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Sustainable Christmas gifts ideas 🎄Final part (3/3)

🤸‍♀️ Activities & Membership:
• Hot yoga membership at Dóttir HotYoga 🌫
• Yoga membership at CPH Yoga Kula 🌸
• Or any other Yoga experience at your local studio or online!

🧘‍♀️ Meditation app subscription: Headspace - meditation made easy 👌
Waking Up deepen meditation practice with daily tools and theory by Sam Harris 😌

📚 Subscription to digital book library Storytel - audio and e-books available in different languages 🎧

🧑‍💻Online course:
Coursera or MasterClass depending on your addressee’s interests and needs!

🌱 Give a gift back to the environment with Climaider - offset your carbon footprint or CHOOOSE 👣

What are your favorite Christmas gifts? 🎁 Share in the comments below 👇

Find link to the full Christmas gift list article here https://linktoweb.wixsite.com/myconsciousliving/post/christmas-gift-list! ✍️

Happy holidays everyone! 🎄

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"It will change the way you think"
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Did morning yoga... 😊 Great start with warming up the body and charging it.... the game is on...
At what time do you open and close???
Kære Dottir mange tak for en livgivende oplevelse....sikke nogle smukke omgivelser. Lykke og glæde til. Jeg sender dig en mail, som aftalt. Glad tanke fra Manja🧚‍♀️😊
What will be your membership prices? :)
Gangi þér vel með jóga stöðina þína.

Boost your body and mind
with Dóttir HotYoga

Åben som sædvanlig


We welcome the opportunities for little breaks in our busy days…

Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to slow down, become present and enjoy the moment 🤍


Become a Strong Morning Yogi 💪🙏 Join Ringaile in our 5 week challenge: a high energy course to get strong, sweat & detox, tone your body and energise your days!⁠

Starting this Wednesday ✨⁠

Expect a dynamic, high intensity and cardio based practice combining plyometrics, strength training & core work with elements of HotYoga to create a fun, sweaty and challenging class. ⁠

✨ The course includes:⁠
- 10 x 45 min classes (7:30 - 8:15 AM)⁠
- every Monday & Wednesday for 5 weeks⁠
- starting 9th of March ⁠
- mat + towel⁠
- weights⁠
- winter bathing (optional but encouraged)⁠

375kr (that's 37,5kr /class! 🙌)⁠

Sign up through our app or website! ❤️⁠
See you on the mat.⁠



Great news! We are now accepting applications for our next Certified Yoga Teacher Training course starting September 2022 👏🏻 Don't miss out on our Super Earlybird discount! 😉⁠

If you are looking to deepen your practice or gain the skills and knowledge to start your yoga teacher journey this might be for you!⁠

You will learn how to guide and create sequences, pranayama techniques & meditation. And gain unlimited access to all our classes during the course and now for the first time in both Sydhavn and Nordhavn 🌊⁠

Sign up before March 1st and receive a Super Early Bird discount, saving 4000kr from the full price! ✨⁠

To find out more head to our website

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Combining massage with regular yoga practice is the ultimate form of bliss and stress release, both for the body and mind.⁠ 😌⁠

We invite you to try our new therapies with Kat, who many of you know and love by now. She is a trained massage & sound therapist and offers a selection of unique therapies within:⁠

Ayurvedic Massage⁠
Oriental Massage⁠
and Sound Therapy.⁠

🕊 Treat yourself with an experience that goes beyond a regular massage. Find exactly what your body is craving:⁠
deep relaxation⁠
soft and beautiful skin⁠
pain relief ⁠
energy balance⁠
tibetan bowls vibrations⁠
or a healing personalised experience.⁠

Dóttir members have a special discount for all massage therapies with Kat. ❤️⁠

Read more and book your session on our website. 🙏⁠


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🤍 Early morning yoga 🤍⁠ Not only gives you the opportunity to set an intention for the day but sets you off to a good start for the week.⁠

With so many things out of our control in our daily lives, an hour of yoga at sunrise lets you be in the moment, focused and present ✨⁠

You will be more likely to approach the rest of the day with a clear mind, acknowledgement of your needs and a boosted focus and concentration 🧘🏻⁠

Add yoga practice to your morning routine and let us know if you see a difference in your day! ☺️⁠

We offer morning classes every day of the week - book your spot now on our website or through the Dóttir HotYoga app!⁠


See you on the mat! ❤️⁠

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Wishing everyone beautiful and relaxed weekend 🙏🏻 🙂 Enjoy your time taking it slower, nice and easy🧘‍♀️No rush, let yourself slow downand reflect of the past week or two. Maybe you feel like deepening your yoga practice and it is time to attend a new workshop? We are offering two in February 🥰

Yin yoga workshop with Rachel focused on the Heart Chakra, self love and acceptance on the 13th February ✨

Handstand workshop with Ivy to build those skills and learn the techniques for a playful yoga postures 🤩 on February 26th ✨

Visit our webpage for more info😊Link in Bio⬆️

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..with 50% off on all our memberships on the first month you join! 🥰⁠

Make yourself a priority this year ❤️ #selfcare⁠

Download our Dóttir HotYoga App or head over to our website to sign up!⁠


*offer valid until end of January 2022.⁠

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First flow and happy dance in our soon-to-be second Dóttir HotYoga location in Copenhagen! ❤️

Thank you all for your beautiful messages and greetings. We are beyond excited to practice with you and welcoming you into our new location in Nordhavn.

We live in challenging times and while many might say it’s not an easy time for expanding, we still have so much to give and to create. So why not just go for your dreams! ✨

We believe that healing has never been more necessary in the world.
The need to belong - to connect - to breathe - to feel.

With all my love and gratitude,
Karen ❤️

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Dóttir HotYoga is EXPANDING!! ✨✨ Soon we'll be turning up the heat in both Copenhagen harbours!

Nordhavn yogis, get ready to roll out your mats. Stay tuned!! ❤️


#comingsoon #nordhavn


Vulnerability. Compassion. Empathy. It is absolutely normal to feel vulnerable some days, maybe even anxious … don’t fight it and let yourself be completely yourself, feeling free to accept all parts of yourself. Especially at those moments be even more compassionate and empathetic towards your very own self. It’s all right. Maybe during those days you just need more of your own time. Time to nourish your soul and return to the stillness in your mind. Don’t skip your yoga practice if you don’t feel as strong as always. Or as energetic as always. We all do have those days. And we always return to the mat to reconnect once again with ourselves. To get reminded that everything is all right and everything will be all right 🙏🏼

#dóttirhotyoga #yogacopenhagen #selfacceptance #selfpracticeisselfcare #selfawareness #stillness #selfawareness #yogapractice #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #yogaeveryday #hotyoga #hotyogacph #sluseholmen #tegholmen


Dear members,
Our booking system is currently updating therefore there may be issues with booking classes.
Don’t worry. You can come to class without booking in advance.
We expect our system to be running normally from tomorrow.
Thank you! 🙏


How are you starting your 2022? Maybe with healthier habits? New routines involving more selfcare and selflove? More yoga, reading, journaling, quality time with loved ones? Maybe new goals to achieve and dreams to make come true? ⁠

You are absolutely capable of it all and we are so much encouraging you to step towards that with no fear and an open heart 😍⁠

Dream big and put effort to that.⁠
Be courageous.⁠
Believe in yourself unconditionally⁠
Because everything is possible 💫🤸‍♂️❤️⁠

We are wishing you an absolutely amazing 2022 🤗✨⁠

#dottirhotyoga #newyearsresolutions #goals #dreambig #dreams #fearlessheart #selfcare #hotyoga #yogacph #yogacopenhagen #yogaeveryday #yogalifestyle #teglholmen #sluseholmen


Happy new year dear yogis! ✨✨✨

So grateful to see our community growing each year. And so grateful for a wonderful team.

Without all of you we couldn’t have built something so beautiful.

May we meet on the mat for many years to come! 🥂



Photos from Dóttir HotYoga's post 29/12/2021

Starting the countdown for our next Yoga Teacher Training 🥳 Only 10 days left until we bring together our yoga trainees! So excited to meet everyone and embark on this journey together. ❤️

We are still accepting last minute bookings. Head over to our website to learn more about our course and fill out the application form. 💌

Starting 8th of January 2022 ✨

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Photos from Dóttir HotYoga's post 27/12/2021

Come and join our Hot Power Detox Vinyasa + Winter Bathing event 🤗🤸‍♂️💫 If you need an extra sweaty hot practise to stimulate the detoxification of whole body inside out and let go of everything that's no longer needed - join Ringaile for this fun workshop 😍⁠

During a 75min class you will be guided through a challenging and fun sequence to completely reboot your system 🤩 followed with a dip just outside our studio - we promise you will notice those endorphins kicking in right away and leave you feeling energised and revitalised 🥰

✨Date: 29th December⁠
✨Time: 10:00-12:00⁠
✨Price: 125kr for studio members/185kr for non members⁠

BOOK YOUR SPOT on website or on Dóttir HotYoga App and see you all on the mat❣️⁠

#dottirhotyoga #yogainspiration #yogapractise #detox #healthyglow #selfcare #selflove #powerflow #winterbathing #hotyoga #yogacph #yogacopenhagen #yogalifestyle #yogaworkshop #teglholmen #sluseholmen


Peaceful holidays, from Dóttir team to you, our lovely community! ❤️

See you back on the mat very soon! 🙏🎄✨

Holiday schedule:
24-26th of Dec: closed
27-31st of Dec: special classes
1st of January: closed

#dóttirhotyoga #christmasbreak #mindfulchristmas #peaceofmind #soulfood #yogacph #hotyogacph #yogakøbenhavn #godjul #copenhagen #teglholmen

Our Story

Dóttir HotYoga is an infrared hot yoga studio in Sydhavn, Copenhagen. We offer a variety of hot yoga classes throughout the day, as well as freshly pressed juice after each class. Our yoga room is heated using infrared heaters allowing you to get the most benefits from your practice, including boosting the immune system, detoxifying the body, and improving the skin.

Our goal at Dóttir HotYoga is to provide you with a serene, relaxed space where you can leave your worries and stresses behind. Whether you are stopping by for a yoga class to start your day or relax after work, we aim to be the health and wellness hub for the Sydhavn community. We look forward to seeing you at our studio!

Boost Your Body // Boost Your Mind

Relax. Recharge. Reconnect.

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Teglholmsgade 76A

Andre skønhedssaloner i Copenhagen (vis alle)
New Look Maria New Look Maria
Frederiksborggade 40
Copenhagen, 1360

New look har fået en ny ejer vi åbner døren den 15 ferbrue for familie og vener og gæster fra kl 12 til 17 de glæder os at se jere allesamme i salon

Lashes by Milla Jo Lashes by Milla Jo
Amager Landevej 37,2
Copenhagen, 2770

eyelash extensions, Shell lak, spray tan

Elite Fysioterapi Elite Fysioterapi
Vesterbrogade 15a, Baghuset
Copenhagen, 1620

Specialklinik for sports- og erhvervsskader Fysioterapi - Osteopati - Træning

CopenLashes CopenLashes
Copenhagen, 1304

Hej! Jeg er Natascha, certificeret eyelash extension tekniker. Jeg elsker den her smukke opfindelse og ville elske at gøre dine øjenvipper endnu pænere!

Kropssnedkeriet Kropssnedkeriet
Badstuestræde 13
Copenhagen, 1170

Døjer du med stress eller angst/præstationsangst/uro, så kan en behandling hjælpe dig. Jeg har rigtig mange gode erfaringer på området, ligesom med migræne og hovedpine generelt.

Copenhagen Float Copenhagen Float
Rømersgade 25, Kld TV
Copenhagen, 1362

In our cozy, intimate float centre you'll find yourself in a safe and calm space, where recreation and relaxation are in the high seat. We put our all into caring for our awesome clients, with massage- and floating therapy, slow talks and a lotta snacks!

Bodycph.dk Bodycph.dk
Søndersøvej 54 St Butikken
Copenhagen, 2820

Body-SDS og massage der veksles imellem dyb og blid pulserende massage samt aku-zonetryk og ledjusteringer

Dansk Selskab for Fysioterapi Dansk Selskab for Fysioterapi
Holmbladsgade 70
Copenhagen, 2300

Dansk Selskab for Fysioterapi (DSF) er paraplyorganisation for de faglige selskaber i fysioterapi i Danmark.

Esteworld Esteworld
Hvidsværmervej 147 St
Copenhagen, 2610

Plastikkirurgi, hårstransplantation og tænder hos Esteworld Hospital.

Enchanted Ataraxia Enchanted Ataraxia
Refshalevej 167 A
Copenhagen, 1432

Handmade in Copenhagen with love and good intentions.Mindful-Botanical-Vegan-Cruelty Free Skin Care Goodies; for your daily escape from reality..

Frisør harmony Frisør harmony
Amagerbrogade 92
Copenhagen, 2300

Frisør harmony er en af de Bedste frisør saloner på Amager. Professional, søde, venlige og dygtige medarbejder. Vi glæder os til at se jer

Re-boost Re-boost
Westend 16 Kld.
Copenhagen, 1661

Fysiurgisk Sportmassage Dybdegående behandling af muskulaturen der løsner, smidiggør og giver smertelindring... Skriv el. ring for en aftale