Yoga for Vitality and Self-nourishment

Yoga for Vitality and Self-nourishment

A 4 week course Fridays 19:00-20:30. Start 16/10 - finish 06/11 2015 led by yoga teachers Maj Ingemann Molden and Ane Roldsgaard Do you find yourself being so committed to getting pregnant that everything else vanishes?

That the quest to that positive pregnancy test is getting in the way of all your relationships - including the one you have with yourself? In this course we will provide you with practical tools for acceptance and self-nourishment. We'll present therapeutic and enlivening yoga practices to support all aspects of your fertility process. Topics will include fertility enhancing practices, self-love,

[10/02/15]   Read this beautiful recommendation from Helena one of Maj's students:
"After endless two week waits followed by monthly disappointments to yet again get my period, and going through unfruitful IUI fertility treatments, I realised that our approach needed to change from a purely scientific one to a more holistic one. As we were commencing IVF, I decided to include yoga sessions with Maj throughout our treatment that would support my soul through the process, not just my ovaries. Maj helped me realise a lot of things about myself and my body and gave me tools and mantras which helped me to let go of a lot of the mental stress that the 3 years of struggling with infertility had built up. After our sessions I felt calmer and more at ease with it all, feeling more motivated than ever to trust in life and that life could be created inside me. I think these sessions played a big part in making our IVF successful and prepared me well for finally enjoying pregnancy." Helena


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Yoga for Vitality and Self-nourishment

[09/29/15]   Reading Yoga for Life by Colleen Saidman Yee and feeling very inspired by her words: "Women need women. We need to be able to put down our burdens and fall apart, and we can do this with other women... Transformation occurs when women sit with one another for any length of time... Woman-to-woman groups have immeasurable transformative potential".

[09/25/15]   Yoga for fertility and vitality is a practice that stimulates life force and vital energy. Yoga for fertility and vitality differs greatly from medical fertility treatments, which often rob a woman of her energy and leave her week, tired and with a feeling of alienation. By contrast, yoga for fertility and vitality makes you an active agent in influencing your reproduction. We want to empower women and couples going through this challenging process. Namasté!

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Yoga for fertility and vitality

Yoga for fertility and vitality


Yoga for Vitality and Self-nourishment



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