Iouki Food Cart

Iouki Food Cart


thank you for a scrumptious lunch today iouki !!! We'll be back soon !!! :)))))))
I LOVE your food!
Is this the food cart that used to be just up the hill from Pohnpei Campus? Is it still there?
is this where I can place my orders for pick up when I want?... :) that'll be awesome.Kenneth Welles , post the menu on this.. whats today's special...
Take pictures of ur store n d workers ,.....keep us updated on iouki cart
I'm one for variety meself so have no qualms with your fact I might come work for you, new idea drag along a tuna fillet trlr, with preseparated and packet fish guts, like "ikoa", "meleisik", "oaj", etc.
We came by and missed the open hours I guess. lol.

Fast food on wheels


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When the TRUTH comes out TRUMP WINS! The Blacksphere


You only get freshly made food and drinks. We will cook the food in front of you so you know that it is hot when served. That's more than you can ask from the other take out establishment on Pohnpei.


Come tomorrow and pick up your Kosraen soup.


Hot day for a cool drink! Come and get your ice tea, ice coffee, or frappucino!


We still make the burger and best frappucino in town. Don't forget to stop by and pick up your order.


Finally got my two huts. No more waiting for your order under the sun.


Don't forget to call in for your lunch tomorrow morning so you don't have to wait when it's time to pick up or deliver. Your choice.


We value your input and though we are limited by our resources, we listen and do our best to meet customer's need. Customer wanted more meat on our burgers and we made sure they are satisfied.


We were so busy this week that we started talking about expanding soon to accommodate our beloved customers.


Ice Cream & cookies, brownies, etc.. coming soon


Iouki Food Cart
We deliver or you can call to pickup

Hamburger ---------------------------- $3.75
Hamburger w/fries---------------------- $4.75
Cheeseburger -------------------------- $4.00
Cheeseburger w/fries -------------------- $5.00
Eggburger w/cheese --------------------- $4.75
Eggburger w/fries ----------------------- $5.75
Hotdog -------------------------------- $1.50
Hotdog w/fries -------------------------- $3.75
Popcorn ---------------------------------$1.00
Ramen bowl ------------------------------ $1.50
Fried Rice ------------------------------- $2.50
Soda pop ----------------------------- $.65
Water ------------------------------- $.50
Ice Tea-------------------------------$.75
Kool Aid--------------------------------$.75
Ice Coffee ---------------------------- $1.75


Frapuccino now back in menu. Coming soon, ice pahr!


If you need the menu, call and we will bring to your office so you can place your order from where you at prior to picking up or we can deliver too.


For those hungry working folks who don't have time to take a long lunch, Iouki Food is now back in service. Place your order by calling 320-1353 or come on over!


Officially open tomorrow. Still some stuff that needed to work on but over all we are ready to serve.


Getting closer. I might have secured a cook for the trailer. All menus created by Cindy and Kenneth. Man, I can smell the cheeseburger and fries now! Hot and sizzling!


Finally got PUC to hook up the lights to my trailer. It's about time we get this thing going. Pray for us that we can get the shop open again and serve the favorite burger & fries and shakes for our beloved customers


Iouki Food will be closed tomorrow to observe Good Friday Holiday.


If you are in town, call us and we will deliver.


Looking for a cashier/cook that can open at 7 am. We would like to start serving coffee, noodles, and pastries for breakfast.


Majority of our customers are students. Most could only afford a bowl ramen and a drink, which makes bowl ramen the top selling item in the store and ice cream not too far behind. Our other top favorite, Kosraen soup only 50 cents for the small cups and a dollar for the large cup.


Today is a good day for a rich caramel Frapuccino. What say you?

Cover photos 25/10/2014

Our new item on the menu

Timeline photos 24/10/2014

New & exciting item on the menu. Frappucino.


The average fried rice sold in restaurants on the island, $6-9.00. Our fried rice, which is the best, I might add, is only 2.50


Enjoy your holiday with a cheeseburger and fries or cool yourself off with a good serving of icecream.


Thank you customers for sticking by us. As you all know, merchandises are sometimes hard to come by when things ran out and the shipments have not arrived on Pohnpei. We were able to substitute on some things we don't have or not serve one of the foods, but over all, we've been able to please our beloved customers. God always provide.


Cooking up cheeseburgers today like it was going out of style. Pace slows down but my daughter and I decided to stretch it until 10 pm tonight. Better hurry, it's less than an hour before Iouki closes its door tonight.


Hot evening! We have ice cream! :)


Open today


Coming soon. More addition to the hotdog family. Hit like if you like chilli dog with cheese or hot dog with sauerkraut complementing with a bag of chips?


Get your fill of our tasty fried rice for only $2.50


We will open today at 1pm


It's a hot day today. Stop by and get yourself an ice coffee! It's the best in town! Try it and see for yourself.


New schedule until we can get another staff is from 8 am to 6pm. Sorry for the inconvenience.





Elenieng St.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 18:00
Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Friday 08:00 - 18:00

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