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Inky business @madamnduvies


Shoot over and like A la Rimpler, take-off is gonna happen soon.....


I would love this as a tree ornament✊



hos Good times tattoo gl. Kongevej ✊


Mad hatter😍 cant get enough of the ink splatter hair, so here’s a burlesque blonde, quick sketching on IPad pro 🔥🖤🔥 Do you think I should make another profile for digital artwork??

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Hanging on the telephone🖤 Or if you are me, hanging on my new IPad pro, easely trying out all my lino ideas and getting a thousand more🖤🖤🖤


Oh my, I’m in love with this tile🤩

Photos from Inky Business's post 06/08/2020

Firebird, firebird🔥🔥Its scorching hot outside, so hot I had to go inside and print a little hot bird😅 #🔥🔥🔥

Photos from Inky Business's post 30/07/2020

Which is your favorite lino tile? Promise to play with the most popular one🙏 This is all off the tiles◼️🖤except the two that only works in reversed🙄

Photos from Inky Business's post 22/07/2020

Look what I found😃 All the lino tiles I did for last year😍 Never got to play with them, so here goes🖤🌊 And I made a mess🙈


Self portrait😷 testprint, I may do something with the hat, dunno🙄

Photos from Inky Business's post 15/07/2020

If this was a album, I would buy it😃🖤➡️ old cut, dusted of and freshly printed for new idea💡

Photos from Inky Business's post 12/07/2020

Dont you want one of these stunning H.C. Andersen cards?🎉😀 Hurry up and read all this is the great initiative by 👍Get a free handprinted card mailed to you, in exchange for a donation to a charity of your choice😃 Last year I recieved a great print from 😃🙏😘😘 and donated to my lokal food bank🥫🥫🥫🥫 So in order to get a handprinted card, send me your name and adress in a PM and I will ship out on the 25th of juli💌 The ice Queen and the nightingale, in blue or red, are in need new homes😃

Photos from Inky Business's post 09/07/2020

Dead mans hand, the whole testprint. ➡️my wonderful office😍🎉👏👏👏Inky business is back✊ Moving office and then COVID-19, has been a challenge. But I’m finally gettin my workspace in place and stuff, like this testprint, is resurfing.

Photos from Inky Business's post 14/03/2020

Inky Business has moved to new headquarters, this is how it looks now🙈 Printing is expected back in april, stay tuned🙏😅 🇩🇰

Photos from Inky Business's post 29/01/2020

A wet testprint teaser and a little process😀 Can anyone guess the name of this piece?? 💀🖤💀 💀

Timeline photos 27/01/2020

Now I’m feelin’ the mojo💀🖤💀 paying a homage to Felix Valotton and Wild Bill Hickok at the same time🙌 Stay tuned😃 #💀 💀 #

Photos from Inky Business's post 24/01/2020

Lino cutting👏👏👏 Trying to do flowers, not really my thing🙈

Timeline photos 21/01/2020

I’m back👋😀 Happy new year🎉 This is the Danish coat of arms🙌🧐 I have been very busy, job, life, and all that jazz🙈 But now the lino tools are finally back on the table✊

Photos from Inky Business's post 06/12/2019

Look at my own personal card display, filled with wonderful prints, on my beloved printingpress😍😍 ➡️ I love that rack😍😍 Hopefully this will find its way to the biggest Christmas fair in Copenhagen😅 Cross your fingers for me🤞

Timeline photos 30/11/2019

Alive and sketching new idea for the museum shops😍 thinking white ink on blue paper🤔 Do you like??

Photos from Inky Business's post 16/11/2019

Emerging army of lovers💂‍♂️❤️💂‍♂️ Happy production time at 😅 Paper upgrade to 300g crown mill cards and 135g envelopes, so luxurious 💌

Photos from Inky Business's post 10/11/2019

The Danish coat of arms🙌 Back to the museum collection, testprinting, wrong card size and yellow ➡️worktable and a color sample of the proper yellow😃 all for 👑 👑

Photos from Inky Business's post 31/10/2019

Final card display design😍 I love it and it plays so well with the garder cards❤️💂‍♂️
I’m gonna give you the whole assembled display when they are standing in the museum shops 🎉 And about the total fall out from inktober😶 Im very sorry guys😢
(not really🙈) some real nice, game changing stuff happened to me, while not doing my prompts😅😂 I will be back at it next year🙏

Photos from Inky Business's post 25/10/2019

La Bandida. This is the final cut and I need to brag about it😃 black Cranfield safe wash ink on luxurious 425g viking paper. Signed and editioned, this is 3/100😍😍😍 ➡️ to see full pic.

Photos from Inky Business's post 20/10/2019

Welcome to a new bigger better or why I completely forgot to post I got carried away decorating my new workshop/studio 😅😁Yes its huge and I love it😍➡️➡️ Cozy corner is back in old office👌redecorated my entire loft these past few days🙃

Photos from Inky Business's post 18/10/2019

La Geisha looking back😍 the of I promise to return later with a

Photos from Inky Business's post 17/10/2019

It is time to pay it forward 💌📬 a genius initiative by woodcut master 👏👏 To get a free card, all you have to do is give a donation to a worthy cause, chosen by you. The amount is supposed to be what you think the card is worth🙌💌📬✊ write a comment below if you want one, and I ship it for free worldwide📦 I made 20, planning to do 10 more,soo🚀 Hurry up, comment below and get a signed artprint postcard🙏 I have been so blessed these past weeks😇 ➡️ My wonderful family gave me the coolest old printingpress and I got a lot of holes from a framing studio🎁🎉 Combine these with some ink and 1/many is a reality at 💀

Timeline photos 16/10/2019

Finally they are together again😃 Its a cut from earlier this year, did not like it then🤔 Totally love it now😍😂 what do you think?? 💀

Timeline photos 16/10/2019

There is nothing more wild than the ocean🌊 what is the name of the the legend in your language? In Danish its called; Den flyvende hollænder 🏴‍☠️😱🙀 #🏴‍☠️

Photos from Inky Business's post 15/10/2019

Making time for something other than 😅 Today I tried out my new favorite colors and I’m finally shure about the color theme of the greetingcard display. Going for blue paper, white printed background and then red print on top of the white➡️➡️➡️➡️ all parts of the proces and a bit more wine😁🍇 👑

Photos from Inky Business's post 04/10/2019

Freeze or put on some norwegian knit🥶😅➡️ What is your favorite color? ➡️ In the beginning🤓

Photos from Inky Business's post 25/09/2019

El pescadore😃All Danish people know this guy, he is a classic😂 ➡️see the original fisherman in my process ➡️and my favorite tools✏️

Photos from Inky Business's post 21/09/2019

The final display design, all transfered and good to go 🙌 my biggest lino project ever😳 ➡️Closer look ➡️Processing Wondering how long this will take to complete and when to find the time😅

Photos from Inky Business's post 12/09/2019

My new greeting card display, all made by me🙌😍😍 Drew this last night and allready its on my desk🎉 thank you for letting me use the lasercutter🛠 Plan is to make special prints for the sides and the front, soo much more to do😅

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