the breathe is smooth, deep, unstrained and easy ( shoulders relaxed) ...... balance it ....allow the exhale to come out gently rather than letting it rush out ..this collapses the lungs too quickly. Take your time 😍🙌☀️love and master the breathe: love and master your life 🌟


The mind is not a thing, not in the way a piece of wood or a stone is. It is a process. it is a network of relationships. It is energy, seeking and relinquishing form incessantly. 'Yogi bhajan'

[03/24/17]   💗☮️The mind on it's own is like a uncontrolled machine that can easily go into self destruct ...the mind with the love and openness of a vulnerable yet concious and guiding heart however becomes heavenly .... when the mind comes and joins the heart in this way .. a marriage of awareness of almost complete trust and faith is born.. and creates beauty, joy and provokes a profound creativity that is only a possibility from the sacred joining of the two.


The moon controls the tides of the oceans!!!!
And especially the water within us .. It's simple really ... Our bodies are made up of a very high percentage of salt water..., we can keep this energy within us balanced & flowing by connecting directly with the element 🙏🐬
The organs associated with this element are the kidneys and bladder ☺️
If unbalanced we feel fear and struggle with power .... when balanced ....we are determined, have good willpower and drive ✨✨
Even if it's just taking a relaxing salt bath.... the joy and peace from balancing this element within you will speak for itself!!!!


New Meditation evenings coming soon....


👼Early mornings 🌅 sometimes don't feel like it at all 😆 Most often the best most important decision of the day 🙌🙏 clearing the clutter 🤗 making space 🌷imagining anything that no longer serves my mind, body or soul thats had any necessary processing and anything I am now ready to release being energetically vacuumed away...we always have a choice, make it as simple or complex as you wish. Raising our energetic vibration through stillness. 👼🌷 Prayer ✨meditation 🌷 intention 🐬
❤️Simply does it 🙌🙏 breathe😊 love the rewards when overcoming the force of inertia 🌈💜🍋🐬💚💃🌅


🌅When we understand the principle of yin and yang and realise the reason for light & dark, male & female, positive & negative, as each gives way to the other and exist in a way of contrast. 🌙✨
We can then transcend our awareness and live innocently and allow the deep mysteries of life to reside quietly within our being 🌄We can be one with the bittersweet beauty of life which will prevail itself with little & large sparks of magic within our hearts as we become the presence of love, we ask no more questions about why☮
For we know if we were to constantly swim in a ocean of joy we would surely get tired of even that 😉 so enjoy diversity and be conscious with as much as you can and you will grow with honour. Take care of your physical, mental and spiritual selfs and you will have a higher consciousness and capacity to feel and contain the magic of source energy, be WOWed by life and able to create in an harmonious way.
May our hearts be coherent to ours souls and our minds be coherent to our hearts 🙏❤️


✨New weekly evening Kundallini Yoga & Mediation evening class from 11th October 6-7-30pm.. in addition to the morning class at 9.30am - 10.30am🌞🌟🌷💛🌄


Unconditional love flowing through the Heart Chakra neutralises all negative energies.
Happy international Peace day ❤️💛💚💙💜🌍


✨Camel pose is great for improving conditions of the digestive, respiratory, endocrine, lymphatic, skeletal, and circulatory systems 💛 here's instructions how to do it correctly.....
1. Begin by sitting on the heels, and rising up onto the knees.
2. Press knees firmly into the earth and bring the pelvis forward, tilt the tailbone under, lift the heart centre and exhale as you lean back
3. Lift the hips as high as you can
4. Grab the heels or the ankles
5. Drop the head back..
6. Hold.... Come back out gently
7. Lie flat on the back and relax! 🌷


🌷Before we feed our bodies let us feed our souls... For complete beginners to yoga & meditation can start with as little as 11 mins each morning ☀️ this dedication will begin the journey to a more authentic relationship with your self and others. The only way is through...🌟 A sense of true happiness & love awaits you along with deep fulfilment that you just can't find in getting lost in the attachments to the outside world. The better world outside begins with the better world inside❤️🙏💜

[07/18/16]   ❤️Breaking free of judgement 🙌 really letting go of judgement😆and learning to truly LOVE 💛expressing more freely from a place of freshness of spirit other than conditioned programming 😍letting go of limiting thoughts and attachments of the mind 👼🏼forgiving our dark side, the side of ourselves that wants to be in conflict 🤗compassion for the monkey side of our minds rather than resistance provides the magical potion for transformation to occur 🦄 when we realise we are all innocent beings created from the source of all life..a source that wishes to experience every facet of the diamond.✨ Wherever you are or whatever you feel allow it to be.. Give it space. Be conscious. It doesn't have to be anything just practise to stay with a rhythmic breath. Trust Life, it is a dance of Union & separation🐬✨ .... When we realise ❤️we are always in fact free to live in the magic of our heart centres we become more enlightened, we can stay there for longer and join with the one heart in pure ecstasy and joy🌟

[06/09/16]   ❤️When you allow any concerns to melt into the earth 💚and with some practise and patience like transforming base metal into gold ☀️transform the energy with the strength of your rootedness in being & presence and allow it to rise into your heart 🌟where it can shine and bask in the joy there that no words could ever describe 💜leaving you a with massive smile, deep inner peace and certainty in abundance😍..... That is when you know you've had a successful time in meditation/ spiritual practise..... 🌞🙏🌟✨🌷

[04/29/16]   🌞Take a little moment right now 🤗🐬to see & feel the world through the eyes of your heart 🙏place your left hand over your heart centre💚covered then by your right hand 💗....Take all the energy and focus away from your mind and focus it on your heart centre beneath your hands ... Then bring your breath back to your awareness ... Allow it to be... Then wait for the next natural inhale and take that breath deep.......... And exhale..... Exhale every last bit of air out.... Allow the next breath in ...and take it deep again... Repeat.... Now allow the breath again just to be as it is.... Focus on the heart centre.... All you need is right there Love, be compassion💗❤️💛💚💙💜

[03/31/16]   🙌There's an 'ocean' of absolute freshness🌿resolve🌞and vigour💪waiting to be experienced inside ourselves 👑🙏👼🏼 its ready to wash us with the absolute joy, happiness and excitement of the simple fact that we are alive 🤗if we take time to nurture, recognise and allow ourselves to look after and honour with great care the very vehicle that is carrying our beautiful souls 🌈❤️


Peace cannot be created...WE ARE PEACE! only stress and agitation can be created and what we create we can also stop! I invite you to take a deep breath and get back to peace 🙏🌟🌈🌅🌷💘🙏💛😊

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What makes you flow and shimmer with the beauty of love?🌹#inlove #magicofwater #naturalbeauty
Blessed 🌹#chalicewellgardens #sunshinesundays #healingmagic #channelsoflight 🌷#deeptruthsrevealed 🍃
Thank you @mbswellbeing for today... was super blessed to download a healing energy transmission session for the divinel...
Time to bathe in fresh Epsom salts, rose quartz and unconditional LOVE 💖🙏#purify #rosequartz #yintime #balancingthefire ...
Post MAUI inspired-salt water crystal cleansing... after the most epically beautiful feminine awakening retreat with @br...
Today something special happened... a bee landed on my shoulder and chilled out for about 30 secs 😆🐝♥️ it gave me a mess...
The moon controls the tides of the oceans!!!! And especially the water within us .. It's simple really ... Our bodies ar...



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