IMBA 2010-11

IMBA 2010-11


My friends, it is with deep sadness that I write these words to you: our friend Bruce Cooper has passed away today. For those in the France/Europe region, I understand there will be a ceremony on Saturday morning in Mouriès. I ask for your prayers and thoughts for Bruce's eternal journey. Let's also be grateful for Bruce's life and rejoice in the memory of the experiences we shared together. Bruce: thank you for everything, you were always teaching us something, and the time we all shared during the MBA wouldn't have been the same without you in it. Thank you for being our "Papa Bruce".

MBA class 2010-2011 31 participants, 13 nationalities, 1 dream


Hi all how are you? I was wo dering whether anybody had News from Yizao! Dix she vanish? Where are you woman?! 😁maria

Timeline photos 16/05/2015

Hello Everyone!

As you probably know I was transfered back to Colombia last year and I left my appartment completely furnished in Paris (Courbevoie).

Do you know someone that could be interested in renting it?

48m2 apartment, located 8 minutes from la Défense. 4th floor, 2 bedrooms, a living /dining room, cellar, parking facilities for bicycles. 1050 Euros.

Regards from Medellin!

[email protected]


I have been invited to fill the Which MBA survey by the Economist. Anybody else got the invite?


Oulu Business School - News - International MBA students from Lyon visiting Oulu

Oulu Business School - News - International MBA students from Lyon visiting Oulu Benefiting from highly experienced lecturers and daily contact with different cultures, I've acquired new skills and knowledge that complement my previous studies. I'm now prepared to continue my business career.


Wishing you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Timeline photos 28/11/2012

Ingvald was the first to vísitala me in Iceland. Who is next!?


Everyone... I miss you dearly.


Should we update our private email, i could not contact with anyone after MBA-mail deleted.


Merry Christmas to all my darlings. :)


why u, Barth? hope you will be ok and go with me to Mont Blanc. Man. Why,why,why

The Times of India 02/11/2011

The Times of India

Integration Day 1 01/11/2011

Integration Day 1


Congratulations Vihnnnnnnn for bagging a job with BOJ. Hope you have fun there and get BOJ out of the troubles they are in. :)

The Wisdom of Teams 28/09/2011

Team April on their way to their first client meeting in Lyon.

vitamin C - graduation (friends forever) 31/07/2011

vitamin C - graduation (friends forever)

Everyone is moving to the other places in all over the world, some are in France, some are in their hometown, some are in new places for the new jobs and the studying. Good luck everyone, hopefully we will meet again in the next year...

Love you everyone

vitamin C - graduation (friends forever) i love this song all the credit goes to vitamin c ! idid not make this video


Good luck Ken, Raghu in their hometown

Timeline photos 25/07/2011

Are we done? Really?

Timeline photos 25/07/2011

We are done !!!!!


Congratulations to all those classmates who have found employment!

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I have the answer.... what's the question?

Timeline photos 23/07/2011

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 23/07/2011

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 23/07/2011

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 23/07/2011

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 11/07/2011

Timeline photos

Farewell Party 10/07/2011

Jun 23, 2011


Good luck to Ingvald in Brazil

MBA: the movie 21/06/2011

"Live from the outback" with Nicolas David


Thanks Ken for the new avatar of our class. iMBA 10-11

MBA: the movie 25/05/2011

Celebrities who would be cast if they made the Emlyon MBA into a movie. We need 31.


Good luck to Muriel Tardy


Good luck to Raghu Vamsi


Happy birthday to Monisha Sharma


Happy marriage to Sonia Destelum Destado

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