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I see the last post by iHORSE was more than a year ago. I have been dealing with iCaballeria which is a subsidary of iHorse and they don't answer the phones anymore. Is there an iHorse problem?☹️

Development : Web (site & applications), Software (CRM, ERP...) & Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, BlackBerry) / Design : Prepress Packaging, Web, Logo, Print, Animation...

iHorse Technologies and Design Group (iHorse) is a company based in the Canadian & United States, with its development centres in India. A Liaison Office was opened on 2011 in France. We are an energetic and dynamic organisation focused on website development and web design (“web publishing”). Our aim is to develop and deliver web-based systems, built to excellent standards, whilst keeping the website cost effective. Our technical expertise is aimed at providing you with rich, dynamic and data driven web applications. Our services include, amongst others, E-commerce solutions and website design. We are here to help you promote your business, leaving an effective web presence on the Internet.


Well, as we are stepping into this new year we just wanted to say "Many thanks to all our employees who has given their Continued support and we are looking forward to step into this new year with only postivities which is going to keep us moving ahead to the next level". iHorse wishes all our employees a Very "Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019"


Thanks for the Vinayaka Chaturthi event's participation ! Proud to have such artistic iHorsians : singers, dancers, creatives...


iHorse Tech

Thanks #Beeleev Team for helping us in our business !



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"New App Developed to Help Women, Children, and the Elderly in Distress" - iHorse Tech


linkedin.com iHORSE tech created a volunteer application for Puducherry Police Department. MITRA: Mobile Initiated Tracking and Rescue Application - An Android



a StartUp to ScaleUp Program


iHorse Tech

iHorse group proudly opening an other european entity in London (UK) thanks to Futurewise Accountancy's help


iHorse Technologies


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iHorse Tech

iHorse very proud to announce creation of its european subsidiary in Paris (France) on the 5th of September 2016, after 5 years of successful representation with a Liaison Bureau from 2011.


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iHorse Technologies

[03/04/16]   Encryption: Explained!
Last year, there was a lot of media hype about Google’s forced encryption policies on their Nexus device, with amny people criticizing the need for it. However, with the rise in threats that are out to steal personal information, encryption is actually more important than you might think, though not everyone feels the same way about it, or uses it like we’re supposed to. Encryption is actually supposed to be a very crucial technology that everyone is supposed to use and it also used in a lot of scenarios including websites, but for a lot of reasons, it is absent among the majority of the people that use devices which hold their personal data, like mobile phones and laptops. Fundamentally, encryption is supposed to be a very complicated thing. That’s basically its core function anyway; to be as complicated as possible to secure data from intrusion and theft. But you can get a basic overview of it and how it works, what it’s used for, how it encrypts and decrypts data and how effective it is here: https://youtu.be/dut9EnbFym0

[03/04/16]   MediaTek Lab’s Open Source IoT Development Platform
Moving towards an open source environment for almost all things mobile and connected would make great sense, and as it is evident from open source platforms like Android and Linux, open source has a lot of advantages. There are many reasons for that, and MediaTek has started to work a little more towards that direction also, except they’re doing it in the industry of the Internet of Things. “MediaTek Labs unveiled a new development platform called the MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688. This new platform runs OpenWrt Linux (a distro commonly flashed onto routers to provide a wide range of customization options). MediaTek supporting OpenWrt over Google’s Brillo is a fairly unsurprising choice.” Read more about this here: http://goo.gl/HLWXI1

[03/03/16]   Internet Vs Web: Explained!
Everyone in the world has at least at one point in time made the wrong use of the words “Internet” and the “Web”, and the fact that it is so widely overused and misused doesn’t exactly help. But though people might tell you to look for something on the Internet while someone else uses the word “the web” for the same purpose, they are both actually very different words with different technical definitions and meanings. They are both tied to each other, yes, but they are both fundamentally very different from each other for lots of reasons and in a lot of ways. There are so many different things that the Internet is used for, all of which lie outside the Web. Does that make sense? So what are they exactly? How are they different and why are they different? Internet? Web? Aren’t they the same thing? Apparently, not even close. Find out how here:https://youtu.be/laepk9KrAZY

wccftech.com 03/03/2016

AMD Launches GPUOpen - Refines Philosophy Into Two Tiers: CGI and Gaming and Professional Compute

AMD’s GPUOpen Initiative!
AMD has been promising us something in the open source industry for a while now, and it seems that they have delivered on it by announcing their new GPUOpen initiative. “AMD has finally launched one of the biggest open source initiatives that it promised earlier in the form of GPUOpen. Building on one of its fundamental promises (open source), AMD’s GPUOpen promises to create the ultimate platform for game and graphic developers that will give them easy access to everything from dev kits to effect libraries. To quote Nicolas Thibieroz, one of the leading guys behind the GPUOpen project, GPUOpen “marks the beginning of a new philosophy at AMD” and is something whose roots can be traced back to Mantle.” Read about this here: http://wccftech.com/amd-launches-gpu-open-cgi-gaming-professional-compute/

wccftech.com AMD has finally launched one of the most significant platforms of the graphics industry in the past few years: the GPUOpen initiative.

xda-developers.com 02/03/2016

Low Battery Generation: Momentary Fall, or Downward Trend?

Low Battery Generation: A Momentary Fall, Or A Downward Trend?
Battery technology; something that we don’t talk about a lot, but is a crucial piece of the puzzle that makes up today’s mobile devices and how we use them, and the user experience they deliver. Over the years though, the ratio of power consumption and availability has changed dramatically. Ten to fifteen years ago, battery technology was advanced enough to hold enough charge to power the devices that existed during then, but with innovation in other mobile hardware, the amount of power consumed has reached a huge amount, but batteries haven’t been able keep up. And that’s why we have device today with futuristic performance and features but a worse battery life than a device that existed fifteen years ago. “The battery life of our devices is a top concern for us these days. While better SOCs are released with more efficient processes, and software optimizations help with battery life, a lot of us are still worried if our Smartphone or tablet will get us through the day.” There are some technologies in progress still, and while we may not necessarily see a big boost in battery capacity or the technology as a whole, it can be something to hold on to. Read about it here: http://goo.gl/nCwGPB

xda-developers.com This year's flagships haven't been what we expected in terms of battery life. Is this a momentary issue, or signs of a trending disregard for longevity?

tech.firstpost.com 02/03/2016

Adobe Flash: The slow agonising death could happen in two years! – Tech2

Adobe Flash: Impeding Death?
One of the most popular software products that you could have ever used in your entire lifetime of using your computer and especially the Internet when watching video or animations or more, is Flash. Flash was once called “Macromedia Flash”, if you remember right, though it is now owned by Adobe. Despite the universal use of Flash and it’s many applications, it looks like Steve Jobs might have been right as we now learn that Flash is currently terminal, with only about 2 years left to live! “It is expected that Adobe Flash might be ‘dead’ in the next two years. With emergence of new high-tech every year, Adobe might have to give up on Flash, once and for all.” So what do we do if Flash was to die, which it looks like it’s going to be? What would be a replacement, or replacements? How would the web adapt? What happens to sites that already run Flash? Did Steve Jobs predict Flash’s future back in 2010? And will Flash really die in 2018? Find out here: http://goo.gl/GJdA09

tech.firstpost.com What could displace Adobe Flash from its eminent place? Even though Flash is present on a few (popular) websites, the alternative opted for is HTML5. Slowly and steadily, most websites are migrating flash content to HTML5, wherever possible.


NVMe As Fast As Possible

NVMe: Explained!
SATA has no doubt become ubiquitous for data transfers in desktop, laptops, servers and other such computers. But though SATA has been improved over the past few years, with standards like SATA 3, SATA Express and more offering way faster transfer speeds, the entire standard has almost always had a bottleneck for a lot of applications that exist today. For example, there are now solid state drives that are capable of writing and reading a huge amount of data at the same time, but are unable to because of the bottlenecks that SATA has. To overcome this, there are standards like PCI Express that are capable of delivering incredibly wide bandwidth are used, and this is where the relatively new standard NVMe saves the day. “NVM Express, NVMe, or Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface Specification (NVMHCI), is a logical device interface specification for accessing non-volatile storage media attached via PCI Express (PCIe) bus.” So what exactly is NVMe? How does it work? What are its advantages over using other controllers? How does NVMe help overcome SATA’s bottlenecks? “SSDs are awesome, but the common SATA interface is becoming a serious bottleneck. However, the new NVMe standard helps take SSD performance to new heights...” Find out how here: https://youtu.be/gABlQz0ktd0

SSDs are awesome, but the common SATA interface is becoming a serious bottleneck. However, the new NVMe standard helps take SSD performance to new heights......

tech.firstpost.com 02/03/2016

Internet may soon carry traffic at speed of light – Tech2

Internet May Soon Carry Traffic At The Speed Of Light
Data transfer speeds play a large and very significant role in the overall speed of the Internet and the network as a whole. Over the years, Internet speeds have improved significantly in a lot of areas and even areas that did not have connectivity are slowly starting to get on board. However, a new research aims to push this even further. “In a first, a research has found a solution to make the internet infrastructure open and programmable while carrying its traffic at the speed of light by introducing new concepts of open source optical internet. The research addresses the problem of current internet infrastructure’s inability to support independent development and innovation at physical and network layer functionalities and supporting the increasing bandwidth demands of changing and diverse applications simultaneously.” Read about it here:http://goo.gl/7oIQhU

tech.firstpost.com In a first, a research has found a solution to make the internet infrastructure open and programmable while carrying its traffic at the speed of light by introducing new concepts of open source optical internet.

tech.firstpost.com 01/03/2016

Digital versus traditional media: The case of the missing versus – Tech2

Digital Vs Traditional Media
Media is everywhere. It is one of the most influential things in the world, and the way that it talks about products and services makes a lot of difference to how the world works. But the type of media that is widespread today is different from what we used and how media worked a few years ago. Today, we have digital media dominating over traditional media and the change doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. “In advertising circles, the growing power of digital media vs. the staying strength of traditional media has been an ongoing debate. The believers in digital use the rapid growth of devices, clicks, likes and impressions as evidence while the skeptics use the low marketing spends on digital as a means of de-bunking the theory. The truth is that this so called “versus” is nothing but a navel gazing exercise that the advertising industry indulges in. Now, more than ever, there is no “versus”. We do not consume a digital medium; we live in a digital world.” Read more about this here: http://goo.gl/P8X0Dl

tech.firstpost.com The challenge for traditional media to blend into this digital driven world is “interruption avoidance”.


Are Computers Still Getting Faster?

Are Computers Still Getting Faster?
When you look at computers today, their processing power has been faster than ever before, but the rate of the increase in their capabilities is sort of interesting. “"Moore's law" is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years.” But due to physical limitations, today’s computers are starting to even challenge that law. But despite this, computers today are still faster than most computers a few years ago. Looking back at the beginning of the century though, a decade before that, computers were practically in their stone age, yet the ten years since the beginning of the century has seen unprecedented growth. But that growth rate seems to have slowed, yet we see devices today that are faster performing than previous generations. So what exactly is going on here? Are computers actually getting faster or slower? Where does Moore’s Law stand? Find out here: https://youtu.be/IuLxX07isNg

In a recent episode I explored a 10-year-old MacBook to see if it could still keep up in today's world, and surprisingly it could. So in this episode I explo...


What is a V***r Chamber as Fast As Possible

V***r Chamber: Explained!
Cooling is a very important part of a computer’s operation, and that principle applies to pretty much anything that uses electronic processors like desktop computers, to even mobile devices or even wearbles that you strap on to your wrist or wear around your head. Processors do most of the heavy lifting in these devices, and processors give off heat as they operate. Dissipating this heat and the efficiency of that process makes a huge difference in the performance of the device and how efficient it is. There are a lot of cooling solutions available today, like aftermarket heatsinks with large fans, water cooling that uses radiators that sometimes use a combination of fans and tubes or even heatpipes that use water’s physical properties like ev***ration and condensation to effectively dissipate heat. But quite possibly the most effective and innovative cooling technology is probably the v***r chamber. V***r chambers are incredibly advanced, to the point that they can even be used in space. They dissipate heat much more effectively when compared to other technologies, but just how do they work? And if they’re so effective and technologically ahead, why do we not see them everywhere? Find out here: https://youtu.be/M4POFT3Ctek

V***r chambers allow us to achieve better performance in high heat flux applications, which basically lets us take a very hot, very small surface (top of a C...

9to5google.com 01/03/2016

Talking Schmidt: Artificial intelligence will one day solve the world’s problems | 9to5Google

Schmidt: Artificial Intelligence Will One Day Solve The World’s Problems
Computers are getting smart –really smart. We are currently at a point of evolution that computers are making decisions for us, calculating things faster than any human ever could, predicting complex weather patterns, solving complex algorithms, using complicated encryption algorithms to secure data and decrypt it, and the list goes on and on. Fundamentally, computers, thanks to the increase in processing power and the clever software that runs on top, we have Supercomputers and other such machines that can do things we never could have imagined possible. Yet, we are only seeing them improving, if anything. And that’s probably why Eric Schmidt, an American software engineer, businessman, as well as the executive chairman of Alphabet Inc., believes that “artificial intelligence could one day help the world solve its “hard problems,” including issues like population growth, climate change, human development, and education. Schmidt explained that because of the fast pace at which AI technology is being developed, it can help scientists determine the relationship between the cause and effects of such issues by quickly analyzing large amounts of data.” Read about it here: http://goo.gl/midJnY



What is a Codec as Fast As Possible

Codecs: Explained!
Sometimes, when you’re trying to playback a file on your computer or your laptop or sometimes even your mobile device, you’re faced with an error that tells you that the file couldn’t be played back due to your computer missing the necessary codec. This is a relatively simple issue that can easily be fixed by installing the correct codec that the player needs to decode the file you’re trying to play, but why do you have to face this error in the first place? Why is the correct codec required? More fundamentally, what are codecs anyway? And what are decoders? Why do you need to have them on your computer? Why can’t we have a universal codec or decoder than we can use to playback everything? Why is there a need for so many different codecs? What are containers and how are they different from codecs? Find out here:https://youtu.be/GhWki9a7s18

Ever had to download a codec to play back a video or audio file? Ever wondered what the devil they are and why we need them? Now you can know in about 4 minu...


IHorse is focused to providing a wide array of outsourcing services like website designing, web development, offshore software development, Domain name registration, and web hosting with high quality at reasonable prices. With rapid changes taking place, information technology can provide extensive benefits to any business irrespective of the company size. Using new technology and the World Wide Web one can achieve unexpected results in favour of business. Some technical aspects which are beneficial to taking a resource at IHorse with expert and sound technical skills are: Technical Competence, Quality, and Costs, Start up time, Protection, Efficient Project Management.

IT offshore services in India have revolutionized ‘www’ all over the world and IHorse is one of India’s leading offshore service providers. Indian market at present is offering space, resources and manpower at rates, which no other country can offer.



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