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Åben som sædvanlig

Timeline photos 16/03/2021

Can shop upgrade....
We still here, just rebooted to a bigger better shop.
Shop open from 12-18 every day and on call from 10-01 ( 10 can minimum )


In accordance with government guidelines the shop is closed until the 17th of January...
However pickup of orders made and paid online is still legal.
As we don't have a webshop set up you can order sets of 10 x 400 ml or 5 x 600 ml and pay by mobilepay and schedule pick up at the shop.
I hope you all stay safe and act responsible for your own and everybody else's sake.
As we leave 20666 let's hope 2021 will bring love light and peace

Timeline photos 27/09/2020

Eeeyyyy homez no problemo, we got plenty of chrome, yo....
400 & 600 ml high pressure Kobra action cans.....

Photos from SneakFreak's post 06/09/2020

The hardest working Can pusher....
Open every day 12-18 & on call 10-01 ( 10 can minimum outside regular business hours )

Timeline photos 27/04/2020

We still alive..

Timeline photos 12/02/2020

Fresh restock... 300mg/ml....pure legal relaxation.... 08/02/2020

Photos from SneakFreak's post 22/01/2020

Sneakfreak Ghetto pakke....TNF Summit Series hooded windbreaker, adidas tapered pants, TNF rubberized man purse, TNF Beenie, TNF leather e-tip gloves, face mask...samlet værdi 2395,-
Pakkepris 1500, begrænset antal....kun så længe lager haves....

Timeline photos 16/01/2020

Probably the most slept on sneaker boot of 2019....theyre getting a beating and taking it like a boss...this is my everyday workhorse for winter, at least 15 km everyday thru rain, mud and trails....

Timeline photos 04/01/2020

Personal stash...adidas F/1.3 8"
Loved the design but didn't think the prime knit would be suited for winter and rough terrain....
Turns out they're lined with neoprene and so far they've passed their first battle test....

Timeline photos 24/12/2019

We're open till 1600 if you still need that last present...Got some TNF e-touch leather gloves, TNF beanies and TNF manpurses at friendly prices...
Or if you're going for a merry Christmas piece...10 x 400 ml Kobra for 300,- 5 x 600 ml for 200,-
Happy holidays yall....

Photos from SneakFreak's post 29/11/2019

Red/green/yellow Friday....
SRPAE....Same reasonable prices as everyday....
Limited edition sneakers, special import, vintage and goretex for the viking yard....
KOBRA spray cans.....

Photos from SneakFreak's post 27/11/2019

Treasure....adidas x Ji Won Choi..
3 stripe graphic pattern woman's casual/dress catsuit designed by Ji Won Choi for adidas originals.
Stylish exclusive piece in high quality fabric.
Scored 3 units size 34/xs 36/s and 38/m....don't think I'll ever see these again....

Photos from SneakFreak's post 11/10/2019

The shelves are full again...Full KOBRA restock....
10 x 400 ml - 300,-
5 x 600 ml - 200,-
Open every day 12-18 or by appointment


Full KOBRA restock....
Open everyday 12-18...


So I learned something new today...Bombolata means spray can in Italian...fitting name...

Timeline photos 06/08/2019

adidas Rising Star NMD....I wonder if they're still made from kangaroo leather...

Photos from SneakFreak's post 03/08/2019

adidas eqt boost 93/17 goretex 3W....10.5 UK....You better be quick or they're going into my rotation...3B would suit me better walking my dogs, but they'll be getting trashed anyway...

Photos from SneakFreak's post 31/07/2019

Bought these for fall but very appropriate for this weather too...adidas terrex AX2R Goretex...

Photos from SneakFreak's post 31/07/2019

As oldskool as it gets....adidas pro model 3B....theese are heading of to Norway with the perfect owner....still got 2 x 6 UK and a 12...

Photos from SneakFreak's post 17/06/2019

This is my sneaker tree....customers have the option of hanging their discarded sneakers when they buy new ones. Started back in 2009, some of theese sneakers been hanging there for ther last 10 yrs...fx theese 2006 adidas superstar ST....Talk about quality. 10 yrs in everything from blistering sun to searing cold.


Love/hate...waited 23 years to cop theese. This colourway wasn't available in 96 when they first dropped but unlike black/white I really think this colour completes the look...hate that getting them on and off is a 2 hand job, but I love the look and the quality...And from i bought theese dirtcheap and decided I wanted a backup pair, the price had gone up's now or never....

Timeline photos 08/03/2019

KOBRA CANS...Full restock 400 ml HP and 600 ml HP....


76 oz NBQ Chrome pack 2 x maxi chrome, 1 x maxi black.....Special offer 150,-

Timeline photos 25/12/2018

Now where else can you buy cans at 23.00 on the 25th of December for that little art project that just can't wait...

Timeline photos 22/12/2018

Merry Xmas

Timeline photos 26/11/2018

Taking a new direction

Photos from SneakFreak's post 06/10/2018

adidas stan Smith bold platform 800,-

Photos from SneakFreak's post 06/10/2018

adidas superstar bold platform 900,-

Photos from SneakFreak's post 06/10/2018

adidas nmd prime knit 1200,'

Timeline photos 18/09/2018


Timeline photos 11/09/2018

Coming real soon, stay tuned..

Photos from SneakFreak's post 12/07/2018

Going back to the core. Sick and tired of selling slutte nike products. Shifting the focus back to the TREFOIL...

Photos from SneakFreak's post 12/07/2018

Just in... luxury leather ladies superstar platforms.

Photos from SneakFreak's post 06/07/2018

New storefront on the garage....Artwork by Bill...

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