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DD Pilates


Great to try something new, and harder than it looks. I sit and stand all day, so my posture is poor and parts of my core are locked and immobile. Good to get some movement going in those areas. Thank you Dena #Pilates

I’m a Body Control Matwork Instructor, passionate about Pilates as it saved my spine! I stand for

Operating as usual


6 week Pilates course for the New Year!
Great Christmas gift!

Improvers level at 9:30-10:30am
Intermediate level 10:30-11:30am
From 8/1/22 in Southwick.
Please get in touch if you are interested, there are a few places left.

Best wishes Dena

6 week Pilates course for the New Year!
Great Christmas gift!

Improvers level at 9:30-10:30am
Intermediate level 10:30-11:30am
From 8/1/22 in Southwick.
Please get in touch if you are interested, there are a few places left.

Best wishes Dena


It’s not just for woman and let’s not forget it was created by a man in the first place!
#pilatesformen #pilatesforfootball #pikatesforall #pilatesforallbodies

It’s not just for woman and let’s not forget it was created by a man in the first place!
#pilatesformen #pilatesforfootball #pikatesforall #pilatesforallbodies


Pilates is saving me for the second time!!!
Once a few years back when I had a spinal injury while I was performing and now after a C section. Thank you Joseph Pilates for the technique you created and thank you @bodycontrolpilates for teaching me how to use it. Looking forward to teaching it again soon x


I have been a little quiet on here of late as I have been a little preoccupied growing another human being. I now have a little pair of hands on my hands! Looking forward to coming back to work early next year!
#newbaby #newchapter #recoveringwithpilates #postpregnancypilates #postpregnancyjourney #babyboy


I know I have allowed myself to watch so much of the news that I’m starting to be obsessive. Of course it’s good to stay a breast of things and yes we have to be in this together, especially to protect those that are risking their lives to save lives. However I’m going to try to not watch the news tomorrow, but instead try to deep breath on my mat for most if not all of the day!!!!!!!!!


Had an absolute blast @pennywithersstudio doing a Gyrotonic session. If you are in Glasgow go go go!!!!!


Check this out if you require therapy space.....

Therapy room available to rent from 1st May 🙌
📞 07789473651
📲 [email protected] for more information on rates 😁


It’s been great to introduce Pilates to new people, so I’m keeping this offer going to allow more people to try and see if it’s for them without breaking the bank. Get in touch if you think it might be for you.

@recoverydrive @shorehamandsouthwick


There is still time for this offer!


To support you with your Pilates journey in 2020 receive a complimentary one-to-one when you book and pay for any of these three options during January and February.
#pilatesinsouthwick #pilatesonetoneinsussex #pilatesprogressions #pilateswithdena #pilatesshoreham #pilatesinhove #recoverwithpilates @recoverydrive


Would you like to try Pilates but are an absolute beginner? Well, you can learn the fundamentals in private, with a one-to-one session for £20 and your second half-price. This will give you the confidence to try before joining a class or further one-to-one sessions.

Take your first steps to wellbeing in 2020 with DD Pilates.

Offer is valid for first and second sessions completed in January and February 2020.


Had a great time on the small equipment course yesterday and can’t wait to start implementing them into 2020 classes! Thanks so much @bodycontrolpilates and Kate Hodder for fantastic information.

theguardian.com 01/12/2019

'Pilates-changed-my-life’ stories are annoying… but it did

An interesting read indeed!

theguardian.com Over three years the exercise regime took Rachel Cooke from terrible back pain to new levels of fitness. But it was a lot harder than she expected


These are the benefits of Pilates that anyone can gain.
All you need is space for a mat!
The more you do, the more you gain!
All equipment provided @ddpilatesbrighton


I love to send out videos to my clients to help them with their homework. Todays video went out to all my class attendees to focus on the Hip Roll for rotation and how we can further challenge ourselves while performing it, plus the Dart for extension.
#pilateshomework #pilatesprogression #pilatesvideos #pilatesclass #pilatesmat #pilatesinsouthwick


The Oyster! A great exercise for hip rotation together with pelvic hip dissociation, featuring in tonight’s class at St John Ambulance Southwick.
Plus we have the heat to really mobilise our bodies.

#hiprotation #hipmobility #stjohnambulance #pilatesinsouthwick #heat #mobilise


Great advice from the Self Care Forum recommending Pilates for lower back pain. www.selfcareforum.org
#selfcare #lowerbackpain #pilatesinsouthwick


Win a free one to one session with me in Southwick, normally worth up to £35.
To enter simply like, comment and share. I will then draw a name from a hat on the 18th August! Good luck.


Monday Morning thought: the spine can move in many ways not just forwards! Keep all directions of movement as a possibility within your spine and practice Pilates to maintain extension, rotation and lateral flexion to better support your daily life!


It’s Show time! Wuthering Heights @brightonopenairtheatre with @identity_theatre_company
It’s been a pleasure to work with the company on their movement on stage, plus some cast and creatives have taken to Pilates!
#openair #theatre #emilybronte #movementdirection #storytelling #brightonnights #pilatesinsouthwick

dancemagazine.com 05/08/2019

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dance Technique

Pilates and dance has always had a strong connection, here is an interesting article that states “Somatic practices such as Pilates can help to strengthen those stabilising turnout muscles”
have a cuppa and a read.....

dancemagazine.com Throughout your dancing life, you've heard the same corrections over and over. The reason for the repetition? Dancers tend to make the same errors, sometimes with catastrophic results. Dance Magazine spoke to eight teachers about what they perceive to be the worst habits—the ones that will destroy...


The weather may be miserable today but that sun shall shine again so in the mean time keep moving. Try a roll down if appropriate for you. Always return to standing correctly, being constantly aware of your body in space and how you can engage those centring muscles to support the spine. Enjoy x
#keepmoving #thesunshallshineagain #pilatesrolldown #pilatesinspiration #pilatesinsouthwick #spinalflexion #spinalextension #standcorrectly


Just covered a Matwork Pilates class for Jan in Hanover and was greeted by this beautiful view as I left.
#pilatesinhanover #pilatesmat #redheadaboutbrighton #movementandhealth #teachingpilates


Just hanging out awaiting my one to one client!
#watercolour #redtoes #matworkpilates #onetoonepilatestraining #pilateslifestyle #pilatesinsouthwick


A cheeky Pilates Squat and Arm Raise at sunset of course!
#sunset #picnicandpilates #stronglegs #sunsetwalks #porth #pilatesatporth #redheadonholiday


Early morning self practice, making the most of these warm starts to the day. Enjoy the sun everyone.

csp.org.uk 19/06/2019

Mat Pilates probably improves balance and strength in older adults

An interesting read....

csp.org.uk Read about the latest in research Share Log in or register to post comments Research Findings Mat Pilates improves balance and strength in older adults (image/Amelie Beniost/BSIP/Science Photo Libary) Why was this study needed?In the UK, 11.8 million people are aged 65 or older, with numbers increas...


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standard.co.uk 15/06/2019

Colin Thackery: I get up at 6am for Pilates and porridge

What an inspiring man. Just goes to show you its never too late to get down on your mat and start to practise Pilates!

standard.co.uk Colin Thackery, the 89-year-old Britain’s Got Talent winner, hadn’t even reached the show’s finale before Amanda Holden started undressing him.


There is space in my Tuesday 9:30-10:30am Body Control Pilates Class at St John Ambulance, Southwick. It can really help to ease chronic back pain, strengthen your core stability plus relax your mind and body. Don't worry if you are a beginner, I can offer you one to one's for just £20 to get you started before joining the class. Limited space available Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm and Saturday 9:30-10:30am


Watched my students graduate showcase today @sohotheatre
I have had the privilege to share the benefits of Pilates with them over the last three years as well as the odd technical jazz class of course! @chiuni_tt @universityofchichester
#pilatesforperformers #pilatesfordancers #pilatesformusicaltheatre #pilatesforever #pilatesforyourfuture #pilatesinsouthwick


Latest edition to my studio space for all my one to one clients to benefit from, as well as a bit of Pilates of course!
#doterra #essentialoils #frankincense #pilatesinsouthwick #pilateslife #onetoone


Just watched #aroyalteamtalktacklingmentalhealth Such an incredibly important subject. I have had my own journey with mental health as I’m sure we all have. This is not a plug! Pilates gives me quiet time, to stop the inner chatter and just purely focus on the task. I have had clients say the exact same thing! Find something for you that helps quiet the negativity and focus your mind on the positive, whatever it maybe, allow yourself the time to find it.
#mentalhealthawareness #stateofmind #healthymindhealthybody #pilatesformindfulness #mindfulness #positivethoughts #openconversation #talk #courage #time

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