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Raan Annim! Kich Grace International Baptist Church non Chuuk, FSM. Every Sunday we meet for our Eng


Ousap Menlukalo! Nessor sipwe mwichfengen non 1 service chok! Sipwe poputa kunok 10:00 o mwirin sipwe mongofengen! Kaito!

Don't forget! Tomorrow we are meeting for only 1 service. We will start at 10:00 with a meal to follow! Please join us!


Recording Mark 13

Aia angang weires fan itan aramasen Chuuk pwe repwe tongeni rongorong ewe Kapasen Kot non Fossun Chuuk!


Chienach kewe! Aia fokkun mochen OM anninis! Ika ka sinei fossun Chuuk o ka pwan tongei ewe Kapasen Kot en kopwe tongeni alisikem! Iei aia föri eu Audio Paipel pwe aramas repwe tongeni auseling ewe Kapasan Kot. Pastor Mike Abbe a record, nge aia fokkun osupwang ekkewe chon checki. Ei angang mi fokkun mecheres. Kepwe chok rongorong ewe wokisen won noum na computer, fon, ika tablet o kopwe approve ika reject. Ika chommong aramas repwe tongeni alsikem, ei angang epwe fokkun mwitir!

Ika mi wor om kapas eis makkei om kapas eis fan ewe post ika kepwe tongeni private message. Ika ka mochen om kopwe anisikem, kepwe pwan comment ika private message!

Feito! Sipwe angang fengen fan itan ach Kot Morina!

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Thank the Lord for the wonderful Easter service!

Kinisou ngeni Kot ren ach Easter service!


Kosap menukano ussun ach Easter Service nessor! Epwe poputa kunok 10:00AM o mwirin ewe service sipwe mongo fengen! Eto! Pwe Kraist a Manausafal!

Don't forget about our Easter Service tomorrow. We start at 10:00 and after will enjoy a meal together! Come! Christ is risen!


Ach Mwichen Sarafou epwe fis kunok 4:30! Sarafou seni 12-20 repwe tongeni pworeto.


Iotek fan itan sekuran Jem. A metek.

Please pray for Jem A Otto back - it is hurt.


Psalm 124:8 - There is help in the Name


Psalm 124:7 - The Snare is Broken


Psalm 124 - If if then then then blessed our our!
Say what?

Psalm 124:4-5 - When waters rage 22/02/2022

Psalm 124:4-5 - When waters rage

Psalm 124:4-5 - When the waters rage

Psalm 124:4-5 - When waters rage On today's episode of Grace Daily we take a look at the Psalmist's trouble with raging waters and what that means for us today.


Nepwinei ach Prayer Meeting epwe fis o sipwe pwan sopwosopweno non ach Bible Study, "Don't Waste Your Life." Kese mochen kaito!

Tonight is prayer meeting! Don't miss out! We will also continue in our Bible Study, "Don't Waste Your Life."


Sipwe tongeni kinisou ngeni Kot! Nonau 6 chon kalipus ra urneni pwe ra mochen etiwa Kraist! Sipwe soposopolo non ach iotek fan iter pwe ewe Kapasen Kot epwe mamarita non letiper.

Praise the Lord! Yesterday six prisoners indicated that they wanted to receive Christ! Let's continue to pray for them that they truly understand and grow in the Lord.


Psalm 8:5 - Lower than angles?

Psalm 8:1 - Oh YHWH Adonai! 14/02/2022

Psalm 8:1 - Oh YHWH Adonai!

Psalm 8:1 - Oh YHWH Adonai

Psalm 8:1 - Oh YHWH Adonai! In todays episode of Grace Daily we talk about two different names of God that describe who He is! Come and join us.

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Iteitan Saranfan Pastor me Josh ra no ren ewe kalipus. Ra iotek, koon, afanafan, o cheichifengen me ekewe chon kalipus. Kese mochen kopwe iotek pwe letipan ekewe chon kalipus repwe suk ngeni ewe Kapas Allim!

Every Monday Pastor and Josh go to the prison. They pray, sing, preach, and fellowship with the prisoners. Please be praying that God would open the hearts of the prisoners to the Gospel!


Ewe Paipel a aitikich pwe sipwe anninisfengen non iotek! Kese mochen kopwe posteni om kapasen kinisou ika om kapasen iotek pwe sipwe tongeni iotek fengen.

The Bible teaches us to pray for one another. Post a prayer request or praise below so that we can all be praying together.


Ikenai, non mettoch meinisin, lükülük non Jesus pun I a fich ngeni ach lükü.


Grace Daily Episode 59 - The Water of Grace

Episode 58 - Pizza dough and the Kingdom of Jesus 27/01/2022

Episode 58 - Pizza dough and the Kingdom of Jesus

Grace Daily Episode 58 - Pizza Dough and the Kingdom of Jesus

Episode 58 - Pizza dough and the Kingdom of Jesus The Kingdom of Jesus had even infiltrated the highest and most powerful household in all the world. Do you think it can be stopped today? I don't!

Episode 57 - Even Paul needed people! 26/01/2022

Episode 57 - Even Paul needed people!

Grace Daily Episode 57: Even Paul Needed People!

Episode 57 - Even Paul needed people! The Christian life was not made to be lived in isolation! We should be intimately connected with our brothers and sisters around us. Let's talk about that so...


Grace Daily - Episode 56: We've Been Made Holy


Pastor Mike and Josh are heading out to a counseling session and then to our first prison service. We would appreciate your prayers.

Iie, Pastor Mike me Josh repwe no ewe counseling session. Me mwiirin ewe counseling session, repwe no ewe akkomen prison service. Kese mochen allisir non om iotek. Kinisou!

Episode 55 - More than a "howdy!" 23/01/2022

Episode 55 - More than a "howdy!"

Grace Daily Episode 55 - More Than a "Howdy!"

Episode 55 - More than a "howdy!" In today's episode Paul begins to conclude the his letter by sending warm greetings, but how does that apply to us today? Find out on today's episode!


Episode 54 - A Verse Not Out of Context


Episode 53 - So Many Bananas


Tonight we will start our new Wednesday night Bible study series entitled "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper. Worship begins at 6:00 with singing and prayer and we would love to have you come!


How will you act out your heavenly citizenship today?


Episode 52 - Ever been an accomplice?


How can we pray for one another today? Comment below!

Metta om kapasen iotek ikenai? Sipwe aninnisfengen non ach iotek! Makkei non ewe nenien comment!


Episode 51 - So Full I Can't Eat Anymore!
With special guest, Doug Potgetter


Episode 50 of Grace Daily


Kosap menlukala! Nessor ach kewe services repwe potputa:
English - 9:30AM
Chuukese - 11:00AM
Kese mochen kopwe fitikich o sipwe fen ngeni ach Kot!


Kinisou ngeni John me RB ren ar alisiei non ach nimeti ewe mwichefen ikenai!


Nessor Annim, ami meinisin! Chechchemeni - non mettoch meinisin ikenai en ka angang fan itan Kot.

Pwan: ika mi wor owm eu kapasen iotek kowpe tongeni posteni non ewe comment section!

Episode 49 - Let it Linger 13/01/2022

Episode 49 - Let it Linger

Episode 49 - Let it Linger On today's episode we talk about lingering on the good things of God and how this affects our everyday life.

GIBC Chuuk updated their phone number. 13/01/2022

GIBC Chuuk updated their phone number.

GIBC Chuuk updated their phone number.

GIBC Chuuk updated their website address. 13/01/2022

GIBC Chuuk updated their website address.

GIBC Chuuk updated their website address.

Photos from GIBC Chuuk's post 12/01/2022

Kinisou ngeni chienach kewe non Merkika! Ra tinato chommong sokkopatten study Bibles ngenikich!


Ekkewe chon GIBC, nepwinewe epwe fis ach Business Meeting. Kese kan mochen kopwe amonata om ekiek ussun ach 2022 budget. Kinisou Chapur.

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We had a great day in our worship, inspite of the heavy rain! May God continually bless our people in Chuuk Corps!