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Puy du Fou


Twenty ROBE lighting luminaires are a key feature of a new by Maxime Chotard for “Mousquetaire de Richelieu”, one of the flagship shows at Puy du Fou, a historical theme park in Les Epesses in the Pays de la Loire region of Western France.

These have now been joined by 22 x luminaires which were chosen as a perfect complement to Robe’s highest-powered LED moving light.

The show, staged in “Le Grand Carrousel” Hall, a 6000-square metre equestrian theatre with seating for 3000, combines sword fights, poetic tirades, equestrian prowess, moving sets and spectacular special effects that immerse visitors in a crazy swashbuckling mid-17th century tale that unfolds on a massive purpose-built stage. The 74-metre wide by 45 metres deep performance space is equipped with – among other things – the world’s largest stage curtain!

Enjoy our full here 👉 www.robelighting.com/news/robe-fortes-for-puy-de-fou-mousquetaire-de-richelieu-show.

Win an October half-term trip to Puy du Fou!
We've joined together with Puy du Fou to celebrate our 50th and 45th anniversaries by offering a fantastic prize of an October half-term trip to Puy du Fou for 4 people which includes:

🔹 Return sailings for a standard size car and up to 4 passengers on any route from Portsmouth, Poole or Plymouth to France, including an inside cabin on board
🔹 A two-day entry ticket to the park for up to 4 people
🔹 Two nights' stay with breakfast at the on-site Hotel Le Grand Siècle inspired by Louis XIV’s own private château.
🔹 Dinner each evening at the hotel restaurant, La Table des Ambassadeurs
🔹 8 vouchers for food inside the park to cover lunch over the two days.

The lucky winner will be able to travel anytime between 24 October and 5 November 2022*

To be in with a chance to win enter here, and don't forget to like this post and tell us who you'd like to take in the comments ➡️ https://brittanyferries.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3vG6T9Ep79iJPz8

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.
*subject to availability
Hoy hemos visitados el grandioso mundo de Puy du Fou.

Todos los alumnos, desde 1° hasta 4° ESO y sus profesores, han revivido la historia de nuestro país admirando los fantásticos espectáculos.

Una experiencia inolvidable.

Puy du Fou
Los chicos y chicas de 2º de la ESO visitan .

Un sorprendente viaje donde, además, han indagado en nuestra historia gracias a su visita a Puy du Fou España.

Puy du Fou Toledo Turismo Ayuntamiento de Toledo
El parque temático de Puy du Fou reabre hoy con cinco 'shows' diurnos y uno nocturno, 'El sueño de Toledo', además de más talleres, poblados de época y espacios al aire libre.
En tu lista de planes con niños para el 2022 no puede faltar una visita a Puy du Fou

En , Puy du Fou presenta una recreación espectacular de la Historia de España.

Es el lugar perfecto para una estancia inolvidable o un en familia.

👉🏻 https://buff.ly/3gDsixR
En tu lista de planes con niños para el 2022 no puede faltar una visita a Puy du Fou

En , Puy du Fou presenta una recreación espectacular de la Historia de España.

Es el lugar perfecto para una estancia inolvidable o un en familia.

👉🏻 https://buff.ly/3gDsixR
Y faltaba nuestro II Concurso infantil y juvenil de dibujo, para que los más pequeños puedan mostrarnos qué es para ellos La Navidad en .

Todos los participantes tendrán un pequeño obsequio por cortesía de La Madriguera de Papel así como premios para el primer y segundo ganador por categoría.

Premios de:

Puy du Fou , ByePadel, Toledeport, Castillos de Arena, Eurekakids España

Muchas gracias a las empresas que participan y un abrazo enorme a nuestros pequeños artistas del barrio.

(ver bases del concurso).
🤵🏽 IX Torneo escolar de lectura en público🤵🏽‍

🏟️ Organiza Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez en Casa del Lector, con la colaboración de Ediciones Siruela y Puy du Fou

🗒️Inscripciones hasta 17 de enero

✔️Fase eliminatoria: 22/23 marzo
✔️Fase final, fallo del jurado y entrega de premios: 22 abril

Imagen: V. Hryshchenko CC
Eine sechstägige Showfahrt durch ganz Frankreich will bald der Themenpark Puy du Fou seinen Gästen bieten. Knackpunkt: Der Preis in Höhe von 4.900 Euro.
¿Quieres viajar en el tiempo por la historia de España🧐?

Puy du Fou España lo hace posible y te propone el mejor regalo para estas Navidades: su tarjeta regalo 🎁

Puy du Fou España Puy du Fou Madrid Destino. Cultura, Turismo y Negocio Ayuntamiento de Toledo ́ticos


Welcome to the Official Page of Puy du Fou ! History is waiting for you!

Photos from Puy du Fou's post 23/05/2022

Our "Grand Siècle"... your Versailles 😊

© amy_courtens ; augoutdemma ; lisa.vda ; marthevdh on Instagram

Timeline photos 20/05/2022

25 years of not answering the question "how do vikings get out of water"...
And SURPRISE, we won't say anything either for the next 25 years 😉

© Arthur Aumond

Timeline photos 13/05/2022

Your reaction in 3 emojis, when you first saw the scene of "Mousquetaire de of Richelieu" flooding 😊

© Arthur Aumond

Timeline photos 09/05/2022

Yes, this photo was taken at Puy du Fou… Guess where! 😁

Timeline photos 08/05/2022

The trial of the games: an unstoppable pretext to confront your brothers and sisters without any justification

Identify them here 😉

© dans_les_valises_des_garcons on Instagram

Timeline photos 06/05/2022

Caption this! 😉

© Arthur Aumond

Photos from Puy du Fou's post 05/05/2022

In 3 years, you have eaten more than 4.6 tons of organic strawberries from Puy du Fou 😲 Cultivated with passion by our gardeners in our Carré Maraîcher, you will find them very quickly on our traditional "Brioches Perdues aux Fraises"! 🍓

© Boussole Magique, William Jezequel

Photos from Puy du Fou's post 29/04/2022

Every day has its “World Day”. Can you guess today's? 🤔

© Boussole Magique, Arthur Aumond, Julien Benhamou

Photos from Puy du Fou's post 27/04/2022

« Notice to the population ! »
Identify the "brave ones" who would be much more comfortable on the wooden horses of the carousel than on... the steeds of the "Secret de la Lance" 😅

© Stéphane Audran, Julien Benhamou

Timeline photos 25/04/2022

So, how many of you have already attended the spectacular naumachia of the new "Signe du Triomphe"? 😉

© Arthur Aumond

Timeline photos 23/04/2022

Happy Birthday "Mousquetaire de Richelieu"! 🥳
Do you know how many candles are blowing out Bouton d'Or and La Serafina today? 😉

© William Jezequel

Timeline photos 22/04/2022

We need you 🤗
Our little lamb still doesn't have a first name... Help us find one!

PS: it's the year of the "T" 😁

Timeline photos 19/04/2022

The world is divided into 2 categories:
- Those who dare to wear a cap at the "Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes" 😉
- The others 😐

© Boussole Magique

Timeline photos 17/04/2022

So this egg hunt? On a scale of 😋 to 😵, how do you estimate the amount of chocolate you will devour? 😝🍫

Timeline photos 15/04/2022

12 years ago to the day, the gigantic rampart of "Le Secret de la Lance" appeared in front of the dungeon! And so... we made it disappear 😅

© Booyasan

du Fou

Timeline photos 11/04/2022

The emotion is back at the « Dernier Panache »…
Who has shed his little tear since Saturday? (no need to hide 😉)

© Stéphane Audran

Photos from Puy du Fou's post 09/04/2022

The 2022 season is officially launched! 😍
Back in pictures on this first day, rich in emotions and novelties! And good news, there are still 172 days left 😁

Photos from Puy du Fou's post 09/04/2022

Only a few minutes left before meeting you for this 45th season! 😄

Timeline photos 07/04/2022

2 more days to wait!
On the old lake, the violinist muse and the virtuoso pianist are preparing to relive their nuptials… of fire!

Photos from Puy du Fou's post 04/04/2022

Our heroes are going back to the adventure in less than a week! Ready to accompany them? 😉

© Boussole Magique

Timeline photos 01/04/2022

Excellent season for the Puy du Fou Nederland teams! The show "Raveleijn" presented by our Talents within Efteling starts its 10th season tomorrow!

Timeline photos 30/03/2022

Sometimes you have to know how to change your point of view 😍 Do you recognize?

© Loïc Lagarde

Timeline photos 28/03/2022

[D-12] The water gushes again under the footsteps... of the Flamencas!

© Arthur Aumond

Timeline photos 25/03/2022

At Puy du Fou, there are always great surprises!

To celebrate our 45th anniversary, the mythical "Stadium Gallo-Romain" is getting a makeover and is undergoing a profound transformation in 2022 with a spectacular new event!

However, you will have to wait until April 9th to discover it...

Photos from Puy du Fou's post 24/03/2022

There was a look of open gates last night at Puy du Fou!

As part of the "Rendez-Vous en France" show which was taking place in Nantes, several hundred of tour operators from all over the world were able to live the Puy du Fou experience last night!

"Mousquetaire de Richelieu", "Le Dernier Panache" or "Les Noces de Feu"... Emotions were present for this first time travel before meeting YOU on April 9th. 🤗

Timeline photos 23/03/2022

Curious ! It seems that things are happening at the "Stadium Gallo-Romain"... 😉

Timeline photos 21/03/2022

This year, the "Rendez-Vous en France" fair, which brings together tourism professionals from all over the world, is being held in Nantes.

On this occasion, Puy du Fou will welcome several hundred tour operators from all over the world for an exceptional day! A tailor-made program has been designed around the great shows of Puy du Fou and the "Café de la Madelon" will be played in its English version.

© Arthur Aumond

Timeline photos 20/03/2022

For some, spring announces the return of sunny days and for others, the return of allergies... 😅

For us, this above all announces the upcoming opening of Puy du Fou! And you? 😉

Timeline photos 17/03/2022

Happy Saint Patrick’s day to our Irish fans ☘

© une.photo.d.ornella on Instagram

Timeline photos 16/03/2022

He may have a bad temper, but we're sure you're as eager to see the Governor of Rome as we are!
👍 if this is your case 😉

© Julien Benhamou

Timeline photos 13/03/2022

"Bite the dust"... literally 😅

© lou_photographies on Instagram

Timeline photos 09/03/2022

What are you doing in a month? 😉

© Stéphane Audran

Timeline photos 03/03/2022

Marguerite is ready for the 2022 season! And you?

© Jordi Koalitic

Timeline photos 28/02/2022

Posting a photo on Facebook during the ... Just to see who will dare to comment 😉

© Arthur Aumond

Timeline photos 18/02/2022

Light test, check 😉

Vous voulez que votre entreprise soit Arts & Divertissement la plus cotée à Les Épesses?
Cliquez ici pour réclamer votre Listage Commercial.

Puy du Fou

Spectacular shows, epic adventures and thrills… Come and enjoy the unique experience of Puy du Fou, voted “Best Park in the World” on multiple occasions!

In 2020, let yourself be carried away by the magic of “Les Noces de Feu”, the new grand night show of Puy du Fou. Attend an incredible ball where dancers and giant sets emerge from the depths of the lake like mirages that spring to life, giving the young newlyweds an unforgettable wedding ceremony only dreams are made of.

Our awards:

· 2019 : “French Favourite Brand” (BandIndex by YouGov)

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