Brian Wardle - Physio Trainer

Brian Wardle - Physio Trainer


Vores kollega på Nygårdsvej holder en gratis workshop omkring rygsmerter. Hør mere i videoen herunder eller læs mere på Brian Wardle - Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer
Gratis Rowing Machine Masterclass med Brian Wardle - Rehab Trainer

På timen lære du:
• Sikker og effektiv teknik
• Interval stilarter til fitness og power
• Brug af de indbyggede programmer

• Fredag d. 30. Juni 11 .00
• onsdag d. 5. juli kl 17.30

* Maksimum 12 personer pr. Klasse
* Timen vare i 30 minutter

As a Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer my mission is to take you from pain to performance.

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Photos from Brian Wardle - Physio Trainer's post 14/06/2022

A few pics from a Wim Hof course I attended on the weekend.

Essentially a simple, yet very powerful combination of breathing, mind set and cold exposure.

It reminded me that true strength of body and mind requires more than regular exercise and eating healthy

The Wim Hof method in a nutshell:

Breathing - cycles of hyperventilation and breath holds ‘exercise’ the autonomic nervous system allowing improved oxygen handling and a number of potential other benefits

Cold exposure - essentially a ‘functional meditation’. Anyone can meditate while sitting in a nice quiet room with no distractions, but can you do it while you’re in pain and almost unable to breath?

Mindset - something that changes when you spend time doing the above. For example - winter swimming cured my recurring Danish winter depression and now my mindset is that I’m a winter swimmer who kinda enjoys the awful Danish winters!

These course are held all over the world so check one out.

All the love, all the power - Wim Hof


Would you like to work with a great coach but can’t afford the 1:1 price?

Well look no further…

Brian Wardle - Physio Trainer is now on WhatsApp. 05/05/2022

Brian Wardle - Physio Trainer is now on WhatsApp.

Brian Wardle - Physio Trainer is now on WhatsApp.


Client feature: Charlotte

I have trained with Charlotte for 3 years now and have enjoyed every session.

She loves the process of getting stronger, so we have focused mainly on the big powerlifting movements - the press, bench, squat, deadlift and pull up.

A lot of people might find spending 3 days a week training mostly the same exercises quite boring, but Charlotte knows what it takes to get strong - use a few fundamental movements, every week attempt a little more weight/volume than the previous week, enjoy the grind, and don’t get side tracked with all the fluff the fitness industry has to offer.

Charlotte is a perfect example to all women out there who feel uninspired in the gym. Lifting up something that has been too heavy to ever lift before provides so much more satisfaction and is so much more of an accomplishment than spending 45min burning calories on the stairmaster or spending a session focusing on 10 different way to train your glutes!

Keep up the hard work Charlotte


Book review

Cured by Dr Jeff Rediger

A fascinating delve into the connection between mind and body, stress and disease.

During his days as a junior Doctor the author kept coming across terminally sick patients, who against all the odds miraculously recovered. After coming to the opinion that modern medicine was akin to ‘the ambulance waiting at the bottom of a cliff in case you fall off’, he went on to spend 17 years studying spontaneous remission and the effects of stress on the immune system.

He found that disease is caused by much more than just a pro inflammatory/nutrient deplete diet and lack of exercise.

Chronic low level stress is the problem. It creates an environment where disease can flourish, while also ageing your body by reducing reducing telomere length.

Note: telomeres are a component of your DNA which shorten during cell division. Stress reduces their ability to replenish with early cell death occurring. Once your cells die, you start to die

The big message in this book is that stress can be much more subtle than being too busy, not getting enough sleep and hating your job.

Other mental stressors are unconscious, such as holding onto guilt or grudges and holding a negative perception of yourself. An identity or sense of self built on negative ideas (and the healing of) was a common thread in many patients who underwent spontaneous remission.

So what’s the fix?

Eat unprocessed, organic, mostly plant-based food

Change your situation so that your stress is controlled and can be perceived as a challenge, not a threat

Figure out what makes you happy and do a bit of it every day

Undertake the journey of rewriting what you think about yourself if your current thoughts are negative

This is essential reading for anyone wanting to take health into their own hands and to do as Dr Rediger describes ‘build guard rails to stop us falling off the cliff in the first place’



Are you a new mum looking to get back in shape after having a baby?

Would you like to train under the specialised guidance of a Physiotherapist who understands the special needs of a woman’s body after recently giving birth?

Contact me to book your spot 😀

Dads also welcome 💪🏻


Who is Brian Wardle Physio Trainer?

8 things you might not have known about me:

1. I have lived in Copenhagen with my Danish wife and our 2 girls for almost 5 years

2. I have worked as a physiotherapist and personal trainer for 12 years

3. I have 2 university degrees - a bachelor of exercise physiology and masters of physiotherapy

4. In Denmark I call myself a ‘Physio-Trainer’. Physiotherapy authorization in Denmark requires the equivalent of a year 10 Danish exam. I ain’t got time for that!

5. I struggled during my first winters in Denmark. Now I get through them fine and love how they make up the seasons here - the summers here feel electric.

6. I work in a cool little training studio called in Østerbro. Imagine a high end home gym with plants and your favorite tunes.

7. I love strength training, and mix it up with some kettlebells and cold water swimming - more to come as to why being strong should also be your training focus

8. My hobbies are - drinking expensive craft beer, swimming (the colder the better), trying to fully understand what it means to be ‘healthy’, electronic music.


How much do you move your body when you train?

So much of what we do in the gym happens in the forwards-backward (sagittal) plane, but the body needs to do so much more than that in real life.

If your goal is to have a body that feels good, is agile, and you actually like to have fun when you train, then try this out.

Tag me with your before and after vids


Hello world and new IG followers

Do you know I’m an Australian physiotherapist, personal trainer and holistic health coach working in Østerbro, Denmark?

This is a free offer for anyone needing help to get started with being healthier, fitter, leaner and/or stronger in 2022.

I’m offering a free initial consultation which can help with a number of things - create health and fitness goals and a plan on how to achieve them, a holistic health assessment or a Physio assessment if you have a pain or niggle.

These session are available most weekdays between 09:00 and 15:00.

Contact me to book a time and let’s get 2022 started right 💪


A flashback to when I was a surf livesaver at Maroubra beach.

I spent 5 years both patrolling Maroubra beach as well as being a crew member on ‘Off Shore 3’, a rescue boat patrolling the whole coastline between the Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay.

I learnt a lot of skills, had fun and even got to rescue someone from the surf at Maroubra one rough Sunday

I’ll get back into it one day, maybe this time with kids in toe


Alex from Copenhagen’s smallest and best brewery @bicyclebrewingcopenhagen keeps in pretty good shape lugging kegs of beer around, but ‘good’ can always be improved on.

Today we brought him into to really test his metal - and he kicked arse!


I’m up-skilling

Being a physiotherapist and trainer has given me the opportunity to help many people improve their physical self over the last 10 years.

Though what really gets me excited and what’s truly important is when you can step beyond the physical self and into the mental and spiritual realm and make a big difference to how someone feels and experiences life.

With this training I’ll learn to take my current and future clients from pain to performance to happiness.

Paul Chek is the modern father of wholistic health and I’m really excited to be learning from someone I’ve followed for 20 years.

The journey continues!

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How are your brain and body performing lately?

Do you have plenty of energy to do the things you love?

Do you have a clear and calm mind to focus on what’s important?

Are you feeling well connected to your loved ones and those around you?

If you answered no to any of these questions then read this book.

The premise of this book is that almost all problems with your mental and physical well-being stem primarily from 2 factors:

*Chronic low level inflammation

*A rewiring of your brain whereby your executive/rational centre (prefrontal cortex) loses its dampening effect on your fight/flight center (amagdyla), resulting in unconscious and impulsive behavior

This book presents evidence on how sleep, meditation, diet, exercise, digital interactions and time in nature effect your brain and body, and how by manipulating each you can obtain the best health possible.

The path to good health shouldn’t be complicated - just follow these steps:

1. Ask yourself what you love, what’s your dream and/or what makes you happy
2. Is your current level of physical and mental health allowing you to experience or move towards your answer to question 1?
3. Take stock of the above lifestyle factors and read this book to learn why they’re important
4. Choose 1 thing to improve
5. Go back to question 2
6. Ask me for help

Yours in health

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