Sebastien Laffargue

Sebastien Laffargue

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Long beach skate.

Photos from Sebastien Laffargue's post 02/09/2021

Testing new stuff 😎


Evening jump.


A sign seen in Russia 😂😅




Always good to learn new steps !


Slide ! 🌞


Good old Downhill times ! 2005.

Timeline photos 27/02/2020

The new SL Freestyle 90/72 skates are here ! So happy that this project finally went For Real ! I believe that this frame can become a game changer, it makes wheelings and spins much easier and faster and at the same time keeping your freestyle flow :)

Timeline photos 26/08/2019

What is the right trajectory ?

Timeline photos 11/07/2019

Higher and higher. SL skates


Speed slalom ! ❤️
SL-C 310

Photos from Sebastien Laffargue's post 16/06/2019

— FR3 310
@ Hong Kong


Jump !! Where are you going to skate this week-end ?

FR3 - 310

Timeline photos 01/06/2019

Mind your head !

Photos from Sebastien Laffargue's post 28/05/2019

My current bombing 💣 setup :
SL C 310wheels 110mm
@ Guadalajara, Jalisco

Timeline photos 25/05/2019

Parallel Slide ! My favorite slide ! Which is your favorite slide ?

Timeline photos 13/05/2019

Timeline photos

Night Skate setup feat new 125mm !

Timeline photos 28/04/2019

Night Skate setup feat new 125mm !

Timeline photos 14/04/2019

🔥 Skates ready for downhill ! 🔥

Timeline photos 13/04/2019

@ CDMX with my SL skates !

Photos from Sebastien Laffargue's post 22/03/2019

After a few years of developpment, I am proud to announce that my new signature MPC Freestyle are finally here ! Fantastic performance, fantastic grip and great durability ! Ready to ship to your best retail stores ! More details and info to come soon ! Available in 72-76-80mm in Single and dual urethane !

Photos from Sebastien Laffargue's post 17/03/2019

Toe Wheeling jump !

Exact same moment, two different views 📸

📸 RF Raceography

@ Mexico City, Mexico

Photos from Sebastien Laffargue's post 14/03/2019

Repost FR skates ! 😎👍🏻
The new ⚡FR SL-C ⚡
We're thrilled to introduce the first ever full Carbon FReeride / FReestyle skates !
(Carbon Shells, Cuffs and Frames)
Designed by Sebastien Laffargue & equipped with the best possible components:
- FR Carbon Frames
- MPC Freestyle dual urethane Wheels
- FR Twincam ILQ-9 pro Bearings
Other 3 or 4 wheels setups already available
#インラインスケート @ Paris, France

Timeline photos 07/03/2019

Check out my interview by by —> link in bio 😎(Sorry only available in 🇫🇷French)

Photos from Sebastien Laffargue's post 03/02/2019

FR skates & booths at ISPO 2019 ! Some good stuff to come soon ! @ Munich, Germany

Timeline photos 11/01/2019

A great skating day in the streets of NYC !

Timeline photos 24/11/2018

Toe Spin !

Timeline photos 22/06/2018

Timeline photos

The FR skates concept was born in 2006, in Paris, France.

Its creators, Sébastien Laffargue & Grégoire Pinto were looking for a new generation of Freeride skates with hard shells, combining high performance, comfort, versatility, and durability.

Their attention to each detail, combined with their high level skating experience, and a drop of 'French Touch', made these skates a huge success around the world.

The time has come for FR to take off, to keep in line with its roots, and guide you through new ways, for the best skating experiences.

FR products and innovations are already setting tomorrow's new standards.
Join the FR brand in a new era!

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