Grove Lodge Vets Portslade

Grove Lodge Vets Portslade


Check up for Astraea x
Thankyou for your very kind donation for the raffle at our event this Saturday!

Most appreciated ❣️
Help our local small animal sanctuary in Portslade this Saturday by popping along to Grove Lodge Vets Valley Road Portslade. Lots to WIN BUY ENJOY & TOP PRIZES up for grabs!
This is our NOMINATION for Morticia 🐈
If you think Morticia deserves a Hero Award please go to the link find Lesley Karen Robins comment (where her story & photo appear) & LIKE Morticia as a #PHChero 💓

This is Morticia! Morty celebrated her 20th Birthday on 13 March 2019 with her brother Gomez. Sadly we lost our beloved Gomez to diabetes/kidney failure on 9 April.....Morticia was Gomez' rock! Born as twin siblings Morticia has always looked out for Gomez particularly in Gomez' last year of illness Morticia cleaned him and slept with him and as if was his guardian angel watching over him.... As 'guardian angels' go Morticia excelled beyond the call of duty not just our beloved & seemingly forever family friend since 1999 her beautiful life meant much more for others as Morticia went on to become a Blood Donor for critical emergency surgery/RTA in helping saving the lives of other needy felines. Morticia is now of course retired as a blood donor but in her lifetime she has helped other feline families enjoy their loved ones for that much longer we hope. Morticia will always be our Hero for her services to other furry friends & for the love of Gomez #PHChero 🐾❤️💓@thepethealthclub
It's RABBIT AWARENESS WEEK check out with your vet for special offers !
Thank you to Steve, Sandra and Julia for beautiful card and wonderful message. It really means a lot. RIP Daisy 28.05.2019.
Says it all....lifelong friends X
Gomez thought it only appropriate 🌹❤to deliver a rose on Valentines Day! Gomez sees Debra when Steve is on ward duty & ops 😇 Today's results are in and Gomez stays on minimum dose of insulin to prevent hyperglycemia. ....

The Portslade Branch of Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

Operating as usual


**UPDATE - owner now found **

Black short haired neutered male cat found in Baptist church car park, Portslade. Not chipped, possible rta. Please call if you recognise these details.


Look at Adorable Daisy in her little pram 😍. She had her first vaccine today and was such a good girl!

Look at Adorable Daisy in her little pram 😍. She had her first vaccine today and was such a good girl!


We had a black male, unneutered cat - short haired- deceased - brought to us yesterday morning as a result of a car accident. Possible Drove Crescent area. Unfortunately he’s not chipped. Please call us if you have any information and share so we can trace the owner.

Now it's easier to send Grove Lodge Vets Portslade a message. 26/10/2021

Now it's easier to send Grove Lodge Vets Portslade a message.

Now it's easier to send Grove Lodge Vets Portslade a message.


If you need repeat medication from us, please give us plenty of notice when ordering. Delays may happen due to supply issues and delivery delays. So keep an eye if you are running low. Repeat medication can be ordered by email or by our phone message system.

If you need repeat medication from us, please give us plenty of notice when ordering. Delays may happen due to supply issues and delivery delays. So keep an eye if you are running low. Repeat medication can be ordered by email or by our phone message system.

Timeline Photos 14/07/2021

Timeline Photos


Heat stroke in cats is a bigger threat than you may think. Although our feline friends descend from desert environments, they can still suffer from heat stroke when the heat is sweltering – both inside and out. Let’s take a closer look at heat stroke in cats, how to spot it and how to keep your cat safe and cool. Read more at My Family Vets:


This is an emerging issue
We would ask our cat owners to check and let us know if they have any concerns

⚠ CAT FOOD RECALL | An outbreak of a rare condition that causes severe illness in cats has led to a voluntary recall of multiple brands of cat food ➡

Fold Hill Foods is voluntarily recalling a number of its hypoallergenic cat food products, from brands including Sainsbury’s, AVA and Applaws, over a possible link to an outbreak of a potentially fatal cat condition, feline pancytopenia.


Worth knowing again for the summer weeks..

In these hot summery days please be careful - dogs don’t sweat and can overheat very fast, especially If they have short noses like bulldog breeds.
Also remember tarmac and pavement can get hot enough to burn your dogs feet


** Update - owner found **

We’ve just had a deceased cat brought to us that was found on Mile Oak Road last night. RTA. Does anyone recognise this description?
Mainly white body, black tail, other small black patches and we think she is female.


Baby season is just around the corner and at this time of year we are often brought leverets by well-meaning members of the public who believe they have found a young rabbit in need of rescuing.

Unlike rabbit kits, leverets are born fully furred with their eyes open and are left above ground, often in tall grass or bushes, for long periods of time. The mother hare will return only once or twice a day to feed them, to avoid attracting predators.

Although this is normal behaviour, leverets are sometimes seen alone in open fields and are brought to us in the belief that they have been orphaned.

Baby hares are prone to stress and can be difficult to hand-rear, so it is vital uninjured young remain in the wild where they will do best with mum. Before picking up what you believe to be an abandoned leveret or rabbit kit, please call us or your local wildlife rescue centre for advice!


Male, unneutered long haired tabby cat, deceased just brought in. Hit by a car in Mile Oak Road. No chip or collar. I can send a pic if someone recognises this description.

Timeline Photos 12/02/2021

Timeline Photos


Keep your Valentine's Day chocolate away from little paws. For more advice, visit


Just had a cat that had been hit by a car last night brought to the surgery. Sadly deceased. No chip unfortunately - had a black leather collar but no tag. It’s a long haired grey/fawn and white rag doll type breed. Didn’t determine s*x. Was found in Prince Charles close, Southwick.
Does anyone recognise this description? Body is on hold waiting identification.

Photos from Grove Lodge Veterinary Group's post 21/01/2021

Photos from Grove Lodge Veterinary Group's post


Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

Meet Gizmo, he is lovely gentleman of the cat world. At the end of last year, Gizmo got bitten on his head by another cat. Normally this wouldn't be a problem and antibiotics would clear the infection.
Unfortunately for Gizmo the bite wound had fractured his skull and the bacteria penetrated into his sinuses and brain.
At the grand age of 13 his owners were worried about Gizmo needing major surgery but he became so poorly that they faced a difficult dilemma.
Fortunately we were able to perform a CT scan and see the extent of his trauma and then operate to remove all the infected material.
Gizmo took a few weeks to fully recover but now he is doing really well.
We all fell in love with him during his stay and are so happy he is back to full health


Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

Chocolate toxicity warning
This is the beautiful Betty.
Betty managed to get access to a number of dark chocolate bars and became dangerously ill.
She is thankfully making a good recovery but she could have died without treatment.
If in doubt please call us if your dog has eaten chocolate and the sooner we can help the better.
Today we have had three dogs get sick so far.
Take care everyone.


Lump Lodge Christmas raffle tickets on sale in the branch. Two for £1.
Please support this local small charity.
Draw held on the 12th December


We are finally back in action at Valley Road!


Please think twice about using these traps - they cause a lot of suffering even for the animals they were designed for

This beautiful little robin fell victim to the inhumane glue trap! His chest, legs and wings were entirely stuck, leaving him unable to escape 😢 A member of the public found him and called us, but we discovered that both of his legs were broken and his wings and feathers were badly damaged. As a result, heartbreakingly, the kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep.

Sadly these aren't illegal but we greatly disagree with the use of them. If you see glue traps on sale to the general public, please email [email protected] with the following details:
🔵 Name and address of the store where the traps are being sold (include postcode where possible).
🔵 The manager or owner of the store concerned (if known) and the address if different to above.
🔵 The date the traps were seen on sale.
Thank you for helping us to prevent more animals suffering like this poor robin 🙏


It looks like our Portslade branch will be out of action for 6 weeks - it needs extensive drying out before repairs can even start
If anyone has medication waiting to collect please call us at the Southwick branch and we can plan for the medication to be made up at Grove Lodge Southwick for collection.
Any appointments will be rescheduled to other branches where possible - please let us know if you have any concerns

On the plus side our scheduled branch refurbishment will be carried out alongside the repairs so hopefully when we get back home it will be to a lovely space for your pets, yourselves and our staff!


We have had a massive leak which has brought down the ceiling in the consulting room. Repairs are planned and will likely take the rest of this week.
Appointments are being diverted to Southwick and Worthing or postponed until repairs are complete - we ask you to bear with us and we will do our best to make sure all your pets’ needs are taken care of


Look at gorgeous Louie who had a vaccination today 🥰


In this heat be very careful about taking your dog for a walk or exercise - dogs can only lose heat by panting and the humidity means they can’t lose excess heat as effectively as normal.
Go early or late and watch your pet carefully - especially if they are older or have short muzzles like Pugs and Frenchies


Remember to take care in the heat!


In these hot summery days please be careful - dogs don’t sweat and can overheat very fast, especially If they have short noses like bulldog breeds.
Also remember tarmac and pavement can get hot enough to burn your dogs feet


Please be careful in the next few hot days.

Watch out for your pooch in the warmer weather!


Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

Exciting update: from Monday 22nd June all our sites will be open for you to come in with your pet again. We are happy to be able to see all types of cases and book in operations.
We will however have social distancing rules in place and we are asking for all clients coming into the building to wear a face covering.
We are trying to get back to normal but please bear with us. Things do take longer than normal due to COVID regulations but we are so excited to see you all again.
We expect phones to be super busy so please keep trying and feel free to drop us an email regarding repeat medications via
You can also pay online via our website and we are only taking card payments at present.
We have slightly less operating availability at present so we would appreciate your patience for booking non urgent operations.
We would like to thank all of our lovely clients for dealing so well with the changes we have all had to endure and hope things will get safely back to normal soon.


We have a lot of flea and worm treatment in our dispense cupboard that has not been collected. If you have requested us to get this ready for your pet, please could you collect it from us as soon as possible. Many thanks.



At this time of year we receive dozens of calls each day about gull chicks falling from their nests and ending up in gardens. In this short video Wadars Animal Rescue Officer, Billy Elliott, explains what you can do to help. Please do share this post.


Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

Great news. From Monday we are back open at our Lancing and Durrington surgeries. Be lovely to see you soon ❤️
Please call first

Grove Lodge Portslade

Grove Lodge Vets Portslade is a your local friendly branch run by our senior Vet Stephen Courtney. Stephen is a very experienced small animal vet. He has been with Grove Lodge for over 20 years. Stephen and his reception team are always happy to help.

The branch is supported by our 24/7 365 Hospital in Worthing.

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Willow the Goldie and Blue the chick visited us last week.  Willow is a new puppy and was having a social visit and a we...




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