Service Systems Design - AAU CPH

Service Systems Design - AAU CPH


YAY, we're finally over covid!

I'm SO READY to see y'all again and I hope you'll join me for an interesting physical event on 'Remote Qualitative Research Methods' on Nov 1st

The talks have been selected by the UX community and you'll meet:

Anne Gade Verner, UX Research and Project Management at SOS International
Dovile Janule, Product design manager at Zendesk
Michele Hansen, Co-Founder Geocodio
Simon S. Morel, Product Lead at Feats
Helena Linde Pedersen, Senior Anthropologist at IS IT A BIRD

It's hosted in the beautiful IDA building, right next to the seaside and they also made sure there will be food for everyone.

Bring your UX bestie and let's have a GREAT evening ❤️
Er du vores nye servicedesigner? (frist 16/8)
We are looking for a service designer intern with an analytical mindset to join us in the fall semester for helping establish our UCD Feedback loops.
Mentorship and hands-on experience are promised🤓
Hello friends, colleagues or strangers! 👋

I am writing my Master thesis about AI voice assistants (Siri, Alexa, Cortana etc.). ❗️

Therefore, I would highly appreciate your help by filling out my short survey about your experience with AI voice assistants and their improvment.🙏

Thank you so much!😍

Dansk Design Center og D2i søger lige nu studerende der har lyst til at assistere med at dokumentere, visualisere findings og o.lign., i forbindelse med programmet Sprint:Digital. Eventet afholdes i Roskilde fra onsdag d. 8 til tirsdag d. 14 (weekend ikke inkluderet). Er du nysgerrig på at høre mere, så følg linket
"We are learning to think not about nouns (“How might we design a better voting machine?”) but of verbs: “What would be a better way to enhance the democratic experience?” When we focus on nouns, we lock ourselves into an incremental mindset: a better toothbrush, a more comfortable desk chair, a quieter air conditioner. But when we think about verbs, we blow the roof off the problem and are able to approach it in all of its wicked complexity, which has always been the condition of real innovation."

Hi folks, would you please spare 5 minutes while in FB, and help us with a short survey. It refers to AAU services, and your experience with them when you started at the uni. Thank you in advance!
Dear all,
The Media Technology section is organizing together with institutions from five other EU countries an Erasmus+ Intensive Course Week, which will take place 1 – 5 of April 2019. The topics covered will be: Open Science Principles, Soft Skills for Engineers & Scientists, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Industry 4.0, Problem Based Learning, Blending Teaching.
All participants will get an attendance certificate.
Want to grab the opportunity to get an introduction to interesting engineering topics and meet students from four European universities?
Send your registration to Evangelia Triantafyllou ([email protected]) by March, 15 2019.
Great article on design ethics and shifting responsibilities of a designer.

"Companies are starting to realise how much damage has been done to labor markets, privacy, and mental health – and look at how to do things differently going forward."

"Today, designers spend more time than ever tying our work to human values."

Hope it's ok to post this here, otherwise, feel free to remove it.

Prepare is looking for a UX/UI designer. It is a birth preparation app, and we're just starting up, so you would have lots of freedom to create your own vision!

The position is unpaid in the beginning, but I hope to find the right person to enter a partnership with me.

Hit me with any questions you might have. A special interest in pregnancy and birth is not necessary, btw!
Last week DESIGNSCAPES went to Seville which was 'the European capital of Social Innovation', hosting the Conference 'Beyond Imagination: a socially innovative Europe', organised by the Social Innovation Community (SIC), which is a Horizon 2020 Programme funded project, run by a consortium of 12 partner across Europe, started in 2016 and ending on 31st January 2019.
The event started with a speech on Social Investment in the EU: a stakeholders perspective and critical reflection by Jana Hainsworth. This was followed by presentations on DESIGNSCAPES: the potential of co-design and social innovation as targets of vertical policy actions, by Francesco Molinari, International Researcher & Policy Advisor, and on MIND: Social outcome-based regeneration and a new vision for the renewal of our cities by Fiorenza Lipparini, Research Director, PlusValue. A very active discussion moderated by Samuel Barco, Consultant on Social Economy took place, before the closing remarks by Agnes Hubert, G5+ and former BEPA advisor on Social Innovation.
For more information on the DESIGNSCAPES project and our Open Call for projects, check out:
With the current interest in service design and systems thinking, I thought that you might be interested to know about an event taking place that demonstrates how to integrate service design and systems thinking - using real examples. Although I will talk about the theory, the main elements is on making it successful. I am really excited to be doing this in Stockholm as this topic is on so many peoples minds at present. And I hope that this is the first of a series of workshops that I will be putting on in London and other cities.

This is the official page for the Service Design Master in Aalborg University Copenhagen. Have you ever experienced a long queue in a bank or post-office?

How much time have you spent in an airport? Have you considered that a hospital could do much more for its patients? Companies and organisations from the private and public sectors are now realising the importance of better designing their services, what results in an increasingly demand for service designers. The master in Service Systems Design at Aalborg University Copenhagen is one of the few

Åben som sædvanlig


Save the date! 🗓
Tomorrow 17th of February 2022, from 17.00 there will be live streaming of the event "Arts and Culture for Urban Transition: Transforming community spaces" from the seminar series "Cities in Action for the #NewEuropeanBauhaus: Leveraging on culture and arts".

The streaming will be Live on Facebook at CALL - Cities in Action for Learning LAB - @

Zoom registration:
Join us!

❗️New Seminar ❗️Arts and Culture for Urban Transition: Transforming community spaces

🕠 WHEN? 17th February 2022, 5pm (CET)
💻 Where? Zoom registration:
Live Stream @

Arts, shared performances, community engagement and spatial regeneration are keywords of an approach that puts culture at the centre of the transformation of our cities and territories.
What’s the role, which are the forms and tools of the contemporary artistic process which engage both the social dimension, like the inclusion of a community, and the urban one, with the creation of new narratives and actions in space? How can artistic and cultural practices contribute to the support quality of life, social inclusion and environmental sustainability, in line with the New European Bauhaus vision?

Join us for a conversation with:

🔸 Pierluigi Sacco, Professor of Economics, Università degli Studi G. D’annunzio di Chieti || Research Affiliate, [email protected] University

🔸 Matteo Lanfranchi, Effetto Larsen (IT)
Matteo Lanfranchi Founder and Artistic Director of Effetto Larsen. Born as a Theatre Company, Effetto Larsen currently works on several site-specific and participatory projects. Effetto Larsen collaborates with National and European Networks and Cultural Institutions, including IN SITU, IETM and La Strada Festival (A). Recent projects include Mnemosyne, After/Dopo, Pop Up Civilization, The Fair of Others.,

🔸 Jesper Koefoed-Melson, Kulturdistriktet (DK)
Jesper Koefoed-Melson is a cultural entrepreneur and founder/director at Kulturdistriktet and Åben Festival in Copenhagen. His work at Kulturdistriktet consists on the promotion of cultural entrepreneurship, community building and stakeholder engagement for the promotion of cultural initiatives in the area of Østerbro and Nordhavn in Copenhagen.

🔸 Michał Piernikowski, Lodz Art Center (PL)
Michał Piernikowski is a Director of Łódź Design Festival and co founder of Łódź Art Center, in Łódź, Poland. Enthusiast of urban activities and design. Organiser and co-organiser of many projects related to creative industries: Ad Days Advertising Festival, Creative Industries Conference, Art Inkubator and Fotofestiwal.

Moderation and Discussion
Nicola Morelli, Aalborg University - Anna Moro, Politecnico di Milano

Seminar series: Cities in Action for the #NEWEUROPEANBAUHAUS: leveraging on culture and arts

Scientific coordination: Grazia Concilio, Florian Schneider, Nicola Morelli
Organization and scientific collaboration: Irene Bianchi, Ilaria Tosoni, Justyna Starostka

DAStU - Politecnico di Milano || Aalborg Universitet || NTNU - Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet


NEB Seminar Series

Challenges and opportunities for #cultural actions to promote #change towards a more inclusive #urban environment.

Join us!


Save the date! 🗓

Tomorrow 13th of January, from 17.00 to 19.00 there will be live streaming of the third event of the seminar series "Cities in Action for the #NewEuropeanBauhaus: Leveraging on culture and arts".

The streaming will be Live on Facebook at CALL - Cities in Action for Learning LAB -

Join us!

NEW SEMINAR 🔴 "Culture, social inclusion and the urban experience: Whose transformations?"

When? 🕟 13th January 2022, Thursday - 5 pm (CET)
Live on Facebook at CALL - Cities in Action for Learning LAB:

With Virginia Tassinari (LUCA School of Arts - Politecnico di Milano), Anna Seravalli (Malmö University), Julie Hervé (Eurocities) and Paolo Bozzuto (DAStU - Politecnico di Milano) and Nicola Morelli (Aalborg Universitet)


The third event of the seminar series “Cities in Action for the #NewEuropeanBauhaus: Leveraging on culture and arts” explores the challenges and opportunities for cultural actions to promote change towards a more inclusive urban environment. We would like to focus on the generative capacity that could support cultural actions that drive change towards more inclusive cities.

Join us!!

Photos from Service Systems Design - AAU CPH's post 18/11/2021

After 2 intensive months working to enhance the More Music Group platform, our #SSDmaster students presented their status during the mid-term presentation! 🤩

It was very nice to see different approaches, insights, problem areas and ideas for solutions! While some are targeting the #userengagement in the platform; some others are focusing on how to enhance the relationship between students and teachers, bypassing different obstacles encountered in matching their profiles. There's one thing they all share: the goal of solving problems identified during their initial #researchactivities from a #humancentered perspective. Representative from More Music Group has been very pleased by this approach, for the #diversity of processes, and the promising envisioned ideas.📐🧑‍🎨

On the other hand, the students received a good amount of feedback both from the company, as well as their supervisors and peers to keep developing their ideas during the next month.
We are thrilled to see what #servicedesign output will be presented as a result of their #designprocess.

Stay posted!

Photos from Service Systems Design - AAU CPH's post 09/11/2021

Finally our #SDTalks were back last week :partying_face: and we had the pleasure to kick-start this new season with Dr Jörn Bühring on “Service Design in the era of Digital Transformation: A Design Foresight Perspective 2025”🔮🎙

It was so nice to see so many people joining and engaging in the conversation 👏

We have collected some takeaways from the event, but would love to hear yours too!

- “With #FuturesThinking, we try to take the event horizon further in distance to understand what are the unarticulated meanings that yet need to come to the surface”.

- “When we talk about #futurescenarios, we are talking about a plurality of futures. We should prepare for a multiple-version of our #future. We want to do something that is powerful and visionable, even if this requires the discovery of a doomsday scenario; in fact, negative #trends are key for the practice”.

- “The role of humans in the 21st century is not to perform but to care for nature. This is what we mean by #life-centered #design”.

Jörn also gave us a book suggestion for whoever wants to approach Futures Thinking for the first time. The recommended reading is called “Future Shock”, written by Alvin Toffler together with his spouse Adelaide Farrell in 1970 📚.
The book introduces the consequences of a “super-industrial society” and how radical changes in technological advancements could induce people in becoming shocked and not ready yet for this constant societal revolution. Themes such as “information overload” as well as “post-industrial workplaces” and the “ephemerality of goods and relationships in our society” can be found in this publication.

Tell us, what were your thoughts after the talk? Have you already checked up the book? 🤓

Stay tuned for the coming events!

WeNet at AAU Copenhagen 08/11/2021

WeNet at AAU Copenhagen

Dear SSD students, please consider to participate to this study that will start on November 15! All it is needed from your side is to install telegram and have fun with a chatbot application for 2 weeks. You will not be alone in this, since many other aau students from the Copenhagen campus will join to challenge you with their questions. Plus, It is a paid experiment! 😊

WeNet at AAU Copenhagen We invite you to join for a paid experiment with the [email protected] chatbot between 15-29 November! During this period you will interact with other AAU Copenhagen students through the chatbot, by asking questions or giving answers to questions posed by others. The questions can be related to any...


At the beginning fo September our new students from SSD7 started a new adventure with their semester project in collaboration with More Music Group ! More Music Technologies is a company founded in 2014 that connects music tutors and students for all ages by strengthening the music teaching profession and making music teaching more accessible to everyone.

During the following months our SSD7 students will work on improving the interaction and the overall experience provided by MMT platform in their service offering 🎼🎹🥁🎺🪗🎸🎻

The groups are already working on understanding and exploring potential interventions in relation to the business offer, the users engagement in the platform or the format of the lessons.

We are looking forward to follow our students in this exiting process!

Photos from Service Systems Design - AAU CPH's post 02/06/2021

After months of hard work, last Monday the students of SSD 8 presented their final #semesterprojects 🥳We had the pleasure to hear how they transformed their research findings into consistent and all-encompassing solutions for activating the Cultural District.
As in the previous presentations, we counted with the visit of Jesper Koefoed-Melson, our project collaborator and problem-owner, who also provided feedback to all the teams and congratulated the group for the inspiring and valuable inputs for the are 🏘🧐 On our side, we were proud to experience how they are capable of applying the course contents into complex systems incorporating a human perspective and considering all different kinds of stakeholders.
Undoubtedly, they are becoming great #servicedesigners, and can’t wait to see where that leads them from next year on 🤗


Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting Michal Eitan from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in our SDTalks. Michal presented a new #Designlab placed in a hospital and talked about the role of designers in the changing #healthcare system. Here are our three key takeaways from her presentation:

☝️ #systemthinking is the future! Designers can provide a unique contribution to big systems by understanding them as a whole.

✌️ In order to generate a #change and initiate a design process (in a hospital, f.x.), designers must start by finding the right person within the organization to support the project. The person who takes the decisions is not necessarily the most senior one, which implies the need of having a preliminary understanding of the organization.

👌 The current #megatrends in #healthcare are:
1. Moving from taking care of diseases to preventing diseases
2. Increasing/Establishing home hospitalization and tele-medication
3. Shifting the power balance in the relationships between doctors and patients due to easier access to information.

🤓Due to their #skills and #capabilities to generating empathy, understanding complex ecosystems, navigating stakeholders, and envisioning solutions, designers will play an important role in regards to all of them.


Today our students did their mid-term presentations on the semester project 🤩Two months and a half of intense work in the neighborhoods of Nordhavn and Østerbro have resulted in thought-provoking insights on how to create, promote and enhance the vibrancy and cultural aspects of this area.

Besides the common topic, it is fascinating to see the variety of approaches each group is working with, from the feeling of safety 🏃‍♀️👨‍👩‍👦 to the active involvement of local specialty business, or the artistic contribution of residents👨‍🎨👩‍🎨. Their presentations were followed by some relevant discussions and feedback from the collaborator partner, the members of the lab, and their peers.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with in the last phase of the process and their final presentations by the end of May. Stay posted!


We are back from Easter holidays with one more member on board the SD Lab! 🤩

Justyna Starostka has 15 years of experience in initiating and developing innovative projects and training programs in international environments. With a master in marketing and a Ph.D. in #design and #innovationmanagement, she based her research in Poland and Sweden. Justyna specializes in #useroriented design, #designthinking and #changemanagement. Her research focus is mostly on the strategic side of design, looking for ways to support design-based innovation and introduce design thinking to management processes. In her free time, Justyna is a hobby artist 🧑‍🎨, with an interest in different artistic techniques.

Welcome to the lab Justyna! We are glad to have you among us ✨


What's your mood today? 🤩🤨😞🙃😠🥴Are you aware of how our mood influences our design? And how does the user's mood affect the interaction with our design?

These were only some of the reflections that our #23 SDTalk brought to the table. Our speaker, Ph.D. Haian Xue, from the Faculty of Industrial Design at TU Delft introduced us to some of his research around the concept of #moodfocused #design. Unlike emotions, which could often be highly intensive and last for short periods of time, moods can last longer and have a significant influence on our responses. Moods can shift due to both internal (like our body) or external conditions (the activities we engage in, people we surround by...), so can be a key aspect to consider when designing.

Thanks again to Haian Xue, for this inspiring talk!

Read more about mood-focused design here:

Our Story

Have you ever experienced a long queue in a post office? How much time have you spent at an airport? Or thought that a hospital could do much more for its patients? More and more, companies, governmental institutions and other organisations are realising the service experience they provide is of vital importance, and that it can be improved with more considered design. Because of this, service designers are increasingly in demand.

When looking ahead, we see that cities, governments and firms are facing new challenges and setting ambitious objectives, such as circular economy, sustainable living, data handling and large social and cultural shifts. In the future, we will need more creative people that can think and work in multidisciplinary ways, combining technical and creative skill sets and that can navigate the uncertainty of tomorrow's challenges. Services are becoming digital, interconnected and more complex to design and handle. This is what we prepare you for. Our program is uniquely shaped as to provide you with the insights to analyse multifaceted challenges and to design services as complex systems.

The Master’s programme in Service Systems Design at Aalborg University Copenhagen is one of the few in Europe, where we offer a relevant and exciting 2-year education, giving you all the skills you need to be a professional service designer.

Take a look at our official webpage, where you will find more information and a link to apply:

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Thanks, everyone for joining our last Service Design Event of 2019, it was magical 🤩And thanks to our amazing speakers f...
Service System Design
A nice video from a project of first semester students Lea, Lotte and Phuong: Aktivitets Kasse, Empowering unemployed


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