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Ambassador Cantor and the U.S. Embassy team made their first visit to the Yap Catholic High School (YCHS). During the visit, members of the team shared their educational journey prior to starting off their careers in the U.S. Government. “Education is one of the things that no one can ever take away from you! If you pursue education, it will take you to many places in life” said Ambassador Cantor. Thank you YCHS for the warm welcome! 🇺🇸🇫🇲
The 2021 Canisius Lenten Mission Drive is underway to help Xavier Micronesia and Yap Catholic High School - two Jesuit schools on the other side of the world with deep connections to Canisius:

Mogethin! We have produced the first-ever educational videos on the traditional Carolinian navigation: https://bit.ly/2BZ7G2a. Kammagar!
USAID, through the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), has installed seven handwashing stations in strategic locations at Yap Catholic High School. In addition, two hand washing stations were installed at St. Mary’s Elementary School. The hand washing stations, which were set-up prior to the opening of the schools, will be used by 92 students at Yap Catholic High School and 240 students at St Mary’s Elementary School. USAID also installed handwashing stations at four Catholic Churches in Yap Proper. CRS collaborated with the U.S. Navy Construction Battalion to install the handwashing stations, with the SeaBees providing labor and CRS providing materials and community outreach staff for hygiene promotion messaging.
Thank you to Yap Catholic High School principal Mr. Michael Wiencek for visiting us from the other side of the world! He spoke to students in the Scaccia Auditorium as we kicked off our Lenten Mission Drive.

God is good he always has a plan for everything. YCHS is definitely one of his plans I am thankful that our children have a chance to tap into their God given talents and abilities to build up their personality(ies) to help them become successful in any chosen endeavor(s). God's grace through YCHS faculty and staff has made it possible. A heartfelt THANK YOU and may God continue to bless and inspire YCHS always kamagar.
Happy holidays YCHS 💙🖤 Another year has passed and it's that time to make new memories😊 God bless & Agape!
Xo, Sara c/o'15
Congrats to Nicholas Untun for his byline article!
Great job yesterday, Stacee, Carlson and Tim!
Join the We Are Micronesia photo contest!

"Education in the Service of God and Others"

Matnan pursues Dentistry dream at FNU - Fiji National University 07/05/2022

Matnan pursues Dentistry dream at FNU - Fiji National University

Marcia Matnan’19 is featured on the Fiji National University site!

Matnan pursues Dentistry dream at FNU - Fiji National University Marciarose Matnan travelled 5000 kilometres away from home in order to pursue her academic ambitions and help communities on her island nation. Matnan from Yap island in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), is a first-year Bachelor of Oral Health student at the Fiji National University’s (FNU...

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And that’s a wrap on this year’s Under The Tree Music Showcase!

Thanks to all the students & the school community that helped with organizing the event, as well as to all the performers!

Have a great three-day weekend, everyone!

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YCHS is proud to present the Class of 2023 as the Navigators, Agape X!

YCHS hosted the Agape Retreat for the junior class over the weekend on campus, where eight members of the senior class along with the faculty conducted activities, meditation and prayer with the current seventeen juniors.

It has also become a YCHS tradition that the outgoing senior class christen the junior class with a thematic class name. After much deliberation during YCHS’ tenth junior retreat, the name “Navigators” was chosen (coincidentally, as Xavier’s school mascot happens to have the same name) for the Class of 2023 for their capability and potential to endure and find a way.

The two-day retreat finally concluded on Sunday before noon, after a whole day and night spent on campus.

Welcome, Navigators!


Happy Friday; today is Earth Day!

YCHS is acutely aware of the importance of our natural world, and strives to educate our students to be great stewards of the environment as part of our mission.

We continue our Colonia park cleanup every Thursday, we keep our campus pristine, we actively recycle our cans & plastics, and we participate in and lead environmental efforts for our community.

Today, we're happy to highlight the Yap Recycling Program Earth Day Raffle Promo!
As we transport our own recyclables into town, we encourage everyone else to do the same thing--to keep our islands clean and to also earn a chance to win in the Yap EPA sponsored raffle!


Young Island Readers: A book a month, birth through age five, delivered to children in Yap.

Ask any YCHS student to sign up any newborns who were born in 2021 or 2022 who are not yet registered for the program! You can also call us at 350-8390 for more information or email [email protected] .


Habele is the local champion for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL) in Micronesia. Established by former Peace Corps Volunteers, Habele is a US-based nonprofit, invested in the future and potential of Micronesian students since 2006.


Happy Easter!
We’re back to school today after our Easter break. We’ve only got several weeks left for the school year, so it’s time to get back to work!

Happy birthday to the faculty members and students who had their birthdays over the break!


We start our Easter break today; school will resume next week Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

Yesterday afternoon before dismissal, the student body, faculty & staff gathered together for prayer in the library for the Stations of the Cross. We meditated on the importance of the Lenten season and the celebration of Easter.

“This is my commandment: Love one another as I have loved you. For there is no greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
~ John 15:12-13.

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Congratulations once again to Marciarose Matnan’19 as she embarks on her studies in Fiji!


Congratulations to the 25 students that earned the Magis Awards!

Today, students were presented with their Magis Awards based on their performance in the 3rd Quarter. The Magis Award is given to students who had perfect attendance, had no missing/late assignments, and earned acceptable remarks on their character profiles during a given quarter. In finalizing the awardees for each quarter, YCHS faculty & staff discuss in depth the status of not only the academic performance of the students, but also the quality of their character.

Thank you, students, for being exemplary during the 3rd Quarter. Please keep it up for the last quarter of the school year!


Congratulations to the 58 students on the Honor Roll for 3rd Quarter!

Our 3rd Quarter Awards Ceremony coni tied today with Academic Honors. Students who earned 80% or above in all core courses as well as gained acceptable comments on their character profiles earned either Honorable Mention, Second Honors or First Honors.

One more quarter to go, students!


Today, YCHS and the Catholic community in Yap, Micronesia join Bishop Angkel and Pope Francis in the Act of Consecration at St. Mary Church, for world peace.


Congratulations to the 59 students who earned perfect attendance during the 3rd Quarter!

The 3rd Quarter Awards Ceremony has begun, with today’s ceremony the first of three. The Honor Roll and Magis Awards will be presented in the library on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

In a community where “island time” is very much the way of life, being on time and prepared are highly valued at YCHS. These are qualities that we hope are instilled in our Islander students.

Keep it up for the 4th Quarter, students!

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Today, Yap Catholic High School bid farewell to one of the faculty as she prepares to leave the island to pursue her education.

Miss Marcia Matnan joined the YCHS faculty in Summer Session 2021 to locally coordinate the marine island ecology course with Micronesian Conservation Coalition for the class of 2022.

She returned to Yap after earning her associate’s degree at the College of Micronesia – FSM’s Doctors & Dentists for Tomorrow program; and while earning some experience at the Yap Memorial Hospital, she also joined the YCHS faculty as a humanities and science teacher for the 1st semester. For the 2nd semester, she assisted the administration and other faculty members in the daily duties at YCHS.

YCHS is proud to share that Miss Marcia, member of the YCHS Class of 2019, was accepted into Fiji National University under the Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship. She’ll be departing Yap this week for a long flight to Fiji.

Thank you, Miss Marcia, for your exemplary dedication, work ethic, humor, patience, and kindness. YCHS will miss you, but our prayers go with you as you pursue your goals and dreams. God bless you!

CHS students raise more than $5,500 in Lenten Mission Drive 19/03/2022

CHS students raise more than $5,500 in Lenten Mission Drive

Thanks to Canisius High School's Lenten Mission Drive, students were able to fundraise over $5,500 for Yap Catholic High School and Xavier High School.

YCHS is ever grateful for the continued support and generosity of CHS. Thank you!

CHS students raise more than $5,500 in Lenten Mission Drive A special dress-down event on St. Patrick's Day capped off a very successful Lenten Mission Drive by Canisius students. More than $5,500 was raised in two weeks, marking the drive's highest total in five years. The Lenten Mission Drive, as it has for the last decade, benefitted two fellow Jesuit sch...

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After the PSAT, the sophomores conducted our annual Colonia class cleanup & hike.

It’s now a YCHS tradition that after taking their PSAT, the sophomore class pick up trash in the public areas of town before hiking up the hill as a class exercise.

Thank you, sophomore class of 2024, for your community service!

(p.c. Justin’24)

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The freshman and sophomore classes took the PSAT today!

The Practice SAT is an excellent tool for getting our underclassmen ready for future standardized tests that are essential to their college careers.

The underclassmen took the PSAT non-stop from 9AM all the way until noon, with five-minute intervals between major sections. As a result, normal classes for them were halted until the next day.

Congratulations to the freshmen and sophomores for completing their PSATs!

2019 U.S. Embassy Poetry Contest Winner in Honor of International Women's Day "Ashley Rapgeg, Yap Catholic High School" 08/03/2022

2019 U.S. Embassy Poetry Contest Winner in Honor of International Women's Day "Ashley Rapgeg, Yap Catholic High School"

“Gender means almost nothing
Not only one gender can be everything
If he can reach for the stars,
Then she can reach just as far.
He can have dreams for the world,
But it’s not just him in this swirl.
She has dreams just as big, and just as wide.
The world is no longer he rise and she hide.
She is being heard in this modern day,
But sometimes treated like she doesn’t have a say.
Which is funny, because she has a voice just like he,
And she can see fortune just as badly.
She can be as high as he can stand,
And she can lead better than they understand.

“She had kissed the ground that he stood,
She had watched from the side like she should,
She had cleaned his wounds when he bled,
And wished to do something more when in bed.
She can be as great as he is,
And she can be better than this.
She shouldn’t have to remind them that she is here
And that she can be just as good as they feared.
He shouldn’t have to belittle her soul,
And play with her as if she was a silly doll,
Because he and she are not different.
He and she are both amazingly brilliant.
He and she are one and the same.
Both human with dreams and ambitions to claim.
He and she are balance for a greater dream.
He and she are a balance for better team.”

SHE CAN, by Ashley Rapgeg’19

Happy International Women’s Day ♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️


2019 U.S. Embassy Poetry Contest Winner in Honor of International Women's Day "Ashley Rapgeg, Yap Catholic High School" Poem was submitted as part of the 2019 U.S. Embassy Poetry Contest in Honor of International Women's Day. "She Can" By Ashley Rapgeg, Yap Catholic High

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This afternoon, staff from the COM-FSM Yap CRE visited our campus to talk about two of their programs as part of their school outreach.

The first presentation was on arts & crafts, and handicrafts. They shared a Facebook group page for students to check out later featuring students’ work: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1047960785782695/?ref=share

The second presentation focused on nutrition and the Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). Both presentations also featured pre- and post-tests for the students.

Photos from Office of the President, Federated States of Micronesia's post 08/03/2022

Yap Catholic High School thanks His Excellency David W. Panuelo and the FSM National Government for their contribution to the school, and to all the mentioned schools & communities of the State of Yap.


YCHS thanks Her Excellency Jo Cowley and the Australian Embassy in the FSM for gifting the students a new set of volleyballs, volleyball net & candy!

Yesterday, YCHS had the honor of having the Australian ambassador and her staff visit the school. The students were eager to learn more about Australia, and were happy to hear about our Pacific neighbor in the south.

The seniors wasted no time today during their recess breaks & PE period to set up the volleyball net under the school tree—where a volleyball net used to be until four years ago.

The class with the least absences during the 3rd quarter will have the candy, Principal Wiencek announced during morning assembly. The 3rd quarter comes to an end this week, with report cards coming out next week!

Thank you, Australia in Micronesia, for the gifts and motivation!

Photos from Yap Catholic High School's post 02/03/2022

This afternoon, YCHS had the pleasure of welcoming back Her Excellency Jo Cowley, Ambassador of Australia to the Federated States of Micronesia, and her staff member, Mrs. Kenye Rikin; they visited the campus for the first time last Saturday along with the president and his entourage.

Ambassador Cowley briefly met with the students in the library, where she quizzed them on Australian trivia and then provided them with more information about the largest country in Oceania. The students then presented her and Mrs. Rikin with leis before they welcomed them with a song.

Following the welcoming, Ambassador Cowley met with the director and principal, Fr. Rich McAuliff, SJ and Mr. Michael Wiencek, in the admin building.

We thank the Australian Ambassador and her staff member for making the time to visit YCHS on their busy schedule, as Ambassador Cowley continues her first state visit to Yap State. Ambassador Cowley and her retinue will be leaving for Pohnpei with the FSM delegation and US Embassy staff later this week.

Thank you, Australia in Micronesia!


Yap Catholic High School prays for Ukraine, students all over the world, and peace today as the Catholic community begin the Lenten season.

Photos from Yap Catholic High School's post 02/03/2022

This Ash Wednesday, we are reminded of our calling to remember and live the life of Jesus Christ.

Thank you to the sophomore class of 2024 for sponsoring mass today.

Photos from Australia in Micronesia's post 01/03/2022

Photos from Australia in Micronesia's post


Happy Yap Day!

Classes resume March 2nd, 2022 after the four-day weekend.


Happy Friday!
One more week until the end of the 3rd Quarter.

Today’s also the last day for applications for incoming freshmen. Interested students and schools were provided application forms last month, so we’re looking forward to working with our elementary school students in the After School Admissions Program (ASAP).

More info on this year’s admissions on our website: www.ychs.net/admissions

This was our last full week of February, as we head into this eventful four-day weekend. We return to school next week on Ash Wednesday.

Good luck, students; end the 3rd Quarter strong!

Photos from Yap Catholic High School's post 19/02/2022

Today was the 2022 Valentine’s Banquet, sponsored by Pine Club Bar & Grill in town.

Thanks to the planning & organization of the YCHS Student Body Government, and especially the 2022 Valentine’s Banquet planning committee, the student-run event was a success.

Have a restful weekend, students, and see y’all on Monday for our last school week of February 2022!

Photos from Yap Catholic High School's post 18/02/2022

Congratulations to the students who participated in the academic competitions for Yap DOE Education Week!

This past week, students from the elementary & high schools participated in activities and contests in celebration of Education Week sponsored by the Yap State Department of Education (Yap DOE). YCHS students participated as individuals or teams at the high school level in the Essay Contest, Video Contest, Academic Bowl, and Spelling Bee.

The Essay Contest focused on the theme of cultural core values, with submissions from students due on February 10th. The Video Contest challenged students to highlight the importance of internet safety for youth, and submissions were due on February 11th. At YCHS, the winners were announced on February 16th during morning assembly.

Abigail “Tehani” Kogol’24 earned the top place for her essay entry.

Richard Dylan Falow’22 & Maya Tamngig’22 earned the top place for their video submission.

Later in the morning of February 16th, a team of four students left campus with the principal for town to compete in the “Academic Bowl”—a trivia-based contest focusing on the core subjects of education.

Maya Tamngig’22, Kaitlyn Pong’23, and Jason Agapito’24 with their reserve Rachel Ligorad’22 won the Academic Bowl against the competing team from Yap High School.

The last interscholastic contest of Education Week was the Spelling Bee on February 17th, with three seniors participating for YCHS. The entire morning & noontime was booked with spelling contests between elementary schools and between high schools. Both the Academic Bowl and the Spelling Bee were held at Yap DOE headquarters in Colonia.

Chastity Shelby-Joy Minginug’22 won first place, with Joshua Derek Falow’22 placing second place, and their reserve member Sharol Onis even getting a chance to participate.

Congratulations for an amazing performance during this year’s Education Week, and we hope to see the event continue next year for all our schools!

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