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Meld dit hold til og konkurrer mod 7 andre hold inden julemaden skal indtages⚽️⚽️
D. 23 december

Meld dit hold til og konkurrer mod 7 andre hold inden julemaden skal indtages⚽️⚽️
D. 23 december


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Har du også problemer med at nå i lufthavnen til tiden som vores træner @princejr_espm har? så book en konsultation og kom igang med din lufthavns træning😂
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Training Video / Joanna

This training video mixes cardio, legs, arms & core exercises making it into a great full-body training. Burpees are awesome for calorie-torching & strength building while side-plank leg lift works extremely well on your ab muscles’ endurance, especially on the muscles that help you to avoid back pain. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed! Joanna working hard as usual ⭐️💥


Consistency is the key 🗝 to progress and lack of it can have a major impact on reaching your fitness goals. You can have the best personal trainer in the world and the best possible eating plan but if you don’t stick with it constantly, you’ll end up in a dead circle. Set your goal to follow your training plan as best as possible. The longer you stick with something, the easier it gets actually making it into a consistent habit🌟


Happy #workoutwednesday 💪 Have you already worked out today? Comment below which training videos would you like to see next❓


Throwback to our free workshop few weeks ago. Guys warming up for a killer workout with drills and jumps that are sure to make you sweat 💦


If you want to be the best - there is no offseason. Choose to take advantage of training camps, preseason and other times where your opponent is resting. Train and build the strength you need to excel when the season kicks off. You’ll be happy you did! 🙌


Are you trying to get stronger? Give your strength a boost in ESPM’s strength training area 💪


Joanna started training with us in February 2018. After almost 6 months of training, you can spot a tremendous improvement in her overall health and physique. We’re really happy to see the results and excited to see what Joanna can achieve further! You rock 🙌💥



We’re excited to show you what we’ve been doing during the four weeks of our free workshop. And, we’re thrilled that the interest was to the roof with so many participants. Here at ESPM we aspire to inspire our clients we work with to be the best versions of themselves. Keep your eyes on the new potential workshops or come and train with us now 🔝👌


Come improve your physical condition with our talented trainers Prince, Mads & Ibrahim 💪


Fall down 10 - get up 11 times. Work with determination and focus and be confident in the process. You’ll end up with results if you stay committed 🔥


Client Spotlight (Ida)

Watch how Ida shares her story about training with ESPM. She is a rather new client of us but can already tell a difference in terms of her back problems. Her regular routine is specifically designed just for her to train the muscles that need work to eliminate issues that come with back pain. Our doors are open 24/7 & we welcome any kind of clients ranging from top athletes to regular fitness enthusiasts ☺️Come see us at Borgergade 24 📍


Motivation is what gets you up and running but isn’t necessarily what keeps you going. By making fitness your habit you’ll ensure that your fitness journey won’t just end when it gets too tough or boring. But long before creating any healthy habits though, you’ll need a damn good reason why you’re doing it in the first place. Without that, the changes will never stick properly and you’ll be running circles 🙏


Did you participate in our free workshop? We’ve had 4 weeks of fun training sessions with these talented young athletes 🔥💦 This workshop was specifically designed for young boys between the ages of 14 and 21. To accelerate their speed and reflexes, we did many sports-specific exercises such as drills and jumps. Explosive exercises like that are a crucial part of football training if you want to steamroll through tackles and out leap your opponents like a pro. Video coming out soon 📹


It’s all about the choices you make. So why not to choose being fit, healthy and happy? Do whatever works for you but don’t stop moving. Never. Dedication and passion will take beyond your goals👌


Explosive exercises

This training video focuses on explosive exercises such as drills and jumps that improve athletes’ strength and speed. In football explosive power is key to success. Agility drills are especially good if you want to improve your ability to change directions and acceleration 🙌


Do you like functional training? From our functional training room you can find all sorts of training equipment to complement your workout - kettlebells, plyo boxes, you name it 👌


Player package F will kickstart your fitness with access to 4 trainings a month with ESPM. We offer altogether 6 player packages. Contact us to find out more ℹ️


Sign up for Player Package E to secure 6 trainings a month along with compression & cooling treatment. Give us a call or drop by the gym for more information 📍


Sign up for player package D - you’ll get access to 8 hearty trainings a month, compression & cooling treatment & test (agility, sprint, vertical, bip). Swing by the gym or our website to learn more📍


Gym Walkthrough - Rehabilitation room

Watch as Ibrahim walks us through our strength training area. This is where you can come build muscle and increase your physical work capacity 💪💦


One of our newest clients, Luanna, joined us just recently. She has chosen the personal training package we offer to fitness enthusiasts. Her goal is to be more fit, healthy & generally build strength. We can’t wait to see what she can achieve by training with us 🙌


Never give up on your goals. Failure is important. If you can’t nail your squat position or any kind of exercise with he first try, or after 100th time, it’s okay. Just try again and leave yourself the freedom to be imperfect. Practice makes perfect so you shouldn’t just stop trying because you’ve failed once, or twice or even ten times 👊🙏


Did you see our latest athlete spotlight? Check out our interview with Delphin where he speaks about the perks of training with ESPM 🙌


Elite Sports & Performance Management's cover photo


Come and train with our talented personal trainers. Find out more information about us and what we do from our website. Link in bio 🔝


Athlete Spotlight - Delphin

Meet Delphin - a professional footballer at FC Horsens. He teamed up with ESPM and got his conditioning drastically improved. In this video he shares how we all need a push sometimes and values how hands-on ESPM trainers are 💥👊


By training with us TK has improved his stability and core. His training sessions have been mostly focusing on injury reduction that’s crucial among professional footballers like him ⚽️💪


As an athlete, consistency is key. This separates good players from great ones. We encourage our clients to always be on top of their game because being a pro athlete is a 24/7 job 👊


Your goals are our goals 👊 We offer personal training, sports-specific training & physiotherapy. Check our website and get to know more about what we do. Link in bio 🔝


Set your fitness goals and crush them with determination. Working with our personal trainers will give you the needed discipline because they will challenge you on the pitch (during training sessions) and off the pitch (during conversations related to football games & nutrition) ⚽⭐


ESPM Walkthrough - Functional Training & Cardio

Here’s a little sneak peek into our functional training / cardio room. Check out this video where our personal trainer Prince walks you through the area and available equipment. Tired of overcrowded gyms? Come an train with ESPM where all your fitness dreams come true! ✨


Lisa is one of our newest client and we’re really excited to train with her. Through training with us, she wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle and in overall tone her body. She is already rocking her first training sessions 💪

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Har du også problemer med at nå i lufthavnen til tiden som vores træner @princejr_espm har? så book en konsultation og k...
Training Video / Joanna
Client Spotlight (Ida)
Explosive exercises
Gym Walkthrough - Rehabilitation room
Athlete Spotlight - Delphin
ESPM Walkthrough - Functional Training & Cardio
Core & glutes
Injury reduction, core and stability
ESPM Læs godt igennem!!!!' 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻⚫️LIFESTYLEAt ESPM: We teach our athletes that Being a professional is 24 hours a day...
@adnanmohammad96 form is far from the required fitness level after the break. Today we put him through a full body dynam...


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