Nautilus Dive & RIB Charters Brixham

Nautilus Dive & RIB Charters Brixham

Based in the lovely and historic fishing port of Brixham, Devon, we offer scuba diving, sea safari/wildlife watching and general boat charter trips around the stunning coastline of Torbay and South Devon.

Operating as usual


After the very fresh Easterlies we've had in Torbay for a few days, we managed to get out on our first trip of the year on Easter Sunday. Water only 8 to 9C & despite the lovely sunny day it was a chilly trip out to the Galicia looking for some viz. Managed a good 2m on the wreck at 15-17m & a little more just off the wreck on the sand at 18m. Great single dive day was had by all, with plenty to see in the Cruise Ship Parking Lot on the way! Thanks to Becs, Brian, Darren & Carla for being up for it 😉👍

Great to be back at sea, blowing the cobwebs out of both boat.........and skipper, ahem ..........and getting divers safely back into the wild/water where they belong 😉 😉😁

Much more to come, so if you fancy a trip & can get 4 together - the boat/sites we do is yours for the day. Give me a call, msg or txt to book up 07771 888545, thanks & Happy Diving 2021 All 👍😃


Hello All, Better times seem to be on the horizon at last, so probably a good time to come out of hibernation and let you know we are still here & ready to go diving when you are!

The boat has had a winter lift out & full clean, antifoul paint & engine service etc, back on the mooring and on 'standby'.

We can safely start operating again from 29th Mar but with all the same social distancing & hygiene restrictions that were in place from July to November last year, i.e. limited to 4 divers on board on any trip & please bring a face covering with you, we provide hand sanitiser when required. Due to limited numbers, we try to stay out at sea between dives, so if not on a CCR or twinset, you will need to bring two full cylinders & your own food & drink with you please.

So, if you can get another 3 divers together and fancy some great wrecks & reefs in the 15 - 30m range to ease yourselves back into boat diving this year, you will have a big RIB with boarding ladder to yourselves. It is £45 pp for a 2 dive day standard offering but anything special is always possible by mutual arrangement.

Taking bookings now from 29th Mar onwards, give Warwick a call or txt or What's App message on 07771 888545 or message us on here. Thanks & Happy 2021 Diving All,


6-8m vis at 20-26m on the SS Bretagne in Torbay today, followed by similar if not better on the Leadstone at 10 -16m. Great day's diving was had in conditions that we don't see that often here, so many thanks to Nigel Greenfield & Andrew Stern for being up for it & making it happen. Oh & the Queen Mary has now joined the Lyme Bay/Torbay Cruise Ship Parking Lot line up too 🙂 Happy Diving All, get in quick - it's going Easterly soon ;-)👍


A great day out with a great crew today, Mewstone off Dartmouth did not disappoint - 17 degree C water & up to 6m vis. Similar on offer tomorrow - with 2 spaces still up for grabs. This vis really is too good to miss 😉 Thanks to Sue Watson-Bate, Tamsyn MAnn, Dan & Gav for making it happen. Happy Diving All 🙂


Still 2 spaces on the RIB for a great 2 dive day in Torbay on Sunday, call, txt or What's App Warwick 07771 888545 to book on. Thanks & Happy Diving All👍😃


Still getting around 3-4m vis offshore in Torbay & weather set fair for rest of week. Fully booked on Sat but still got spaces on Sunday. Call, txt or Whats App Warwick 07771 888545 to book on asap for;

Sun 13th Sep - Ropes Off 0930 for Wreck (max 30m) & Reef/Drift Dive (max 20m). RIB will stay out at sea for both dives, £45pp for the day.

Thanks & Happy Diving All😃

[09/09/20]   Diving Torbay this weekend, still spaces on Sunday.........Happy Diving All👍😃


Vis here in Torbay has recovered to around 3m from last week's monsoon :-) Weather looking good for rest of week & weekend too, so let's go diving!

Fully booked for Sat 5th but have 4 spaces (a full boat due to ongoing COVID-19 operating restrictions) for Sunday 6th. Book asap to secure your spaces, Call, txt or Whats App Warwick 07771 888545, thanks & happy diving all :-)

Sun 6th Sep - Ropes Off Brixham Breakwater Steps 0900 hrs for 2 dives (staying out at sea between dives) Wreck (max 30m) & Reef/Drift (max 20m). Cost pp - £45


Ok, Torbay vis is so good, here's the plan from Brixham on the RIB for the next few days;

Fri 24th Jul - 2 spaces left - Ropes Off 1200 hrs for 2 reef/drift dives (staying out between) Max 20m & 14m. £45 pp.

Sat 25th Jul - 2 spaces left - Ropes Off 0800 hrs for 2 reef/wall /drift dives (staying out between) Max 30m & 15m. £45 pp.
Sun 26th Jul - 4 spaces left - Ropes Off 0815 hrs for 1 Wreck & 1 reef/wall /drift dives (staying out between). Max 30m & 18m. £45 pp.

Tue 28th Jul - 1 space now available on a CCR group trip to dive SS Sevilla (45m). Ropes Off 0930 hrs. £45 pp

Please call or txt Warwick 07771 888545 or message on here/Whats App asap to book on, thanks & Happy Diving All.


Awesome day at sea today, Torbay vis at an easy 4-5m in most places, possibly more at some spots 😃👍 That good even the skipper was in! Queen Rock - 5m at 16m, followed by Morris Rogue - still a very nice 3-4m at 10m on the falling Spring tide. Literally carpets & walls of marine life, hopefully some pics to follow. Only one thing took the edge off the day - the amount of litter we found on the seabed at Morris Rogue, this pic is only a fraction of what's down there :-(


We are very pleased that we are now able to take you out diving the many lovely sites off the Torbay & S Devon coast again. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 Virus emergency, we still have to limit our operation and apply a number of government guidelines to keep both passengers & crew safe & happy😃

Here's how things will work until further notice;

1. Limit of 4 divers per trip unless all divers are from the same household &/or social 'bubble'. Book your group early to avoid disappointment - call Warwick 07771 888545!
2. All trips must be pre-booked with full names & contact details provided in advance (for NHS Test & Trace if required).
3. All full day trips will be for 2 dives (£45 pp) & we will stay at sea for both. All other trips by special arrangement.
4. Divers must bring & wear/use their own face coverings. , Hand sanitizer will be available on the boat if/when required.
5. Divers must bring their own food & drink as required.
6. Dives will all be within 6 miles of Brixham & limited to 40m unless by special arrangement at time of booking.
7. Divers will be expected to handle/load/unload ONLY their own equipment at all times. Approved sanitising solution for mouthpieces & masks will be available on the boat as required.

Thanks for bearing with us, we have trialled this new method during the week with a valiant regular group from Bristol, many thanks guys. They had 2 great dives on the Leadstone & Seagull Rock, 3m vis & wall to wall marine life! 👍😃 18/04/2020

Petition: Extend grants immediately to small businesses outside of SBRR

Hi All, hope you are keeping safe & well during this COVID-19 lockdown. So sorry we are not able to offer our usual underwater adventures atm but we can't 'all be in the same boat' :-) Some nice pics instead.

It is now clear that many small businesses/self employed (particularly in the tourism, recreation & leisure support sector) will not qualify for ANY of the very generous government financial support schemes currently on offer. Most businesses in this sector were the first to voluntarily close down in order to follow public health protection guidelines, and will very likely be the last to get back to normal once restrictions are lifted. After a very bad autumn & winter, weather wise, the COVID-19 crisis may effectively mean that businesses in this sector will lose 18 months of 'normal income' and not be able to operate again until Spring 2021. Many businesses in this sector will not be able to take this hit and may go under. The recent £10M grant for the commercial fishing industry (still operating) does not include the UK charter boat industry - not even the angling boats!

Could I please therefore ask you to visit & sign the petition below. At 100,000 signatures it will be raised in Parliament, thank you.

I know we are all 'On Stranger Tides' at the moment but I'm sure all agree that when we come out the other side of this, we will all want/need plenty of outdoor social, recreational & leisure activities for physical & mental wellbeing.

Please share this with your friends. Stay safe & well, keep smiling & thinking of the good times....... & once again thank you for your support👍 :-)


Awesome 70 min dive with local buddy Brian Macintyre, HW at Breakwater Brixham yesterday. Flat calm, at least 4m vis, possibly a bit more in places & water temp holding at 9C, lovely. We saw a fully grown nursehound shark (also known as bull huss or greater spotted catshark) resting in a rock crevice - worth the dive just for that as it was well over 1m long & getting on for 1.5m I reckon - very happy divers, apart from not taking a camera that is! :-) Sadly we also recovered yet another canister full of tangled lost angling gear on the way back in - at least 4-5kg including some bizarre 'improvised' set ups! Happy Diving All, before storm Ciara blows in!


The next spot of bother weather wise is on its way, so we are planning to get out early on Sat for a quick dive or two before the Rugby this weekend. Torbay faces East, wind will be offshore, so will be tucking in the lee of the land. Vis in the Bay currently around 3m, water is holding at 9C & relatively settled weather now until Sat evening ..........Call or txt Warwick 07771 888545, or message us on here if you are up for it......Thanks n Happy Diving All :-)

Sat 8 Feb - Ropes Off 0845 hrs for 1 or 2 local reef/drift dives (max 12 - 20m) £25 pp for 1 dive £40 pp for 2 (our winter rate)


Shame to waste a lovely day break in the weather. Air & sea temp equal at 9C, perfic ........, so went diving myself. With strong but offshore winds and neap tides as a bonus, Brixham was one of the few places diveable on the S Coast this weekend, even by boat if you stay in the lee of the land ;-) Thanks to my buddy Brian Macintyre for a very enjoyable hour's dive & helping to recover this haul of lost angling gear debris from the Breakwater. A milky 3m vis, possibly a bit more in places - until we stirred it up that is :-). Will be the same here tomorrow a.m. - go on, get in, you know you want to!?


Torbay Cleaner Coasts Initiative

Despite a very squally weather front pushing through on Sunday morning - 72 amazing members (including 4 divers) of the local community helped make the seas & coastline of Torbay a cleaner, safer and healthier place for all. In just 2 hours they collected 4 builders' dumpy bags full of marine litter & debris, much of it plastic. Very proud to be a part of this group and to be able to 'give something back' to the marine environment we all love so much :-)

Todays clean up at Brixham Breakwater. What a day!! Well done everyone. Amazing effort! Thank you.


A lull in the weather let us get out to 2 wrecks in Torbay/S Devon today, Emsstrom on the Ebb slack - 2m vis at 28m followed by a better 3m, possibly a bit more in places, on the Galicia. Back in port by 2 p.m. to see the seals lounging in the shallows & on the wavebreak. Great day out had by all, so thanks to the crew of divers from N Devon for being up for it & were rewarded with 2 very decent dives given the conditions we had mid-week :-)


Weather forecast been up & down like an old diver's (my) drysuit this week but we're givin it a go for our 1st trip of 2020 on Sat 25th Jan .... 2 spaces left for......

Ropes Off Brixham Breakwater Steps 0900 hrs for 2 wreck dives (29m max & 18m max) staying out between dives for a quick turnaround & return to port.

Call or txt Warwick 07771 888545 or message us on here asap to join us. Thanks & Very Happy Diving 2020 to All.


Great weekend in Torbay - Sat we managed to tuck inshore for the last Seagrass Project dives out of Brixham - Fishcombe Cove (a milky 2m at best) followed by Breakwater Beach (a much cleaner 3m). Thanks to Exeter BSAC & my buddy Nik for the invite to a cheeky shore dive at Meadfoot, Torquay on Sun (as the offshore boat diving was off :-( ) Lovely sunrise, 14C water & a good 4m vis, possibly more in places. Back in time for a nice big late breakfast & watch the Rugby - perfick! :-)

Great weather n tides this midweek folks - need only 4 to run a trip, so if you fancy something Wed or Thu, call or txt Warwick 07771 888545 or message us on here to set it up, thanks & Happy Diving All (year round) :-)


Fully booked on Sat but got 2 spaces on the RIB out of Brixham for Sunday - Ropes Off 0845 hrs for Wreck (max 30m) & Reef/Drift (max 16 - 25m). £20 pp per dive, call or txt Warwick 07771 888545 asap to book on, thanks n Happy Diving All :-)


I know the Rugby's on........but so's the diving & there is always 'catch - up TV'? Weather looking ok this Sat, water still at 16C & vis seems to be improving now - about 3m across most of Torbay last weekend. Happy to run out for a couple of relaxed reef/drift dives if we can get at least 4 aboard. Call or txt Warwick 07771 888545 or message on here to book on, thanks & Happy Diving All.

Sat 12th Oct - Ropes Off 0900 hrs for 2 x Reef/Drift dives (max 18 - 25m & 10 - 15m) either some old favourites or exploring some of the less well dived new marks we are always exploring. £20 pp per dive.


'The calm after the storms' - overcast & a bit of (lemon) drizzle but managed to find 3m vis at Elberry Cove & The Ridge in Torbay for the Seagrass survey divers on Sat. Not so good p.m. in the Hope Cove area, but with smooth seas, 16 C water & loads of life to see at both sites all still had a great day. If you want to get ahead, get the hat ! :-)


Hope everyone got some great diving in over the weekend. Awesome late summer weather & good vis. We got out to the Sharkham Point Reef (10 -25m) today for 3-4m vis & followed it up by exploring a new site off Man Sands (9-12m) at LW Springs & still had a very decent 2-3m vis. Lots of marine life seen on both sites & a great days diving had by all. Thanks Baz Drysdale & Nigel Greenfield for braving the 'borderline conditions' & making it happen :-)

[09/14/19]   Still 2 spaces for tomorrow's 2 boat dives. Ropes Off 1000 hrs in Brixham - exploring more of Torbay/S Devon's rarely dived reef/wall/drift sites in 12 - 28m range. Call or txt Warwick asap 07771 888545 to book on. £20 pp per dive. Thanks & Happy Diving All :-)


We got out in the lee of Hurricane Dorian yesterday, diving Fishcombe Cove & Breakwater Beach with the Torbay Seagrass Project & then a lovely sunset dive on The Ridge - loads of life & a good 3-4m vis if a little 'snotty' still. A female grey seal was there on the steps to welcome us home (just in case we had any food handouts I guess, not sure they like Haribo though!).

Still 4 spaces on both days this weekend - diving some of the best wrecks & reefs Torbay has to offer. Please call or txt Warwick 07771 888545 or Messenger us on here to book on asap, thanks & Happy Diving All :-)


Turning out nice again this weekend & planning a cheeky Wed eve Torbay boat dive in the 'lee of Dorian'. Spaces on all of it at the moment, call or txt Warwick 07771 888545 or Messenger us on here to book on. Thanks & Happy Diving All :-)

Wed 11th Sep - Ropes Off Brixham Breakwater Steps 1800 hrs - Reef/Drift (Max 20m) £15 pp.

Sat 14 Sep - Ropes Off 0930 hrs - Wreck (Max 35m) then Reef/Drift (Max 20m) £20 pp per dive.
Sun 15 Sep - Ropes Off 1000 hrs - Wreck (Max 30m) then Reef/Drift (Max 18m) £20 pp per dive.


Great weather & tides + a bonus 4-6m vis across Torbay today. SS Bretagne first, with a boat out from Teign Dive Centre on flood tide slack. 3-4m vis & loads of life on her, including a big shoal of bib. Leadstone next (4-5m vis in places). Also managed to sort a long promised helping hand to one of the local fishing boats which had some fouled pots on the site. One of our dive crew was able to free them enough to allow the fishermen to haul them again to 'fish another day' rather than doing no-one any good trapped on the sea bed. Many Thanks to the great dive crew aboard today, two great dives and a job well done fellas Tony England ,Paul Armstrong 👍:-)