The Leisure Vehicle Artisan

The Leisure Vehicle Artisan

The Leisure Vehicle Artisan is a specialist mobile service and diagnostic engineer for Motorhomes, C

A specialist service, maintenance and diagnostic engineer for Caravans, Motorhomes, Campers, Horseboxes, Race-truck motorhomes, Event Support Vehicles, Trailers & classic vehicles.

Photos from The Leisure Vehicle Artisan's post 04/02/2024

The owners of a well cared for panel van motorhome conversion decided to add auxiliary air suspension to the rear of their Fiat Ducato. I have such a system on my identical Peugeot Boxer and can understand why.
Both panel van and coachbuilt vehicles still on the original factory leaf springs have their suspension compressed by the weight being permanently well above that of an empty van. This not only makes the vehicle lean more in corners, but makes the leaf spring come into contact with the spring assistor/bump stop very easily, and has a negative impact on the ride and stability.
With these kits, the spring assistors are removed and replaced by rubber airbags. Through a manifold here sited in the cab step well, air is pumped in by a tyre inflator to inflate the airbags. This provides a more cushioned ride, works with existing springs and shock absorbers to limit body roll.
With coachbuilt motorhomes, particularly with long rear overhangs, the rear clearance can be increased by inflating the airbags to suit.

Photos from The Leisure Vehicle Artisan's post 04/02/2024

I can often help with issues on classic/ modern classic cars. Take this 1995 Daimler 6 (read Jaguar XJ). Through both front door cards being removed for whatever reason by the previous owner, most of the retaining clips had been broken, others rather crudely stuck in. The correct and Jaguar-specific retaining clips are still available. These were ordered in and carefully fitted. The passenger front door puddle light was not working either.
To access, various trim clips, screws, the veneered wood panel, door lock handle, top section of the panel needs removal, then the larger lower action, carefully disconnecting speaker wires, the wiring plug for electric windows and mirror control and normally the puddle light cable. However this was found disconnected. As nothing was wrong with the bulb or light unit, simple reconnection cured that problem!
So with all the broken clips replaced, plugs reconnected all was reassembled. The door cards are now secure and everything is working as it should!

Photos from The Leisure Vehicle Artisan's post 04/02/2024

I recently undertook a very interesting upgrade to a Laica motorhome. The existing lead-acid leisure battery had expired. The owner wanted a Lithium large capacity battery fitted for more off-grid capability. He also realised that a significant upgrade of charging capabilities to match the very specific lithium battery charging regimes, was required. The result of all this is shown in the photographs. A new battery-to-battery 12v charger to allow correct charging from the alternator. This required a modification to the CBE brand distribution control box to stop a charge relay energising. A new mains charger, solar charge regulator, fuse carriers and 2 connection busbars were added. The three different chargers are configurable and manageable by a very user friendly smartphone App. So the expensive large capacity lithium battery is assured of the correct charging regimes irrespective of source, 230v, 12v or solar.

Photos from The Leisure Vehicle Artisan's post 04/02/2024

Hi everyone.
My first refillable LPG installation this year! This time, twin large 11kg bottles connected to an existing Truma Crash-Stop regulator/changeover valve. Both bottles are connected so both are full after a visit to a GPL/LPG filling station. The filler point in this instance is sited under the rear bumper, so filling from a pump either side of the vehicle is easily achievable. With GPL at a little over 1€/litre presently, filling both tanks from empty is approx 45€. Quite a saving! No more manual handling of heavy bottles, and with an adapter kit, the system is easily filled throughout Europe and the UK.


Happy New Year to all my Customers, past, present and future.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all


Happy New Year everyone
The Leisure Vehicle Artisan (France) will hopefully be back in full operation soon!


The Leisure Vehicle Artisan (France) wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Good news! The Leisure Vehicle Artisan has now been granted a French SIRET number as can be seen from the certificate in the photograph.
So, subject to obtaining suitable insurance, I am now able to officially relaunch the business here in France.
So please visit the website from time-to-time as it will soon be having updates to reflect my new French business and some exciting new services that I will be offering.
Stay safe everyone.

Photos from The Leisure Vehicle Artisan's post 01/03/2021

So three steps closer to re-launching the business in France.
My mobile workshop has been successfully exported to France and is now at my new permanent home at 16390 St Severin, (Charente) France.
It now proudly displays it's new French Registration plates, so all is well so far!

Life beyond the Civil Service

After 37 years of loyal service I left the MoD on early retirement as a full Chartered Engineer (CEng) and I remain registered as such with the UK Engineering Council. Having time on my hands and feeling rather bored I decided what was required was a new career, but one in which I can really use my accumulated knowledge and skillset and so, here I am, The Leisure Vehicle Artisan. However, through the years one thing has continually infuriated me, and that is the poor quality of workmanship often witnessed on one’s own vehicles when subjected to workshop work. Rest assured that when working on your leisure vehicle or boat, I will be treating it as if it were mine. You will receive fair, honest advice, a professional but friendly service and at competitive rate – right on your doorstep!