MyFanGroup’s mission is to enable any business to most effectively attract, incent, reward and retain its prospects, customers and partners via the Internet & Mobile

MyFanGroup develops a complete Relationship Marketing platform that enables companies to reach out to customers (via mobile, social networds...) and accelerate their sales cycles thanks to a unique range of digital incentives (Digital Rewards)

- MyFanGroup Digital Rewards:
A turn-key solution to companies to deploy promotional and loyalty programs to their customers through points that can be redeemed to download DRM-free mp3 music hits from our exhaustive catalog of over 2 million songs from every major labels and a wide range of independents...
- MyFanGroup Mobile
A managed hybrid mobile architecture that delivers to enterprises mobile applications across all major platforms + exhaustive real-time administration and reporting capabilities to evolve and track usage of applications after they are published and deployed.

Fonctionnement normal 10/02/2014

Consommateur : l'enjeu de la personnalisation |... Consommateur : l'enjeu de la personnalisation Emarketing 80% des directions du marketing digital pensent que la personnalisation sera la clé du succès de leurs initiatives dans les deux prochaines années, et 51% annonce que c'est déjà le cas. 10/02/2014

La Fnac fait de sa nouvelle appli un pont entre... La nouvelle application mobile de l'enseigne regorge de fonctionnalités aussi bien de m-commerce que dédiées à un usage cross-canal. 30/01/2014

Facebook Officially A Mobile Firm With 53% Of A...

Facebook’s mobile-only user count increased from 254 million in Q3 2013 to 296 million in Q4! Facebook to become mobile centric or even mobile-only? Facebook hit a major milestone with today's Q4 2013 earnings as it crossed the halfway point and now earns 53% of ad revenue from mobile, or $1.37 billion of.. 30/01/2014

Deux leviers de croissance du digital : le mobi...

Avec l'aide de la MMA, les chiffres de la publicité mobile sont désormais mieux analysés... et en forte hausse ! Il était temps ! Le mobile, qui pèse désormais 229 millions d'euros, passe enfin la barre des 8% d'investissements du digital, après deux années difficiles qui ne répondaient pas forcément aux attentes du marché. La bascule des audiences vers le mobile et les tablettes se traduit par une accéléra... 29/01/2014

Facebook: First Ever $1 Billion Mobile Ad Reven...

Facebook has clearly figured out the mobile opportunity. Who said again less than 2 years ago that mobile would make Facebook irrelevant? Investors will be especially sensitive to is whether CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg or CFO David Ebersman mention the word "teens." 28/01/2014

Mobile marketing explodes in importance with in... Mobile marketing is taking off with potential, as a tremendous number of Americans use their smartphones and tablets to check their emails. 27/01/2014

Starbucks: 10M Mobile Payments Users, Making 5M...

Mobile and physical Starbucks Card payments now account for more than 30% of the company's U.S. payments! Nearly 10 million Starbucks customers use its mobile app to make payments, totaling close to 5 million mobile payments a week, the company reports. 23/01/2014

Mobile App Downloads To Exceed 268 Billion | Mo... More than 268 billion mobile app downloads will have taken place by 2017, generating more than $77 billion in revenue, says Gartner. 23/01/2014

Marketing : 65% des e-mails d’abord ouverts sur...

Malgré les parts de marché actuelles, iOS représente 50% des e-mails totaux ouverts contre seulement 14% pour Android. Toutes les plateformes ne sont pas (encore) égales ! Les détenteurs d'iPhone passent plus de temps à lire leurs e-mail que ceux d'Android... 23/01/2014

Communications, Social Networking Among Top Sma...

Mobile is reshaping online behavior in France and other EU countries Internet pe*******on in France, Germany, Italy and Spain will continue to vary substantially this year, according to a new eMarketer report. 16/01/2014

App Usage Explodes, Especially In Productivity ... Mobile app usage exploded last year, according... 15/01/2014

Mobile Apps Help Lure Customers, Spur Loyalty |...

Key roles & challenges of Mobile Apps for customer facing apps according to executives worldwide... Brands can use mobile apps for a variety of purposes ranging from customer service relations to building brand loyalty. 15/01/2014

App Monetization To Get Tougher Still, With Gar... The business of making money from apps is going to get tougher still, with analyst Gartner predicting that through to 2018 less than 0.01% of consumer mobile.. 09/01/2014

Retail, Electronics See the Highest Mobile Ad C...

Large variances in Mobile Ad CTR depending on vertical (Retail, Electronics and Entertainement top the chart!) With mobile ad spending on a significant upswing, brands need to know how users are interacting with both display and rich media ads across a variety of verticals. 08/01/2014

Apple's $10 Billion In App Store Sales | Mobile...

Apple stays well ahead of Google in terms of monetization of Smartphone presence... Apple's App Store did $10 billion in gross... 27/12/2013

Mobile Traffic and Sales Surge on Christmas | M... Mobile traffic was the highest we've seen... accounting for 48 percent of all online traffic, up 28.3 percent compared to the same period last year. 27/12/2013

Twitter appears to be testing app store links a...

The incentivized app install market has become so huge (already a multi-billion dollar market) that Twitter can't ignore it anymore... It looks like Twitter has been testing out a new type of ad unit on mobile: promoted app installs. Circa co-founder Matt Galligan spotted an ad with an install button on the Twitter ... 24/12/2013

Mobile App Downloads Expected to Reach New Reco...

Will the 500 million App downloads be reached this year for Christmas? It could very well be! Answer in a few days... Philippe Dumont's insight: Will the 500 million App downloads be reached this year for Christmas? It could very well be! Answer in a few days... 22/12/2013

2013: The year we all went 'mobile' | MobileMar...

A comprehensive and detailed view on how 2013 (truely) changed the way we look at mobile and at the world... Philippe Dumont's insight: A comprehensive and detailed view on how 2013 (truely) changed the way we look at mobile and at the world... 21/12/2013

How Many Mobile Devices will Santa Deliver Next... Philippe Dumont's insight: 32 million Tablets... Merry Mobile Christmas! :) 18/12/2013

Retailers Lag Behind Consumers’ Omnichannel Des...

Mobile at the heart of the commerce (r)evolution: Retailers Lag Behind Consumers' Omnichannel Desires (RSR worldwide survey) New technologies and better data bring the longtime dream of a unified cross-channel shopping experience within reach. In practice, however, most retailers still fall far short of achieving this vision, according to a new eMarketer report. 17/12/2013

M-commerce : +25% de croissance chaque trimestr...

La nouvelle version du Baromètre du Marketing Mobile MMAF. La présentation complète à télécharger sur : Le commerce sur mobile ne cesse de croître. La France compterait désormais plus de 4 millions d'acheteurs… 13/12/2013

Juniper Expects Bounce in Mobile Smart Wearable... Philippe Dumont's insight: Smart wearable device shipments should approach 130 million by 2018... That’s 10-times higher than estimated this year! 13/12/2013

Mobile Apps Will Transform All Business Process...

Les applications mobiles changent le monde de l'entreprise chaque jour un peu plus, aussi bien avec les clients, les employés, les partenaires etc... Etes vous prêt ? Over the last 12 months I’ve surveyed over 700 companies, asking them if they have developed any mobile apps internally to help them with such things as supply chain management, logistics, purchasing 03/12/2013

Here's What's Going To Happen When You Miss You...

Drone Mobility Humor :) This is getting passed around like crazy... 01/12/2013

Le mobile, eldorado des e-commerçants ? | Mobil... Oui, mais pas n'importe comment ! | Le Cercle Les Echos 28/11/2013

MMA Forum Paris | MobileMarketingNews

Le premier MMA Forum Paris : 1 journée, 6 thèmes & 30 intervenants autour du marketing mobile. Inscrivez-vous vite ! Invitations gratuites pour les annonceurs Le MMA Forum débarque à Paris le 5 décembre 2013 ! 28/11/2013

Le mobile, une opportunité pour les marques | M...

" 59% des mobinautes acceptent le geofencing, et 38% aimeraient s'identifier à l'entrée du magasin pour recevoir des informations personnalisées sur leur smartphone" L'étude Mobile Marketing Attitude révèle que les mobinautes sont demandeurs d'informations personnalisées sur leur smartphone 24/11/2013

Le M-Commerce : plus d'un milliard d'euro de CA... Les ventes sur l’internet mobile (smartphones et tablettes, sites mobiles et applications) poursuivent leur développement avec une progression de 98%. Les sites du panel iCM réalisent 11% de leurs ventes sur mobile (6% au 3ème trimestre 2012). 22/11/2013

Mobile Growth Statistics - 2013 Infographic | M...

Simply the most complete infographic on the state of Mobile at a global level. Hats off! One of the most complete infographic on mobile marketing. includes everything from market share and adoption to platforms and mobile usage, m-commerce... 21/11/2013

Are Mobile Marketers Missing The Mark on Consum...

Still lots of room for improvement... Only 6% of those surveyed found mobile ads to be useful. In particular, 2% deemed SMS messages to be helpful. 14/11/2013

Le premier obstacle à l’achat en ligne sur mob...

La France est elle vraiment le cancre du Mobile ? Pour en avoir le coeur net : Seuls 25% des web-acheteurs français effectuent des achats via leurs smartphones contre 43% au niveau mondial… 12/11/2013

Independently Owned Apps With A Million-Plus Us... It may be getting harder for mobile developers to break into the top charts in the various app stores, but there is a healthy and growing "middle class" app.. 11/11/2013

Mobile Set to Take Double-Digit Share of Wester...

Solid m-Commerce growth for the upcoming holiday season bu France still trailing Europe's average... Many consumers will use tablets and smartphones for holiday purchases, driving mcommerce sales up more than two-thirds. 08/11/2013

Display, Mobile Key Drivers of Western European... Advertisers in Western Europe were among the first worldwide to embrace digital options. As a result, digital advertising is a relatively mature marketplace in much of the region, such as Germany and France.



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