Le Petit Tanneur

Le Petit Tanneur


Petite soirée chez vous un repas délicieux et une convivialité magnifique. Merci a cette joyeuse équipe. Ps l annee prochaine j amène le groupe électrogène hihi 🤣😘
Boeuf bourguignon et spaetzle en suggestion ce week end
Toujours un plaisir de venir chez vous
Je vous invites à y venir
Encore un bon moment passé chez vous et mon burger 😉
Comme à la maison merci encore et à bientôt
Encore un bon moment passé
Encore merci à vous toujours un plaisir
Je vous invites fortement à y aller
Merci pour votre accueil et votre sourire en ce lundi bien chaud alors que vous étiez débordés.En tout cas une adresse à retenir .
De la responsable de l'établissement un petit message

Merci à mes patrons pour leur confiance, de m'avoir donner la chance de faire grandir ce petit restaurant au charme d'un chalet chaleureux je vous promet de continuer à faire
De jour en jour découvrir la gastronomie alsacienne dans la bonne humeur et avec un service souriant
Merci à toute mon équipe pour cette 1ère année laborieuse mais enrichissante
Merci à eux collègues et aussi mon amie , merci pour votre bonne humeur, votre professionnalisme et votre soutien
J'espère continuer avec vous cette histoire encore très longtemps
Collègues amis famille et clients fidèles merci énormément
À très vite
Un grand merci à toute l'équipe
Toujours aussi bien reçu et bien servi
Bon courage à vous et à très bientôt
Un petit burger pour finir la semaine
Merci à vous
Tres bonne adresse, personnel adorable et spécialités alsaciennes succulentes *****

Situé en plein cœur historique de la ville de Colmar, notre restaurant vous propose de venir découvrir la gastronomie alsacienne Situé en plein cœur historique de la ville de Colmar, notre restaurant vous propose de venir découvrir la gastronomie alsacienne dans une ambiance conviviale, chaleureuse et traditionnelle !

Fonctionnement normal


Après une saison estivale bien remplie, il est temps pour notre équipe de prendre un peu de repos ! 🏖

Votre restaurant sera fermé pour une durée de 15 jours.

Nous vous retrouvons très vite pour de nouvelles aventures autour de bonnes recettes ! 🥨

À très bientôt ! 😍


Have breakfast in your Le Petit Tanneur restaurant! 😍

From 8am, meet us to start the day off with a hearty and delicious meal to enjoy in a typical atmosphere!

Choose from our different formulas on our menu according to your desires! ☕️🥐

Enjoy your meal! 👨 🍳


At your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur, we love to propose a beautiful decoration! 🆕

During your meal, discover our typical characters and objects of the region!

Your meal will be a pleasure for the taste buds and our restaurant a pleasure for the eyes! 👨 🍳

We look forward to welcoming you! 😍


For this weekend the weather won't be very good, but don't worry, we have everything planned in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur! 🤩

Enjoy our beautiful room with such a warm atmosphere to come quietly settle down and have a great time with our staff! 👩 🍳

From 8 am to 6 pm, we look forward to welcoming you and offering you our good dishes! 😍


Treat yourself to your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur!

👉 From the morning 8 am to the late afternoon 6 pm, we welcome you to offer you great recipes for breakfast, lunch and tea room in the afternoon!

Discover our great dishes in the idyllic setting of the historic center of #Colmar! 😍

Enjoy your meal! 👨 🍳


Enjoy our beautiful terrace this weekend! 😍

Meet us from 8 am to 6 pm saturday and sunday to spend a pleasant time quietly settled in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur!

Discover our menu and we are sure you will find the dish that will make you happy! 👨 🍳

We look forward to seeing you during your visit to the historic center of #Colmar! 🥳


Have you ever had the opportunity to discover our restaurant? 😍

We wanted to create a warm and friendly atmosphere!

Sit comfortably and enjoy our delicious menu for breakfast, lunch or afternoon meals for a good pastry! 🍔🍰

Our whole staff is looking forward to you! 👩 🍳


At the beginning of the week, we continue to explore our new menu, including our breakfasts! 👩 🍳

Discover the Express formula! 🤩

Start the day off right with an orange juice, a hot drink of your choice, and a croissant or a chocolate bread! ☕️🥐

A great idea to start the day off right at your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur!


👉 Throughout this weekend, Le Petit Tanneur welcomes you from 8 am to 6 pm continuous to offer you our good breakfasts, our menu for lunch and tea room!

Enjoy in our beautiful room or on our terrace and discover the Alsatian traditions with our staff! 🥨👩 🍳

We are looking forward to offering you all the good recipes from our menu! 😍


We announced our new formula last week, here is a first suggestion from our new menu!

The full breakfast! ☕️

It is composed of a hot drink, an orange juice, homemade yogurt, bread, butter, charcuterie, cheeses and a hard egg! 👩 🍳

Start your morning off right at your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur, our breakfasts are served from 8am to 11.30am! 😍


Le Petit Tanneur is changing its concept! 🤩

To always welcome you more widely, your restaurant opens from 8am until 6pm continuous!

We offer you breakfast options in the morning, lunch menu and tea room during all day! 🥐🥗🍰

Our cooks have prepared a brand new menu for you, which we will introduce you soon and which is already to be discovered at the restaurant! 👩 🍳👨 🍳

Our whole staff is looking forward to presenting our new concept and is looking forward to you! 😍


For this last weekend of August, enjoy our beautiful terrace again! 🤩

The whole staff of your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur welcomes you with great pleasure! Discover the gastronomy and the Alsace vineyard! 🥨🍷

Located in the heart of the historic center of #Colmar, you will be comfortably seated in our restaurant to observe the city's magnificent cultural heritage!

We look forward to seeing you! 😍


In your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur, we offer you good dishes for everyone! 👨 🍳

👉 Discover our menu and choose what makes you happy for a tasty meal in the dining room or on our terrace!

Our whole staff will be delighted to let you discover it and advise you!

We look forward to seeing you! 😍


Welcome to your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur!

Inside our restaurant, discover a typical cuisine! 👨 🍳

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Alsatian breweries, discover our local dishes and accompany them with a good craft beer or wine from the region! 🍻

A good shank, a flammekueche or the legendary sauerkraut of #Alsace, come and treat yourself with a friendly meal! 🤩


To start your weekend right, we offer you a delicious dish from our menu!

Discover our salmon on bed of sauerkraut! 😍

A dish full of flavours that will delight fish lovers! 👨 🍳

Come and discover it in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur, and to accompany it, we suggest you a good pink pinot grey from the house Vins d'Alsace et gîtes Zeyssolff - Au Péché Vigneron! 🥂


We obviously offer you our good alsatian wines during your visit to your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur, but not only! 🍾

In our cellar, we have delicious wines from all the wine-growing regions of France and especially our old vineyard Corbières of Château Etang des Colombes! 😍

A purple, dark, brilliant wine. A spice nose with a touch of vanilla and candied fruit aromas. Long and powerful in the mouth, velvety with tannins present, rounded and rich in ripe fruits. 🍷

Come and taste it during your meal!


Finish your meal on a sweet note! 😍

Discover our delicious desserts, we offer you good homemade ice cream and tasty homemade recipes! 🍨🍰

Let yourself be tempted and treat yourself during your meal at your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur!

Our whole staff is here to advise you! 👨 🍳


For this weekend of august 15th, discover local breweries!

Among our good craft beers from #Alsace, we offer you the mechanical Orange vintage of the Brasserie Sainte Cru! 🍺

👉 This Belgian honey ale is a flower honey blonde with sweet and fruity aromas!

Whether it's an aperitif or to accompany your meal, it will be perfect! 🍻

Discover her in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur! 😍


With these heat, refresh yourself! 🍷

On our menu, find our good wines from #Alsace!
Served fresh, we have many wines to offer you! 🍾

👉 Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Edelzwicker, Pinot gris and many more to come and taste in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur!

Discover the alsatian vineyard!


Among the traditional #Alsace dishes, flamekueche are particularly appreciated! 😍

Originally, the flammekueche were prepared every 2 to 3 weeks when cooking bread in the village oven in the Kochersberg region north of Strasbourg. Farmers used leftover pasta to make them. 👩 🍳
They were a party meal on the occasion of every batch of bread! 🥖

This simple but delicious dish has always been tasted by Alsatians with their fingers, even at the restaurant!

Come and discover all our good recipes in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur! 🤩


Take advantage of this sunny weekend to treat yourself by discovering our good regional dishes! ☀️🥨

The whole staff of your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur is looking forward to you in the historic center of #Colmar!

And don't forget that we are open throughout the day from noon to 9.30pm! 😍

Bon appétit! 👩 🍳


To treat yourself during your meal at your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur, choose one of our salads!

Discover our hot goat cheese salad! 😍

This good recipe is composed of green salad, hot goat cheese on toast, figs, nuts, tomatoes and raw vegetables! 🥗

To accompany it, choose a good Alsace wine, we recommend a Riesling from the Stoeckle Vins et Gîtes!


📣 New hours! 📣

Le Petit Tanneur welcomes you all day long to received you more widely!

👉 Monday to friday: from noon am to 9.30 pm

We offer you our full menu from noon to 2 pm, then a "brasserie" menu from 2 pm to 6 pm, before resuming for evening service with the menu in its entirety!

Come treat yourself and enjoy the delights of alsatian gastronomy! 🥨


La nouvelle carte de votre restaurant Le Petit Tanneur est arrivée ! 😍

Venez découvrir tous nos délicieux plats alsaciens durant cet été et profitez de notre belle terrasse ! 🥨

Pour vous accueillir au mieux, nous ne prenons pas de réservations mais vous pouvez compter sur nous pour toujours vous trouver une place pour vous recevoir ! ✅

lifewiththelokeys.com 29/07/2020

The Ultimate Guide to the Fairytale Village of Colmar, France

The Brasserie des Tanneurs appears in this beautiful guide where we can follow the adventures of Ashley Lokey and her family during their trip to #Colmar! 😍

At your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur, we are of course delighted!

We warmly thank them for this visit and for this article! 📌

You too, share with us your memories of your visit in our restaurant!

lifewiththelokeys.com When I first read about the fairytale village of Colmar, I knew I had to visit. As soon as the borders opened back up, we headed straight to Colmar. Located in


Put alsatian gastronomy at the heart of your visit to #Colmar! ❤️

Discover Le Petit Tanneur and our menu of typical dishes, regional and quality recipes to make your stay in #Alsace perfect! 🥨

Find our sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, jarret and other flambé pies cooked with passion by our team! 👩 🍳👨 🍳

Sit on our terrace or in the dining room and enjoy your tasty meal! 🤩


During this sunny weekend, settle in the Tanneurs district in the heart of the historic center of #Colmar!

The Tanneurs district is made up of tall wooden and timbered houses that date for most of the th and th centuries. These buildings once housed families of tanners who lived there, worked there and dry their skin on the top floor, most often openwork.
The Tanneurs district was the subject of a large restoration program between 1968 and 1974 which redefined its radiance to this village in the heart of the city.

Check out this pan of history from our terrace, while enjoying a delicious typical alsatian dish! 🤩🥨

We are looking forward to welcoming you in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur!


Check out this new cuvée from Brasserie St Alphonse! 🍺

This pure malt white beer, with a large proportion of wheat malt, gives it lightness in the mouth and a small tangy side.

Brewed without spices, the fine and delicate aromas of this beer come from carefully selected Anglo-Saxon hops. The aromatic power of hops gives this summer beer an incomparable refreshing power. 🍻

In addition, St Alphonse is an alsatian craft brewery! 🥨😍

Come and taste it at your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur and accompany it with your favorite dish!


To finish your meal with pleasure, we have delicious desserts to offer you! 🤩

From our menu, discover our homemade blueberry pie! 🥧

Enjoy it quietly installed on our terrace and let yourself be carried by its tasty aromas!

See you at your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur! 😍


Among our most typical dishes, discover the winemaker salad of your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur! 🤩

This perfect salad for your summer meals is made up of brains, salad, emmental, egg, tomatoes, and crudités!

Savor it with a glass of white wine for a 100 % alsatian meal! 🥨

Enjoy local gastronomy during your visit to #Colmar!

☎️ Book your table at +


Have you ever tasted the Baeckeoffe?!

This dish so typical of our beautiful region means "the baker's oven" 👨 🍳
This is a traditional dish based on meat, potatoes and vegetables marinated in white wine!

This is a treat! 🤩

Discover it in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur and enjoy alsatian gastronomy! 🥨

☎️ Book your table at +


To end the week well, we offer you to treat yourself with a suggestion from our menu!

Discover our goat flammekueche! 😍

An original recipe created by our chefs and prepared in respect of alsatian tradition! 👨 🍳
It is composed of cream, onions, goat cheese, honey, figs, nuts and salad!

📲 Come and discover it in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur and book your table at +


We love to welcome our German neighbors and friends in #Colmar, but we also love their beers! 🇩🇪

Discover Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu brewery!

Tasty and refreshing, we offer you several beers:

🍺 A blonde "Spezial" in bottle and draft
🍺 A white "Weizen" in a bottle
🍺 A white "Weizen" alcohol free (0,0 %)

You can find the detailed features of these beers on the of website! 🤩


Cheers! 🍻


Enjoy a meal on our terrace this weekend! 📣

With an exceptional view of the historic center of #Colmar, settle down and enjoy our Alsatian specialties in your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur!

Our whole staff is looking forward to you and will be delighted to offer you our good dishes as well as our wines and beers typical of the region! 🍷🍺

☎️ Book your table at +

tanneurs.fr 29/06/2020

Brasserie des Tanneurs

Discover the website of your restaurant Le Petit Tanneur! 😍

Find all our menu and delicious dishes and let yourself be tempted by the alsatian gastronomy! 🥨

We're sure you'll find recipes that will make you enjoy!

☎️ Book your table at +

tanneurs.fr Carte du petit Tanneur LES ENTREES ET SALADES COMPOSÉES SALADE VERTE 3€90Green Salad, grüner salat SALADE DE CRUDITES 5€90Fresh Mixed Salad and raw vegetables, frische Gemüseplatte SALADE VIGNERONNE. 12€50Salade, cervelas, emmental, œuf, tomates, cruditésMixed Salad with sliced Sausage mi...


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