The Social Beer Shop

The Social Beer Shop


The best of both worlds 🍒🌹🍦⁠

Please welcome ℝ𝕦𝕓𝕦𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕂𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕜 𝕍𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕝𝕛𝕖, one of the latest concoctions from Mikkeller Baghaven Brewing and Blending 🍷⁠

A blend of 2/3 Kriek Vanilje 2020 and 1/3 Rubus of Rose 2020; Rubus of Kriek Vanilje 2020 is the perfect harmony between Danish Wild Ale, Stevnsbær cherries, raspberries, and vanilla beans.⁠

Available at:⁠
Mikkeller Baghaven Brewing and Blending
Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop⁠
The Social Beer Shop

And it will soon hit the virtual shelves in Mikkeller Webshop 💌
Dark jewels inbound 🕶️

In case you missed it, we have been blessed with a brunch of class A dark brews from Mikkeller Brewing San Diego.

Mikkeller Webshop, The Social Beer Shop and Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop all got a share at the spoils, so go check out their selection if you love decadent stouts and barrel aged barleywine 🖤

Så er det på fredag @Claus Høxbroe slår vejen forbi People Like Us og skal smage på en række lækker øl sammen med vores brygger Rune og PLU’s grundlægger Lars🤩

Du kan stadig nå at på fingrende i en pakke. Ta et s**t forbi vores Bottleshop på Vermlandsgade eller i The Social Beer Shop på Istedgade så du kan smage med!

Vi ses på skærmen! SKÅÅL🍻

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Rune Lindgreen Lars Carlsen
Did you miss these 💎's?⁠

In case you missed it, we got a major newsflash for you! ⚡⚡⚡⁠

Last Friday Mikkeller Baghaven did it again and released some stellar beers featuring the welcoming return of a fan favourite and a new invention from the mind of The Sour Scientist.⁠

Available now is..⁠

🍒 Kriek Vanilje 2020 🍒⁠

Mikkeller Baghaven's beloved kriek made with freshly pressed Stevnsbær cherry juice from Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin and one year old Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale blended at a 50/50 ratio. The resulting beer/cherry wine hybrid is then aged on copious amounts of Sri Lankan and Indonesian vanilla beans imported directly from the farmers.⁠

🟣 Between Red and Blue 🟣⁠

Oak fermented Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale. Made with heirloom purple naked barley malt.⁠⁠ As you may know, barley is the heart and soul of beer. There are many different varieties of barley grown, but only a select amount are used for malting. ⁠
For this beer the team at Baghaven decided to play around with Babuska purple naked barley malt - A unique heirloom variety of barley that's high in protein and packed full of flavor. It is aptly named because of its purple appearance, and lack of a husk. Locally sourced from Thy and malted specifically for Baghaven, the beer showcases just how special malts and grains can impact the flavor and aroma of beer.⁠

And yes, the grain is purple, but the beer is NOT!⁠⁠ 😅

Get your share at:
Mikkeller Baghaven
Mikkeller Webshop
The Social Beer Shop
Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
This Saturday afternoon we’ll be serving mead and cider samples at The Social Beer Shop as part of Copenhagen Beer Week. Come by between 16:00 and 18:00, have a taste and grab some bottles!

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This Friday we will be releasing a brand new beer that we cooked up with WarPigs Brewpub and People Like Us.

Social PLUrality is an amazing Kellerbier that is made for party chugging and we will be celebrating the release at The Social Beer Shop THIS FRIDAY starting at 16:00.

Rumour has it that there will be free beer... 🤫

So stop by and join us in kickstarting Copenhagen Beer Week with a bang (and gooood beer 🌈)
Today we had the honor of a visit from People Like Us and The Social Beer Shop (Mikkeller HQ was here in spirit) 🍻 mission of the day: brew the best damn kellerbier possible!

If we succeeded? You'll just have to wait and find out... 👀

Or in this case we are ready to make an exception. Please welcome De Bijen from Mikkeller Baghaven, our new oak fermented Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale with honey from Rømø 🍯

After playing around with honey in smaller scale beer releases, Master Blender Ehren Schmidt and the rest of the team have finally found the right balance for infusing this golden liquid into our beloved Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale base.

Brewed with barley, emmer and fresh Pacifica hops (also known as Pacific Hallertau) and aged in our neutral European oak foudre, this beauty will hit you with a light biscuity taste combined with some signature Baghaven funk that blends nicely together with a mild honey character.

Are you getting stung by this one on Friday? 🐝

Releasing at:
Mikkeller Baghaven
The Social Beer Shop
Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop
Mikkeller Webshop

SHOUT OUT to all BEER & FOOD lovers, this is the 2021 COPENHAGEN SUMMER HIT, still 100% outdoors and lots of story telling!🍺🍴🔆

❗❗Mikkeller BeerWalk / Vesterbro is changing to Mikkeller Beer & Food Walk / Vesterbro❗❗

🔆🔆🔆Mikkeller Beer & Food Walk LIMITED SUMMER EDITION 🔆🔆🔆

From 8. Juli and through August we ave included 3 food tastings (at Mikkeller restaurants) and 2 extra beer tastings and are now calling it Mikkeller Beer & Food Walk / Vesterbro 🔥🔥

Psst and shh: the price remains the same! even with food and extra beer tastings, SO; DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG TO BOOK, they will sell out fast❗❗❤❤

Mikkeller HQ Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade La Neta Vesterbro Ramen to Bíiru Vesterbro WarPigs Brewpub The Social Beer Shop

FRIDAY = 💣's from Mikkeller Baghaven 💥⁠

You already seen Rubus of Rose making an triumphant return with it's 2020 vintage, but there is another gem being released today 💎⁠

And that is...⁠

🌾 Refsæsøen Blend 2 🌾⁠
Oak Fermented Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale⁠

Refsæsøen is Baghaven's multi grained Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale, incorporating barley, rye, emmer, and buckwheat.⁠

We combine the brewing elements of both our Danish Wild Ales and Rustic Danish Shipyard Ales to create Refsæsøen. This means, amongst other things, we use aged hops in the beginning of the boil to combat excessive acidity while maintaining a balanced bitterness, and we fresh French Strisslesspalt hops at then end of the boil for a mild floral, lemon, and herbal character.⁠

You can grab Refsæsøen Blend 2 and Rubus of Rose 2020 today at:⁠
Mikkeller Baghaven
Mikkeller Webshop
The Social Beer Shop
Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

And if you click right here 👇
you can grab a special Baghaven bundle from Mikkeller Webshop 🥂⁠

Skummelum Mikkeller BeerWalk!

De gode mennesker fra ølklubben Skummelum var med på tur.

Det var en fantastisk tur.

Vi kan lave specialture - tag bare fat i os.

Mikkeller HQ WarPigs Brewpub The Social Beer Shop

Nyd billederne og book en plads eller forespørg om en privat tur:

Because Mikkeller Baghaven is bringing the bubbles this weekend 🥂⁠

Friday will see the release of:⁠

🌾Origin of Culture Blend 2🌾⁠
In our relentless pursuit of exploring new grain and malt variety in our beers, we have created the second blend of this oak fermented rustic danish shipyard emmer ale.⁠

Origin of Culture was open fermented with our unique house yeast, and then aged in a German Saint Laurent foeder for 8 months before being naturally conditioned for 8 months in the bottle prior to release.⁠

Expect a gentle balance of fresh cut grass, floral notes, and mild undertones of lemon and lime and peach skins. ⁠

Mikkeller Baghaven's first Danish wild ale with apricots. ⁠

Beautiful Bergeron apricots from France were macerated on a blend of Danish Wild Ales ranging from 1 to 3 years old, with a majority of the blend being 1.5 years old.⁠

The unique bouquet contributed by these wonderful apricots pairs perfectly with the earthy, deep complexity brought by the Danish Wild Ale.⁠

Grab your fair share of #rusticdanishshipyardale tomorrow at:⁠
Mikkeller Baghaven
Mikkeller Webshop
The Social Beer Shop
Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

Socialy responsible beer shop located in the heart of Vesterbro. More information coming soon.

Åben som sædvanlig

Photos from The Social Beer Shop's post 07/05/2022

👕 Mikkeller SD Merch Drop 🤟

We have some kick as Mikkeller Brewing San Diego merch arriving in the shop on Monday ⭐️ so make sure you pop in 💥 this won't last very long ⚡️

We have T-shirts, caps, Hoodies ALL KINDS OF GOOD STUFF 🔥

Check out this "Five Years" MSD Longsleeve T-shirt 🥋 modeled by Adam Paris.


The Social Beer Shop is open with our normal hours all Easter.

Grab a cold one!




We have a small number of bottles of Cantillon in the shop today - run down and grab some while you have the chance.

Brasserie Cantillon

Photos from The Social Beer Shop's post 06/04/2022

We have teamed up with Socialt Frikort Vesterbro 🛍 to make a super cool pop up shop!! 🍾

⭐️ It is at Viktoriagade 6 in Vesterbro (in our old Hyggestund location)

💏 We would like to invite you to the opening weekend and have a chance to grab some bargain priced beer and help fight waste. 🤟

Socialt Frikort Vesterbro is an umbrella organisation for Reden, Brugernes Akademi & Mændenes Hjem. They are working to enable flexible employment for people in need of work. 💪

⭐️ ⭐️ GRAB A CASE OF MIKKELLER BEER FOR 250 KR!!! ⭐️ ⭐️ and all kinds of other amazing cheap deals!

We are selling beers that have recently gone out of date - or will soon. Don't worry they are still perfectly drinkable and you can get some amazing deals.

We will also have merchandise at some insane cheap prices!

The shop will be open:
From 12:00 to 18:00 ⏰
Thursday 07 April 🗓
Friday 08 April 🗓
Saturday 09 April 🗓

Grab this chance to get some amazing beers at a wonderful price! ♥️♥️♥️

Want a sneak peak? You can check out some of our deals through the Too Good To Go App and pre-book your beers!



We got some Foam Brewers A nice little Tuesday treat! 💖 These cans are very limited in number 🛒 and are all canned in February 📆 start the week with something fresh!

📌 ...Like Clockwork
8.2% ABV
IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy
tasting notes: ripe orange, resinous, pineapple, soft pine

📌 Pavement
8.2% ABV
IPA - Imperial / Double
tasting notes: mango, passion fruit, citrus

📌 The Nameless
7% ABV
IPA - American
Tasting notes: papaya, orange peel, pine.

📌Halo Bender
IPA - Imperial / Double
8% ABV
tasting notes: melon, citrus, pine

📌Galaxie 500
IPA - Imperial / Double
9% ABV
Tasting notes: crushed pineapple, papaya, soft.

📌 The Fruit That Ate Itself
IPA - American
7.2% ABV
tasting notes: mango, orange, creamsicle




We are jam packed with goodies at the moment 🔥

Here are some of the tasty things from NORTHERN MONK and cloudwaterbrew from the last couple of weeks.

This is just a small selection of the beer we have avaliable right now 👀 check out our untappd profile to see an up to date list of everything 💚 we keep it 99% up too date 😜



A visitor from a distant galaxy has arrived in the shop 👽 We heard a signal in the void and tuned in 📻 As it got closer we realised it had just one message for us...⚡︎a voice from the far cosmos whispered ...
"Crunchy fresh hops dude!!!"

The Many Worlds Brewing New in the shop!

We have been very excited to get these into the shop 🔫
Come and grab a can while supplies last ⚗️

These guys are really Nerdy about all their beer so it's always fresh - but the "Lost in Oblivion" was brewed last week. "Solar Punk" is their best rated beer so far.



You got a new look?

Beer Geek Breakfast lands in Denmark for the first time?

A classic reimagined 🖼 A start of a new era ☄️ The king is dead! All Hail the Queen! 👑

Beer Geek Breakfast - the beer that launched a 1000 beer nerds - is back in it's new form 🦋

Actually Mikkeller Brewery San Diego have been taking a lead on lot's of our darker stuff over the past few years 👊 As the many fans of the Træblod series can attest. ⚔️ they are now taking a lead on this Mikkeller HQ classic and it doesn't disappoint.

dropping tomorrow in both of our bottle shops ✷ Grab a can! Here or at Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

Photos from The Social Beer Shop's post 08/03/2022

FRIDAY 18 March

We have two new beers launching - two fresh 🌅beauties perfect for the approaching spring time! 🧹

Get yourself outdoors and enjoy them 🌤

⭐ Kaleidoscope of Ambrosia

Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale Blended with 3-year-old lambic. A simple grist of organic Danish barley, emmer malt, and raw barley was enriched with French Strisselspalt, Styrian Celeia, and New Zealand Motueka hops. It was fermented with our house culture in oak and then blended with 3-year-old lambic from our friends at Oud Beersel We then set the blend aside to rest for 18 months in French Oak prior to packaging. The beers in this special blend range in age from 1.5 to 4 years, with an average overall age of about 2 years.

After packaging, Kaleidoscope of Ambrosia spent 6 months aging in the bottle to achieve its characteristic carbonation and distinctive cellar funk.

⭐ ︎ Prunus and Pithos blend 1 -

Danish Wild Ale with plums, Heilos grapes, and amphora-aged Phoenix grapes, born through experimentation with blending and aging techniques.

Prunus & Pithos starts with a base of Opal, our plum Danish Wild Ale. We then dug into the cellar looking for something to round out the blend and found some Danish Wild Ale with Helios grapes that had been aging in oak for two years, and Danish Wild Ale with Phoenix grapes that had spent the last two years aging in our terracotta amphora. Both the Helios and Phoenix grapes came from a vineyard in the western part of the island of Zealand in Denmark. The resulting beer is a wine-forward wild ale with hints of passionfruit, mojito, oak, minerality from the amphora, and mild bubble gum plum notes.

After packaging, Prunus and Pithos spent seven months conditioning in the bottle prior to its release.

Mikkeller Baghaven Brewing and Blending
The Sour Scientist


It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Armand Debelder. One of the pillars of the beer world has ventured on, and left behind him a legacy of immense magnitude.

When Mikkel Bjergsø first started brewing, Belgian beer was a deep and constant inspiration. Anyone who has ever worked with sour beer, has lambic in their hearts and minds, and they all pay homage to Armand. His influence, both on Belgian beer, but also on beer from everywhere else in the world, can not be overstated.

Our thoughts are with his family, and we encourage you all to pop open a bottle of 3 Fonteinen in his honour. Armand, you were truly one of a kind. You will be sorely missed. Santé.



A twist on a classic theme...

American Barleywine
11.6% ABV
Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

Barleywine Aged in Bourbon, Orange & Spiced Cherry Bitters Barrels

Photos from The Social Beer Shop's post 02/03/2022


M² 2020 and Rubus of Kriek Vanilje 2020

On friday we have two new beers 🍾 from Mikkeller Baghaven Brewing and Blending arriving in the shop 🎉

🥂 M² 2020
A brand new Baghaven beer with two different kinds of grapes, namely Merlot and Marselan. Anyone who has been dipping into the more wine-centric beers from Baghaven will know to expect great things here!

🥂 Rubus of Kriek Vanilje 2020
No, that’s not a typo, it’s a blend of two outstanding Baghaven beers. As Ehren himself says, he almost can’t figure out where one ends and the other begins. I personally can’t wait to try this for myself.



This Friday 04/03 ❗❗️️️

We have a crazy drop of INSANELY fresh 🌿 and rare IPAs from our friends Moksa Brewing Company

These were caned on the 10th of February 😲 Picked up the next day 😋 and shipped out to us ⚡️

This is the freshest of fresh US hops and you can only get them here or at Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

This is a big deal and they are VERY limited and will probably not last the weekend ⏰ so don't delay grabbing yourself a can.


Layers Throughout is a Hazy Double IPA dry hopped with Strata and Idaho 7. Smooth notes of pineapple and yellow peach with a touch of dank.


We are bringing back the California Brewers Cup Gold Medal winning Double IPA. Sticky Sips is our highly hopped West Coast Double IPA using over 7.7 lbs per bbl of Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops. Tropical flavors with a touch of blueberry and moderate bitterness keep your palate asking for more.


Baby Bart, the beer, is blasted with a 6.6 hop combo of Nelson and Citra. The resulting flavors consist of juicy pineapple, pear, white wine, and guava.

Animal rescue is important to us at Moksa. It's even more special when one of the Moksa family members adopts a dog of their own. Baby Bart is a Hazy IPA dedicated to Bartholomew JoJo Simpson aka Bart the Dog @haveacowbart, who was recently adopted by our Graphic Designer Conor Hunter @itscalleddesign after he was raised in foster care by our Head Brewer's wife, Steph @stephsfosterpups



Try five bonkers beers from The Veil Brewing Co. 🍺

The next in our series of exclusive tastings in the shop ⭐️ is some of the most sought after beers in our collection 🤟

More important than hype and ratings however is taste! 🔥👩‍🔬 and this tasting has been selected to represent a flavour odyssey!

You will try five different stouts and barley wines, exploring barrel types, flavours and adjuncts. Our beer expert 👨‍🔬 Phillip has hand selected these beers and will be on hand to guide you.

🎟 Tickets are 400 kr person and you get 5 x 8 cl pours

Saturday 5 of March from Kl 18 to 20

Only five tickets available!

The beers are:

☆ Devastate
17% ABV Imperial Stout
Untappd 4.51

☆ Empty
13,5% ABV
Untappd 4.27

☆ Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Sleeping Forever
13% ABV
Untappd 4.42

☆ River of Wolves
13,5% ABV
Untappd 4.05

☆ Eternal Slumber Double Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Double Banana Split Hot Fudge Sundae With A Cherry On Top
13% ABV
Untappd 4.3

Mikkeller General Store and Bean Geeks Chocolate.

Founded in close symbiosis with Bean Geeks Chocolate, Mikkeller General Store is a celebration of quality in every aspect of the word.

We strive unwaveringly towards putting only the best on our shelves, whether it is organic handcrafted soda, world class mead or spirits, high end danish artisan cheese, quality coffee, or of course the made on site, bean-to-bar chocolate.

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Blågårdsgade 23
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ONE OFF tilstræber at skabe klæder, der er behagelige og har en god pasform. Jeg tilretter alt mit tøj, således at det passer perfekt til kundens krop og stil. Nogle gange kræver det, at tøjet skal sys på ny.

SneakFreak SneakFreak
SneakFreak, På Gaden I Staden
Copenhagen, DK-1440

Copenhagens only Vintage sneakers and sportswear botique. All mint condition in original boxes, no s

Høkeren i Ravnsborggade Høkeren i Ravnsborggade
Ravnsborggade 13
Copenhagen, 2200

Det bedste øludvalg i Ravnsborggade!

Velkommen til side :) Her kan du hente vores gratis E-bog fyldt med lækre opskrifter:

Svendsen's slagterbutik Svendsen's slagterbutik
Jagtvej 133
Copenhagen, 2200

En forretning hvor kvalitet er nøgleordet og faglig stolthed en selvfølge

Kaffe-The-Vinkælderen Kaffe-The-Vinkælderen
Rosenborggade 4
Copenhagen, 1130

Kaffe, the, vin, chokolade,specialiteter

Sukrin Danmark Sukrin Danmark
Bødkervej 19
Copenhagen, 2100

Har du spørgsmål om Sukrin, så kontakt os endelig på [email protected] eller klik ind på vores hjemmeside og tilmeld dig nyhedsbrevet:
Store Strandstræde 5
Copenhagen, 1255

Kelim, kunst & design på nettet. Se
Søren Norbys Alle 13, Amager
Copenhagen, 2300

We are Wannabees, transforming remains of candle production, recycled fabrics, and old sheets into beeswax wraps.

Cocorico Cocorico
Kongelundsvej 39
Copenhagen, 2300

Delicious homemade french pastries

Bulsho-Kaab Recycling Commercial Co. Bulsho-Kaab Recycling Commercial Co.
2400, København, Hovedstaden, Danmark
Copenhagen, 2400

Bulsho- Kaab waa shirkad ganacsi oo ka shaqeysa iibinta dharka iyo kabaha iyo waxyaabaha leyskugu qurxiyo.