Manad l'etrier

La manade de l'étrier est située sur la commune de saint gilles entre saint gilles et caissargues à 200m de la base navale de garons


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Keep Fighting

Thank you, Elodie, for your warm words. We received this via Stop speculations about Michael Schumacher's health condition

Kids need a hero, Michael was mine.
Everything started on a Sunday afternoon in 1993. My father was watching F1. I was 8. I started doing strange things like getting up in the middle of the night just to watch him race on TV.
He inspired me so much and still does. He learnt me to never back down and always keep fighting. It is something I try to do in my everyday life : Working with a team and always give my best. Every time I have issues, I think about him, about the fighter he is. Michael always gives me strength to go on. He always made the impossible possible. I remember his pole in 2012. I was in Monaco with my friend. We were watching the big screen. Michael was purple 1st and 2nd sector. My friend and I were gazing at each other : ”no, impossible with that car”. Then, the speakers finally shouted “Michael Schumacher’s pole position”. Even today I can’t describe my feelings on that day. My friend and I were crying and getting in each other arms. HE did it !
On October 2018 I went to Kerpen and Köln (1st time in Germany). I had tears in my eyes. He is and always will be the best, our Champion. I can’t thank him enough for all the emotions he gave me .
A team win together (again something he taught me) and we are his team. I will always stand by him and his family. Never give up Champion and keep fighting. Happy birthday Michael and best wishes for you and your family.
Love forever
Elodie LEGER 28/11/2018

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