Hope Club

Hope Club

A club(organization) led by students to promote Environmental Awareness to people in Weno and throughout Chuuk. H-onoring O-ur P-resent E-nvironment

How City Trees, Related Vegetation Reduce Pollution, Improve Health 23/03/2015

How City Trees, Related Vegetation Reduce Pollution, Improve Health

How City Trees, Related Vegetation Reduce Pollution, Improve Health However good urban density can be when measured at the whole-watershed scale, unless cities sufficiently integrate absorbent vegetation and related green infrastructure into the urban fabric, the impermeable pavement and rooftops associated with dens...


We really apologize for not being updated with our page, we've been really busy with our personal studies and careers especially now that most of us are in or going to college, so guys any insights or suggestions for the club? We'd really appreciate it . :)

Timeline photos 02/05/2014

Timeline photos

The earth without art

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Timeline photos

This is our world right now.

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Nuff said

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First STOP


We are planning to have a community service on April 21, 2014.
We HOPE we could be successful with this plan. :D
*Let us plan and work as a Team!!
*Cooperation leads us to success! :)


Planting trees, the best solution to environmental conservation, is not the only way we can protect the environment. Little things like picking up a piece of garbage on the side of the road or encouraging others to do the same are also ways to protect our environment in Chuuk. It's always the small things that count.


We'll do our best on making our Environment and Planet better. The HOPE Club can't do all the works by itself, so it needs the cooperation from you guys. We aren't made to show off ,instead, we are here to help protect and save the environment. Environment is defined as anything that surrounds us: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we use, the things we see, etc. however, we are now surrounded with heavy pollutions, so we can't call our Environment FRESH and CLEAN anymore. They all started from its invaders - Humans.
Our planet was created to be loved by all the livings, it was created for all the livings, we were all created equally. So let's consider Environment as a human. The environment needs to eat, he needs to drink, he needs to be cleaned and he needs to be loved. Every problem has a solution. If these problems aren't treated early, the extinction of all the livings could come. HUMANS are much more stronger than POLLUTIONS, but how could we get rid from pollutions when we're so busy helping them with their success. CHANGE is the word that would CHANGE the world. Let's think about the FUTURE, would it still be like this?, would our planet change? Would all Humans DIE?

H - onoring
O - ur
P - resent
E - nvironment


Today marks the day the members of the Hope Club met for the first time.

We hope and Pray the Hope Club will be a blessing to everyone especially in Chuuk SDA and in Chuuk.




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This page covers activities for the Chuuk Conservation Society, a non-government organization that assists in resource management activities in Chuuk.