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💪🏼 Vi har et fællesskab for dig, der vil turde mere 💪🏼

D. 22. marts starter vores forløb ‘Bliv bevidst om dit mod’ op sammen med ark books. Vores forløb er en måde at få lov til at gå endnu mere i dybden med et tema end vi når til vores normale events. Vi mødes fem gange i alt henover et par måneder.

Så hvis du er nysgerrig på mod og gerne vil have inspiration til at leve et mere modigt liv, så er det lige noget for dig 🙏🏼 Samtidig får du et stærkt, lille fællesskab til at bakke dig op i din udforskning af modet.

Link i kommentarfeltet 🥳
Great New Children's Christmas Story
Celebrate with Easter Bunny's and Forest Friends Christmas at
Moriah Hallow.
Learn about who gave Mary the swaddling blanket. Get all of Noam books about Faith, love, and caring for all God's creatures
‘In 2019, atmospheric CO2 concentrations were higher than at any time in at least 2 million years.’

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report 2021

Join as at ark books for the first instalment of Climate, Culture & Capitalism reading group on the 22nd of September

Photo by Tomasz Kizny

#ipccreport #ipcc #arkbookscph #climateculturecapitalism #stopcapitalism #bookclubadriatic #readinggroup #bookclub #stopclimatechange #stopglobalwarming #climatescience

ark books is a tiny, beautiful, non-profit shop in copenhagen, full of the best stories you've never heard.


Climate, Culture and Capitalism returns on the 27th of April to read an essay 'The Three Ecologies by Félix Guattari 🌱


It’s our 8th birthday! Come by the shop for a drink, books and laughs!


We need volunteers! Send an email to [email protected] to hear more! #newbooksmell

Photos from ark books's post 25/03/2022

It’s boring to sit in the sun without a book #newbooksmell


Ark Books Talks!
We are delighted to share with you our new/old Ark books podcast on literature.
For the first chapter we discuss Delta of Venus, an erotic classic written by Anaïs Nin.


All proceeds from our sales today and tomorrow (Sat/Sun) going to support Ukraine.

New titles in!

Open 12-18 both days. Come through.

Proceeds will be donated to

Art work by Maria Primachenko “The threat of war” (1986)


From the reviews: “I think I only saw one or two books I’d ever heard of in the entire store” - Daniel, ⭐️⭐️⭐️


We’re proud to announce that starting today, we’re unofficial purveyors of Copenhagen’s most essential quaterly - F O O L S T I D E.

Photos from ark books's post 04/02/2022

What’s in a name? That which we call a book by any other name would smell as sweet. Why, visit ark and enjoy the #newbooksmell yourself!

Photos from ark books's post 14/01/2022

Gotta catch ‘em all. #newbooksmell

The Best Reads of 2021 – arkbooks 11/01/2022

The Best Reads of 2021 – arkbooks

Better late than never! Our best reads of 2021 are finally here. Annie Ernaux, Violette Leduc and Leone Ross among our favorites. Read, read !

The Best Reads of 2021 – arkbooks Happening by Annie Ernaux This (past) year, I went from having read zero books by Annie Ernaux to having read like three or four in just one month. Happening was by far the most impressive one, which is probably a weird thing to say about a harrowing piece dealing with abortion. The topic is, to…

Photos from ark books's post 04/11/2021

Get your dose of weird reads for the long evenings ahead! #newbooksmell


A ton of new risograph art books have arrived from @terry.bleu publishing ! Come check them out!

Photos from ark books's post 24/09/2021

Sally Rooney fans, you can take your tents and sleeping bags out of Møllegade - "Beautiful World" is finally in! And with it, more marvels of the written word. #freshbooksmell

Photos from ark books's post 13/09/2021

Stressed? Depressed? Maybe, but also well-versed! Drop by ark to ensure the latter. Might also work on the former... #newbooksmell

Photos from ark books's post 23/07/2021

A lot of you ask, 'where are the books I'm dying to read, but don't know it yet?' Say no more. We got you, fam. #newbooksmell


Art book selection! Gary Panter, Charles Burns, mark Beyer, Henry Darger and more .

Photos from ark books's post 17/06/2021

Good afternoon. How may I help you? Ah, I see you're looking for something to ward off that tiresome ennui. Say no more. We have just the book for you. Just came in, straight from the printers. Here, take it. Feel the texture. See how smooth it is? Listen to the sound of rustling pages. That's right. Inhale that #newbooksmell ...

Photos from ark books's post 16/06/2021

Could any of these weird ass books be the next book for your weird ass? #weirdassbooks

Photos from ark books's post 23/05/2021

Just arrived! Long weekends mean long reads😇 #copenhagen #kobenhavn


- “Honey, what do you want for dinner?”
- “Humm, I want you”
Sounds like the perfect way to start the weekend, right? Until you read “Tender is the Flesh”, a dystopian novel that describes a society where humans are slaughtered for meat. A novel to sink your teeth into 😋 #StaffPick #CannibalismStaffPick


Love poetry? Then get ready for 3 days of the best poetry in Copenhagen thanks to Sommertid Poesifestival #literaturhaus #københavn #copenhagen


Fancy a dose of female empowerment? 💪 These African-inspired stories show indomitable heroines and their fight against a patriarchal society.

"His Only Wife" is a fairytale story with a very contemporary twist where young seamstress Afi struggles against the patriarchal social pressures that jeopardize her happiness.

"The Gilded Ones" is a feminist fantasy story that follows Deka, a labeled “impure” teenager by the rulers of her kingdom, and her following efforts to break free from that stigma and fight back for her rights.

#Staffpick #StrongFemale


Yes, that's us. A group of bookworms of different backgrounds united by our love of literature. Oh, we love coffee and cats too 📚🐈☕️

Photos from ark books's post 16/05/2021

It’s rainy here in Copenhagen, so let's cheer up by posting some photos of Ted. #copenhagen #cats

ark books updated their website address. 14/05/2021

ark books updated their website address.

ark books updated their website address.

Photos from ark books's post 14/05/2021

Still no plans for this long weekend? Come and check out our new book arrivals! 📚


We are finally able to order books again after Brexit and on Monday we will be open again. Want us to place an order for you? Hit us up at [email protected] — we’ll order new books Sunday evening. Take care and see you next week😍


Please stand by. We have been having some technical difficulties with the [email protected] email address. We are working on it and we’ll be able to respond soon. But you’ll probably have to send your requests again if you received an error message... not just yet though because of the aforementioned technical difficulties. #plagueproblems #technicaldifficulties

The Worst Reads 2020 31/12/2020

The Worst Reads 2020

Round 2 today - time for The Worst Reads of 2020

The Worst Reads 2020 Everything Except for Females by Andrea Long Chu Everything except for this one Perhaps it’s slightly unfair to consign all but one book I read in 2020 to the category of ‘worst read’, but 2020 fee…

The Best Reads of 2020 30/12/2020

The Best Reads of 2020

They are here! The Best Reads of 2020! Like each year, we bring you our beloved books of the past 12 months. Thanks to @cliff.hanger.books for contributing!

Happy New Year and stay safe!

The Best Reads of 2020 The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop If this unbelievable year brought something good it’s that I finally found the time to read more books than usual and, luckily, many were really good ones. Of …

Photos from ark books's post 10/12/2020

It is a fact universally acknowledged that when the tastes in literature of a loved one are of such a particular, sophisticated and subtle nature as it is very much the case for all our followers and their friends, then you’re better off getting them a gift card.

But for those who really want to make their feelings known, might we suggest buying nine books in the vain hope that one will hit the sweet spot, filling up your loyalty card, and offering up your free book to them as well. There is no more profound gesture of affection than that.

Here are a few newish arrivals for your consideration. #newbooksmell #giftideas #giftcard #loyaltycard #stillo

Photos from ark books's post 06/08/2020

We still have a few (read indefinite) number of weeks of the book buying season left, and we have just re-uped our stock. Here are some highlights that we pulled out so you’ll be able to find them amongst the glimmer of our replete collection. #newbooksmell @ ark books

Timeline photos 31/07/2020

New risograph prints available in store ! @joakimdrescher

Photos from ark books's post 31/07/2020

There is still time. Book buying season continues! #newbooksmell @ ark books

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Vidste du at formidler mere end 65.000 opgaver om året og har dermed siden år 2000 været Danmarks førende formidler af byggeopgaver til danske boligejere, boligforeninger, institutioner og erhvervsdrivende.

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Club de la Faye is a group of existences living and performing in the cracks between reality and fiction. On this page you can find info about upcoming arrangements and explore the documentation of Club de la Faye's [email protected]

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Københavns Rådhus er andet end støvet kedelige kommunale kontorer, vi har blandt andet også et H

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Hos La Carta Byg renoverer vi boliger fra A-Z og har særlig ekspertise i at gøre badeværelses- og køkkendrømme til virkelighed.

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Elicon er din kompetente el-installatør og sparringspartner Vi samarbejder med virksomheder, boligforeninger og private,