Chez Gilly

Chez Gilly

Two options for Holiday rentals now available We have a small salon and use fresh ingredients to turn out a dinning experience not to be missed

Fonctionnement normal


Jasmine house garden growing very nicely especially the Jasmin

[01/19/17]   Good news, we have won an award from


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Re-decorated 04/03/2016



Chez Gilly


Chez Gilly's cover photo


Chez Gilly


Mobile home and appartement ready to rent


Veiws of the rolling Cevennes which surround us

[08/30/13]   Today is the day last day in Bourg after 10 years like to say thanks to all the people who came to eat with us and who enjoyed a bit of banter with me please dont leave this page i will be posting news of our new venture near Anduze B&B good luck to everyone

[08/16/13]   Fully booked tonight should be fun sharing it with some good friends

[08/14/13]   Ok the day got better by my Shed boys, thanks for the double page spread in cycle mag and calls me an English rose lol

[08/13/13]   I am sure I must be going mad I have just had a review saying that the bubbly english lady(waitress) was a bit much and rude well for those of you who enjoy my welcome and come back to see me would not like me to change should I be like all other waitresses and treat you all like a convienience not in my nature feel really upset

[08/08/13]   yeh got the tea bags lol

[08/08/13]   Ok not pointing any fingers yesterday went better than expected until the news of the worst kind they forgot the tea bags so now I have to endure another day of the boys and luckily they brought some girls along see u all later ###

[08/03/13]   You think the Tour is full on it has nothing on the NFTO group
See u next week boys it is going to take me till then to find an escape

[07/28/13]   Ok after a much needed day off its finally here spending the day day with some beautiful people

[07/20/13]   It is over few madness gone return to the normal well as normal as you can get with me
Now hopefully I wont have to try and explain no more room to eat can not make the walls any bigger hee hee

[07/18/13]   Ok the day has come Have a good day everyone and enjoy the day remember your all on holiday
Nice to see The Shed boys yesterday good to see you are all cycling hard

[07/07/13]   Marmot over nice to see some regular faces who came back to eat and put up with me lol

[07/05/13]   Nearly full for Sat night please dont try to come and eat if you have not already booked you will be dissapointed

[07/04/13]   Group of lovely Danish people ate last night 10 would like to come back must be doing something right lol

[07/03/13]   Busy summer evenings on the terrace Music on in the Village Thursady night and Saturday night bring it on

[06/27/13]   Certificate d'excellance that is what we have been given yeh


First group ofmen in Licra soaking up the sunshine and filling their tummys

[06/13/13]   Real mixture of people this week great ambiance and lots of red wine been consumed and not by me I might add lol

[06/13/13]   I have decided not to takee bookings until you arrive in the village unless I know who you are recently been let down and having turned away bookings on the same night is not how it should be please understand if anyone would like to book still can but in person thanks

[06/06/13]   Those people who know the us hopefully you would be pleased we have changed the menu still keeping the favourites but added in Nachos and Tapas and a few burgers so more peole have more choice

[05/15/13]   Getting an awful lot of people wanting to reserve a table for the 19th of July I wonder why

[04/29/13]   Closed for a week before summer hits in the South looking for some sunshine

[02/28/13]   The sun has been shinning all week on Bourg too early to wish spring but we know it is on its way yippy

[02/17/13]   Closed today first time in 32 days having time to go swimming and eat a meal at a normal time bliss

[02/16/13]   Trip advisor has some lovely comments on it about Le Tire Bouchon

[02/06/13]   Valentines menu
We are doing a choice of two menus
First choice of tartlette of red onion and goats cheese
Magret of canard or Whole grilled fish or Entrecote
Choice of desserts
Glass of champagne
All for 29E
Scallops or Foie gras
Filet of beef or fish
Chocolate fondant
Glass of champagne
All for 39

Bookings before the 12th Feb please

[02/06/13]   This summer we are looking at changing the lunchtime menu would like to run it by my lovely regular clients the thought at the moment is to run a salad and pasta bar so that the licra brigade are being looked after tapas and desserts in the afternoon but in the evening sticking to the a la carte so that expereince you all enjoy will continue x



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397 Chemin Des Muriers
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Pizzabeille Pizzabeille
346 Route De Ribaute
Boisset-et-Gaujac, 30140

Pizzas au feux de bois . Produits locaux , pate a pain pour vos pizzas , produits frais . Cuits en quelques minutes grace a la belle braise .

Le Grain de Cél' Le Grain de Cél'
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Réouverture le 13 Mai 2014...

Créa'Sèv Créa'Sèv
Boisset Gaujac
Boisset-et-Gaujac, 30140

Graphiste et créatrice d’objets de décoration en papier sur vos thèmes et couleurs Broderie textile

Stade Municipal - Route De Ribaute
Boisset-et-Gaujac, 30140

Camion Pizza - produits frais - travail artisanal Vous pouvez passer vos commandes par téléphon