Urban Combatives Copenhagen, Valby Video August 14, 2021, 8:34am

Videos by Urban Combatives Copenhagen in Valby. Urban Combatives Copenhagen. Træning af realistisk selvforsvar efter principperne i Urban Combatives v. Lee Morrison.

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Spike kick as pre-emption

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Counter weapons, with evaluation

How can you install good self preservation skills? It has to take its base from the reality of a real-life situation of today. -Not from historical techniques based on traditions and another timeframe. -Not from a sport perspective, with clear rules for engagement. A violent encounter will happen fast, violently and non-compliant. Before a conflict turns psychical good security habits is the most important part of good instruction. Here to highlighting the choices and actions that in the first place prevents the situation in going south, but also to practice this in real time. Verbal dissuasion combined with situation control and corresponding body language is an art. Natural for some, very difficult for others when stress and aggression is present. Training the psychical part requires the same as the event. It has to have elements of speed, violence of actions and non-compliant response. We can only “pretend violence” (ref Lee M), but it has to mimic the situations and primarily the emotions that will be present at a real encounter: ➖Confusion ➖Fear/anger ➖Pain ➖Fatigue Everything here is a learning curve, if we throw a new student into "high waves" for the first time, they will “drown” in the impressions and emotions. Expanding window of tolerance gradually will eventually make you ready for the harsh environment and situations. You will be calmer in the most important first phases of a conflict if you already know that YOU WILL PREVAIL! if this goes south. Mindset is everything, but mindset cannot be trained by just talk and listen, it has to be felt and dealt with before it becomes a true part of your self-belief. These guys here have been training with us for 6 months, and I’m very proud of their results!👍. There is all over good signs of a higher tolerance to stress/pain, basis is now getting stricter and most important of all is there mindset now switchable from calm and cool to: I WILL PREVAIL!, no matter what!🔥 (this session from last tr

A little snippet from yesterdays intro-training! It was a blast!💪 You all did very good, welcome aboard! ___________________ Urban Combatives Copenhagen 👊👊🔥 #combatives #urbancombatives #selvforsvar #realistiskselvforsvar #selfdefence #selfprotection #warriors #vikings #combat #kampsport #counterweapons #knifedefence #fitness #padcom #københavn #copenhagen #street #leemorrison

From todays session❗️ All about one tool: the slap!✋✋ Drilled as pre-emption: slap to groin, and follow up to brainstem. Trained max on training-heads/pads, and then with les power on helmets, but heads are still singing! Simulaiton with roleplay, theory around situation control and timing. Here the princip of Musashi’s 3 pre-emptions. Finally some agression terapi🤟, doble slap when grabbed. Last one with inspiration from Urban Combatives Netherlands👍 Last drill is about getting desensitized to agression. Important to be in both ends of this drill. You guys did good!💯 Urban Combatives Copenhagen 👊👊🔥 #urbancombativescopenhagen #combatives #urbancombatives #selvforsvar #realistiskselvforsvar #selfdefence #selfprotection #warriors #vikings #combat #kampsport #counterweapons #knifedefence #padcom #københavn #copenhagen

From yesterdays session: ballistic clinch/knee and snatch/rag down. Goal: Incidental strikes, take away base, breathing and mobility getting the subject down quickly, with constant control. From here response can be scaled from level 3-5 all the way up to 10. Here we are working with the premise of pre-emption with a ballistic clinch, knee to groin and a snatch. Head-control, to back-control exit or finish with stomp according to the context of the situation. What if, the subject pike and the knee have no effect? Her a follow up response with elbow to head. Session ended with simulation: A road rage situation, verbal dissuasion not posible, subject is highly animated and is blocking the escape route. From here pre-emption, control and exit. Ballistic clinch was trained on partner for the feeling, but with real energy and rhythm on our new Allstrike 2 heads from Revgear. They work well! The contour of a hole head gives a good realistic feeling, specially when amping up in power/speed. Also for slaps, eye-blitz and generel precision in impact training we think they will work good! Urban Combatives Copenhagen 👊👊🔥 #urbancombativescopenhagen #combatives #urbancombatives #selvforsvar #realistiskselvforsvar #selfdefence #selfprotection #warriors #vikings #combat #kampsport #counterweapons #knifedefence #padcom #københavn #copenhagen #revgear #revgeareurope