Gundadalur is the name of an area in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. It is home to three different football pitches and other sports facilities. It was opened in 1911.

The largest one is the national stadium Tórsvøllur, a multi-use stadium.OverviewThe actual Gundadalur Stadium is located just alongside Tórsvøllur. There are two sports halls in the same area. Høllin á Hálsi is the oldest one; built in 1970, it is located just above Tórsvøllur. The sports hall has been owned by Tórshavn Municipality since 2004. Gundadalshøllin is the other sports hall, lying below

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Tórsvøllur Tórsvøllur

Fótbóltur Í Tórshavn Fótbóltur Í Tórshavn
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