Zahra Pedersen

Zahra Pedersen

Zahra Pedersen is a certified coach who works with Muslim women to improve their lives with a holist

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Never be so busy counting other people's blessings when you could instead be counting your own. ⁠

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You know that matching pair of underwear you keep for special occasions? Or the lipstick you only wear when you're going somewhere?⁠

How about the plates you eat off every day? Or the soap you use to shower in the mornings?⁠

Whatever it is, I guarantee that there's somewhere in your life where you're unnecessarily limiting the joys in your life. You don't need a special occasion to wear matching undies - wear them around the house because they make you feel sexy and confident. Put on that bold lipstick even if you're working from home - if nothing else then because you'll enjoy the reflection in the mirror more when you pass one. Eat from the fancy plates and wash your body with the soap with the pretty branding...⁠

All of this helps elevate your vibration, every single day. It makes you feel confident, grateful and it motivates you to become THAT GIRL!⁠

We often underestimate these little things but in all those little things, lie big change. So pay attention to the things in your everyday life where you're limiting your own joy and then upgrade it! ⁠

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Want to learn more about how to use the law of attraction and start manifesting your dream life? ⁠

Send me a DM and let's chat. ⁠

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Manifesting that all the people who needs this message sees it.⁠

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Don't set goals - Make declarations‍‍!⁠

Here's why:⁠

Goals are something you want. Something that you feel is missing in your life or something that you believe you are not... at least not yet. A goal is something that comes in the indefinable future - the elusive 'one day'. ‍⁠

In other words, goal setting comes from a place of lack - a place of not having or being. This means that in order to get that thing, you have to do something different to what you already are doing - that you, being you, right now, isn't enough. ‍‍⁠

On the other hand, a declaration is already in place - it is a fact of what is already happening or already there and available to you. Making a declaration is therefore something that comes from a place of already being - being on a weight loss journey, being a productive business woman, being a patient mother, being an intuitive person. ‍⁠

There is no 'becoming' in the future because you already live it. Who you are and what you have, right now, is already enough. ⁠

Have you tried making declarations instead of setting a goal? ⁠

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I make no excuses for it - the Lord is my first and last support, always!⁠

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There's nothing more satisfying for a coach to hear than someone who was inspired to take action based solely on watching them share their knowledge online. ⁠
Even if the person has never bought a course or coaching from them. ‍⁠

When a friend of mine told me that she had decided to pursue a career as a makeup artist, inspired by my sharing my own actions of entrepreneurship online, it warmed my heart immensely. ⁠

When an online follower shared that she had decided to start writing her book, which she'd been sitting on for years, inspired by the fact that my own book was published and that I shared the process of writing the book online, I was thrilled beyond belief.⁠

Inspiration, over time, inspires action. So if you see a coach doing something that you admire - even if you can't afford to work with them or have any real interest to buy from them - use them as an inspiration to reach some of your own goals. ⁠

Who is currently inspiring you to live your best life? ⁠

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Understanding faith this way, makes it easier for us to surrender to having faith daily. ⁠

We all have hopes, dreams and goals - but with them comes expectations. ‍⁠

You want more money. But your ego is telling you that you should only expect the money to come to you, through hard and draining work that you despise doing. But in reality, God may have other plans for your financial abundance. Perhaps He wants the thing that feels the easiest to you (perhaps a side hustle or a dream to become an author) to become the thing that creates monetary abundance for you - but He can't give it to you, until you let go of your expectations and lean in to faith. ‍⁠

Another example is love and marriage. You are single but you want so badly to find a partner. Meanwhile you have expectations to how you'll meet this person or even who this person should be. And again, God will be waiting patiently for you to let go of your expectations and lean in to the faith that He will always provide exactly what you need and when you need it - including a husband.⁠

Faith means letting go of your own expectations and trust that even when you can't see how something will manifest for you, that God always comes through for you because His plan is the perfect one. As they say, if He inspires you to dream about it, He has already made it possible for you to get it. ⁠

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22.2.22 ... don't forget to speak to God today. ⁠

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"I would set myself a goal and get started working on achieving it. And for a little while, things would appear to go in the right direction and as though I would accomplish it.

But then the excitement would wear off and I'd slowly but surely feel less inspired to take action, even the small ones. And even though the motivation - the why - was big enough, it wasn't always enough to get me going still. Which is also why I don't necessarily prescribe to the 'if the 'why' is big or important enough it will inspire you' mantra that many coaches seem to piggyback off."

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Most coaches and gurus are not preaching rocket science. They're not speaking of new ideas and unheard theories or philosophies. I don't either. ⁠

This is why, for the most part, instead of following along religiously or with the intention to implement everything that is said by online coaches, it is safe for you to use them as reminders only. ‍Not everything has to be a lesson or an action to be implemented immediately into your life. ⁠

Sometimes you'll benefit most from reading/watching the "sermons" when you have already decided that they're just there to remind you that you always have an option to choose something else in life; or as a reminder that things can get better; or a reminder to be mindful and self aware; or sometimes, honestly, just a reminder of a beautiful quote that makes you feel better.⁠

Regardless of what the reminders may be, they're nice to have somewhere in the background - like the app on your phone telling you that you've been sitting for too long - you're not always going to jump straight into action but at least you'll know what to do, when the time for taking action is needed. Or if nothing else, where to go when you need more information. ⁠

What are some of the things my content reminds you of? ⁠

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As one of my followers stated; standards are good - double standards are better.

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The world of social media is crawling with coaches and gurus, proclaiming that they have been blessed with the answers to take your life from mess to success with an easy 10 step programme. It sometimes feels like everyone and their mum and her aunt decided to become a coach of some sort, telling people what they're doing wrong in order to help them do it right.

Look, I'm not blind to the irony of my own statement, seeing that I am in fact a coach also. But maybe this is all the more reason why I believe that it is important to understand how to use all these gurus and their tips and advice when we're scrolling online. If nothing else, then at least to reassure ourselves that no, your life is not sh*t and to remind you that you're not failing if you're struggling to do everything that is being "preached" online.

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Jeg holder foredrag på Davids Samling i aften kl 19 og du kan komme med!

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