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Micronesian Art and Song Contest on "Clean Islands" - How can we keep the air, land, and water clean? What is the role of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)? Deadline: July 22, 2020
• To increase public awareness on waste management issues through visual and artistic medium
• To promote best practices on waste management

Target Audience:
• High School students from grades 9-12
• Must be living on any of the islands of Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae and currently enrolled in any private or public schools throughout the FSM

Organizers and Partners:
FSM National Government DECEM in collaboration with State Government EPAs/KIRMA and regional partners, Micronesia Clean Up Day Planning Committee

To participate in the contest, submit the following information to the contact person at your EPA Office with your work (either an original art work, or an original song) before 5:00 p.m. on July 22, 2020.

CONTACT DETAILS: (Provide your phone or email address where we can reach you.)

For more information on where to take your submissions, kindly call the following EPA/KIRMA offices in your respective state:
Pohnpei EPA: 320-1780 Chuuk EPA: 330-4158 OR 330-6582
KIRMA (Kosrae): 370-3646 Yap EPA: 350-2317

There are two categories of this contest. Choose only one to participate.

1. Art: Show us through a drawing or painting how you think the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) can help keep the air, land, and water to be clean.

2. Song: Show us through a video-clip and lyrics of your original "song" about managing waste on the islands. You must address waste management issues and solutions.

Selection Process: All entries will be considered for review in front of a panel of judges. After receiving submissions, the judges will choose three winners from each category.

Category 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Art $ 100 $ 75 $50
Song $ 100 $ 75 $50
***Other prizes will be awarded where applicable.
To our school administration, I kindly ask with respect and honour to our chuuk state department of education and our chuuk high school board to please close down our school effective immediately due to the Covid-19 is approaching us or on its way to our islands. I am really scared as of now because I know that the coronavirus is too risky and scary. In other words, Covid-19 hasn't have an antidote or a vaccine for it and I am imagining it that maybe it must be the time of the end of the world and I'm not ready to die yet. So, please hear us and save us. Thank you.

Yours truly
Fredrick francis
Because he live I can face tomorrow
After reading your statement that Chuuk High School goes from 8:20 AM to 12:15 - then students can go home for lunch as there is no cafeteria, what do all the students do that have no way to go home? Bringing a lunch from home is the only option? Is there anywhere to purchase food on the grounds?
CHS ne ika esapw punum usapw sinei met ai pung me mwâân.. Thanks God n thank u.. Hope one day I will see u again..
Hello everyone I really miss this school.
We would like/love to see more of CHS accomplishment,and also photo's of the new graduate of 2017..

Chuuk High School is the sole public high school on the capital island of Weno. CHS prides itself on Chuuk High School Motto:

Cognitionem Omnium Beneficiorum
"Knowledge Benefits All"


Congratulations to CHS very own Aiko Nakayama for winning the NAIDOC essay contest! Also, thank you teachers, parents, and supporters of CHS!


Faniten néúch chóón sukun, saam me Iin, sense, me chóón angaang nón Chuuk High School, sipwe uwei ach kapasen kinisou ngeni samach kewe ámáfel Congressmen ren Congress Simina, Congress Harper, Congress Aritos, me Congress Konman ren ami angangen kirékirééch me aninisééch ngeni an néúch kewe chóón sukun we urumwotun sáá... fókkun Kinisou Chapwur!!!


This is to inform all our students that Orientation will be on Friday, the 24th of August at our Gym. First-Day of Instruction will be on the 27th of August . Please, if you have any questions call our office.

Chuuk High School updated their website address. 01/01/2018

Chuuk High School updated their website address.

Chuuk High School updated their website address.


Congratulations to the Class of 2016! You are the future leaders of tomorrow. Be confident in yourself and chase your dreams. Thank you to all of our guests, Chuuk Department of Education, CHS administration, Valedictorian Hesreen Raed and Salutatorian Julius Koto and all speakers. Go Typhoons!

Graduation 2016 13/05/2016

Class of 2016

Photos from Chuuk High School's post 12/05/2016

to Graduation for the Class of 2015. Tomorrow, May 13, 2016 will be the graduation for the Class of 2016 held at the newly renovated Chuuk High gym. All the best to the graduating senior class. May you remember to dig deep and dream big.

Timeline Photos 12/05/2016

As per 2015-2016 school year:

Boy's Basketball: Champions
Girl's Basketball: Champions
Boy's Volleyball: Champions
Girl's Volleyball: Champions
High School Track and Field: Champions
High School Debate: Champions

Cheers for CHS

Buses & Donations 04/05/2016

With the donation of school buses from Japan in 2014 school attendance has improved as students now have a more reliable method of getting to school

Staff 04/05/2016

The success of the high school would not be possible without the dedication of its staff, both local and foreign

K-5 Program 04/05/2016

CHS launched its first Kindergarten program in the Fall of 2015.

School Performances 04/05/2016

CHS students demonstrate a passion for performance and entertainment whether through audio or visual components

JSA Summer Programs 04/05/2016

Each year Chuuk High Schools sends students to the Junior States of America Pre-College Summer Program at Stanford University in California, USA.

Sports 04/05/2016

CHS encourages its students to be active in sports. For the 2015- 2016, CHS students were proud champions of both Girls and Boys Volleyball.






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