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Grain de Sail Wines

Embark with Grain de Sail® on a great sea adventure !

Grain de Sail® ships specially-selected organic and biodynamic wines from France to New York City with the world’s first modern cargo sailboat shipping routes between Europe and the Americas.


Happy 4th of July to all of you! 🍷

Photos from Grain de Sail Wines's post 22/05/2023

Until next time NYC 👋

We're headed South to the Caribbean 🏝️

We wanted to thank all of you who attended our events. You were so many and it was really a great time shared with you. We're humbled and thrilled by the levels of interest in our adventure and our mission. It's all possible thanks to you 🤲🙏

We'll be back soon 😘

Can't wait to see you again NYC. We miss you already 🗽❤️

Photos from Grain de Sail USA's post 17/12/2022

Our sailors reached NYC on Tuesday, december 13th 🌊🙌

What a crossing, what weather, what an adventure! 💪

During our stay in the City (from Dec. 17th to Dec. 23rd), we have planned a great event programm directly on the sailboat's deck.

Stay tuned for more info soon, on and

Photos from Grain de Sail Wines's post 09/09/2022

The Jewel of Brittany! 🇫🇷

As September is already there, let’s have a look at seasonal vegetables. If there’s one above all that is widely cultivated in Brittany, Grain de Sail’s home, it’s Artichoke! 👩🏻‍🍳

For a longtime considered as the “poor’s dish” by excellence because once eaten you have more on your plate than before starting, Artichoke is now used, cooked, and eaten on the World's Best restaurant. Simple to cook and full of minerals, try the heart simply poached with garlic, rosemary, and lemon (add an “oeuf mollet” on top for more texture). 🍋🥚🧄
To pair with the ferrous side of the artichoke and it’s lemony sauce, an incisive, very dry, and mineral white wine is the go-to. Try it with our Pépin White 2020 from Domaine Achillée & Friends! Riesling, Auxerrois & Sylvaner for this fruit bomb completely Natural! 🍷🍇


It's summer time! ☀️🍇
As the warm days are coming back, what would you say to taste a next-level Pet'nat / Kombucha style 5.5% ABV made of Biodynamic Alsatian plum and Riesling juice? At lunch, during the afternoon or before dinner, take a break and enjoy the super funky but delicious Quetsches Alors made by Pierre & Jean From ! 🌊⛵️


For this 4th transatlantic, Grain de Sail and teamed up for the revival of one of the most inspiring adventure stories.🌊

Charles was the first Frenchman to import Champagne from France to New York more than 150 years ago, and instantly met success thanks to the extraordinary qualities of his creations. He earned the New Yorker’s respect, and his cuvée was nicknamed after him “Champagne Charlie”. 🥂

Celebrating Charles’ 200th birthday, the Maison Charles Heidsieck wanted to revive the spirit of adventure that characterized his first transatlantic. Indeed, sailing was the only mean of transportation back then!

Grain de Sail built and now operates the first ever modern Cargo Sailboat in the world; conceived as a floating cellar, with all the modern equipment existing to ensure these unique wine’s optimum conservation during the transatlantic. 8 pallets of Cuvée Charlie were transported aboard the Grain de Sail last May to New York city, paying homage to Charles’ thrive on adventure and innovation. ⛵️

>Discover more about this story and much more on
>Check out our own selection of wines with


Hey NY Yorkers! 👋🏻
We come back with the Winenesday! Let’s present you Corkscrew Brooklyn
It opened its doors in October 2013 by Karin Holm Torres. She has got more than 20 year experience in retail as a buyer and head of operations.🍇

What’s Corkscrew ? Its offers a broad selection of family and female-produced wines, with a story to tell and a philosophy to convey. There is a large selection of organic, bio-dynamic or natural wines.
Come and try our wines transported by our cargo sailboat ! ⛵️🌊🍇
-Nebula 1894- Isabelle Pangault - Domaine Laffût (Loire Valley, Sologne Viticole, FR)
-La Source - Hannah & Raphael - Domaine de Bichery (Champagne, FR)
-Au dessus des nuages - Denis Hebinger (Alsace, FR)


See you soon New York City! 👋🏻🗽

The last couple of weeks has been incredible, with lots of events, visits, tastings... And the city is more beautiful than ever!

We would like to thank each wine and chocolate adventurers who attended at our events with , who booked their places for a wine and chocolate bars tasting tour on our Cargo Sailboat, or who just followed our adventure in Brooklyn with interest. You are the ones who make the Grain de Sail adventure a reality! 🍇🍷🍫

For those of you who might have missed on all of that, don’t worry! We’ll be back in NYC in not a long time.

NYC, we will miss you! But for us, the adventure is not over... More information on the rest of the transatlantic loop will come very soon! 🌊⛵️

📍Get all the updates on the adventure on
📍Wine selection, retail points... it’s on


Hi wine sailors! 👋🏻
Last Wednedsday, we got the chance to once again present our French, raw wines at the . Not only do our wines tick all the boxes of sustainable, organic and biodynamic production, they also seemed much to the taste of the participants, who were hosted by Olivier Barreau! Co-founder and co-director of Grain de Sail, he told them everything there is to know about our amazing wine selection. Coming at you from France thanks to the power of the wind and in the first ever floating cellar, those wines have definitely a bit of adventure in their savors.  🍇🗽
We will soon leave NYC, but visits of the Cargo Sailboat and wine tastings aboard can still be reserved! Book yours with the link in our bio! See you aboard! 
◾️Check out our wines that sail on  
◾️You like chocolate, or want to know more about us?


It’s not over yet! ⛵️🍇
We still have some dates and times available for public visits. Hurry up before our Cargo Sailboat leaves New York!  🌊🗽
For just 19.99$, have a bite and a sip of our adventure with this exclusive chocolate and wine tasting tour aboard. 3 wines that sail and 3 original chocolate recipes are included, as well as a full tour of the Cargo Sailboat and a chat with our crew that crossed the Atlantic thanks to the power of wind! 🌬
Click on the link in our bio and be part of the Grain de Sail adventure! 
Stay tuned on and !  
📍 The Estuary One15 Marina  
59 Bridge Park Dr, Brooklyn, New York


Visits of the Cargo Sailboat are still open to public! ⛵️🗽

Make sure you book your tour, because she won’t stay forever in New York! For just 19.99$, have a bite and a sip of our adventure with this exclusive chocolate and wine tasting aboard. 3 wines that sail and 3 original chocolate recipes are included, as well as a full tour of the Cargo Sailboat and a chat with our crew that crossed the Atlantic thanks to the power of wind! 💨🌊

📍 Click on this link in bio !

Stay tuned on and , because other events might be announced very soon 🤙


It's Winednesday ! 👋🏻🍇

📍 So let's meet one of our retailers in New York City !!

Drawing inspiration from its unique vantage point on the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront, at ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina offers a relaxed vibe with simple dishes that are expertly prepared from land, air and sea.

⚠️ Don't miss tonight our event in this place starting at 5PM! 🕔


Ahoy !! 👋🏻🗽

More infos on the Cargo Sailboat’s tours! 🍷⛵️

Yes, you heard it right: our Cargo Sailboat is open for visits! Actually, full tours are organized by our team at NYC. 📍🗽

On the menu, meet & greet with the team, a taste of the adventure with our sailors’ stories, a full visit of the Cargo Sailboat and a preview of our products: tasting of 3 wines that sailed and 3 original recipes of chocolate bars are included! 🍫

▪️Tours will be organized from May 9th to 22nd

📍 Click on the link (in the linktree) to book your tour of the Cargo Sailboat! 🍇🍷


Land Ho! 👋🏻

After just over 24 days of sailing, our Cargo Sailboat Grain de Sail has NYC in sight!

You better be ready, because from now things are going to be hectic!

Special events, surprise guests, chocolate bars tasting and many more will come in the very next days, so stay tuned on and to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

New York city, prepare yourself, because soon Grain de Sail will be in town! 🗽🍷🍷


Ahoy! It’s Winednesday ! 🍷🍇

Let's meet another Grain de Sail's partner in the Big Apple! Recommended by the very selective Star Wine List, is probably the best Asian restaurant of Manhattan. Located on 177 Prince St, you will have the opportunity to try two fabulous bottles of champagne from Domaine De Bichery, as well as some delicious & funky stuff (Quetsches Alors from & Au dessus des Nuages from ).
They're awaiting for you ! 🥂🍷⛵️


THIS is our favourite time of the year! 
Once again, we made it all the way to NYC! In just a few days, our Cargo Sailboat will arrive in Brooklyn, her hull filled with French wines. As we love to do, organic wine tasting sessions will be organized right on the Sailboat’s deck! This time however, you will also be able to enjoy some of our famous organic chocolate bars: 8 never-seen recipes coming from France! 🍇🍷🍫🇫🇷
You certainly don’t want to miss out on this special occasion! We’ll inform you on the dates and times very soon! 😉
To book a tasting session, simply clink on this link ➡️
While waiting for our Cargo Sailboat, have a look at our wines on , and continue the adventure on ! ⛵️🌊


Located in the heart of Manhattan, is a family run French kitchen where quality meets conviviality. In South of France, a Cabanon is a small shed where family and friends gather to eat, drink and talk. What a better place than New York to bring that French heritage and create new connections through French cuisine. 🍇🇫🇷

At Armel's side, come to discover our selection of organic, biodynamic, and natural French wines which have been selectionned by Matthieu Riou ! They crossed the Atlantic with the first modern cargo sailboat in the world! Perfect match, isn’t it ? 🍇 ⛵️🌊


THIS is what you should always be looking for when selecting your next wine bottles! 🍷

The Grain de Sail’s “Shipped by Cargo Sailboat”promise label is the guarantee that your organic biodynamic or natural French wines crossed the ocean only thanks to the power of wind. Thus, it attests that the carbon emission is almost nil!

If you are seeking to sip wines that, beyond their excellence, have a story to tell and protect the environment, you now know how to spot them!

Wine geeks, is the account to follow!
For updates on our sailing adventure and our other products, check out !


Happy Easter to all our Wine & chocolate sailors! Isn't it the perfect time for us to give you some advice on this tricky pairing ?

What to drink with Dark Chocolate? Well, Red wine is the key depending on the cocoa % but you can definitely try our Organic Côte de Nuits Villages 2018 with a piece of our 62%, so round and versatile!

What about Milk Chocolate? If you get the opportunity to bite on our 55%, the revisited combination of dark chocolate’s intensity and milk’s chocolate sweetness, you might want to get your hand on our Biodynamic Scherwiller Riesling 2018 from !

Let us know what you think and share your Wine & Chocolate Pairings this week-end!


Already 48h since our cargo sailboat left Saint Malo in France, with New York in sight! 🌊🗽

Get to know the guys who make the magic happen! From left to right:
▪️François, sailor and the guy behind the camera
▪️Julia, chief mate
▪️Fabrice, new on the Grain de Sail but a fairly experienced sailor
▪️Last but not least, Goulwen, the captain

We wish them good luck and fair wind! ⚓️

Follow the updates and join the adventure with and , and check our sailor's live progress on our website main page (link in bio)


Loading done! ✌️
Today, we have carefully loaded 15 paletts of organic, biodynamic French wines, chocolates and our modern Cargo Sailboat is know ready to cross the Atlantic only thanks to the power of the wind! 🍇🍷🍫
More information on our wines to come soon!
New York city be ready! 🗽

Follow our accounts and to join our adventure and follow the Grain de Sail's odyssee!

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

We are so excited to partner with , 151 Rivington St, LES, a cocktail bar from Harrison Snow and Jake Hodas, opened in partnership with , a Boston cocktail veteran ! 🍷

As part of their dedication to sustainability, Lullaby will be the first bar in NYC to exclusively carry wines transported via our cargo sailboat! ⛵️

The wine menu will only include AOC Laudun Maestral Red 2015; AOC Crémant d’Alsace Zero Dosage 2018; and AOC Jurançon Sec 2018.

Don’t miss out tonight on their grand opening, the greatest cocktails in the city & a sip of Grain de Sail’s Adventure! 🌊


Craving for a glass of organic, biodynamic and natural French wine this Saturday ? 🍷 ✨ Let us know your best spots where you want to see our wines! 🗽📍


A classic sales call day for Matthieu and Roman in NYC! A lot of great tastings and meetings with wine directors, sommeliers, and wine shop managers! A taste of our adventure with every sip 🍷✨


Grain de Sail Wines in front of the Williamsburg Bridge! 🗽 A hot spot for discovering the wines that sail! 🍷⛵️



After several months of study, design, technical thinking, planning and calculations…
The contract for the construction of Grain de Sail has been signed 🙌 with !
This memorable moment took place on February 11th on our existing Grain de Sail cargo sailboat, in the wake of the week 🌊
The carbon rigging will be supplied by
The delivery date is expected to be around the end of 2023 ⚓️
Grain de Sail 2 will be a modern cargo sailboat, with a loading capacity of more than 350 tons designed with our partner
Grain de Sail 2 is the second cargo sailboat of the company’s decarbonized fleet ! We increase our transportation capacity to respond to the growing demand of our chocolates 🍫 and ☕️coffees
We could not have done it without you!
Thank you for this exiting new stage!

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