Campaign 2018

Campaign 2018


VOICE OF THE PEOPLE IS THE VOICE OF PROGRESS, requiring that the government ensure that the public is an aware public of the issues of the day in order for the people to be able to make inform decisions on public issues, when they are asked to make a decision, like in an election.

It must be remembered that the people are the source of all legitimate authorities of government as established in the Constitution. []

November 6, 2018 is the General Election in the State of Yap.


Campaign 2018 is now Campaign 2022! Let the people speak up Candidates candidates speak before the Public and answer questions for the voting public need to know those days of pork barreling of meager financial to guaranteed their winning elections and miss direct financial resources away from economic growth and job creation to buying votes by the Public Projects for votes and guaranteed election.


In order to move assurededly ahead in governance and in development, An Aware Public must guide governance and development because the Voice of the people is the Voice of progress! (jrSubol)


What goes around ultimately comes back and that is why we extend love in our common huamanity!


In the up coming Campaign2022, all candidtes must campaign openly in the public and hold public townhall meetings where citizen will see and hear the candidates up close on their stands and views on public issues so that when they go to the polls on the first Tueday after the first Monday in November, the voters will be able to make informed decision as to which candidates represent their views.

I am told that candidates for Legislature and Governor and the Lt. Governor can start filing their Nomination from 180 days before the election and all candidates must file no later than 90 days before the election!


Campaign 2018 is now Campaign 2022!


Campaign 2018 is now rightfully CAMPAIGN 2022!


Logically is NOW Campaign2022!!


Yap State Election is on Tuesday after the first Monday of Novem er 2022 and filling for candidates starts 180 days before the Election Day and no later than 90 days. If you don't file with in 90 days you can no file as filing is close. Each for the Legislature candidates need no less than 15 signatures on Petition and he has attain the age of 25 years and pay a fee of USD100. I stand to be corrected and if not right go to the Election Commissioners' Office for the right information. Siroo!


Well, I as an incumbent I plead to all to respect the process which has the role of the an aware public reinstruct government to do better for them for the next four years. Decrease the givi g of boats, motors, rice and all and talk so the people can have the confidence in making infor.ed decision to secure a more perfect future, a future that must reflect the best of the past. Stop sneaking into elected public offices for any other reasons than the welfare of the people!!!


What is on my mind? Is indeed a good question but how one answer for what is on my mind is countless and how can that not be so when in every election, election laws have been violated election in and election out until I took the Election Commissioner to court on the illigal acts by and arround the Elction on Mogmog and then in the Election Tabulation by the Tabulation Committee, which decided they were not going to count the Mogmog Box, but the Election Commissioner instructed them to count the Mogmog box, in voilation of the Law!

So I took the Election Commisioner to Court for the voilation of the Law!

Photos from Campaign 2018's post 17/07/2021

Great gathering and I thank Fanunu for the work to arrange for the Enounter Jesus 2020!


Now is the time one year and four months for those who maybe thinking about standing for Election in the State General Election in November 2022 and ask, would I be fearful of what might happen you if elected then you should not run. Because once sworn in, your fear is on what may happen to the those that depend on what you do in the Legislature in their stead and that is what Raglmar wholeheartedly believe!


I have informed people whose views and understanding of what is on the plate before our people and our state of my intention given the challenges before us that I want now the Campeign 2018 is now Capaign 2022.



Photos from Campaign 2018's post 12/07/2021

Under God's blessings and Gaze, we serve!


Yap (Waab, Blulab and Ugoi, Weiyei and Anngai) is an established land with established foundation in its traditions so defined, elaborate, stratified in such a system, society and values comparable to continental thoughts so to take care of islands once extended to the raising and the setting of the sun and stirn as the reef and the mountain, the fauna and the sea for which we hold tenure. That was, is and shall be for the right to righted men is God and we are His servants and thus we submit to Him and to our earthly Healm for peace on earth is our delegated duty by Him. (Rag)


Yes! Campaign is a must for the people got to know in oder to do what they must for the Will to govern is theirs in total and thus we, the candidates for their offices must submit. And do one thing, let us not submit our names for should we pervail and after we take the oath before God and before Man, our personal safety becomes secondary to the protection and safety of those who will now depend on what we do for we stand in their stead.(Rag)


If I knew that if elected I would be afraid of what may happen to me after I swore into office than I would not have run in the Election. Because my fear as an elected member of the Legislature is on what may happen to those who depend on what I do as I stand in their stead!!(jrs)


In development by Yapese tradution, we ought to start always from what we have with what we know and when all is done the people would say, We all have done it. (jrs)


To the good and established people of Yap State, yes you are the source of all legitimate authorities of your Government that leaders swore to uphold, support and defend the Constitution and the laws, process and procedures that are the Will of the people. The other we know is for all in the government to give maximum protection to the Standing of the State before the people and the world and thus respect of the State and its people's traditions...these are money in the bank for the State of Yap! (jrs)


Elections are when an informed people redirect their governments and when an illinformed people destroy their governments and thus their society! (jrs)


The Voice of the people is the Voice of Progress! (jrs)


Well, what can a man of few rights and countless faults do to continue to live the Life He gave and with hope may arise an answer to all and that is his hope and that is our faith and I thank God and Jesus, our Lord!


Two groups that a good candidate respects and are entitled to know his views, stands on issues of the day are those who agrees with him and the ones who disagree with him. (jrs)


The reason campaigning is an integral part of the election process is in support of voting a secret ballot and making informed decisions as to which candidates you will support and after the election you will have things to hold the winner to otherwise they will be over the map and you cannot hold them to what they said in the Campaign. Straight from the book "Good politics"!!(jrs)


No politics can be above and more important than the advancement of our Common Purpose and Common Good. Life itself is one such Common Purpose!


Well Campaign 2018 is now Campaign 2022!


Let us go Campaign 2022!!!


Campaign 2018 has been and today dawns Campaign 2022 and at the start of it all that the Voice of the people is the Voice of Progress and that an Aware Public is the key to success in governance and development!


Our smart youth are the carryer of our legacy to our future generations. Think like our ancestors: Think Continetal not island so we can take care of islands and people we love and care about.


Happy and blessed Sunday and remember that our Motto is: "The Voice of the people is the Voice of progress."




Campaign is a necessary part of running for an office that belongs to the people. Some or many just give out boats, motors, even keyboards for peoples vote and since they missdirect the money away from job creation in the private sector, expanding the tax base they misdirect it to useless Congressional "public projects" and away from economic growth. (jrs)


Grateful always for open, honest and passionate discussions of issues of common purpose and interests as we seek middle ground to protect and advance our Common Purpose. Life itself is a Common purpose of Man.


Campaign 2018 will now be Campaign 2022 as I now explore the formation of a Political Action Committee, PAC for the Election in November 2022.




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