EBB & FLOW designs and produces decorative lighting with a modern edge and elegance, designed to bring warmth and joy. EBB & FLOW designs and produces lighting, and functional and decorative objects.

Using classic British and Nordic style as a starting point combined with a passion for the basic materials glass, metal and textiles, the result is a style that infuses lighting and glass with a fine airy simplicity and a modern edge and depth of colour. All our lighting designs are made to bring warmth and joy, translated through colours and shapes they inspire and offer lasting beauty. EBB & FLO

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Uva is a small pendant with a big impact on its surroundings. A small lamp design with character that lights up any space.⁠

The pendant is suitable for most rooms, both in private homes and professional spaces. ⁠

Available in two sizes, Uva is perfect for creating a modern chandelier or small clusters.


Bathroom lighting can be decorative too!⁠

Your bathroom lighting doesn't have to be just functional. Lighting is one of the ways to set a mood and decorate a room.⁠

Experiment, be playful, and dare to choose the lamp that fits into your bathroom.


Balance & harmony⁠

Adding a pop of colour to a neutral space creates an undeniable balance and harmony. The Horizon lamp design comes in a rainbow of colours, each expressing their own personality.⁠

Explore our Horizon design at ebbandflow.com

Photos from EBB & FLOW's post 18/05/2022

3daysofdesign is just around the corner, and we cannot wait to exhibit as part of the DDcated design hub at The Lapidarium of Kings in Copenhagen 👏🏼

We are excited to introduce our new collection of fabric lampshades and other novelties in beautiful and historic surroundings.

We bring personality into private homes and professional spaces.

June 15 – 17, 2022
10 AM - 6 PM
Stand KH20

We hope to see you in the heart of Copenhagen!


"Being the first EBB & FLOW design, Rowan takes pride of place above my own dining table”⁠

- Susanne Nielsen, founder and designer


We love creating tone on tone looks. A cool way to add subtle colour solutions. ⁠

This fabric lampshade in Darkest green is the perfect contrast to the light green wallpaper. The lampshade ties the room together, adds softness, and creates the perfect balance.


Inspired by the shape of a grape and vintage perfume bottles, the award-winning Uva pendant is the perfect lamp for creating a modern chandelier. ⁠

All technical features are hidden in the shiny silver or gold brass ball, a design detail creating a simple and elegant pendant lamp.⁠

Available in multiple different glass colours and crystal cuts.⁠

Explore at ebbandflow.com



Add the ultimate elegance to a room with our Smykke pendant. The name meaning "jewellery" in Danish, Smykke is a very feminine design. ⁠

We love the contrast between the raw brick wall and the elegant pendant, adding an exquisite balance. ⁠

Explore the Smykke design at ebbandflow.com


What better way to decorate your kitchen than to use personal and decorative lighting? ⁠

We have a wide selection of lamps that are the perfect choices for your kitchen. Take a look at our Rowan, Horizon, and Lute designs at ebbandflow.com.


Spice up your staircase with our tall and narrow Smykke pendant. Available in two sizes and a wide selection of glass colours and crystal cuts. ⁠

Explore the collection at ebbandflow.com


Explore handmade crystal bowls at ebbandflow.com


At home with Susanne Nielsen, the designer and founder at EBB & FLOW. ⁠

"In my home, you will find lots of colours, vintage pieces, and personality. I love to surround myself with things that speak my name and inspire me." ⁠- Susanne Nielsen. ⁠

The Horizon pendant XL in Olive and our crystal bowls decorate the small dining area in the kitchen. A bright and cosy space to start the day.


Our fabric lampshade in Botanical is amazingly stunning and draws the eye to all the small details of the pattern. ⁠

A fabric that has been part of the EBB & FLOW lampshade collection for a long time, yet it continues to blossom.


Dress up your home with striking checks in the colour of your choice. We love the combination of our Barre lamp base and the fabric lampshade in Chennai Cobalt. A rich blue colour in a luxurious silk fabric. ⁠

The check fabric lampshades are available in blue, green, pink, and yellow nuances. ⁠

Explore at ebbandflow.com



Our Horizon and Rowan wall lamps are the perfect decorative lamps for your bedroom. They create a stunning and calming light, suitable for the relaxing and cosy atmosphere of your bedroom. ⁠

Choose between a wide selection of fantastic colours to suit your style and mood.


Our SS2022 collection. BOLD & FRESH. A fabric lampshade collection of extravagant feathers, retro playfulness, and striking checks. ⁠

Explore at ebbandflow.com


Lute brings harmony, calmness, and style to your home. Its shape and colour options make the design the perfect choice for every room as a pendant or table / floor lamp.


The retro feel of the Poppy Pop fabric design is a colourful and playful addition to the range. Available in two different colours, this fabric design adds a touch of femininity and a vintage look to any space. ⁠

Choose between five different sizes, and use it as a pendant lamp or pair it with your favourite lamp base.


Our Rowan Bowl is made from pure crystal, hand-cut in Europe, and presented in its own gift box. The sky is the limit when it comes to styling your crystal bowl. We love to use it as a vase for flowers, as an exclusive fruit bowl, or to shine on its own. ⁠

“The Rowan Bowl is a modern collectable that you cannot help looking at, when you walk through the room, and the facet cuts catch the light” - Susanne Nielsen, Designer.⁠

Available in three sizes and four crystal patterns.



Spice up your living room with luxurious fabrics and colours that match your style and mood. ⁠

The check patterns in luxurious silk from our SS2022 collection are wonderfully tactile and irresistible. The straight lines lend themselves perfectly for a lampshade and will liven up the space. Choose between striking Fushia, Cobalt, Azure, and deep Ochre.


BOLD & FRESH office environments.⁠

Whether you are decorating your home office or a professional office space, we believe that personality is key. Create an inspiring and motivational atmosphere with fabric lampshades. ⁠

Our collection holds something for every taste and style. Explore at ebbandflow.com.


We are ready to see you at Maison&Objet! Explore our new SS2022 collection. Hall 6 / J19.⁠

The exuberant feather fabrics from Christian Lacroix add a unique and baroque style to our new collection of fabric lampshades. A truly bold and artistic pattern with incredible details and nuances.⁠

Our feather lampshades are available in two colours and five sizes.


Our award-winning Uva pendant continues to be a key part of the EBB & FLOW collection. Still a new design, the pendant adds character and elegance to the EBB & FLOW SS2022 collection. ⁠

Choose between two sizes, different crystal patterns and glass colours, and silver and gold brass. A unique design, perfect for creating a modern chandelier. ⁠

Explore at ebbandflow.com⁠

Visit us at Maison&Objet to see our breathtaking cluster of Uva pendants.



With positivity, courage and an appetite for life, EBB & FLOW introduces a new range of fabric lampshades for Spring 2022. A collection both bold and fresh for creating inspiring spaces to thrive in. Colours and patterns with real zest and freshness make up the new collection of fabric lampshades. A variety of fabrics that elevate and inspire, curated by EBB & FLOW designer, Susanne Nielsen.⁠

The collection celebrates exclusive names from the world of fabrics such as Christian Lacroix, Designers Guild, and Scion. Synergising extravagance, playfulness, and luxury, the selection adds three unique qualities, making them the perfect partners for the EBB & FLOW lamp collection.⁠

Explore the collection at Maison&Objet in Paris from March 24-28. Hall 6 / J19.


Luxurious bathroom lighting.⁠

A cluster of our Rowan crystal lamps can add elegance, style and a design detail to your bathroom. Amazingly stunning with the lights off, but with the lights on, they will reflect beautifully on the surroundings. ⁠

Decorative lighting is your perfect partner for creating atmosphere and setting a relaxing mood.⁠

Explore our collection of crystal lamps at ebbandflow.com


BOLD & FRESH. New collection coming soon.⁠


Photos from EBB & FLOW's post 09/03/2022

The most exclusive fruit bowl you have ever seen. Our Rowan Bowl is handmade from pure crystal. Mouth-blown and cut by hand in the Czech Republic. ⁠

The crystal bowl is available in three different sizes and four different crystal patterns. Which one is your favourite?

Shop Rowan Bowl: https://ebbandflow.com/collections/crystal-bowls


Small in size, but a big statement. ⁠

We love how fabric lampshades can speak your true personality. This is our Barre in size Small with a fabric lampshade in size E. A statement that fits into most spaces of your home.


Add this unique table lamp to your home in your favourite colour. A design that adds character and personality. ⁠

Handmade in Europe and hand-built in Denmark.


Fabric lampshades can add character and personality to your home. A soft detail in the colour and pattern that you love. ⁠

We have a wide selection of fabric lampshades in different sizes, colours and patterns. Whether you prefer a bold or minimalistic style, we have the one for you. ⁠

The fabric lampshades can be paired with a wire unit and hang from the ceiling, or you can match them with a table or floor lamp base of your choice. ⁠

On this photo: Barre floor lamp base (size XL) with fabric lampshade in Persia Blue (size G)

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