CRS Osteopathy

CRS Osteopathy

Treatments focus on health maintenance through a wide range of osteopathic approaches. Our personalized therapies will help you enjoy a healthy body.


Velkommen til CRS Osteopathy, her tager vi hånd om den menneskelige organisme med henblik på at opretholde et sundt helbred og en god livskvalitet. En krop i balance kan modstå stress og pres fra hverdagslivet, uden at der opstår smerter og sygdom. CRS Osteopati behandlinger fokuserer på vedligeholdelse af sundheden ved at benytte en bred vifte af osteopatiske metoder. Vores persontilpass

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CRS Osteopathy is now on WhatsApp. 25/11/2021

CRS Osteopathy is now on WhatsApp.

CRS Osteopathy is now on WhatsApp.



I love seeing all these very good and nice projects happening in the clinic, contact @integrated.pelvichealth to join to her integrated pelvic health classes every Friday from 8.00-9.00 we start this Friday.
@evi is starting postnatal yoga from 10.30 to 11.30 and pregnanci yoga from 17.30 to 18.30 every Tuesday from the 21st of September.

Do not miss the opportunity to connect to your body

[03/30/21]   Hello all,
Please check the change in the calendar from the 6th of April and I hope that I will see you all soon.

Have a great day,
Christian Rubio

[12/16/20]   Hello everyone,
Unfortunately we have to be closed once again following the government’s restrictions form the 21th of December to the 3rd of January 2021. There are still a few spots available for the remaining week.

We hope that you all have a really good Christmas and we will see you the next year.

Kind Regards,
Christian Rubio Salvador


Fantastic 😊

Pelvic Flow is going to be open now from Monday to Friday 10.00 to 18.00, therefore, we will have room for more pelvic floor appointments and also for massage.

During the past 10 years, pregnancy and postpregnancy massage has been a big part of my daily practice and even if now I wanna focus on pelvic floor physiotherapy I don´t want to forget about this part of my practice that I really enjoy and love.
There will be everyday space for 2 massages and 4 pelvic floor treatments/evaluations on the schedule so hopefully, everyone will be able to find the right time for them.

Book your time now at


It will be almost impossible to find a better professional on this field. Never tired of recommending Tania and her wonderful Pelvic flow place and concept. You go girl! ☺️☺️

Dear everyone,

The sun is shining and the clinic today is plenty of good vibes, moms and babies!
Today I wanna answer hero two of the most frequent ask questions that I have about coming to the clinic:

1_Can I bring my baby to the session? Yes, you can, babies are always welcome here!

2_Can we have the session if I am with my me********on? Yes, having he me********on is not an inconvenience, we have waterproof sheets always on the bed and the me********on doesn´t interfere with the evaluation or treatment.

Do you think that now is the time for you to have a check-up in your abdomen and pelvic floor area?
Book you time directly here

Enjoy the sun and smile :)

[04/17/20]   Hello all again,
I am happy to communicate that we will start our activity again next week. We still need to finish the last requirements on Monday and tuesday (materials and hands sanitizer) so officially we will start treating patients from Wednesday the 22nd. Nevertheless we have a few conditions and rules that we all have to respect in order to remain opened:

1- The schedule is now programmed to only allow 60 minutes treatment so we will have 30 min to sanitize the room after each person. That will mean that it might be a few minutes delay from the starting time. If somebody needs 90 minutes treatment, it could be arranged but it has to be communicated in advance.

2- We hardly recommend that all clients arrive as close as the could to the time schedule, so we will not have a waiting time in the reception in order to control how many people will be sitting and waiting (max 4). As you all know you could check the amount of people in the waiting room before go into it. If is not an issue you could wait outside and we will come and pick you up.

3- Clients in the risk age or previous health conditions, will have to communicate in advance so we can arrange the measures appropriated for their treatment, reschedule to a better time frame or cancel the appointment if its need it.

4- Logically, any person that present symptoms or have any suspicion of a possible infection, please stay home and safe. Once recovered, we will all be ready to treat you without hesitation.

5- We will be using protection such as mask, gloves and other equipment if need it, in order to protect ourselves and our patients.

We hope you all understand all this measures and be comprehensive of our situation so we can gradually go back to our activity. We wish at we can keep this rules and conditions for at least the first few months and we may have to increase with a few more.

Personally, I have to apologize for every misunderstanding in the last month about the opening date. It was an unprecedented situation and I managed the best I could but sometimes was not enough and I am sorry for that. I missed you all and i hope we could go back to normal eventually.

Have a lovely weekend and see you soon,
Christian Rubio Salvador.

[03/31/20]   Hello everyone,
According to the coronavirus situation in Denmark, we have to postpone the opening of the clinic until the 15th of April. We hope that at that time we could start treating patients again.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you all for the support in the last couple of weeks.

Stay safe and see you all soon,
Christian Rubio Salvador

[03/14/20]   Hello every one,
Accordingly to the recommendations of the danish authorities, until further notice, we will be closed the next couple of weeks until the first of April.

In addition, you can also and always contact us, in case of advice in any acute problems that may appear among those days. We will be pleased to help and give you some advice.

We hope to see you all soon.

Christian Rubio Salvador.

Tl: 53662567
Email: [email protected]



May and June courses!

Sharing is caring and Pelvic Flow wanna share with you a lot of knowledge 🎉🎉🎉

We are launching today the Spring-Summer New Born Parents course,6 sessions of 90 min to learn about the pregnant body, the delivery and the development of the new family in this crucial moment.

May: 6th,13th, 20th, 27th-
June: 10th, 17th
From 17:30 to 19:00

1st Session: Understanding my pelvic floor muscles and the dynamic of the delivery.
2nd Session: Preventing perineal trauma, EPI-NO and perineal massage.
3rd Session: Dilation postures, and pain release with the support of your partner.
4th Session: Understanding the newborn family, how to prevent Baby colic.
5th Session: Baby massage.
6th Session: Realising my hands, Ergonomic baby carriage that fits your lifestyle.

Book your spot sending an email to [email protected]

More details at


What about this? Awesome 👏

Today we have the pleasure to see and play with this little one who was born right six months ago.

We meet her intrauterine in week 32.
Her mum and dad came New Born Parents 1, 2 and 3.
Her mum, Marta, was very discipline with perineal massage and Epi-no and after delivery, she had integral perineum!

Nowadays Marta is recovering with us from her pregnancy and delivery and she came today for a private class of Low-pressure abdominal workout. She is gonna be traveling for a while and now she has a whole new routine to practice while traveling.

[08/26/19]   We are back from our holidays full of energy and with new projects😎😎.


Hurry up!!

Pelvic Flow is back from holidays!!
We are full of energy to give the best to all of you in this new begging that is August.

Book your time at discover what we can do for your health and wellness on our website! 14/07/2019

CRS Osteopathy

SOMMERTILBUD!!! Fra den 15. Juli til den 2. August, 50dkk rabat på alle behandlinger.
God sommer😎 Velkommen til CRS Osteopathy, her tager vi hånd om den menneskelige organisme med henblik på at opretholde et sundt helbred og en god livskvalitet. En krop i balance kan modstå stress og pres fra hverdagslivet, uden at der opstår smerter og sygdom. CRS Osteopati behandlinger fokuserer på vedlig...



Pelvic Flow wanna make your life a bit easier so if you are pregnant or post-pregnant and you think you need a massage now you can have it here!
We have a special offer during June, 75 min massage for just 600 dkk (regular price 700 dkk)
Let´s start our summer without tension and with our bodies !

Our new massage talbe has space for your beautiful pregnant belly.
Come and try, you won´t regret :)

Book your time now at




This week Pelvic Flow want to introduce you to EPI-NO Libra, a device designed for the functional training of the pelvic floor muscles with which you can control both the force of contraction and the relaxation of the muscles of the perineum.

It is the best ally to become aware of this part of the body that many times we have forgotten.

👩‍⚕️In the clinic and after a first evaluation, if necessary and useful for your specific case, I teach you how to use it and we will guide the first exercises.

🧐Are you curious to know what condition your pelvic floor is in?
✅Book your first evaluation now!


Pelvic flow


🤰Prepare your perineum to give birth.

At Pelvic Flow we are having a lot of fun with our pregnant customers and we want you to join us!

We introduce you here to perineal massage and EPO-NO, the perfect match to prepare all your pelvic floor muscles for a great delivery!

🤔What are the benefits with the perineal massage+EPINO ?

📈It reduces the risk of perineal trauma.
📉Helps to prevent episiotomies for first-time mothers.
👶Easing pain during crowning.

Read more here

Take advantage from all the opening promotions that will end the 1st of February.



🤝At Pelvic Flow we want you to reconnect with yourself, we cheer you up to look down to your pelvis and ask it:

💪Are you in shape?
👌Can I do something for your well-being?
🙌Do you need special attention?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes you can book your first consultation here

We can help you with
🤰 Discomfort during pregnancy
🙅‍♀️Help you to prevent perineal trauma during delivery
🤱Recover after delivery
💑👩‍❤️‍👩👨‍❤️‍👨Improve your s*xual life
💧Any kind of incontinence problem and much more.

Go to our website and check all the conditions we can help you with



Christmas is close 💝 and from Pelvic Flow we can't think of a better way to end this year than giving away Pelvic Floor Health🎊🎊🎊
Go to our website and check our offers.

Who can have this gift card?
👩 You, if you wanna know more about your pelvic floor and how healthy it is.
👩‍🦱Your best friend who has complained about her/his/their pelvic floor recently but needs some extra help to make her/his/their first appointment.
👶 Your partner who is pregnant and have some discomfort/pain or doubts related to pregnancy /delivery
👽Anyone of your choice whom you wanna make this gift.


Pelvic flow

Pelvic Flow will be officially open from the 14th of December, we are so excited about it!
Book your first appointment now!



Pelvic Flow is ready and we wanna share with you all our happiness, visit our website and get information about the treatments we offer.
Care your Pelvic Floor and enjoy the weekend!


Godt 👌🏻

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Volunteer in Nepal for Spanish and English speakers December – January……/

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Volunteer in Nepal for Spanish and English speakers December – January……/

Curso Intensivo Acupuntura y Terapias Complementarias -Mtc

Grupo de Info y Novedades por Wathaaps…


Grupo Cursos, eventos, iniciativas, atención medica. Solidarias, humanitarias o gratuitas.


Healthy Future


1 Minute Sciatica Exercises !!!!
Psoas Muscle and Lower Back Pain ⁉️


Fantastisk 😊

Har du ofte bækkenbundssmerter? Føler du at du skal løbe for at nå på toilettet i tide?
Problemer med forstoppelse? Smerter ved s*x?
Er du gravid og føler smerter/ømhed i lænd/bækken?
Din baby græder konstant og du tror han/hun har kolik?

Hvis du kan svare ja til nogle af spørgsmålene er vi sikker på vores nye gynobs. fysioterapeut kan hjælpe dig.

Læs om Tania Ramos på

[01/09/18]   Tilbage fra en fantastisk ferie sammen med den bedste familie. Mange tak og vi ses snart i CRS OSTEOPATHY 😊

[12/31/17]   Godt nyt år!!!!!! Feliz año nuevo a todos😊😊 happy new year!!


HUSK!! 50kr i rabat på alle vores behandlinger indtil den 19. December!! 🎅🎁

🎄 Se vores tilbud i min booking online:


CRS Osteopathy

Vi giver 50kr i rabat på alle vores behandlinger til den 1. december indtil den 20. December.
Se vores tilbud: Velkommen til CRS Osteopathy, her tager vi hånd om den menneskelige organisme med henblik på at opretholde et sundt helbred og en god livskvalitet. En krop i balance kan modstå stress og pres fra hverdagslivet, uden at der opstår smerter og sygdom. CRS Osteopati behandlinger fokuserer på vedlig...


Real Bodywork - Anatomy


Here is a video about the fascia that we made. Enjoy!


Xtensal Training in Wellness

Fantastisk 👌🏻

El término #ciática describe los síntomas de dolor de pierna (y posiblemente de hormigueo, adormecimiento o debilidad) que empiezan en la parte inferior de la espalda y pasan por los glúteos y el nervio ciático mayor en la parte posterior de la pierna.

La ciática es un síntoma de una afección médica subyacente –no es un diagnóstico médico de por sí.

La ciática con frecuencia es caracterizada por la presencia de uno o más de los siguientes síntomas:

Dolor constante en una nalga o en una sola pierna (rara vez puede presentarse en ambas piernas)
Dolor que se agudiza al sentarse
Quemazón o hormigueo que bajan por la pierna (en vez de un dolor sordo)
Debilidad, adormecimiento o dificultad para mover la pierna o el pie
Dolor constante en una nalga
Dolor punzante que pueda hacer difícil ponerse de pie o caminar
El #dolor de la ciática puede variar desde infrecuente e irritante hasta constante y debilitador. Los síntomas específicos de la ciática también varían mucho en cuanto al tipo de síntoma, el lugar afectado y su gravedad; todo depende de la afección causante de la ciática. Aunque los síntomas pueden ser muy dolorosos, rara vez producen daños permanentes (daño tisular) en el nervio ciático.

El #nervio ciático y la ciática

Los síntomas de la ciática son producidos por la irritación del nervio ciático mayor. El nervio ciático es el más grande de los nervios del cuerpo y está compuesto por raíces individuales que surgen de varias partes de la columna vertebral para luego juntarse y formar el "nervio ciático".

El nervio ciático empieza en la parte inferior de la espalda en el segmento #lumbar número 3 (L3).
De cada nivel de la parte inferior de la espalda sale una raíz nerviosa de dentro de la #columna y, luego, estas raíces se juntan para formar el nervio ciático mayor.
El nervio ciático va desde la parte inferior de la #espalda hasta la parte posterior de cada pierna.
En cada pierna porciones del nervio ciático se ramifican para proveer de nervios a ciertas partes de la pierna; por ejemplo, la nalga, el muslo, la pantorrilla, el pie y los dedos del pie.

Los síntomas de la ciática (por ejemplo, dolor de pierna, adormecimiento, hormigueo, debilidad y posiblemente dolor de pie) son diferentes según la parte del nervio comprimida. Por ejemplo, una compresión del nervio en el quinto segmento lumbar (L5) puede ocasionar una debilidad en la extensión del dedo gordo del pie y potencialmente en el tobillo (marcha en estepaje).

#xtensal #anatomía #biomecánica #pilates #formación #xtensalstudio #lacentralxt #pilatízate #málaga #malagapilates #málagahacepilates #métodopilates

Credit vídeo: View medica.2013 Swarm interactive, inc.
Texto: spine-health.



Ever wonder how that pain in your neck can reach your fingers?

[07/28/17]   Efter meget arbejde, en god ferie i min elskede by. God sommer til alle og tak for alt. Vi ses igen fra den 21. august. Hasta la vista 😎

[07/09/17]   “Osteopaten mener, om noget, at balance og sundhed er uadskillelige, og at hvis balance er til stede overalt i kroppen, så kan sygdom ikke opstå” -- A. Taylor Still 09/07/2017

CRS Osteopathy

Vi giver 50kr i rabat på alle vores behandlinger til den 10. Juli indtil den 28. Juli.
Kom og besøg os.
Se vores tilbud:

God sommer
😎☀️🍹⛱ Velkommen til CRS Osteopathy, her tager vi hånd om den menneskelige organisme med henblik på at opretholde et sundt helbred og en god livskvalitet. En krop i balance kan modstå stress og pres fra hverdagslivet, uden at der opstår smerter og sygdom. CRS Osteopati behandlinger fokuserer på vedligehold...



Danasvej 4-6
Andre Medicinsk tjeneste i Frederiksberg (vis alle)
Farmaceuter uden Grænser - Danmark Farmaceuter uden Grænser - Danmark
Gl. Kongevej 60
Frederiksberg, 1850

Farmaceuter uden Grænser (FuG) arbejder for at fremme sundhed i udviklingslande gennem sikker brug af medicin.

Klinik Mitra Klinik Mitra
Sankt Knuds Vej 36, 2 Sal
Frederiksberg, 1903

Klinik Mitra er et klinikfællesskab for psykoterapeuter, terapeuter, psykologer og kropsterapeuter på Frederiksberg.

Condomy Condomy
Frederiksberg, 1851

Kondomer online, nemt & diskret -

Zoneterapi v. Lone Lykke Larsen Zoneterapi v. Lone Lykke Larsen
Solbjergvej 3
Frederiksberg, 2000

Zoneterapeut i København tilbyder behandling, der afbalancerer kroppen og giver energi. Introduktionstilbud på første behandling.

Kropsorienteret-psykoterapi Kropsorienteret-psykoterapi
Roskildevej 46
Frederiksberg, 2000