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Gavekort tilbud alert 🚨✨

I anledningen af åbningen af og med julen lige om hjørnet, har vi lavet nogle fine gavekort.

Vil du forkæle din veninde, søster, mor eller andre op til jul, så kom forbi klinikken og få et personligt gavekort. ❄️🎄

Kun i december kan du desuden få en voucher på 15% til dig selv, når du køber et gavekort - voucheren kan bruges til alle behandlinger i bookingsystemet.

✍🏼 - Skriv til os, hvis vi skal lave et gavekort klar til dig eller kom forbi klinikken ✨
(Skal du bruge et digitalt gavekort, kan det også laves)

Bianco Lunos Alle 2b, kld
hverdage mellem 10-19
Weekend 10-14
Bryn, vipper & negle

Ønsker du dig selv et gavekort til din næste behandling under træet til jul, kan du evt sende dette opslag som et lille hint 😉


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Lille udpluk fra første uge i vores nye klinik!

☀️Bryn og vipper klar til sommeren

⏰Spar tid om morgenen med et vippe- og bryn løft!

🗓Book din tid hos ‘Mette Monica’ på linket i bio.


brows x4! Can’t get enough ✨

• full lifted brows
• natural color
• defined shape
• soft hairs, easy to manage

What’s not to like?


Brow & lash package!

Perfect for saving time in the morning and perfect for every occasion ❄️


Halloween brows for this week 🩸👻

Usually not that bloody getting your brows done!


Brows ready for the weekend!

Brow lamination + tint and wax 🌿

Procedure takes 45-60 min, it’s low maintenance and the easiest thing in the morning when your brows are on point for 4-6 weeks 🤎


Friendly reminder to use aftercare everyday!

Use of aftercare will only benefit you in the long run ✨

* Helps to keep lash and brows hairs flexible, moisturized and healthy.

* Extendes the longevity of brow lamination and lash lift.

* provides softness, shine and prevents hairs from dryness and breaking

Do you remember your aftercare? 🧡


Lash lift magic 🥺🧡

Lashes lifted and tinted - works for short, long, dark and blonde lashes!


Book with a friend and save 20% 😍(sep+oct)


Botox for lashes and brows? 🧐

A formula with unique ingredients to nourish your lashes for a healthier, thicker look - and who doesn’t want that?

Vitamin/mineral Lash Botox will improve lash and brow structure, protect against environmental factors, extend life cycle of the hair and also stimulate new hair growth.
It will repair any existing damage while thickening and lengthening lashes.

It can be used as a stand-alone treatment as well as an ‘add-on’ when you’re getting Brow- or lash lift. During lamination it will not only repair any damage caused by the solutions and restore health, shine and vitality of the hairs but improve overall condition of the hair!! ✨

This extra treatment cost 49,- as an add on, and if you do lash/brow lift regularly it’s definitely a go to once in a while 😍



For September + Oktober I have a 20% discount if you book brow lamination or lash lift with a friend, sister, mother etc.😍

Want beautiful lashes and brows? - book with your friend and save 20% of the price in the booking system.
Normal price 550,- per person
Discounted price 440,- per person

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Beautiful girls modeling for ✨💍

Makeup by


Big fan of the natural brow look 🌿

Here brows needed a bit more volume and shape

Do you like brow lamination?

Photos from Mette Monica Makeup's post 07/09/2021

Brow lamination & lash lift (before pic is from another appointment, but you see the result 🤪)

A few reason why I personally love these treatments;

🌿 Its ‘just your own hairs we are working with - no extensions and you’re free to style the brows as you like!

🌿 super easy to maintain! I recommend lash conditioner and/or argan oil to care for both brows and lashes!

🌿 It works for so many different brows/lashes. Coarse, thin, flat, blonde etc. so many brows can benefit from brow lamination and some goes for lash lift. Whether your lashes are downwards, straight, thin or super thick they can look their best 😍

Have you tried either of these treatments before?


If you were wondering what it looks like when you’re getting a lash lift 🤪

Doesn’t look comfortable at all but most of my clients fall asleep or find it super relaxing. It isn’t painful!

To ensure the lash lift will turn out great this is such an important step of the procedure - each lash matters on the shield ✨


Just a little brow and lash transformation to start this week ✨


After a few weeks of vacation im back again in my chair from tomorrow! Ready for more beautifull lash & brow transformations 🌴


Last 2 weeks has been crazy busy and fun! So many beautiful women ready for summer. 💛
Now im off for some vacation myself🌴 book in advance for the end of august.

DM’s will be off until I’m back.


Last 2 weeks has been crazy busy and fun! So many beautiful women ready for summer ☀️
Now I’m off for some vacation myself 💛 book ind advance for the end of august. I will be off my DM’s for now🌸


Lash lift & brow package - the perfect combo for summer 👌🏽

With this look you don’t have to worry about makeup coming off when you sweat or jump in the water 💦

No need for refills, the effect will slowly wear off and you can safely do it again after 5-6 weeks🦩

Super low maintenance - just some argan oil and/or conditioner and hairs will stay moisturized until next appointment.


Been way too long since I last posted, so here is one beautiful transformation! look at those lashes 😱

Are you also getting your lashes and brows summer ready? 🧡


Fresh set of brows for the summer.
Brow lamination includes tint + shaping 🧡


Sun is out, and It’s a perfect time to get a lash lift. ☀️

No time for mascara running - lashes will be looking good all day.

450,- incl tint


a lot of you weren’t aware that brow lamination can be done over permanent makeup/microblading - but it can!

Old or new microblading can work very well with the brow lamination procedure - with permanent makeup you get strokes or shading under the existing hairs, but brow lamination can help with;
• downward growing hairs
•coarse and unruly hairs.
This is just a few benefits with lamination, the important thing for lamination is just that you do have pre-existint brow hairs.❗️

I see a lot of women with old microblading where the pigment has faded and the brow lamination can ‘cover’ the pigment making the brows look full and bushy 🦩With new microblading, brow lamination should be done after the healing process, and will then not affect the strokes and pigment.

If you have new microblading I suggests waiting 12 weeks following the final microblading touch-up before getting your brows laminated. 💛

Hope this was useful and that you like these informational post 🙈


Beautiful bride from yesterday 🤍🕊

Messy/textured bun with a cute hairpiece



Lashes & brows 💛

Summer is coming and whats better than getting your lashes and brows fixed, one less thing to worry about 😉

Lash lift lasts from 6-8 weeks and brow lamination 4-6 weeks.

Photos from Mette Monica Makeup's post 12/05/2021

Really loving lash lifts at the moment!

Makes your lashes looks so long and full even without mascare. Aftercare is super simple with lash conditioner or oil and they just slowly ‘grow’ out and then losing the lift after 6-8 weeks 🌿

Swipe to see the lashes before treatment ——>


Lash and brow package deal 💜🌿

More symmetry, fuller looking brows, longer looking lashes, fresh look and no need for makeup ☀️

What do you think?


Brows before and after - No tint!

🌿 Brow lamination changes the structure of the hair and allow us to brush them into the desired direction. This really helped for the long fluffy hairs in the beginning of the brows without having to trim them! 👀

🌿 It’s a great treatment for anyone with fluffy stubborn brows, but also for those with thin or sparse brows! 💕

Photos from Mette Monica Makeup's post 07/04/2021

Love to be back and doing lashes and brows like this 😍☀️

Swipe —> for the before picture!
Amazing transformation


An ‘old’ brow/lash picture! ☀️

Im so exited to be back very soon! the first 2 weeks are almost booked so hurry to get a timeeee 😍 Can’t wait to do more before/after pictures.

Are you more excited for brows or lashes?

Photos from Mette Monica Makeup's post 26/03/2021

Besides doing brows and lashes I also work with makeup & hair 😍

Did this bridal look on beautiful ✨🥂

Bookings for weddings, events etc. through DM or mail



After more than 3 months I can finally open again the 6th of april 🥂

the booking is ready and I can’t wait to see you for beautiful lashes and brows ✨

Book through the link I bio and choose senior artist for booking with me

Photos from Mette Monica Makeup's post 17/03/2021

The jungle of brow products! Whether you like a fluffy, dramatic or natural brow there is a product for you! 🌻

Brow pomade
for a more defined look because it is in a gel like form and stays on very well. It’s very good for sparse brows that needs more shape or if you want ekstra power! have a big shade range and these are easy to work with!

Brow Powder
great for a soft look. It looks/feels like an eyeshadow and works with a small angled brush. Anyone with small gaps in their brows or asymmetry can benefit from this. you can add smal hair-like strokes or make them more defined. I find powders work best for normal-oily skin.

Brow pencil
Comes in many different types and again great for symmetry & to fill in gaps. Depending on the type, it can be used to create tiny strokes or outline and fill. I recommend thin pencils like micro pencil. They won’t make your brows look too overdrawn. I find them to last better if you have dry-normal skin.

Brow gel
Great for a bushy look and also makes brows stay in place. They come in both clear or with color. Nyx brow mascara or ‘gimme brow’ works great for anyone with light/medium hairs. I also recommend brow gel for you who gets brow lamination, these two combind = perfect brows all day!

You can use concealer to define the brow shape by adding a thin line under and/or over your brows. Helps to keep the brow looking more ‘clean’ and covers the small hairs just outside of the shape. I just use a pencil concealer from - super easy for everyone.

These are just some of the products I like but there are way more different brands and types out there. I love to try different products all the time. 🌹✨

(Remember to save this post if you found it useful or for next time you are out buying some new brow products)😉❤️


Full brows - Brow lamination + tint ✨

Want to grow your brows? Keep reading.
There are several reasons why your brows doesn’t grow. First of all it could be your genes or aging (hair gets thinner). Other than that; clogged pores, over plucking, stress and hormones.

I put down a few ways you can help your brows 💜

🌿 stop over plucking! Put the tweezers down at home and let them grow. Sometimes when we pluck our own brows we get a little to brave. It’s easy to pluck hairs that shouldn’t have been plucked. Even a few hairs can make a difference.

🌿oil & condition! If you get brow lamination these are also some important steps to maintaining your brows. Moistures your brows everyday!! It won’t necessarily grow your brows out but it will keep them looking nice, soft and healthy. Remember to remove makeup in the evening, then oil/condition your brows, and wash them in the morning. I recommend Castor, argan or almond oil and there are different brands that makes nice conditioners for brows. You can also give them a little conditioning when in the shower.

🌿 Massage! Stimulate the hairs follicle and give a little massage to your brows. It is great for good circulation, same as when massaging your scalp - it can promote hair growth 😍

🌿try a serum! There are many serums on the market for lashes and brows at the moment. I have heard a lot of positive experiences with serums, so it can definitely be worth a try. Do a little research and try a serum. remember to have patience because they won’t show results in just a few days.

🌿stay hydrated and eat well! You may eat unhealthy and your brows still grow or maybe it is the complete opposite. But a tip for your brows, hair and nails is to have a healthy lifestyle so your body can be happy from the inside and out!

Hope you liked the tips and found it useful 🦩🦩also write in the comments if you want me to put more tips about anything beauty on here.


Brooows throwback! Can’t wait to go back to doing brows and lashes on a daily basis again 🦋

I will try to be a little more active again and make some videos and give some tips on brows and beauty stuff 👀💜


Lifted lashes with tint 🥺❤️

A perm for your lashes that will make them appear longer, fuller and open your eyes 👀 more. Tinting gives the last finish and makes them darker - voilà, just like you just used a lash curler and mascara but with an effect for up to 6-8 weeks.

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