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My Mission - Fiji Mission of Seventh-day Adventists

Welcome message by the Director of Youth Ministries, Pr. Jo Rabuatoka at the Regional Youth Easter Camp, 2021


What does the Bible say about Easter?

What does the Bible say about Easter?

Easter, with bunnies, hot-cross bun, and Easter-eggs? What’s all this got to do with Christ death and resurrection.


I would like to Praise the Lord for these two hardworking beautiful young women in ministry. Thank you for being faithful to the callladies and may the Lord bless you both and dnlarge your territory. This is Ms Sera Dimainacava - DMT Assistant and Adiema Tuvou Accounts Clerk they both work for Fiji Mission.

Fiji Mission is so blessed to have you both. Me levu tiko nomudrau veigauna vinaka kei na Kalou. Women in Ministry. #We will Go Reach Our World#.


A Special Message from Pastor Ted Wilson

International Women's Day of Prayer is observed the first Sabbath of March each year by women in the Seventh-day Adventist world church. This special day is ...


Here's to bless every woman in the Seventh-day Adventist Church today a double portion of God's wisdom, love and mercies for this International Women's Day of Prayer. May you find refuge in prayer today and always. 27/02/2021

Neuroscience for parents: How to raise amazing kids

Helpful Resources for parents. Parenting to help your children develop a healthy self esteem and trust. nurture their talents and bond with them



As we near the close of another Sabbath, heres to remind all Sabbath School teachers about your lesson preparation for next Sabbath.


Beginners - lesson 3
Kindergarten & Primary - lesson 9
Juniors & Eteens - lesson 10

I hope this helps as we prepare for a brand new week ahead of us. Much love and prayers.


Skill set of women on display. Praise the Lord for gifts and talents used for Gods glory.


Bau Zone Gracelink Trainning. Was a privilege joining the sabbath school teachers in the zone.


Fiji Mission Children, Women & Family Ministry



The Women's Ministry Department would like to encourage all women throughout our Churches in Fiji to co-operate with the Holy Spirit as you prepare to be used by God in exerting His will on this Sabbath, the 6th of March. Remember we were called for a purpose at such a time as this and equipped with the gifts and talents to do His good works. Lets Go, Reach our World.....May God bless you all in your preparations for this Sabbath. Mark the date, 6 March, 2021.

The author of our sermon for this Sabbath is Dr. Schubert, the Women Ministry Director at the South Pacific Division. Let us all remember Dr. Schubert in our prayers as she leads our Division.

Danijela Schubert focuses on the impossible things God calls us to do and presents examples of women in the Bible who were called to do the impossible and th...



The 2020 International Women's Day of Prayer resource packet sermon and workshop were written by Danijela Schubert, D.Min., Discipleship Team member for Women in the South Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Her sermon focuses on the impossible things God calls us to do and presents examples of women in the Bible who were called to do the impossible and then through His grace and strength made it possible. These biblical characters each said, "I Will Go," and the results were life-changing, not only for themselves, but for the history of whole nations.

The seminar, "Teach Us to Pray: Four ways to get the most out of your prayer time," is written by Zdravko Stefanovic, PhD., professor of Biblical Studies, presently teaching at AdventHealth University, Orlando, Florida.


Much appreciation to this team for the Gracelink trainning held at in Bau and Suva Central Zone. Vinaka vei kemudou nai soqosoqolotu nomudou yaco mai, Raiwaqa SDA, @Raiwai SDA, Howell SDA, Vatuwaqa SDA, Veiquwawa SDA, Kecisemani SDA and Vanuavatu SDA.


Fiji Mission Children, Women & Family Ministry


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Bula Kids and Parents, The Tui family are coming back with a story for you...

They're Back! Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode of The Tui's 'Callister's Cache' coming soon!

#cantwait #thetuis #fun #fundamentals #adventist #children #ministries #spd


Children's Ministries SPD

Bula Kids this is the Primary Sabbath School Lesson for this Sabbath. Join the King's Kids as they explore this story further...

Abraham loved God and wanted his son Isaac to marry a woman who loved God too.

In this story, you will find how Isaac finds a wife and how she chooses to leave all her family and friends and move far away with Isaac and his family. She chooses to do so because she loved God and knew that this was what God wanted her to do.

Boys and girls, God wants you to join his family, will you say yes today?

#childrensministries #sabbathschool #kingskids #gracelinkprimary


Children's Ministries SPD

Bula KIds and Mums and Dad's, please join the King's Kids for Sabbath SChool tomorrow morning... #Gracelink #KingsKids

Hi Kids!

Join the King's Kids this week as they learn a beautiful new song entitled ‘God has a plan’ explore the Bible with Sammy & Gemma and enjoy Discovery Bible Reading with Shane and Andy. Listen as Nurse Betty chats with you about screen time and impact that too much of it can have on your eyes. Sit back and enjoy a wonderful story by Granny Grace, and enjoy the creativity of Tiani’s story telling through Sand Art! Come let’s worship together!


Children's Ministries SPD

This coming Sabbath, join the KIng's Kids Crew for a special time of'll be their 21st episode.

Get with the Plan! God's plan! Coming up this weekend on King's Kids!


Children's Ministries SPD

Bula Kids

Please join the King's Kids for Sabbath school in the morning...

Boys and girls, in this episode of the King’s Kids you will learn two new songs and hear a beautiful story from Granny Grace. Sammy & Gemma who explore the Bible and enjoy your front row seats as you watch Tiani’s amazing sand art. Ella & Zayne create a Paper Lantern for the craft as Andy & Shane share insights from their Discovery Bible Reading passage. There are heaps to get involved in, at Sabbath School with the King’s Kids.


Bula Family, we need to #enditnow

End it now! Emphasis Day is coming up on the 22nd of August. Click here for more information about this day and resources to use to create a special awareness program for this day.


Children's Ministries SPD

For this week's Primary Sabbath School Lesson, join the King's Kids and have some fun learning and growing in Jesus with them.

Boys and girls, in this episode of the King’s Kids you will find how seven wise, spirit-filled men were chosen to take up new responsibilities to look after the community. God blesses their efforts and the number of believers continued to grow.


Bula Mums and Dads, please get these items together to help your child with their craft for this coming Sabbath.

Craft materials for this weeks King's Kids! Make a Tin Can Organiser with Josiah so you can have an organised study space!


My Mission - Fiji Mission of Seventh-day Adventists

Mission Brief (17/07/2020) - ENG


Children's Ministries SPD

Bula Kids, enjoy this episode of KIng's KIds for Sabbath July 18, 2020

We saw in the last episode of King's Kids how God equipped the disciples with the ability to speak in different languages so they could reach people from different backgrounds. Girls and boys, today God wants to equip you and me with the right gifts and skills that we need to communicate with people from other cultures, languages and backgrounds, just like He equipped the disciples.


Children's Ministries SPD

Bula Kids and Mums and dads... Coming up this week in King's Kids... #KingsKids #Gracelink #DMT2020

Listen up! Here's what's coming up this Sabbath on King's Kids!


Bula Kids please make sure you get involved in this Talent Competition in Art,Poetry and Media Production, share with us how you can share Jesus.Your entries need to be given to Mrs Miliakere MacDonald the Children's Ministries Director at Fiji Mission by COB October 13, 2020.

Get creative kids!🖍🌿🤓🎬🤩 To celebrate 25 years of the Global Children's Ministries Department we are doing a Kids Talent Quest for Jesus! Click here for more information.
Please note submission deadline to your local Missions and Conferences is October 13th.😉


Children's Ministries SPD

Gracelink Lesson 1 for Primary Sabbath School Q3. Enjoy King's Kids #DiscipleMe #KingsKids #Gracelink

Boys and girls, God has a special plan for each and every one of us. He loves us very much. Let us make sure that we spend time talking to Jesus every day and ask Him to show you the special plan He has prepared just for you.


Children's Ministries SPD

Quarter 3 King's Kids is back again this Sabbath with the Primary School Gracelink Sabbath School Lesson. Join us!

Get ready guys! New King's Kids episodes are coming!


Children's Ministries SPD

Sigatabu Vinaka Family.

Worshipping God is following the Lord's instructions in every aspect of our lives. Worship is obeying God. We can also use our speech, our voices to worship Him.


Coming up this weekend for 13th Sabbath...

For thirteen Sabbath, join the King’s Kids and be ready to learn more about how you can be a follower of Jesus. Stephen has a great story to share with you and Balloon Kaboom will be awesome as well. Be ready to give back to God through the egiving app learn a new song and create a magnificent craft with a little bit of glue and different items from nature. 😀🌿


Hope Channel Fiji

Women's Emphasis Sabbath Day with theme of "Christ's Amazing Love Moves Me.

Women's Emphasis, 2020.
Theme: Christ's Amazing Love Moves Me.

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